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1:16 AM
Q: YA novel where a genius child secretly makes clones of himself

johncipI'm trying to find the name of a teen novel that was (what I'll call) light horror sci-fi. It was probably published in the early 90s. As best as I can remember, the plot goes something like: a child is genetically engineered (prenatally) to be smart when he's very young, his intelligence test...

1:36 AM
Q: short story I read in grade school in the mid 1970s - scientifically curious boy reads the ingredient list on his breakfast cereal box,

KipTrying to track down a short story that I read in grade school in the mid 1970s -probably written in the late 60s-early 70s - might be considered YA lit today. A scientifically curious boy reads the ingredient list on his breakfast cereal box and then discovers that the ingredient is in all foo...

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5:11 AM
I saw Aliens. That queen thing at the end was horrifyingly amazing
Really good movie, if a quite slow beginning
5:37 AM
Q: Who signed the Captain Picard Day sign?

ThePopMachineWith the release of the trailers for Star Trek: Picard we have observed what either a flashback, or an in-universe reproduction or preserved artifact of the Captain Picard Day sign. This also affords us some much higher resolution views of this in-universe object. Original TNG: Star Trek: Pi...

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7:37 AM
Q: 00s (or latterly) novel which talk about a boy trying to survive in the jungle after a plane crash into a lake

kitI read this novel like a couple years ago (probably 4-5 years already). It's kinda old I guess and my detail maybe is not very specific but I try my best. The story is talk about a young boy (Maybe the age around 14-16 like this.) trying to survive in a jungle and it end up living in the jungle...

Q: Sci fi short story name about cyborg time traveling soldier story identification

leroythelion kingI have been trying to track down story I read in a middle school or high school class about a decade ago. It involves a soldier that was sent to "the end of time" in a gigantic battle for the universe. All of the soldiers in the battle get cybernetic enhancements to aid in their fighting ability....

@Marvin Sounds like Hatchet.
*opens question* Yep.
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9:18 AM
Q: Is English a Multiverse Langauge?

Ashokan SivapragasamIt looks like all fictional characters from wherever in the universe, event from multi-verse are comfortable with English speakers? Is English a Multiverse Langauge? Or, English is drawn for Simplicity?

9:58 AM
Q: What language do Sense8 speak with their cluster?

Mor ZamirIt was not clear to me while watching. Do the character speak English with each other? or does each one simply speaks his language and the other understands? It is confusing also to understand since their environment speak English, so is it just to make the show easier to watch, or do we need to...

10:18 AM
Q: Short story about a girl pursued by a fat man in the hills

duffeThe viewpoint is from a small girl who is living near to a gas station maybe in the midwest. It's a hot summer and she hears on the radio that there is a another dead child found. She goes to the gas station where a fat man tries to lure her near, but she runs off into some hills, and knows he mu...

10:38 AM
Q: How can Barty Crouch Jr. run out of polyjuice at the end of HP: GoF?

TinyDoowyI was always wandering why does Barty Crouch Jr. run of of Polyjuice in the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ? I mean, it take litterally weeks to prepare as we've seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and We know that Barty Crouch Jr. stole in the Snape's storage. So he shou...

10:53 AM
Q: Short story about a girl pursued by a fat man in the hills

duffeThe viewpoint is from a small girl who is living near to a gas station maybe in the midwest. It's a hot summer and she hears on the radio that there is a another dead child found. She goes to the gas station where a fat man tries to lure her near, but she runs off into some hills, and knows he mu...

Whoa, this is even scarier.
I got a Necromancer badge for this answer:
A: Do vampires exist in the Potterverse?

b_jonasI found that there's a rather clear mention of Vampires before the Slug club. Hagrid explains how he had to shake off the Ministry people watching him and Madamde Maxime before they could safely travel to the land of the giants in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix chapter 20, and it has ...

Mind you, I had got it earlier for a question about ghosts, and one about the Dark Lord not having died when his body was destroyed.
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12:31 PM
Should we add a CW-answer here ( scifi.stackexchange.com/q/216434/19561 ) and get the OP to except that? Now it has only been answered and confirmed in comments.
That would mean reopening, answering and closing again... not really worth it for the little benefit you'd get out of it
Q: short story, electrical ghost running along underside of telephone line

Adam WiseI read this short story in an anthology while standing in a Barnes and Noble in the US, probably around 1996. For some reason it stuck with me, and despite several years of intermittent searching, I can't seem to find it. The story was about a man experiencing the afterlife - it turns out that ...

1:32 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Jinx
2:18 PM
Q: Revolutionaries' fleet armed with kinetic weapons defeats government fleet armed with missiles

DavidWThis came up in a discussion of reasonably-hard SF space combat. I probably read this book a bit more than 20 years ago; early-to-mid 1990s. Note that I was buying a lot of used books in that period, so it may date back to the mid-1960s. I only really remember part of the climactic battle scen...

2:37 PM
@Marvin Wow, I learned "latterly" is a word today
That is a strange one
But it's an adverb so I think it's used wrong there
@Stormblessed That is exactly correct. (You are correct, I mean.)
Ugh, Boris Johnson is the prime minister now...
@Stormblessed Lalalala I can't hear you!
2:54 PM
It'd be nice to move to somewhere far away like the Moon so I could pretend none of this happened
Q: Short story where a flexible reality hardens to an unchanging one

Invisible TrihedronIn this story, the narrator describes his day as ordinary objects change their physical properties. The floor might suddenly become fluid beneath one's foot, and you'd better get it out fast before the floor becomes solid again. Food on the plate may turn poisonous without any apparent cause. Mou...

3:16 PM
What I didn't say: But I really think you should try to learn about sentences and punctuation...
Q: How can I find publicity for my I must have speculated

Kholemontagahow can I find publicity for my highly speculative imaginative ideas from all genres of sci-fi and fantasy from theoretical magic systems to concepts of the infinite omniverses and beyond to mining the sun ridge energy and many many more ideas to researching time travel Time slips to research in ...

3:38 PM
Q: The youngest person on Earth in a society of immortals

Invisible TrihedronThe protagonist is the youngest person on Earth -- the only one to be born in many centuries. Terrestrial society is small but every individual is unique and multitalented, as they are all immortal and have lived for centuries. They live in flying habitats. No one knows how to raise children any...

3:58 PM
Q: Any indication that starships use cloud computing when nessesary?

KiskaThe amount of information stored on starship computers seems to be vast. Is there any indication that starfleet ships in close enough proximity can access the nearest starbase and download/upload/access information? I understand the convenience of storing it all locally, first, you're not sendin...

4:29 PM
On mobile but scifi.stackexchange.com/… - Ringworld ID looks like a mess?
4:52 PM
Q: Was the reality stone used to develop BARF?

user74261It will take several years or even decades before real-world VR/AR will develop into BARF of 2016 MCU as seen in Stark’s launch. And it has improved into a greater, more realistic drone-reliant BARF in 2024 MCU. The reality stone is basically BARF in a stone, with no drones, and no video editors/...

Q: Are Elantrians' kids Elantrian or human?

StormblessedIn "The Hope of Elantris", it is revealed at the very end that (major spoilers) so apparently the Elantrians can reproduce. What would the kid look like? Human? Elantrian? Some mix? What would the child of two Elantrians look like? I'm looking for either Word of Brandon or good reasoning.

5:25 PM
@Jenayah Most of those aren't actually identifying the novel Ringworld; there are some that mention a "ringworld" (in a generic sense) and some that refer to Ringworld but it's not the answer.
The dupe target, though, the question really doesn't sound like Ringworld even though it is somehow the accepted answer.
5:39 PM
Q: Fantasy: people take on traits of rabbits, eagles, snakes,

user118926Main character is a teen girl whose family has powers. They take on the traits of a certain animal. Her sister took on the traits of a rabbit. At the end of the book the main character takes on the traits of an eagle. One of the antagonists in the book took on the traits of a snake. Main characte...

What’s this triage thing?
Only SO?
Q: What happens to questions after Triage?

Muhammed RefaatWhen a question is in the Triage review queue, what action will be taken if the Triage result is Should Be Improved or the result is Unsalvageable?

This got closed as too localized
6:09 PM
@Stormblessed I think it's because of the size issue. SO is just so much bigger than most other sites.
6:45 PM
Q: Is asking about Sci-Fi games off-topic?

Meraj Al MaksudAccording to the Help Center: What topics can I ask about here? Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is for questions targeted towards science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. This includes questions about: Plot, character, or setting explanations Historical or societal context of a wor...

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7:59 PM
Q: Does ship shape affect Hyperdrive class?

Elle FieMost fast ships in the Star Wars universe have very aerodynamic shapes. There seems to be a direct correlation between how sleek a ship looks, and its Hyperdrive class. Some examples: First Death Star: Class 4 Hyperdrive Nubian: Class 1.8 Hyperdrive Millennium Falcon: Class 0.5 Hyperdrive ...

8:40 PM
Q: Looking for a novel about either child labour issues or industrial age

AngelaI read this novel when I was in middle school and now I'm trying to recommend it to a friend. Basically the novel starts out with a boy living with an old man (I want to say he was a servant of some sort). When a girl comes to live with them. Shortly after the old man dies, the kids are forced to...

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9:40 PM
Q: What is this style/genre of Sci-Fi called, and what are some other examples?

SeeDerekEngineerAstral Chain, Mass Effect, Halo 4 (with the Forerunner technology and weapons) and Black Panther are all examples of Science Fiction that make use of floating, illuminated elements in their technology. It gives the technology a futuristic, almost magical vibe. Is their a term for this style of ...

10:00 PM
Q: Anime identification

secretI'm searching for a anime about a virtual reality world in which people "live" in there, because they want to escape from reality and in this world they can become the person they want to be, but the main character and some others want to get back to the reality, but a group of people who really ...


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