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1:14 AM
Q: Can two avatars of the same god exist at the same time?

user123441I saw in the Malleus Monstrotum some of Nyarlathotep's avatars have differing intelligence. This is what led to this question.

1:55 AM
Q: novel about alien species made of gas rings?

user123443I read a novel where several enemy alien species were stranded together on an interdicted planet. They had to recycle everything and keep hidden. The younger generation was building a mixed culture community until the older home species showed up. One of the alien races had a body made of rings o...

@Marvin Finally, a that I know.
2:15 AM
Q: Help remembering book title!

Tress HolmanI read two books (obviously read more, but this is about those two SPECIFICALLY) in junior high (I'm 26 now) that I can not for the life of me remember what they were called and I'd love to read them again! I think they were a little sci-fi-y. The first one was definitely! There was a teenager...

2:35 AM
Q: Does Michael Burnham exist in the Kelvin timeline?

SvetlanaofVodianovaI'm not asking if Discovery exists in the prime or Kelvin timeline, I'm asking if a Burnham counterpart exists in the Kelvin timeline, and does she go into the Kelvin timeline version of the future? Out of universe, Star Trek: Discovery was 10 years away, so the idea of Spock having a sister was...

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4:09 AM
Q: Examples of joyful immortals in TV or Film

jmanI noticed the other day that I couldn't think of many examples of happy immortals in sci-fi or fantasy. Mostly the immortals on TV are like Angel and burdened by the weight of immortality. The only two examples I thought of were: Doctor Who (and only some Doctors) An immortal from Highlander ...

4:35 AM
Is Stormblessed a bot?
4:46 AM
@Elfvia you can never be sure but I guess he is not
@Jenayah not sure how to answer it but valid query
@Randal'Thor so you are back as resurrected, rebirthed, deadities or zombified?
@AnkitSharma oh yeah, I guess
@Jenayah it can be a good R rated minseries
Q: When did Batman's status of being Most Intelligent upgarded?

Steve HarringtonIn DC Comics, Most Intelligent being has been discussed a lot in comics, series, etc. But I remember Lex Luthor being the top one always but in DCeased this status has been changed, even Lex refers to Batman as most intelligent. Is this status change occurred recently overall in DC comics or it'...

5:05 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive body detected (44): Lol no question by user123449 on scifi.SE
Flag it faster guys n gurls
5:20 AM
Q: Looking for SF book, a series of short stories each set X years ahead. In first one aliens placed domes over cities before wiping out everyone else

CorneliusDetroitI read this years ago, most likely this would be a young adult book, maybe from the 1970s or 1980s. I swear the title was "The Turning Point: Tales of a Future Past" but I've never been able to find it under that name so I may be remembering something wrong. In the first story aliens put domes ...

Q: Lol no question

user123449I aint asking i am saying wha a dumbass redneck he was._.Instead bothering cut the handcufs or hes hand it would be better cuting the simple iron branch handcufs were attached._5 mins job._lol

5:57 AM
What kind of question is that?
I mean the one @SmokeDetector put for offensive.
6:24 AM
@AnkitSharma it’s weird, a health scam a little bit ago got autoflagged and deleted in 20 seconds of being reported but that lasted for a lot longer
@Elfvia probably
How’d you find out @Elfvia ?
I do get captchas a lot and am very bad at them
@Stormblessed Yeah it stayed pretty longer then I expected from scifi
@AnkitSharma looks dupey of scifi.stackexchange.com/q/14652/98028
See Thaddeus' answer, but not 100% sure
A: Who are the two smartest people in the world? (DC Comics)

user86137I say it's not Batman and Lex Luthor, but Braniac and The atom are the first and second smartest.

Seems deletion-worthy, eh? It’s all opinion to an apparently answered in-Universe thing
6:50 AM
@Stormblessed by now I can tell you're a human being :D
I hate the captchas, whenever I join Discord they always give me one and I hate 'em
Hey @Loong!
Fav DC superhero is Batgirl, but never saw Batman as 'smart'
But then again how would I know, I'm more into Marvel :D
My second fav DC girl is Katana
7:12 AM
@Jenayah that seems more of his guess and also when Batman got that chair it was a different deal
@Jenayah thansk for adding the comic strip
IN DCAU Batman is not even top 3 most probably
Q: Who are the top two smartest men in the DC Animated Universe?

Ankit SharmaI was watching a sneak peek of the upcoming DC Animated Universe film Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five but I noticed Jim Krieg mentioning Mister Terrific being the third smartest: But my DC Animated universe memories are not so strong so I can't figure out who ...

@AnkitSharma seeing Hal getting him out of there was dope
@AnkitSharma you're welcome
7:39 AM
7:59 AM
@SQB seems legit
8:23 AM
Q: Can our quiz-taking muggles’ house changes due to life circumstances?

NatI understand that in real Howards with a real sorting hat, the decision would be made concerning a life long development. While us who took the Pottermore quizzes, the result can only represent the state of our present lives. Is it possible that due to circumstances in our lives that our personal...

I like that :)
There are 2227 other ones for you to explore, should you be unfamiliar with xkcd.
9:17 AM
@AnkitSharma Because of the time it came in
9:45 AM
@TheLethalCarrot might be possible
10:05 AM
Q: How strong is the Mon Calamari economy?

Miguel NoTeimportaDuring the Clone Wars they are a powerful ally to the clone army. Later, in the imperial era, they are the only group that can build large ships and have a remarkable fleet. Didn't the empire destroy their factories? Or at least didn't they used factories for imperial purposes? And now, we see ...

10:26 AM
Q: Do they celebrate Christmas in the Star Wars universe?

Edward ThomasThere are LEGO Star Wars specials and sets that are Christmas themes, but are they canonical. In the films, would they have Christmas? There are humans in the films but would they have that part of their culture.

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11:27 AM
Q: Was Chris Carter really told to stop making X Files?

Snack_Food_TermiteMy local TV station [SBS Viceland in Australia] is showing all the X Files episodes from start to finish, every week. I wondered about something that I heard a few years ago, in articles like this one from Vulture:Chris Carter Thought the FBI Was Going to Shut Down The X-Files, Like Life Imitati...

11:42 AM
> Do they know it's Christmas time at all?
12:28 PM
Q: Short story about a bureaucracy going over efficient

JoceI remember what I believe is a short story, possibly by Isaac Asimov, where in a not-so-strange human (?) civilisation bureaucracy suddenly goes over efficient at performing its duties. This results in a Kafkaian nightmarish life for all citizens who face constant harassment, something which is n...

12:48 PM
Q: Why is the concept of Darth Sidious death so important?

sterosLife and death is a main topic in Star Wars and handled in a very mythological/religious way known from many real-life belief-systems. There is an afterlife. Jedi go to something that seems awfully close to heaven. They can come back as, force ghosts I believe it is called, which seems like spiri...

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2:10 PM
Q: 90s-00s novel about a boy with a dimension hopping device

AzaelTrying to find a book that I read 10-15 years ago. The novel is about a boy which one day gets visited by himself. His other self has a device with which someone can jump from one dimension to another. He tries the device and notes that the device is broken and that he can just jump in one dire...

2:30 PM
Q: Justice League comic where the Arkham Asylum gate is locked with a Kryptonite chain

NoosrepA while ago I read part of a comic storyline on Imgur and can't remember which issue this was. It seemed to me something out of a more recent Justice League comic but a) I'm not that familiar with DC and b) maybe I am wrong about the art style but it reminded me with late 90's X-Men art. What I ...

3:02 PM
@SQB Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe perhaps, Christmas means something more.
> "Me and mom were decorating the tree, waiting for dad to come home from work."
Q: Why was "the Santa Claus story" included in Gremlins?

SQBIn Gremlins (1984), Kate tells Billy the story of a horrible Christmas, how her father wanted to surprise the family by climbing down the chimney, but slipped, fell, broke his neck, and had his corpse stuck in the chimney, only to be found when the family tried to light a fire. Why was this stor...

"Christmas is other people."
No, wait, that's not right.
> Christmas Green is people!
3:34 PM
I love Unicorn Eggnog.
3:47 PM
TIL that unicorns lay eggs. :)
You put the unicorn blood in place of alcohol
posted on November 19, 2019 by Jack B Nimble

There are literally at least 5 other websites that have done an article on the new Mandalorian Disney+ series, and I don’t want to repeat what they said. So here are the things all the other websites won’t tell you about the show.  If you go into this series expecting to see a mandolin playing ... Read more

@SFFBlog @Jack that’s a fun article :)
I don’t have the service so I can’t watch it...is it worth it at all for just that?
I'm not sure yet, there are only 2 episodes out so far.
Between that, X-Men 1990s cartoon, and Disney films for my kid, we will probably get our moneys worth out of it. At least until the first Marvel series hit the service next spring.
4:33 PM
Q: Are Ego and the Ego Stone related somehow?

user123462I know this is kind of a silly question, but "Ego" and "Ego Stone" are pretty similar.

@TheLethalCarrot I hedged the comment a bit because I wasn't sure about the comics. :)
AFAIA it's not even true in the comics but I don't know enough about them
But fair point that the question was MCU-specific.
5:13 PM
Q: Short story from the 70s(?) about aliens/angels destroying humankind, from the POV of a priest/pastor

user151841In the 90s I read a collection of short sci-fi stories. One that made an impression on me had the premise of angels fighting humanity to destruction. God had gotten sick of human kind, and like a story out of the Bible or ancient myth, he was killing all humans (again). I believe it was first pub...

6:09 PM
Q: Short story where a king uses a tiger to punish the accused

ShreedharThis story was a part of a collection that I read quite some time ago. Here are the details: Language: English Year: Unknown; but I read it sometime in the early 2000s (likely 2002-03). What I remember: A king has a bizarre way of judging crimes in his kingdom. The accused is given the choic...

Q: A paperback collection of letters between Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke

Oleg PoleninAbout 10 years ago, while browsing some Thai second-hand english bookstore, I've stumbled upon an old (70-80's, based on condition) paperback that was described as a collection of letters exchanged between Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke. I don't recall the title, though I am almost sure that ...

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8:37 PM
Q: SF Story about a small child and a glowing ball/bubble/sphere

Deborah ResnickMany, many years ago I read a short story about a child whose mother is working in the kitchen and a small child is playing on the floor. The child goes out the open door toward a shiny/sparkling ball/sphere in the road. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

8:58 PM
Q: How does Batman (and other human costume heroes) get through customs with all that gear?

RusshiroThere have been many issues post-crisis where Batman has had to take action outside of Gotham city. In some of them, he had to send specific gear along. I can accept that Bruce Wayne may have the juice to hire a private jet to do the moving, or pay off people to not search for certain items..... ...

9:38 PM
Q: Why there are almost no street/place signs or labels in Mos Eisley?

BingoIn Star Wars: A New Hope (1977), Mos Eisley, a large spaceport town on the planet Tatooine with 362 hangars and substantial traffic volumes and variety of beings coming and going. We don’t see street or place signs or labels -excluding docking bay 94 entrance- to inform visitors or road users. We...

Q: What was the sound coming from below the feet of the Death Eaters at Malfoy Manor?

Jimmy VailerIn Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, there is a sound that comes from the feet of the Death Eaters when they are meeting at Malfoy Manor. At these words, seemingly in response to them, a sudden wail sounded, a terrible, drawn-out cry of misery and pain. Many of those at the table looked d...

10:19 PM
Q: Why didn’t anyone dial Abydoss before Daniel?

Jorge CórdobaFrom what I recall from the movie, Daniel only finds the seventh symbol... however when he explain they give way to show him the star gate and they put their sequence in the dialing computer. This proves the dialing computer was prepared to dial 7 chevrons. It’s also stated they’ve also tested t...

If you copy-paste my username into a search bar, you'll see an under-development website! :):)
11:16 PM
@voldemortswrath--inp.repl.co the stuff is all messed up in the alignment on the website as it is scrolled through on a phone
11:32 PM
@Stormblessed Yep I know! It's not real great on phones... But it's nice on compooters!
Q: Very short story that involves time travel, sea-people, and a post-apocalyptic world

SciFi Reader 100Years ago I read this story that I can't remember the name of. I asked about this on Reddit but no one answered. The story is from a point of view from a group of sea-people many years into the future. One of them comes across a time traveler who was sent by his professor to investigate whether ...


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