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2:36 AM
Q: Leto II and Lady Jessica

RHPTIn Children of Dune, Leto II and Lady Jessica had a testy conversation, and at the end of the chapter, Leto tells Ghanima it worked. What did Leto mean by that statement? And what happen to make Lady Jessica think that Leto had played her like a fine instrument? Quote from book:

3:17 AM
Q: Movie with world globe size red sphere?

CrystalI know there’s not much detail but a friend of mine is looking for a very specific movie. There is a late 80s or early 90s B or below Sci Fi movie out there that inspired a big red Chinese buoy gift from my friend’s late husband to her. In the movie, a dark haired woman goes up to some table or c...

Q: Old SciFi film About people being turned into Aquatic Monsters

MrInfinityI remember watching a movie on TV many (40+) years ago. I believe it was in black and white but it may have been in color. The only salient points i can remember was that it was an adventure type flick, taking place for the most part underwater. There were submarines and undersea caves. The m...

3:58 AM
Q: Short story about distant-future researchers who rediscover the forgotten Earth shortly before it falls into the sun

Alison RavenscraftI’m looking for a short story which I read in high school, sometime between 1999 and 2005 (most likely around 2003). It’s a contemplative sci-fi story. As I remember, the plot was: In the distant future, humans have spread out across the galaxy and settled on numerous planets. So many generatio...

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5:37 AM
Soon! I will attain the coveted 100,000.
As Palpatine says, long have I waited.
I hope SE sends me a T-shirt.
5:53 AM
They've stopped sending swag out.
So... I wouldn't get my hopes up.
A: Will there be an Amazing 2019 Stuff-A-Way?

animusonUnfortunately, we are no longer able to promise swag for any activities on our site. That covers spontaneous contests which aren't sponsored, as well as the swag for 100k and 250k milestones. I've written previously about the temporary hold while we transitioned to a new swag provider. We comple...

That's unfortunate. But they say it's a temporary hold?
Well, at least I'll have a number of Internet points equal to the base of our number system raised to an integer power. I suppose that's satisfaction enough.
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9:05 AM
Q: What would happen to Harry Potter if he never competed in the Goblet of Fire?

The Fault In My HeightIn the book “Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire” chapter 16 and on page 256, Albus Dumbledore states “ The placing of your name in the goblet constitutes a binding, magic contract. There can be no change of heart once you have become a champion”. But what would have REALLY happened if Harry did ...

9:19 AM
Q: What does "reckoning of years" mean?

S E About this time legend among the Hobbits first becomes history with a reckoning of years. What does "reckoning of years" mean in this passage from The Lord of the Rings?

10:00 AM
Q: What does " they were in name his subjects " mean?

S EWhile there was still a king they were in name his subjects,but they were,if fact ruled by ....

Q: Why did the Dregs leave Benni alive?

AdamantIn S12E3, when the Dregs (giant mutated killing machines) take Benni, they carry him with them and leave him alive a long time, long enough to say his farewells to his partner when the Dregs are outside the vehicle (which the Dregs let him do). This must be at least 20 minutes later. This is co...

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11:07 AM
Q: Comics identification: Priests who are embodiment of 7 sins are venerated as saints

jo1stormI read this comicbook 6-10 years ago. Can't find it but I would like to read it again. In translation it had a name like "Seven holy men" or "Saints" or "Seven saints", something like that. The main protagonists are seven priests who each embody a deadly sin (There is prideful one, lustful one, ...

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12:49 PM
Q: Why Voldemort didn't attack Grangers?

ParadoxI've been wondering... Why didn't Voldemort ever attack Hermione's parents to pressure Harry? We might claim Weasley family of wizards can defend themselves, but Hermione's parents are Muggles, so why not take them hostage to put pressure on them? Or even capture Hermione over the holidays?

1:29 PM
Q: Anyone remember an anime about a girl whom her sister killed and become a plant monster to protect her sister

フィクリIt's aired around 2000-2010 it's an anime where the girl wakes up and found herself in a lab where she lost her memory about her sister death

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2:30 PM
Q: Inception, who was Maurice Fischer in the third-level dream?

P.K.In the first level of dream, Eames was able to impersonate Browning. In the second level of dream (@ the lobby), Eames also impersonated the beautiful woman and stole Fischer's wallet. But I just don't understand who was Maurice Fischer in the third level of dream because Eames was outside the r...

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3:31 PM
Q: Short story/novella: Ship sling shots around a spinning black hole

Matthew Reece-FordSynopses: Ship is being chased by 'bad guys', to escape they use a sling shot maneuver around a spinning black hole. As a consequence the black hole's event horizon expands (due to the rotational energy being used by the first ship) and destroys the second ship. I thought it might be an Alistair...

3:52 PM
Q: Do any editions of Chronicles of Narnia use the publication order numbering?

ibidIt seems that nearly everyone online suggests to read the Chronicles of Narnia in its original intended publication order (see for example the answers on this question), but it also seems that the series is only ever published in chronological order. Are there any editions that use the original ...

4:07 PM
It’s hard to see how this question is Opinion-Based. Especially given that the question linked by fez is essentially the same question and has more than 50 upvotes. — Alex 2 mins ago
Interestingly, one if the close-voters even posted a well-scoring answer to the ither question.
4:32 PM
Q: Why people didn't use nukes inside the matrix

Kaan AydemirIn the matrix, machines use the human race as a power source alternative to solar power. My question is why people like Neo, Morpheus didn't get inside the matrix with like 20-30 nukes and set a timer and blow up all the matrix with all people inside it. I know that would be killing 6.5 billion p...

Q: Why did Saito age?

StormblessedI just watched Inception, and am very confused about this point. This whole question is a spoiler and could probably all be spoiler-tagged, so don't read it if you haven't seen the movie unless you want the plot ruined. The plot, to my understanding, goes like this: The team goes into Yusuf's d...

People can react very allergic to "would"s, especially "what would have happened" is extremely hard to put into a good question.
Indeed, when I read the title I thought it was asking to provide an alternate plot for the book. But once you read the body of the question it's pretty straightforward.
Inception was cool
4:48 PM
Cooler than this?
Q: Where is this clip of Darth Vader from?

CurlI want to know where this clip of Darth Vader turning around in slow motion is from. The clip I’m talking about is at the 1:53 and 2:10 mark.

5:29 PM
@Marvin Because he's an "old man full of regret". His physical age is a reprentation of his mental age and his forgetting of reality.
5:50 PM
@Alex eh, maybe that one was better
not sure
The ending was really good
But you already knew the ending.
The Sixth Sense maybe is a better movie if you don't already know the ending the first time you see it
@Alex I refer to Inception
@NapoleonWilson I'm asking why Mal and Cobb are completely normal in the scene in limbo
but he aged so much
Saito is a lot more lost in everything. He has forgotten reality. You'll notice Cobb is also very worn out and we see that he struggles to stay focused too in the dialogue.
6:07 PM
oh also when were Old Cobb and Old Mal on screen? There were people noted as playing them in the credits.
@Stormblessed it's when Mal dies in Limbo I'm pretty sure, there's a flashback scene that shows them holding hands - youtube.com/watch?v=1B8cZKj9UvU
@Stormblessed I think you just see their hands at some point.
But yes, at the end he says to her that they grew old and you see that they actually were old when commiting suicide on the train tracks, a retelling of an earlier flashback where they weren't.
6:55 PM
Q: Falling into orbit from a space elevator

Mike StoneIn Clarke's The Fountains of Paradise it is stated that a body fallling from a "Space Elevator" at an altitude of mor than 16,000 miles will never hit the Earth, but (due to the "sideways" motion of the elevator itself) go intoo an orbit round it. Any idea whether this is correct and if so how i...

7:27 PM
Q: In Star Wars. Why does Padme cry during order 66?

TheBlackBenzKidWhen Order 66 is just finishing, we see C3P0 inform Padme that Anikin has arrived at the Jedi Head Quarters and that he has just killed the young Jedi trainees. She starts crying. Is this because she knew then?

Q: Why did Worf’s backstory change after season one?

user76329Why did the writers change Worf’s backstory after season one? In the episode “Heart of Glory”, Worf tells the other two Klingons that after he was rescued from Khitomer, he was adopted by a human family and taken to the farming colony of Gault. He also told them that after he and his adopted bro...

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11:48 PM
@Adamant Also, one more upvote to scifi.stackexchange.com/a/224756 and you'll get the gold badge.

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