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1:01 AM
Q: Looking for a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic strip about aliens

TheAshI'm looking for a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic strip/cartoon about aliens where the aliens say the world is a reality TV show where they adjust human hormones to see the effect it has on their relationship. Anyone know which one it is?

1:46 AM
Q: Could Peeves have gotten thrown out of Hogwarts?

TheAshSorcerer's Stone: About twenty ghosts had just streamed through the back wall. Pearly-white and slightly transparent, they glided across the room talking to one another and hardly glancing at the first years. They seemed to be arguing. What looked like a fat little monk was saying: "F...

@Zaphod Thanks.
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4:40 AM
There are only annotations for the first 11 chapters of The Way of Kings?
Q: What is the name of the mecha anime where the hero gets two robot suits?

Igvad dominiWhat is the name of the mecha anime where the hero uses one mobile suit but when the battle gets tough he calls for another suit that comes from somewhere and takes him in? I saw it on Cartoon network, not adult swim, maybe in the 90’s. I recently remembered some scenes and it has been bothering...

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5:45 AM
Q: What determines who owns the movie rights to Marvel storylines?

ThePopMachineIt's generally well-known that the movie rights to various Marvel characters has been a mess due to the rights having been sold off when Marvel was in financial trouble. Up until Disney started reunifying ownership of the rights, we had: Marvel owning the well-known MCU characters Universal ow...

6:14 AM
@Alex good answer indeed. And as a bonus, it contradicts what JKR said in an interview ;)
6:31 AM
Q: Is it OK to ask about quality and reviews

Mor ZamirSay I want to watch a television show or a movie. Their genre is definitely suitable for this site. Now I read some reviews and comments which seem pretty weird to me. Is it OK to ask about this as a question in SF&F? When the question level/idea is higher than actually what happens in the seri...

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8:06 AM
Q: cartoon wher little kid controls a huge robot which used to be small toy using glove?

Rasheedi remember a poor kid (main lead) who cant afford that much studies which rich kid saws a toy wanting to lay with it. the rich kid broke it and threw it away but he took it from the trash tries to repair it something harped the robot becomes huge and does whtever the kid says says gives him a gl...

8:26 AM
Q: Why did it take Snape so long to pass on a message?

Anju MaakaIn book 5, the Order of the Phoenix, when Harry is captured by Umbridge he tries to tell Snape that Voldemort has Sirius at the Department of Mysteries. Snape supposedly plays dumb with Umbridge and then immediately goes to send a message to check on Sirius. In the meantime, Harry (and friends) t...

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Q: What exactly makes a General Products hull nearly indestructible?

userGeneral Products hulls are almost indestructible, the only known weakness being antimatter or attacking the powerplant that re-enforces them. This is supposedly because the hull is a single giant molecule. How exactly does being a single molecule make the hull invulnerable? Why can it not be def...

10:31 AM
Oh, happy birthday then! :D
Thanks :)
Lol, that pun grew on me the more times I read it
11:12 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Happy birthday!
I hope you don't actually have a daily flood though.
Flood of happy birthday messages of course... totally not a typo
And thanks :)
11:40 AM
Q: Why are there not any MRI machines available in Interstellar?

A JIn Interstellar, Cooper mentions that they don't have any MRI machines while talking to his kid's teacher. The dialogue goes as follows: One of those useless machines they used to make was called an MRI. If we had any of them left the doctors might have been able to find the cyst in my wife's...

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12:40 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Let me add to the flood: Happy Birthday!
Q: Film where a boy turns into a princess

DavisI am trying to remember a film I saw as a child where at the very end (I think), a boy who I think is the main character is turned into a princess (or maybe a queen). It turned out that he was always a princess and was transformed for some... purpose. I think it might have had to do with protecti...

Q: Sci-fi short story: plants attracting spaceship and using them as a agents of pollination between two planets

karthikScience fiction - short story - of plants attracting spaceship and using them as a agents of pollination between two planets

1:07 PM
Q: How does Thanos manage to time travel its entire ship?

EriaI would be quite surprised it no one else asked this question before, but I can't find any reference to it. In Avengers Endgame, Nebula is caught by Thanos and her past-self on Morag, while retrieving the power stone. Past-Nebule finally gets the Pym particles the future-one intended to use to g...

1:33 PM
Q: 1970s Television horror show where a suit of armour comes to life and carries off a young boy

the guestI remember only this scene from what I believe was a horror themed TV show from the '70s. I was born in 1970, so I think I watched it between 1973 and 1977? It was in color and it was seen on U.S. television and appeared to be shot on videotape, which is why I say it was a TV show or TV movie. It...

1:57 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
2:08 PM
Q: Short story about a group of sci-fi writers sitting around discussing their profession

MohirlA group of science fiction writers are sitting around taking turn discussing their profession, where they get their inspiration from, various things that have happened to them during their careers. After a series of reasonably normal anecdotes, one of them tells the others that he woke up one mo...

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3:28 PM
Q: Dystopian sci-fi film about population controlled future society

NatI am trying to remember the title of a sci-fi film I watched a few years back taking place in a future society where people lived underground in a tightly monitored, population controlled city. The main character was an officer of some kind tasked with capturing people who attempt to flee when th...

3:50 PM
@Marvin Great ID question from a new user. No editing needed.
4:28 PM
Q: How do stasis fields work in Known Space?

userIn Known Space stasis fields are often used to protect the occupants of ships from harm. The hull may be an indestructible General Products model, but the occupants can still be subjected to extreme forces and attacks by lasers. For example, in Ringworld, the ship is hit by an anti-asteroid weap...

@Randal'Thor well, in theory "thanks" and the like should go
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
4:53 PM
@Jenayah Not worth an edit just for that IMO.
Nor for adding media tags, but meh.
@DavidW cheers :)
5:22 PM
@Randal'Thor bumping it no, but upon reviewing yeah
5:33 PM
Got Yearling
Took a year...
5:48 PM
@Stormblessed well that's... Normal? ;)
6:29 PM
Q: 50s/60s YA science fiction - lost Mongol tribe in Himalayas with American secret agent equipped with technically advanced armor

Dan ThompsonA book for young people (would be classed as YA today, I think) about a lost tribe of Ghengis Khan's Mongols in the Himalayas. A young American agent (CIA maybe?) is sent to contact the tribe because they are vital in some way (that I don't remember) in the Cold War. There is a Communist agent (...

@Marvin Hmm... Thinking about this, don't we exclude James-Bond-type spy future-tech from the "SF" label?
> weapons that were made with super advanced materials
Sounds reasonably on-topic.
They're not advanced materials, they're super advanced materials ;)
@Jenayah lol
7:17 PM
@Jenayah Maybe he's just a bit confused and they're only advanced super materials? :) gizmodo.com/…
So super advanced materials are on-topic, and advanced super materials aren't... :-D
7:54 PM
Most of these would have been moderately sci-fi in the 50s/60s
8:27 PM
Q: What changing the movie poster for Return of the Jedi to have a green lightsaber ever considered?

BuzzIt is well known that the original plan for Luke's lightsaber in Return of the Jedi was for it to blue, like the blades used by Luke and Ben in the first two movies. However, this changed in post-production to a green blade, which resolved a couple of different issues. It made it quite clear, f...

9:16 PM
Q: RIP Rutger Hauer, actor for Roy Battey

ThunderforgeVariety reports that Rutger Hauer, actor in Sin City, Batman Begins, True Blood, and other sci-fi and horror films, has died at 75. He will perhaps be best remembered for his role in Blade Runner as Roy Batty, a Replicant hunted by Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford). During his final moments, he gives...

9:50 PM
Q: Book with a magical school in a castle that might have “chronicles” in the title

KaylahIn late elementary-early middle school I read this series I got from the scholastic reader pamphlet. I can't remember what it was titled to save my life. It may have had "chronicles" in the title. It read kind of like a generic Harry Potter. It had a magical school that was a castle, but I think ...


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