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1:23 AM
Q: Sesame Street novels

Abraham RayI just have to know, as I’ve never seen any: are there any novels based upon the Sesame Street movies? It seems reasonable to expect some, but again I’ve never seen any myself.

1:48 AM
Q: Movie Identification - 80s Ghost Romance Involving A Medieval Castle?

DrakkenfyreI recall seeing a movie when I was a young child in the early 80s about a man who fell in love with the ghost of a medieval woman. As best as I can recollect the man was a reporter or author and was tasked with doing a report on an ancient medieval castle in Europe that was supposedly haunted by...

2:08 AM
Q: Which humanoid race was the first warp-capable species?

Vogon PoetThis question excludes exotic species such as Species 8472, Founders, Sargon, or the Q. It’s looking for humanoid species allegedly seeded by the Preservers who are known to be warp-capable. From known histories, who won the great space race?

2:35 AM
Two questions just asked on Mi Yodeya relating to Science Fiction/Fantasy:
Q: Who owns Superman?

Maurice MizrahiIn the 1930s, two Jewish boys, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, created the comic book character Superman. In 1938, badly in need of money, they sold the rights to the character for $130, to what would later become DC Comics. Superman was a huge success and generated millions in profit, but his crea...

Q: Would teleportation be allowed?

user9806[Inspired by this https://imgur.com/a/9R316XO ] Suppose 'teleportation' like the transporter in star trek - where you are disassembled atom by atom, and reassembled in another location - becomes a reality. It will then likely become the most ubiquitous way for people to travel around - to/from ...

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4:49 AM
Q: Rank Fantastic Four members by body count

Vogon PoetConcerning the members of the Fantastic Four (616 universe), how do each rank in number of lifetime kills (body count)? Everything counts, such as Victims from possessed members in Inferno.

Q: Are there any known parceltongues in in Harry Potter at the current time period?

user13267We know that Voldemort was one, being a descendant of Slytherin. Harry was one as well, by virtue of having a piece of Voldemort inside of him. Dumbledore could at least understand it, even though if he couldn't speak it. These 3 are the only known links to parceltongue through the Harry Potter s...

Apparently Gravatar doesn’t have anything trying to stop swastikas from being generated...
5:06 AM
> This post has been locked due to the high amount of off-topic comments generated. A link to a chat room will be posted in the comments below if the conversation was moved to chat.
My pedantry makes me want to write a feature request to change “amount” to “number”...
Q: In Prometheus, is it not implied that they did not just create human life but literally all life on Earth?

releseabeAlthough it seems to be the understanding Elizabeth Shaw and Weyland that the Engineers created human life, the first scene on the apparently pristine planet where the Engineer's body dissolves and seeds the water with his DNA seems to strongly imply that it was all life (on Earth, probably) that...

5:45 AM
@Marvin Sounds like Twoflower's Luggage.
6:29 AM
Q: Why isn't there armor to protect from spells in HPU?

WaleedI am just curious why there is nothing to protect from magical spells other than spells. For example an armor or some shield.

7:09 AM
Q: Looking for the name of an anime

HasakiSenpaiThe only thing I can remeber and I cant find it online was in the beginning the girl mc was driving around with others and is attacked by these monsters. Alittle bit into the fight a kid who is half human and half monster (same as the ones who attacked the mc) saves the girl by killing the monste...

7:49 AM
Q: Are there paramedics in Star Wars?

BooleanAs a related question to my question about ambulances in the Star Wars universe (which exist), there was this quote: ...A human in a gleaming white uniform leapt out, a white-and-silver GH-8 medical droid hovering by her side. Star Wars: The perfect weapon I hence ask, are there parame...

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12:49 PM
Q: Fan made story of the 70th Hunger Games

Mor ZamirI read this story about 2 years ago. It was a fan-made and it told the story about Annie Cresta's victory in the 70th Hunger games. I realize it's not a lot, but the things I remember from it are the things that are already mentioned in the books. The writer created the story with the little ...

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3:09 PM
Q: Was it Mrs. Weasley's intent to publicly shame the whole Weasley family by sending Ron a howler?

LunaI am wondering what are the disciplinary purpoes of parents who send a howler to their child. Is it merely to raise a voice to show the child they're distraught and angry, or the purpose is also a public shaming (I imagine the howler's voice carries all over the great hall or a classroom at Hogw...

4:09 PM
Q: Kid’s TV show that had a group of girls giving temporary tattoos in exchange for books

JordynThere is some TV show, whether Disney or Nickelodeon, where a group of teen girls have out temporary tattoos in exchange for books.

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6:35 PM
Q: Aron Eisenberg, who played Nog on ST:DS9, died today at age 50

SavaAron Eisenberg, known to SFF fans for his recurring role as the Ferengi Nog in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, died today at the age of 50. The cause of death has not been revealed. I personally loved Nog's storyline when I discovered Deep Space Nine for the first time. Aron's portrayal of the chara...

7:29 PM
@Alex you read Discworld?
@Stormblessed I’ve read a bunch of them.
7:53 PM
@Gallifreyan o/
@Mithoron o\
I wonder if answering scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/29324/… makes sense...
I'd probably remove some spoilers in the answers. No point in hiding the answers, when a question itself is in a spoiler
Well I can't say I'm 100 % sure, but case seems pretty clear - surprising all these guys spawned such stuff
OP isn't active so answer wouldn't get accepted and probably hard to find
At least 9 upvotes to get over this True Power pseudoanswer
@Gallifreyan You think Witcher series would be decent?
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9:49 PM
Q: Who is responsible to align all Warhammer 40k books or stories?

rul30Given that Black Library offers an enormous number of books, I was wondering what the process looks like which ensures that alle the stories do align nicely and do not contradict each other. Is there a review board which checks new books? How does e.g. Dan Abnett know what to write and so it doe...

10:09 PM
Q: Identify Short Story: Alien world inside a planet

conundrum_creatrixThis was a story read on freesfonline at some point... A group of beings exists in the hollowed center of a planet- the space being their known Universe. Generations go on, with technological developments always negotiating the truism that, for this society, to dig is to create a pile. That's not...

10:55 PM
Q: A few people struggle with my on-topic question & shut it down. Where is the difficulty?

Vogon PoetI am out of ideas. I watched Star Trek: TNG episode “The Chase” & had a specific question. A great truth about the ST universe was revealed: many humanoid species shared universal common descent and were deliberately populated to make the galaxy “less lonely.” Some of these created species evol...

11:29 PM
Q: Sci-fi movie with one survivor and an organism(?) recreating his memories

EniewayI've watched this movie some time ago. Actual info about plot: There is a man waking up in spaceship/ space station. He is awoken by an ex-girlfriend/wife(?). She asks him a couple of times if he remembers her (something had happened between them before going outer space). I think a second guy ...

11:55 PM
@Slartibartfast When, when in the eternal history of SE, will people finally understand that asking their meta questions in such a way will lead to nothing and nothing ever?

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