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12:14 AM
Q: Did Marvel/Disney explain why they chose to make Skrulls the good guys and Kree the bad guys?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToBased on my understanding of Skrull/Kree war (from Wiki, not source comics), Skrulls were the "bad guys", and Kree were either bad or good (Ronan was bad but it sounded like in the end Kree were allied to Earth heros?) Did anyone at Marvel/Disney explain why they chose to fully reverse it in Cap...

12:54 AM
Q: How is a blade coated in salt for demon slaying?

RobotexSalt is often used to repel demons and I've seen several sources talk about coating blades and other weapons in salt so they can slay demons, most recently in season 1 of Netflix's Castlevania. How is salt applied to a blade? Does it stick if you just rub the edge of a blade with a handful of g...

1:34 AM
Q: Episode where the doctor drinks drugged wine

Nu'DaqThis was during the Tom Baker years, but I don't recall who his companion was during this arc. It takes place on a human (I think) colony that, though in the future, functions as a feudal society and is based on medieval England. In this particular episode the Doctor, a spoiled prince and a third...

2:14 AM
Q: heat wave type of movie or made for tv movie

Francine Grahamyears ago, not sure when, 80's 90's? About a family from the usa who is trying to get into Canada (because of the temperature increasing in the USA) over a bridge, the father gets in but suddenly the border gets shut and the family can't get in? The family (without dad?, I think)then goes on this...

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3:34 AM
Q: How was Luke's prosthetic hand in Episode V filmed?

Elle FieI am referring to this scene (starting at the 0m37s mark) in Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. This seems like a very sophisticated prop glove, but there is significant visible depth to the "cavity". How was this filmed?

3:54 AM
Q: Why was this the first time that no one applauded McGonagall's transformation?

AlexIn Chapter Six of Prisoner of Azkaban we have the following passage: "Really, what has got into you all today?" said Professor McGonagall, turning back into herself with a faint pop, and staring around at them all. "Not that it matters, but that's the first time my transformation's not got ap...

4:14 AM
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7:17 AM
Q: Why isn't the Elemental hurt by material weapons?

WoJSpiderman is throwing large objects (blocks of concrete, ...) at the Elemental. Since the Elemental is a set of drones flying together why aren't they just destroyed when hit by it? This would at least create a hole in the illusion, if not impede the ability of the Elemental to destroy things...

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8:17 AM
Q: In the MCU, how did they decide to use a sub-name for the movie instead of numbers?

TinyDoowyA question popped into my mind. At the beginning of the MCU we got movies numbered like Iron Man 2 or Iron Man 3, But at one point, we got sub-titles like Thor: Ragnarok or Spider-Man: Homecoming. For the last one, my guess is that there's too many Spider-Man movies, so they need to add it to cl...

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10:32 AM
Q: Example of character who vitalize arts (ideas, characters of books) into an living beings

user7531Could you give an example of literature character who vitalize arts (ideas, characters of books) into an living beings?

10:57 AM
Q: Did the Hunger Games tribute costumes include microphones?

Rand al'ThorIn the Hunger Games arena, the impression is that everything is recorded and televised. As well as technology enabling them to insert new features (fire, mutts, parachutes, etc.) into the arena wherever and whenever they like, the Gamemakers have cameras everywhere which are broadcasting the even...

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11:58 AM
Q: Short story about a ghost, possibly written in the 1960s by a woman

Adele GardnerI am a librarian hoping to help a patron. The patron believes this science fiction/fantasy story was written in the 1960s by a housewife with four kids. The story might possibly be titled "Girl in a Blue Dress" and concerns a ghost, losing an overcoat or sweater, and being unable to cross wate...

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1:18 PM
Q: Do we have detail of Book of Fatima?

dtc348I am a new learner in this channel. I heard that the book of Fatima was given by alien to three children. I don't know, is it right or wrong?

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2:18 PM
Q: Why didn't Doctor Strange restore Tony Stark after he used the Stones?

UnderverseAt the end of Avengers: Endgame Tony Stark makes use of the Stones, taking a great amount of damage doing so. Is there a reason why Doctor Strange did not use the Time Stone to restore Tony in the same way he restored an apple?

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3:38 PM
Q: Old fanfiction where Hermione makes a potion to soul bond herself to Ron

user114198This one was about Hermione making a potion to soul bound herself to Ron. They need to have sex every week or so to keep the bond, and they can feel what the other is feeling. There was a scene in wish Snape is going to help Hermione but he has to ask for permission and because if he didn't there...

4:13 PM
First Famous Question!
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7:39 PM
Q: Why would word of Princess Leia's capture generate sympathy for the Rebellion in the Senate?

Elle FieIf no one knows Leia is part of the Rebellion, how could it generate sympathy for the Rebellion in the Senate? If it is already known that Leia is part of the Rebellion, why would anyone in the Senate (a government body tasked with, among other things, preserving order in the Galaxy) want to sup...

@DavidW I wonder if anyone’s had a question or answer in all three HNQ posts from SFF at the same time
I think that the Hadouken question was on it at the same time as my Hitchhiker’s Guide question
Oh no it wasn’t
Q: How do Pupp's remarks connect with Krazy's in Krazy Kat, 25 July 1936?

Rand al'ThorThis question is about the same Krazy Kat strip (25 July 1936) as in Krazy language in Krazy Kat, 25 July 1936, in which Krazy is making a lot of classical references and Pupp is responding: Krazy: Regular, the romin - insulting the kottage injins - Pupp [to Ignatz, who's getting reading to...

7:59 PM
Q: Podcast story about woman wanting to destroy machine distributing emotionally destructive ads

Ellen SpertusI remember listening to a story, probably on Escape Pod but possibly Lightspeed, about a near future in which ubiquitous machine-generated gendered advertisements, cruelly than anything that could be designed by a human, destroy people's self confidence to make them receptive to advertisers' prod...

8:32 PM
Saying a rolled up carpet is suspicious is a huge stretch, I personally have one rolled up under the stairs at the moment. Also whilst a nice theory on the stepping on it and flying that doesn't seem likely to be the case so could you try and find some evidence that, that is how the flying carpets work and edit it in? — TheLethalCarrot 8 hours ago
TheLethalCarrot is a wizard?
A rolled up carpet is suspicious? Seriously? We have some carpets that we switch out between winter and summer (winter ones are more resistant to damp, summer one look nicer) so there are always at least 2 carpets rolled up in storage. (Not counting a couple of nice Persian ones that don't fit the current decor, but I can't quite bring myself to get rid of...)
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9:40 PM
Q: Which characters have appeared both before the Snap and after the Blip, yet we don't know whether they were Snapped?

ThePopMachineFor the majority of characters, we clearly have evidence of whether they were Snapped or not. For example: We observed them being Snapped We observed them during the Five Years We have other clear evidence they were Snapped (age, dialog, plotpoints in FFH, e.g.) Yet are there any characters ...

Q: Why was Ant-Man not Snapped?

ThePopMachineWas he protected because he was in the Quantum Realm, or was it just luck he wasn't Snapped and being trapped in the Quantum Realm was a plot mechanism which allowed time to pass between the Beheading and the Time Heist? (It would be much less impactful if they immediately launched into the Tim...

10:20 PM
Q: Need help finding a book series

Alan PauleHey guys and girls so I need help finding the name of a book series, honestly I can’t remember much about it, all I know is that the first book has a black werewolf like creature on the front cover and I believe the third book was about a boy that could see coloured shapes and manipulate them int...

10:40 PM
Q: Looking for a TV series from childhood

NewKodyI am looking for a TV series that I watched around 2000 - 2005-ish. It was a sci-fi/ fantasy about a young boy traveling with his companions to some places, like caves or maybe other planets, and he was looking for some big glowing and spiky crystals. They were being chased by a dude in a robotic...

10:55 PM
When were you in school? Were they paperbacks? Please visit scifi.stackexchange.com/tags/story-identification/info to elicit further details to edit into your question. — FuzzyBoots 32 mins ago
Oh I can’t ping him
@FuzzyBoots sending users to Valorum’s guide I think would be better; tag info is hard to read on mobile as there’s no responsive design for it. — Stormblessed 35 secs ago
Anyways that’s what I said
11:41 PM
Q: In the finale of "Jessica Jones" season 1, what was the point of this action?

BrondahlSpoilers for Season 1, obviously. I haven't watched Season 2 (yet), so please no answers that are spoilers for that. In the final showdown with Kilgrave ... There's no apparent Out-of-universe, it's obviously

Q: In "Jessica Jones" Season 1, are Kilgrave's powers just inconsistently represented?

BrondahlMild spoilers for Season 1. I haven't (yet) watched Season 2, so please no spoilers for that. We are told that surgical sedation disables Kilgrave's power, and somewhat demonstrated that with Ducasse's response once Kilgrave is tranq'd. We are also shown Kilgrave's power having time-limits, and...


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