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2:22 AM
Q: What is a metahuman?

Darth TylerWhile doing a rewatch of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, I watched Season 3: Episode 3, titled “Zari.” In the episode, the Legends travel to a future where ARGUS has outlawed metahumans. After being cornered by an evil drone, it refers to Sara Lance (White Canary), Ray Palmer (Atom), and Mick Rory (H...

2:42 AM
Q: What is Danny counting here?

King WalhbergIn scifi cloning concept movie Gemini Man (2019), while Danny was searching for dupe keys for a boat, she was attacked by a DIA agent: DIA Agent: You can tell me now, or you can tell me in five minutes minus your teeth. But you're gonna tell me. Danny: I counted three. How many did ...

3:23 AM
Q: By what mechanism did Dana and Loius Tully become possessed by the terror dogs?

SethMMortonIn the 1984 move Ghostbusters, the characters of Dana Barrett and Louis Tully become possessed by the terror dogs Zuul and Vince Clortho, respectively. The actual mechanism of how this happens is not shown or elaborated upon in the movie, but from what I can gather the hosts are "attacked" in som...

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4:25 AM
Q: Novel set in the future with mind reading aliens and a planet about to be destroyed by a supernova

mattThe story is about a star that goes supernova, a colony on a planet is about to be wiped out from it , but the government keeps it under wraps because they wont be able to evacuate everyone. The main hero and with the help of an alien race that reads minds build a wall around the planet. I feel l...

5:03 AM
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7:08 AM
Q: Did the Avengers talk about the arc reactor in Tony's chest in the first movie?

Debbie The Avengers aren't that concerned about the arc reactor in Tony's chest even though they should be did Tony tell them???

7:28 AM
Q: Is there any connection between Zuul, the Gatekeeper and the Zuuls that were roasted by the Sloar?

AdamantAs we know, Zuul, the Gatekeeper, is one of the minions of Gozer. Zuul seems to be a unique entity, the counterpart of Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster. That is, Zuul appears to be a name. However, Vinz Clortho also says that many Shubs and Zuuls were roasted by Gozer when he took the form of the Slo...

7:42 AM
Q: What does "if it came to it", "when put to it" ,and "rough handling by grief" mean?

S ENonetheless,ease and peace had left this people still curiously tough. They were,if it came to it, difficult to daunt or to kill; and they were, perhaps,so unwearyingly fond of good things not least because they could, when put to it, do without them,and could survive rough handling by grief,foe,...

8:08 AM
Q: Wouldn't it hurt to live with a tube shoved in your chest and to have an arc reactor?

Debbie I understand that sometimes pain needs to be excepted in a life or death scenario but wouldn't it be kind of annoying to live with a constant light shining from inside and living with that much weight just sitting in your chest...

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9:09 AM
Q: Does humanity really transcend to become something greater, the overmind or simply consumed by the "predator" overmind?

Quartz2 Childhood's End is a 1953 science fiction novel by the British author Arthur C. Clarke. The story follows the peaceful alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords, whose arrival begins decades of apparent utopia under indirect alien rule, at the cost of human identity and culture. In...

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11:11 AM
Q: What is Quentin Beck's real name?

TheLethalCarrotPart way through Spider-Man: Far From Home we get the reveal that Mysterio is fake and it's all an illusion. However, of note is that Quentin Beck is also a fake name as we learn when he thanks Guterman after getting Tony's glasses: Quentin Beck: To Guterman; the story you created of a soldie...

11:37 AM
Excuse my ignorance but is this short story in any way connected to the would or It? — TheLethalCarrot 3 hours ago
@TheLethalCarrot s/would or/world of/?
Yeah, autocorrect I guess
Since it's a new user, it wouldn't hurt to drop an [edit] link in your comment as well, if you're revising it.
Well if it is connected and is obvious to someone familiar it shouldn't need an edit so I'll leave it
12:12 PM
Q: What is happening in these panels of V for Vendetta?

BlueMoon93At the end of V for Vendetta, Evey (disguised as V) [rescues] Detective Sergeant Dominic Stone from an angry mob, she brings him to the Shadow Gallery; thus, the cycle begins anew. These are the panels showing it. I'm not sure what's happening here, though. The first two panels seem to s...

12:52 PM
Q: Are there lightsabers with moving emitters?

PsycrowHas there ever been shown in Star Wars (canon or Legends, but canon preferably) a lightsaber where the emitter can move position? That is to say, that the 'head' of the lightsaber is hinged or in some other way can be moved to change the angle of the blade relative to the handle? I know that ther...

1:04 PM
Q: Why Doom Patrol break up with Titans?

Ankit SharmaDoom Patrol and Titans used to share the continuity and even Beast Boy was part of both teams and even Titans episode acted as a backdoor pilot for Doom Patrol. And they never broke any continuity in the run. But in Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five new multiverse they show Titans as Earth-9 ...

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2:14 PM
Q: Fantasy novel with a boy in a magical school that has no magic so he leaves

CAKEeThere was a magical war that happened in the past. Something to do with different sectors or something like that. Then the book focuses on a teenage boy that is currently at a magic school, which is protected from outsiders. There is this magic test that happens (which sees what magic abilities t...

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4:22 PM
@SQB I just noticed that in addition to the >400 posts mentioning "Wookiepedia" there are 63 more that reference "Wookipedia." :)
Face -> palm
4:35 PM
Q: Is there an early 90s DC series or tales about a race of aliens that could transform and give others powers accidentally?

RusshiroAfter the Death of Superman in 1992, comics changed, and DC got a -lot_ of stories out of it. Subsequent to Superman's demise, 4 new "Supermen" appeared to take his place; one was John Henry Irons (basically a hybrid of Tony Stark and Michael Jordan) who donned an advanced armor and red cape to p...

4:57 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Fix things slower! ;) You corrected "Middle Earth" in the title, but missed it in the body...
Oh, I read the body but I guess I'm blind
Just speed-reading, more like.
On phone at same time :P
Oh, that explains it. I rarely even bother to pretend to multi-task anymore; I'm just hopeless at it.
I'm getting better at it, mostly sat on hold though
We're moving house tomorrow so porting everything over but it means sitting on hold for a good while
5:01 PM
I had an e-mail marked "important" arrive half-way through my stand-up, and managed to miss 2 questions addressed to me. :-P
Ugh, I hate moving.
Me too, this has been a pain as well with getting everything in place
It seems that decade by decade there are increasingly many things to keep track of.
Used to be you had to get the utilities turned on and your furniture shipped over.
We only bought the house we're in last year and it's already doubled since then
This is a pain though cos we only exchanged today for moving tomorrow so haven't been able to sort anything until like 3 hours ago and now it's a mad rush haha
And been living out of boxes for weeks
Was meant to move before Christmas but things kept holding it up
Now you have move your Internet service over, which can mean negotiating with a new provider, and it's not just one electric anymore, you now have your supplier as well as the distributor... Same for gas, it's just such a headache.
Yup, at least in this case we're literally moving down the road so all the suppliers are the same haha
5:06 PM
100% in 1 year!? And I thought properties here were nuts. That's crazy. It's great as long as you can find somewhere to move to that hasn't also doubled in price, which is our problem.
Since December last year we've moved into our first home, got Stella, got married and moving again tomorrow haha
Think we'll have a rest this year
That's a busy year.
Really is
Good though
Yeah, sounds like. I think I'd go nuts if I had to move twice in 2 years though.
Probably a symptom of me just having way too much crap...
Q: What does "nothing that lived" and "doughty at bay" mean?

S E Though slow to quarell,and for sport killing nothing that lived,they were doughty at bay, and at need could still handle arms.

5:10 PM
I am going nuts, can't wait for it to be over
Understandable. Good luck!
5:36 PM
Q: What's the strength of beskar vs. a ligthsaber?

ThePopMachineIt's clear the beskar is extremely resilient and largely impervious to blaster bolts. How resistant is beskar to a direct attack from a lightsaber?

5:57 PM
Q: To what extent were the writers of Bill and Ted's aware of the TARDIS?

ThePopMachineI mean, they're both time traveling phone booths.... Doctor Who obviously predates Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, but was also possibly quite obscure for Americans pre-Internet.

6:39 PM
A: Cartoon in which a group of teenagers fight a humanoid bug inside a virtual version of their city

JenayahMP4orce (2006). Translated from German Wikipedia, as no other resource seems available: Four friends​, Cooder, Kayce, Laylen and Benny are drawn into the world of a computer game. There, they develop their superpowers through music and fight together against the evil plans of DELVAN 13. He...

^ ooh, a new answer to this cartoon identification
@TheLethalCarrot Are you at least moving to a nice permanent house that you can upgrade and live in for a decade?
6:57 PM
Q: Why does the Party care to inform the people about the current war situation?

AstroRPIt takes so much energy and time for the Party to change every piece of information retroactively about the war situation. But since they are already the only source of news, why do they care so much about doing it? For example, when Oceania switches sides from Eastasia to Eurasia, why does the...

7:49 PM
OK, so for some rwason I thought I could brush up on my German by reading a German translation of "The Hobbit".
Clearly, it wasn't actually a "reason"; otherwise I would have spelled it correctly.
I have a German translation of HHGttG sitting around somewhere.
There is some debate as to exactly how German the "German" is.
8:05 PM
Es hängt davon ab, ob wie teuer der Babel-Fisch wäre.
Free for Arthur, IIRC. Of course if that were so we'd never have the fun of learning a new language...
I remembered some of that, but given the massive manipulation of "truth" in the society of the novel I'm not 100% convinced it couldn't all be simply staged.
World Thema Party habe nuked Colchester hier fordern effect?
You have a worldwide state, you don't let people outside the inner party travel, you tell people in England that their state is "Oceania" and their flag is "X"; you tell people in Thailand that their state is "Eastasia"and their flag is "Y". You let them shell one another's positions, don't let them talk to one another directly...
OK, Fatfinger reigns supreme today.
(I thought that was pretty epic.)
8:13 PM
Also auto-substitute apparently has to be individually disabled for each keyboard language.
Why wouldn't the Party nuke a city as part of the charade? It's just another way of using up resources. Done right, you can rid yourself of a bunch of problematic elements at the same time. (Not that they don't seem to have effective means for that otherwise, but maybe they caught some inner Party member trying to create a library.)
That's... amazingly useful UI! I wish I'd thought of that!
I'm waiting for someone from the UK to chime in with something like "It's only Colchester after all. Might as well make good use of it."
That was what the keyboard app considered"mild" for German.
Wybuch is stronę than the "aggressive" seryjny for Polish.
8:35 PM
My brain finally hiccoughed on "seryjny"; I can't read past that to the intended word.
Ah, that makes sense.
I've had a couple of -10s from users being removed recently
8:53 PM
It's been like one a day for a bit.
Q: What's the relationship between X-Wing pilot Porkins' name and appearance?

ThePopMachineSo, not be insensitive, but in A New Hope there's an (aptly named?) X-Wing pilot named Porkins. He's also overweight. What's the story here? Possibilities: complete coincidence the character was named in the script and it influenced the casting director the character's name and appearance...

9:13 PM
Q: What does "set out fair and square" mean in the text below?

S E they liked to have books filled with things that they already knew, set out fair and square with no contradiction.

9:57 PM
@Mithical Maybe all of Shog's socks are finally getting deleted ...
@DavidW They allude explicitly to that at some point. I think Julia saying the rocket attacks from "rebels" or "foreign agents" or whatever could easily be orchestrated by the Party themselves, to keep up the Hate and so on.
I remember it because "it's their own government organising the supposed terrorist attacks on them" is one of those things people find much easier to believe in fiction.
@Randal'Thor Hmm... The implication being... Hmm...
I'm pretty cynical, and even I don't want that to be how I think about my government...
(Well, it's not my government, it's the government that my fellow citizens elected despite me, but it's still my country's government...)
10:20 PM
Q: Looking for a short story I read in ‘85/‘86

LeaI took a science fiction class in high school. Upstate New York. I remember reading a story about an astronaut landing on a planet. When he crash landed he thought it was uninhabited. Then his eyes adjusted and he could see that the grass was alive and moving. The astronaut had a hard time seein...

10:31 PM
Q: Where did all the Mandalorian gear come from?

BlueMoon93In the final episode of The Mandalorian season 1, Din Djarin finds the Armorer surrounded by a pile of armor. She claims some of the Mandalorian have escaped off-world, but it is a big pile, and there weren't many to begin with. Where did this armor come from? Were there this many Mandalorians o...

@b_jonas yup, took another new question to finally solve it though, eheh
Oh, and you answered this too
Q: Comics identification: Priests who are embodiment of 7 sins are venerated as saints

jo1stormI read this comicbook 6-10 years ago. Can't find it but I would like to read it again. The Serbian translation was titled something like "Seven holy men" or "Saints" or "Seven saints". The main protagonists are seven priests who each embody a deadly sin: there is the prideful one, lustful one, g...

Q: Looking for a short story I read in ‘85/‘86

LeaI took a science fiction class in high school. Upstate New York. I remember reading a story about an astronaut landing on a planet. When he crash landed he thought it was uninhabited. Then his eyes adjusted and he could see that the grass was alive and moving. The astronaut had a hard time seein...

^ This isn't a mangled version of the ending of Fiasco, right?
10:49 PM
@b_jonas yep. Perks of guessing the thing sounded like a Franco-Belgian comics when OP mentioned it could have been European...
@b_jonas Doesn't sound like it to me - difficulty perceiving local flora (at all) isn't overly similar to difficulty in recognizing local physical features (clearly visible) as intelligent.
11:16 PM
I must admit that I don't really like the entire second half of Fiasco.
11:41 PM
Q: Story or novel about elephantine aliens - NOT the Fithp!

Judy SmithMy husband is searching for a story or novel he read years ago. An alien planet has humanoids with elephantine trunks for noses, but no other real resemblance to actual elephants, and then there are also creatures who are 4-legged and DO resemble elephants. A human belonging to an exploration t...


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