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12:20 AM
@Jenayah You never know...
12:57 AM
Good afternoon
Or good very early morning
Or to be more and less precise, good {time ending in 58 or 28}
@Stormblessed Alaska?
@Jenayah Well, sure. Boxing isn't actually supposed to be effective in serious combat.
1:30 AM
@Alex Alaska?
@Stormblessed Guessing where you are.
1 hour later…
2:45 AM
@Stormblessed Unless it's a time ending in :43...
2:57 AM
@DavidW well that was then :-/
@Alex it is, and was, after noon in all of the US
@Stormblessed Yeah, but if you were on the east coast it would probably have been more accurate to say "evening".
Even in the midwest.
3:19 AM
@Stormblessed Not in Guam.
3:39 AM
@DavidW well that narrows it down a lot :P
3:54 AM
No, I'm just calling out that Americans often seem to forget that Guam and American Samoa are part of the US. Of course there's probably less than a 50% chance that J. Random American even remembers Puerto Rico, but hardly anyone ever remembers the other overseas territories.
4:10 AM
Q: Are there headless wights?

KyloRenIn Game of Thrones season one episode one we see a White Walker cut off a mans head, But, through out the whole series I cannot recall a single wight with no head being shown. You see some getting there head cut off in battle, but none just walking in the big ar...

1 hour later…
5:32 AM
@NapoleonWilson by boxing here do you mean English boxing?
2 hours later…
7:33 AM
Q: Did anybody find out it was Anakin who blew up the command center?

TK-421In Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace, in the climactic battle, Anakin Skywalker gets inside the command center for droids and destroys it from the inside. After escaping, one other pilot says: BRAVO THREE: Look! One of ours! Outta the main hold!! Did anybody find out it was Anakin w...

2 hours later…
9:31 AM
Q: Search a story about an extraplanetary base

Thomas DeutschAs a child/teenager I read a story or a small book about an extraplanetary base. I probably read it in the 2nd half of the 90s, but the story can be older. I think I remember the following: A man and a woman live there. He is a scientist. They have robots that help them or do the work. They asse...

Q: What would happen if Harry Potter was sorted into slytherin

StarrHe would be a bad guy and join forces with Voldemort

10:25 AM
A: Why did Captain America have a secret identity in the 1980s comics?

Adam TaylorCaptain America's identity wasn't always public. After 9/11 Marvel decided that real heroes don't keep their identities private and went around revealing publicly the identities of Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, etc. Captain America ended up revealing his identity on television cameras, ...

^ Wait, was the Iron Man's identity ever secret?
10:40 AM
The other answers say yes. Ok.
11:12 AM
@Jenayah Yes yes.
11:48 AM
Q: Is there any talk about a post-Voyager Star Trek show that doesn't change everything?

Katie GoodenI don't know what CBS has going on, but it's no Star Trek I've ever seen. Any talk about doing a "real" Star Trek TV series, say post-Voyager?

12:07 PM
@Alex surprisingly enough it's even positive so far
12:27 PM
@Jenayah And apparently it’s a good thing I asked. The three existing answers so far seem to all have different definitions of Not An Answer.
2 hours later…
2:25 PM
Q: Are there any stories where Vampires use any sort of armor/guard over their heart?

Ryft I always thought about this and have wondered if there is a case in any vampire mythos novels out there. If I were a vampire in the buffyverse for example, I would definitely find some way to strap a piece of metal around my torso to at least cover my heart. Even if it's a thin peace of steel, h...

2:40 PM
It seems odd to insist on questioners asking "what is the first occurrence of X?" if it's not at all clear that X has ever been written about... Sure, if there are a lot of potential occurrences you might get multiple correct answers (the dreaded list), but it means that "nobody's ever written that" seems awkward as an answer...
Yeah, I get the "must be a single correct answer" thing, but it still seems strange. Especially when we respond to a "has X ever happened" question with "<wink, nudge>change it to a 'first occurrence' question and it's fine."
Q: Book where main character is an alien but doesn’t know

Alyssia MepsteadI’m trying to find a book I read probably in 1998ish. There was a girl living on a alien planet. Someone looked after her but not a parent. I think she had to wear a suit all the time. She had a pet dog type thing which dies. She finds out she is a scarlet alien creature and she didn’t know! Any ...

3:05 PM
Q: Book series set in Celtic times in which a boy talks to a wolf

marcellothearcaneAs per the title, I remember getting about half-way through the first book of the series, which has the following points: I think there was around eight books in the series The protagonist is a young boy who has befriended a wolf He commands it with a whistle which is ultrasonic (but he doesn't...

@Marvin Hmm. Answered and accepted in comments; we can still dupe-close that, right?
3:52 PM
@DavidW yes
@DavidW these loopholes are stupid
4:43 PM
Q: Short story with schizo-tech aliens and "hydrogen fusers"?

MatthewI'm trying to remember the source of a story or stories (pretty sure it one or more short stories, not a novel) about aliens that try to attack Earth. The major interesting point was the schizo-tech the aliens employed. They had a device which IIRC was called a "hydrogen fuser/fusor" which was a)...

5:02 PM
Q: Movie with "White box dimensions" where woman is shot at the end

zmoney14My Dad was watching a movie roughly 15 years ago, maybe a little less on TV where people were dying in what looked like "White box dimensions" I say this because that's what it looked like, from what I remember it looked like a group of people were trapped in an all white space where they were dy...

@DavidW if you wait long enough someone will have written about it. Monkeys, typewriters and all that.
5:22 PM
Q: Book featuring a child learning from a crowdsourced AI book

blueberryfieldsThe book features multiple parallel story lines: a poor child accidentally ends up possessing an AI driven book; the voice for the AI is crowdsourced to a woman, who gradually figures out that she's involved in helping out the child; genetic engineering is pervasive, and various factions of soc...

5:35 PM
@Jenayah I think you said "fan-fic writers" twice there. :-P More seriously, although it has weakened a lot in the Internut age, the gate of formal publication has served as a filter on a lot of stupid ideas. If I asked "has anyone written a science fiction book about a guy who lost a tooth and replaced it with the Sun?" and said no comic or fan-fic answers, then I'm pretty sure the answer would be "no."
*sets out to write it*
Fanfic =/= original fiction, but Internet-published
I could imagine your tooth example being written as a fiction story online. It's not fanfiction
Note that it could totally happen in fanfic as well, and I generally don't enjoy fanfiction. Just being pedantic, is all
If it's well-approached, no idea is too stupid.
5:59 PM
@Mithrandir Seriously? Okay, pitch me a treatment for "a guy devotes his life to learning how to pick his nose with his toes."
He's paralyzed and wants to join the circus.
Or maybe "a cult has only 5 more days to finish constructing a life-sized replica of their prophet from belly-button lint and ear wax."
Q: A government agent asks his evil doppelganger how he (the real agent) broke his arm when he was 10 years old

BedheadA government agent is replaced by an imposter, who has had plastic surgery to pull of the switch. When the agent asks the imposter how he (the real agent) broke his arm when he was 10 years old, the evil imposter knows even that obscure fact about the man he is impersonating.

Paralyzed in his arms but not his legs? No prosthetics? Remember, it can't be stupid...
@DavidW That's what their insane leader said, because otherwise they'll be blasted from the earth by their deity.
@DavidW Set it a hundred years ago.
6:06 PM
Yowza. 6 LQP already today...
1 hour later…
7:59 PM
Q: Why did Lucius make a deal out of Buckbeak in book 3 but in book 4 he didn’t say or do anything about Draco being turned into a ferret?

KansasMonkeyIt confused me that Draco and Lucius were super angry about Buckbeak hurting Draco’s arm and tried to get Hagrid fired and Buckbeak killed as punishment but they did nothing about Mad-Eye Moody (Barty Crouch Jr) transfiguring Draco into a ferret as a punishment for being ‘mean’ to Harry?

8:16 PM
8:38 PM
Q: Are the "Small Medium" books set before, after, or during the "Threadbare" books?

FuzzyBootsAndrew Seiple released a LitRPG trilogy following an animated teddy bear named Threadbare set in a world whose physical laws match an MMORPG. His second trilogy, Small Medium is set in an extremely similar world, and also features toy golems, although some characters are "Players", who are implie...

8:58 PM
Q: Why did Miles Morales get non-spider-like powers (bio-electrokinesis and invisibility) that are vastly different from the other spider people?

Steven ChoiBackground I've only watched "Into the Spider-Verse" (and loved it!), as well as the Sam Raimi movies and the first "Amazing Spider-Man". Not sure if the other movies are relevant, but I'll be using "ITSV" as my point of reference. I haven't read any of the comics, but I've been searching all ov...

9:18 PM
Q: Who are the 378 mutants in this image?

Jack B NimbleRecently a new series of covers revealed the picture of "every" mutant. I am attempting to build a comprehensive list of these mutants, who could potentially be a threat to homo-sapiens. A registry, if you will. And I'd like to identify these 378 known terrorists..err mutants. I'm just a concer...

9:37 PM
Q: Sci fi book where a rich kid is sent to prison and trained as a commando

ScottIn the early 90's I remember reading the start of a book but cannot recall the title. The main character started out as a pudgy rich kid who got convicted for a crime after running with the wrong crowd, possibly as a rebellion against his parents. Apparently he was genetically pure and instea...

10:04 PM
A: Who are the 378 mutants in this image?

StormblessedPlease add to this; I don't know anything about X-Men.

Here, in a second I'll have the thing set up
10:17 PM
Q: What is the correct reading order for silver surfer?

Jr baneMy goal is to read main 616 continuity silver surfer.

@DavidW it’s just what I got out of the Mac Greek keyboard, going a-z by Latin letters but skipping letters which look just like English :-\ — Stormblessed 1 min ago
@DavidW αβψδεφγηιξκλμνοπ;ρστθωςχυζ is what I get on mac with a-z
I guess that explains it. There's no "c" in Greek, so they would have mapped it to something else, a character that doesn't exist in English... "f" is closest to "phi"... Yeah, that does explain it.
Is fantastical/surrealist painting ID on-topic here?
@Stormblessed Worth a shot. You might get into trouble with purely surrealist stuff like Dali's melting watches, but if it's attached to an on-topic theme, no problem.
10:25 PM
@DavidW hm
There was some weird painting of a ghost
not a religious one
That on-topic?
(Well maybe the ghost is religious, but the painting wasn't :P)
Oh crap
The key has a duplicate character
Ooops. :)
Ghosts are on-topic
Oof this is going to be hard to keep track of with characters spanning multiple cells
@Jenayah yeah...
Anyone up to number 'em? xD
@Jenayah ...aaaaaaah
There my work's done, it's ready to destroy my inbox XD
10:43 PM
Duck, start of the conflicting edits @DavidW :p
Aw bummer
@DavidW are you on computer?
Yeah those squares should be bigger
It's a pain to edit on mobile
I can change it later, if I can figure out what was in each new
@Jenayah amen
@Stormblessed actually, I think a column-only grid could work.
Tch, this is getting nowhere.
@Jenayah Yeah.
10:50 PM
Somebody up to fix the links? Mobile here... Takes so long to edit, it always conflicts.
I can do it, if nobody steps one my edits...
I'll back off and try to ID others
... or you know, go to sleep
How do you suggest fixing the links?
What do you mean?
Also can we start IDing now? :P
You asked "somebody up to fix the links?" and I wasn't sure what you meant. I'm done with the captions, though.
And yeah, go nuts on the IDs.
10:59 PM
Oh yeah, the links to various covers.
I don't think we need to list a character in every cell they appear in, though, and there's no harm in removing cells (like most of column A) that don't have anything useful in them. A9 has somone's foot.
Yeah, I'm done with that.
@DavidW @Stormblessed found a way to have Typhoid Mary's face split right between two columns, which is fitting :)
Heh. :)
E5 is basically "more Magneto" so we could just remove that entry. Cyclops is F5 or F6, but also F7 and F8 so those can go.
Not all of those are pure mutants. Fantomex is in here
11:24 PM
How's your inbox holding up @Stormblessed
@Jenayah 13 between 22:45 and 23:11
So not great :P

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