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1:25 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in title (98): Where can u watch Supernatural free? by RoseTyler on scifi.SE
Q: Where can u watch Supernatural free?

RoseTylerI want to watch Supernatural, where is it free to watch? It’s not on crave, prime, or Netflix, and that’s all I have. What is it on to watch?

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3:11 AM
Q: Doctor Who total watching time

yuleruleI just watched Day of the Doctor! My God, what a brilliant episode. Tomorrow, I'm watching Time of the Doctor. Anyway, I know there have been plenty of questions on here about most recommended viewing episodes of the Classic Doctor Who. (I'd appreciate some links, of course) But I was wondering...

3:31 AM
Q: How do Skrulls age?

ThePopMachineGiven Captain Marvel and the post-credits scene of we've observed Therefore they haven't aged in 29 years (or 24 years if they were blipped). Are Skrulls long-lived? Or do they not appear to change as they age in their natural state, perhaps due to their shape-shifting capabilities? Or...

4:00 AM
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is incredibly funny
4:21 AM
This should be a comment rather than an answer. You’ve apparently lost your account; you can recover it by emailing from here. — Stormblessed 3 mins ago
Should I mod flag this, or just leave it as a comment?
@closevoters this isn't asking for a list of works or recommendations. — Stormblessed 2 hours ago
Why do I have different numbers of flags and close votes?
Can I use flags if I run out of close votes?
@Stormblessed I might be tempted to edit the content into the question (maybe part of it as a comment on the answer, properly attributed) and flag the post for deletion.
Q: Can you join Section 31 by choice?

KiskaIn Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Bashir is "recruited" by Sloan, Georgiou and Ash Tyler are recruited into Section 31. In any canon material, has anyone ever joined Section 31 by choice? Do they choose who they want and attempt to recruit you?

@Stormblessed According to the help page you always have 24 close votes per day. There's a formula for flags, it involves your rep/1000 + number of accepted flags / 10 and IIRC there's a penalty for declined flags.
@DavidW Oh, I knew about flags but didn't know that close votes were static. Weird number.
How many flags do you have, @DavidW?
I've got 34
4:48 AM
@DavidW I've edited it in
5:28 AM
@Stormblessed it kind of is. In any case, this kind of support question is certainly off-topic.
Plus I'm reasonably sure watching it for free is against whatever copyright laws it's under, and the question might lead to spam
A: Are shopping questions on topic?

user56First, a bit of history. Shopping questions became an issue on Stack Exchange with Super User. Computer hardware is within the purview of that site, and it attracts many questions on “what hardware should I buy”. The Super User community is strongly against such shopping recommendations. Jeff agr...

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8:05 AM
@Jenayah It doesn't appear to fit into one of the exceptional shopping question cases and watching it for free, like you said, is almost certainly illegal and we don't want to encourage that on here so I cast the final close vote
Now to count down the clock for someone VTRO it :P
8:46 AM
Look at me, in the chat too days in a row
Q: Doctor Who, All mentions of burning Gallifrey, being the last of the time lords

yuleruleSo I just watched the Day of the Doctor! And the Doctor basically locked Gallifrey in stasis. (With the agreement and knowledge of the High Council) In the End of Time, it seems that the evil High Council is also coming from a time-locked Gallifrey, trying to escape the time lock. And from the f...

Q: Did the Doctor rescue the Time Lords in the end?

yuleruleJust watched Time of the Doctor. The Time Lords gifted the Doctor with a new Regeneration Cycle. (Somehow) Without spoilers, did the Doctor rescue Gallifrey and the Time Lords in the end?

@TheLethalCarrot Yes.
9:53 AM
Q: Is the chapter "The Houses of Healing" meant as comic relief?

Jeremy FrenchI'm re-reading the LOTR books for the first time in about 20 years, and I was struck by the change of tone in this chapter. We've just had several heavy chapters of death and destruction and this chapter seems to be a farce. We have fussy matrons that don't shut up, and the same with herb lore ...

Q: Where to read about the Gathering Storms events?

TaladrisStatus quo has been the norm for the narrative of WarHammer 40k. However, through the Gathering Storm campain, Games Workshop decided to completely change the shape of the Galaxy: Cadia and Bieltan have fallen, a new Warp rift opened and a Primarch is back! Where can I read about these events? ...

Q: Are the recent Black Library books attempting to tidy up older fluff about Abbadon?

Richard CI have just finished the Talon of Horus (brilliant book well worth a read), in several places it suggests that Abbadon is a clone of Horus. I have also seen this idea postulated online in several places. This however is contradicted as being a possibility in the Horus Heresy and Seige of Terra...

10:08 AM
Q: Civil War story: man hanged from a bridge

SchoNuffI read a story a long time ago about a Civil War soldier who was being hanged from a bridge but the rope broke and he escaped. It goes through all the things he went through after escaping but then it turns out his neck was snapped and he died in the noose.

@Jenayah It's still speculative but I've finally put together an answer for your Ghost question
Q: Anime with a girl who uncovers and government secret and she can control a phoenix like monster

Devin ChurchAll I remember about this anime is a girl and her brother going to a boarding school (I believe) and the girl ends up uncovering some government secret. She can control this bird type monster like a phoenix.

10:37 AM
@TheLethalCarrot upvote and downvote on it, hardly surprising
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12:06 PM
Q: Why didn't Nick Fury expose the villain's identity and plans?

Shadow WizardDuring Spider-Man: Far From Home, Fury learns that He had, or could easily get, clear proofs, but even after the villain's death he does not go public with the evidence, leading to Why is this? What is his reasoning for not exposing the villain?

12:46 PM
Q: Spiderman's resilience inconsistency - Spiderman Far From Home

BeeI was looking through some questions on this SE and I came across the following one asked a couple of years ago: Spider-Man's resilience Now this all makes sense and I'm happy with the answer, however, it seems a bit inconsistent. Far From Home Spoiler! I don't really understand how this is...

Q: Fan-made(?) comics about the next Avatar

Mor ZamirA friend sent me a link to an online comics about 3 years ago. I am not sure if it was Fan-made or not, because the quality of the drawing was really good. I did not have time to read it at the time and wanted to save it for later, but I forgot about it and now it's lost (He can't find it either...

Greetings, Earthlings.
1:26 PM
A: Where can one watch Supernatural free?

StormblessedYou cannot watch Supernatural free, save for a few episodes, anywhere legally. According to Decider, Supernatural is not legally available free on any streaming services. However, it is on Netflix, at least in the US. Some episodes are free on CW's website. If you can't stream it through Netflix...

@Donald.McLean Greetings, Hubble Guy!
Any idea why this would be deleted? Wouldn't the question be the thing that should get deleted first, not the answers?
It's got a delete vote
New profile picture
1:47 PM
@Stormblessed yup, mine. I cast it this morning, before the question was closed. As the question was still open I couldn't vote to delete the question yet (but have now done so)
Insert the whole "don't answer such stuff" speech.
(I also downvoted the two answers and the question)
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because I'm voting to close this as off-topic as this is not about sci-fi or fantasy, but asking to locate a third-party service; this isn't a support site for that, plus I'm reasonably sure watching it for free is against whatever copyright laws it's under, and the question might lead to spam. See also this metaJenayah 8 hours ago
Late night? :)
(Note that the person is probably paying at least the equivalent of 25€/mo already (based on basic tier Canadian prices, according to the web) for the services they are subscribed to, so they're not just some random freetard. I understand the question is off-topic, but having been bitten by stupid country-specific restrictions myself, I'm sympathetic to other people suffering from them.)
The easiest workaround is just to use a VPN
Annoying when Netflix has a show you want to watch but it's not available in your region... just use your VPN
@TheLethalCarrot Don't you then need a subscription to Netflix in the region you're pretending you're from? Or does your Netflix subscription entitle you to view local Netflix in any region you're "present" in?
2:02 PM
@DavidW ahah!
@DavidW Well I don't know if it breaks the TOS to pretend you're from a different region or not
2 hours later…
3:38 PM
Netflix started blocking a lot of VPNs about 2 years ago, though.
So you have to pick a specific one.
Usually the paid ones aye
The free ones sometimes work but they seem to be actively trying to block them and it's easier to do that with the free ones (as they change less frequently)
I have a feeling it's less about region blocking and more about the free VPNs being used for other illicit activity, so they're more likely to be used by people ripping the media to distribute it.
@DavidW Also, I believe it's where you're at, not where you're a citizen/resident. It's not something that comes from Netflix themselves, but the content they get is all licensed and the networks that provide the content care about which regions their stuff is shown in. Some have legal agreements with other networks or even local government, to broadcast only in certain areas.
4:22 PM
<sigh/>I had a brief flash of hope when one of my old unanswered story-id questions collected an answer. Sadly it was just an "I want to find this too!" answer. :(
I remember looking for that one back when you posted it but no dice
4:44 PM
@DavidW when I’ve gone to Canada and Japan it’s been different
No “hey go home” warning
5:23 PM
posted on July 10, 2019 by Jack B Nimble

Stats Top Question: The top question was “Did Darth Vader wear the same suit for 20+ years?” asked by Thunderforge and answered by Nolimon. Top Viewed: The most viewed question (with 42365 at within the time-frame) was “Is 3000 a reference to Iron Man in the comics?” asked by Chipster and answered by Jenayah. Top ... Read more

@SFFBlog oh hey it's "we're mistaking stuff that TLC has edited for stuff that TLC has answered"
> The top answer was actually a tie with a score of 148 on the questions “Who is “He that flies” in Lord of the Rings?” asked by klaus and answered by TheLethalCarrot
Actually answered by Andres
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6:51 PM
Q: Way to sort answers by if they are by Stack Exchange employees

StormblessedSo I was looking at this question, which has a lot of answers. It is tagged status-deferred, meaning that someone working at Stack Exchange responded to it. However, there isn't a quick way to find an answer by an employee about what's happening with the request. I think it should be easier to f...

Is this a good idea?
@SFFBlog Hey, I'm in the blog!
> User Picks

[Reflected sound of underground spirits](https://scifi.stackexchange.com/q/210720/102999) A puzzle that brings back old memories, but one I can’t remember if I solved or had the answer handed to me.
? Link markdown doesn't work in that quote?
@Stormblessed new lines in chat break Markdown
@Jenayah Dang
That's a weird feature...
Well I'm getting a ton of explanation as to why my request is disliked rather than just getting mysterious downvotes without any comments for a long time
A: Formatting Sandbox

StormblessedCommunity! I am writing a bunch of words so this doesn't become a comment because that would suck. Here, look at my link over there and read these words with some line breaks and formatting and then please fix my link: I am become HTTPS, securer of worlds!

So Community does not edit in HTTPS anymore
It was just a one time flick of a lightswitch
7:12 PM
Psychology researchers say our 'flashbulb' memories of big events can be unreliable, but I clearly remember watching live on CNN as Challenger crashed into and destroyed the Berlin Wall.
@xkcd not bad!
@xkcd That one's great!
This would not be the default. Much of the time, CM answers matter more; there are some questions (e.g. meta.stackexchange.com/q/2645/399694) where an answer by Jeff Atwood has an extremely low score and an opposite one by a normal user has an extremely high one but Jeff's answer is the one that wins due to being by the founder. The thing is, while it may seem like it would make a hierocracy, these answers have much more gravity than normal users', especially on feature-requests. — Stormblessed 2 mins ago
@Adamant I used a word (hierocracy) I learned from Stormlight's backstory here :P
See @Jenayah Brandon Sanderson makes you smarter
@Stormblessed I think you mean a "hierarchy?" An ordering by authority, rather than a religious system of government?
Unless you're making a veiled insult about the way that SE is run. :)
Maybe I didn’t learn that word very well :O
@DavidW Yeah that’s what I meant
I think "hierocracy" is roughly government by priests (as in "hierophant"), as opposed to government by a religion which would be a "theocracy."
7:22 PM
@Stormblessed correct that to overconfident :P
(Because the religion claims it is ruling on behalf of a god, or "theos.")
Q: From which obituary of a "New Republic" editor do these details sound familiar?

LijisheI read it many years ago but infuriatingly cannot find it. It appeared in The New Republic between 2003 and 2012, written by a female writer with remarkably simple, crystalline prose. All that I remember of the obituary, besides these few meager details, is that the writer describes the man as be...

Ahahah OOC but nicely done
7:48 PM
lol. Batman as the less scary "hero?" I guess he's got to work on that a bit. :)
"There are 7 working defenses from this position.. 3 of them disarm with minimal contact. 3 of them kill.. The other.. (KRAKK).. Hurts"
1 hour later…
8:51 PM
@DavidW well TBH the Spectre was being overly cruel in that issue
Q: Who was the orc who wanted to leave Mordor and have his own band of brigands?

Mark HarrisonIn The Lord of the Rings there was a conversation between two orcs, where one of them expressed the desire to leave Mordor and return to a life of small scale brigandry. Who was this orc, and in which book did this conversation occur?

9:34 PM
Q: In The Librarians why didn't this event in season 4 change the present?

MoogleIn season 2 episode 10 when they're in the time machine room, Flynn says: All their owners tried to change history and got caught in temporal loops because you can never ever ever violate causality. The very first time traveller learned that if you change any event in the past, any event of s...

@AvnishKabaj did you like it?
9:54 PM
Q: What happens to Dirk at the end of George RR Martin's "Dying of the Light"?

cdustonTrying to avoid spoilers - what do we think happened to Dirk at the end of "Dying of the Light"? If you had told me what the final scene was, I would have told you immediately what happened. However, reading it, it sure seems like Dirk expects a different outcome. Anyone see something I missed?

Q: Animated series/movie 70s or 80s involving aliens impersonating humans and guy looking for missing girl/sister

Marcin HaśkieI don’t remember much but the few things still in my memory are: There were aliens or some other kind of creatures that were looking like humans and when they die they turn into real form. Main character: a guy that maybe was able to sense them or even see through disguise he was looking for hi...

10:34 PM
Q: Looking for a "Dungeon Keeper" story set in a future with hostile AIs and nanotechnology

FuzzyBootsThere exists a genre involving the protagonist being a dungeon in the style of Dungeon Keeper. Dungeon Keeper Ami is the earliest case I can think of, with I Woke Up As A Dungeon, Now What as the one that reminded me of this particular one. A central conceit of the genre is that the dungeon gains...

10:54 PM
Q: In Listen, how did Clara mange to land on past! Gallifrey?

yuleruleIs the time-locked on Gallifrey gone, so Clara was able to land, or is there more going on. Did the Doctor ever realize Clara had managed to land on Gallifrey?

11:23 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected (79): TV movie about a man scared of a figure seen in mirrors by Frank Barnett on scifi.SE

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