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12:28 AM
@NapoleonWilson probably never.
Q: Why does Negan chose to kill Glen and Abraham instead of anyone else?

Andrew McCoyHe knew that they were the most wanted people in the group and he wanted to make the group weaker so he can take them out one by one to make it fun for him but hard for the group.

We need some excitement around here.
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3:09 AM
Q: Why do the inhabitants of the lodge talk funny?

Nu'DaqI've started watching the third "season?" of Twin Peaks, and something that always bothered me about the first two seasons remains- the beings in the spirit-world or whatever the Lodge is supposed to be speak in a strange manner, to the point they need subtitles even though they're speaking Engli...

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4:11 AM
Q: Harry Potter fanfic where Harry is sent back in time?

Jaybird216Okay I know this story is on Fandiction.net. Here’s what I remember. Harry is known as a Peverell; I don’t know if he is the MOD but I do know he is living in Peverell Castle Harry is in contact with Charlus? Harry is using the town on Peverell land as a safe haven for squibs, and creatures; h...

Q: Does the Doctor know the Masters actual name?

A crosslegged nudistBased off this question Does the Master know the Doctor's real name? But in reverse The doctor calls him/her the master/Missy but does the doctor know the masters real name? Does the Doctor Know what The Masters name is?

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Q: Looking for made-for-tv movie from 1980's about a terraforming Venus

RichSI am looking for a movie that aired on television back in the 1980's. It was about a man who came up with a plan to terraform Venus. His plan involved quickly condensing the CO2 out of the atmosphere and converting the atmosphere into one with Earth-like temperatures and pressures. He worked for ...

Hi, I posted this answer a few days ago, and people have been commenting pretty speculatively about the shuttle with the droids, and I don't think it is really necessary. Not sure how we normally handle this here,
7:51 AM
Q: What nationality was Guru Pathik (from a biological perspective)?

NathanSGuru Pathik, who featured in a few episodes towards the end of season 2 (Book 2: Earth) of Avatar: The Last Airbender, doesn't appear to come from any of the four nations of that universe. The linked wiki page even says "his nationality was unclear", but then goes on to talk about not considering...

8:14 AM
@Ben I flagged to move it to chat, shall see what the mods do
8:31 AM
Q: Is Yancy Fry Sr able to emit Delta Waves?

FalynaSo Philip J. Fry's brain is unable to produce delta waves because Fry Yet, Yancy Fry Sr. is still Philip's father. So Fry is also And thus, Yancy is So, is Yancy Sr able to emit Delta Waves ?

9:11 AM
@Ben Unfortunately the flag got declined... :/
10:07 AM
Q: An Indian man retires to become a hermit

ChrisWI think this story was by Kipling -- it's set in India, during the British Empire. Maybe a few dozen pages in length. The plot -- An Indian man had had a successful career, as a ruler or a high adviser/administrator, maybe had a medal, was semi-famous Retired, left home, set out to become a h...

Q: Why does Captain Marvel in the MCU not have her sash?

TheLethalCarrotCaptain Marvel (Carol Danvers) as quite a famous look which sports a sash. For example, we see this in Captain Marvel Vol. 8 Issue 6 where her look is the basis for her look in the MCU. Click image to enlarge. However, her look in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame does not include the sash....

10:45 AM
@Marvin Any reason this has been downvoted? Her sash is quite iconic so it seems odd to not include it so there must have been some reason...
11:39 AM
@TheLethalCarrot :/ at this point I really don't see why. The conversation is about dealing with droids, not the question
Thanks anyway though
Aye which is why I flagged but apparently it's fine...
It's not just that though any extended discussion, which that is, should really be moved to chat anyway
11:55 AM
@Mithoron I've only seen Netflix's adaptation of Altered Carbon so far, but their originals considered, Netflix series so far have been at least "very decent".
IMHO, of course
12:33 PM
Q: How did Marvin the Martian end up on Earth?

TheAshHow did Marvin the Martian end up on Earth? In the early Looney Tunes cartoons he is found on Mars, but the later ones have him on Earth. Is it ever explained how he got there?

12:53 PM
Q: Why were the Road-Runner and Wile E Coyote the only characters not to appear in The Looney Tunes Show's neighborhood?

TheAshIn the 2011-2013 TV Show The Looney Tunes Show, the producers chose to combine all the various characters of Looney Tunes and place them in one neighborhood. All except for two. Although they appeared in shorts, the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote were never shown to dwell in the neighborhood. Wh...

1:20 PM
Q: Which answer wins a bounty? Most popular or asker’s choice?

Vogon PoetI had two answers to my Star Trek question and chose a correct answer then awarded a bounty however the bounty shows up on the incorrect answer. The answer which shows the bounty somehow shows my bounty award but a. It doesn’t answer the question, b. It has more votes (because it is older). Do...

2:14 PM
Q: Movie called Predator or Predator 5 with predator like creatures inside of people

Nipuna Dananjaya KumaraI have been trying to find this movie for many years now. I remember watching it in around 2005 or so. It wasn't a popular one. In local video centers the movie was rented as "Predator 5". I remember a little bit from the movie, there are group of people including a woman who have some sort of P...

Q: Who issues wizarding currency?

janisz The Goblins think all money is theirs... Do goblins and the Gringotts Banks create wizarding money and control rates, or maybe the Ministry of Magic controls money and rates? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Money_creation

2:28 PM
@Alex I recommend pyrotechnics.
3:18 PM
Q: Can we get really short share links with s.tk?

StormblessedThere’s this question on Puzzling Meta. It is asking for a change to a close reason. However, a major obstacle to changing it to something better is the character limit. It contains two links, shortened as much as possible, which drive up the character count significantly. I understand that the ...

Generally not, they're pretty rare.
4:01 PM
Q: Is it possible to bump or promote an edit to get more eyes on it?

Vogon PoetI made my closed question more clear per recommendations and would like some votes. How, if at all, can the edits be promoted or bumped for a new audience?

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5:36 PM
Q: What was Han searching through when he found where Lando was?

MachavityIn The Empire Strikes Back we have this exchange between Han and Leia HAN: Then we've got to find a safe port somewhere around here. Got any ideas? LEIA: No. Where are we? HAN: The Anoat system. LEIA: Anoat system. There's not much there. HAN: No. Well, wait. This is inte...

6:17 PM
Q: UK crime TV (late 1960's early-mid 1970's) with criminal brothers and a bazooka

jimThis was a crime UK TV series from the late 1960's to early-mid 1970's. It involved a UK crime force (similar in vein to the Avengers). In the one episode I saw, a pair of criminal brothers had an unusual strategy for taking over a business. A meeting was called by the directors for a weekend wh...

6:55 PM
7:24 PM
Q: Why does Jon Omielan have more participation than Alex?

StormblessedLook at the participation-sorted tab of users (same order on responsive and mobile sites on my phone): The user only has 5 actions, with no posts or reputation gains other than the association bonus: However, Alex, a very prominent user, has hundreds more actions: Is this a bug, or is th...

7:43 PM
@Slartibartfast ping @Alex
7:58 PM
Q: Science fiction episode about the creation of a living pegasus, even though flightless

M. A. GoldingThis question at the Movies and TV Stack Exchange seems to be off topic since they don't do story identification questions. Is there an episode in the genre of the Twilight Zone or Outerlimits where a scientist was asked to make a pegasus? He was trying to explain to his physics-naive client ...

@Slartibartfast three meta questions in a day?
I know right, Slartibartfast hasn’t known what to do with itself
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10:49 PM
@Stormblessed Is this a subtle request for more Meta posts from Alex?

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