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2:10 AM
Q: book about last human in the Galaxy recovered from crashed ship

ventsyvHuman civilization has disappeared but human artifacts are highly sought after because they are so advanced they can give the specie that found it an immense advantage over other species in the Galaxy. One such artifact is found and the crew tries to take it to their home planet but are chased b...

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3:11 AM
Q: Is the language in The Night Land an accurate representation of any dialect of early Modern English?

BuzzThe Night Land (1912), by William Hope Hodgson, is considered a landmark of "far future" fantasy (a precursor to works by science fiction/fantasy crossover authors such as Jack Vance, Michael Moorcock, and Gene Wolfe). However, it is not frequently read, because of its "mock antiquated style" (a...

4:00 AM
@Stormblessed that’s been taken down, but the radio show is still on the BBC site
Oh wait the button doesn’t work you have to listen on the radio ugh
Unfortunately I’m not in Britain...
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5:41 AM
Oh I found it on iTunes!
6:24 AM
in The Screening Room, 3 mins ago, by Ankit Sharma
ReleaseSnyderCut trending and got way more support
6:40 AM
Introduced tag as the question was tagged with
Is franchise tag? I doubt so removed
So how we are doing this
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7:59 AM
Q: Looking for a Science Fiction book on dystopian future about an AI controlled city

Mela EckenfelsI'm searching for a book I've read during the mid-90s in German. But I think the book was older, maybe classic Science Fiction and was translated from English. What I remember from the plot: It starts with a common man who just lived his life but the life has started to fall into pieces. He has...

8:16 AM
@AnkitSharma since they're both pretty generic terms, I'd prefix them both with the-vampire-diaries.
But it may be better to ask on meta, if that hasn't been done yet?
8:49 AM
@SQB that sound weird
9:33 AM
1 message moved from The Galaxy Adventurers
I have trouble between Groot or Rocket as my favourite Galaxy Guardian...maybe Rocket....?
hey @AnkitSharma!
9:52 AM
@Elfvia hello
10:22 AM
Q: Why were Donna and Daisy Duck merged into the same character?

TheLethalCarrotWhilst doing research for my answer to the question: Has Donald Duck ever had any love interest besides Daisy? I found out about Donna Duck. Donna appears a few times before eventually apparently being merged into Daisy Duck to be the same character. Click image to enlarge. Normally a characte...

@AnkitSharma are you an actor in Bollywood?
@Elfvia not yet :D
10:52 AM
Oh haha lol
I thought you were because it said you lived at Bollywood and I was like is he joking...? Or not?
@Elfvia oops forgot to change after last profile edit
Oh, haha!
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12:46 PM
Q: What happened to the Collector in Infinity War?

EricalldayIn Avengers: Infinity War we see Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet to manipulate the scene by reason of the Reality Stone. While to Gamora's initial impression that The Collector was held captive after his interrogation we then see they facade removed and all we see is desolation and destruction...

12:56 PM
Q: Alien visit to Tranquillity Base - story ID

GordonDI'm looking for the title of a story in which aliens have visited Tranquillity Base and taken the discarded backpacks used by Armstrong and Aldrin for their space museum. The story is told in a series of e-mails (or the equivalent!) between two groups of the aliens, who have learned that Mankind ...

@AncientSwordRage o/
Greetings, Earthlings.
1:29 PM
@user58 headache?
Or despair, panic, or boredom.
Or all of that.
@Donald.McLean bleep bloop
@NapoleonWilson possed, zombified, hungry?
@user58 Head on view of giant spider?
An upside-down head + arms dangling down
2:41 PM
Q: Book Of Dust - How will the third volume be an "equel" and still conclude the events of the second volume?

Boluc PapuccuogluMild spoilers about "The Secret Commonwealth" follow. Philip Pullman has announced before that the third volume of the Book Of Dust will be an "equel", that is, events will take place during the time of the Amber Spyglass, just as the "Belle Sauvage" took place ten years prior and "The Secret Co...

2:57 PM
Changed my username! I'm trying something new out now! Feel free to head to the URL if you want...
3:34 PM
@user58 So, cheers from down under then?
Q: Is "Lone Wolf and Cub" the first "badass and child" saga?

Foo BarA certain series... ...pays obvious homage to Lone Wolf and Cub (or perhaps Grendel: Warchild, with transitive LW&C homage). TV Tropes says LW&C is probably the first and canonical example of this trope. Is it? I always thought it was based on a folk legend, but even if not, do earlier "wande...

4:23 PM
Q: Looking for a short story where a king uses a tiger to punish the accused

ShreedharThis story was a part of a collection that I read quite some time ago. Here are the details: Language: English Year: Unknown; but I read it sometime in the early 2000s (likely 2002-03). What I remember: A king has a bizarre way of judging crimes in his kingdom. The accused is given the ch...

4:55 PM
Q: Were there other marital relationships besides Anakin and Padme in the Jedi order?

JaredThere is a vague idea that Obi-wan and Queen of Mandalore had a thing, but this isn't properly addressed in the Clone Wars series AFAIK. But are there other instances of Jedi who go against the order for love/relationships?

^ For an example of why "were there any?" questions are problematic... It's got 7 answers now.
I share your view but it's more of a problem with answerer's rather than the question
Fair point.
But we don't want to discourage people from trying to add better, or especially in the case of ongoing universes, more up-to-date answers either.
Sure, the problem is more to do with low quality, redundant answers that just repeat information
Maybe the solution is to have CW answers for that kind of question, so there can be a single, updated, well-maintained answer.
Even if you do that users will still add their own answers and it might stop some people from joining in i.e. no rep
5:06 PM
Excessive pursuit of rep -> boo! :-/
Not that you're wrong about any of that, of course.
There's a "wiki lock" option for scenarios like that.
There is? I did not know that. How does it work?
@TheLethalCarrot Suggested edits are still an option for <100 rep users.
Sure they are, doesn't mean they'll do that especially if they aren't familiar with SE
@DavidW It allows for only a single community-wiki answer and disables any other answers from being posted.
5:08 PM
Most newbies are far more likely to post an answer than suggest an edit
I don't know about any other effects, because I've never actually seen it used.
...and I can't check to see what it says in the mod tools anymore, so...
Can't you just put the hat back on, have a look and then resign again? Jeez
*glances at hat hanging two foot to my right* uuhhhh
You have 2 feet on your right? How many left feet?
How many? Yes.
5:13 PM
Just checking. 'Cause of the dog thing, you know.
6:02 PM
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7:27 PM
Q: Did Star Wars need the inhibitor chips?

Famous JameisBefore "The Clone Wars" animated series, it was assumed that because Darth Sideous rose to power in the "right" way (exploiting the government to gain power legally), he was well within his right to execute order 66, and to remove the Jedi as a threat to the republic/empire. The clones went throu...

7:53 PM
Q: Story where the number 3 is the monster?

zompzI remember as a child (in the nineties) reading a story where the narrator was a little boy and how he was scared only twice a day – when the clock read 3:33. The 3's would be powerful enough (there were three of them at 3:33) to leave the clock in the boy's room for one minute and do what they w...

Score 333.
Nobody vote on this ever again.
We can still get the answer to 555 though :-)
Q: What does this conversation mean?

Nay Lynn AungWhat's the meaning of 'get' and ' a little too close to being one' in the following phrases Cooper talking to his daughter? '' Grandpa says you can get ghosts Dad" '' Maybe grandpa's a little too close to being one himself.'

3 hours later…
10:38 PM
@xkcd where the heck is Gorilla v. Shark, an often-referenced Supreme Court case from a few years ago??
@Rand I’ve noticed you’re around apparently a bit more lately. Are you still suspending moderator activities now?
A: What is the status of our moderator team?

Rand al'ThorI'm back. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote up my thoughts on staying vs quitting, for all conflicted users including myself. Now, having thought through all the issues involved and discussed with my fellow mods, I've decided to resume moderating. Here's a few of the important thoughts which led me...

A: Who or what is Boss Smiley?

Thaddeus HowzeHere is the quote from the Sandman Companion, pp. 181 - 182: Neil Gaiman: Next is "The Golden Boy," my Horatio Alger story, of which I'm very fond. Hy Bender: You're referring to your take on the hippie-type DC character from the early 1970s named Prez who, thanks to his moral character ...

A: What is the status of our moderator team?

Rand al'ThorI'm back. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote up my thoughts on staying vs quitting, for all conflicted users including myself. Now, having thought through all the issues involved and discussed with my fellow mods, I've decided to resume moderating. Here's a few of the important thoughts which led me...

Always :)
I don’t see how this is an answer—explains one character, but doesn’t mention Smiley?
10:42 PM
@AnkitSharma first one of the two (possibly three) DCeased-related questions I have scifi.stackexchange.com/q/223241/98028
@Jenayah should the tag wiki for [dceased] also say it needs the [comics] tag?
@Stormblessed no
Media tags are fine when it might be ambiguous whether you're talking about, say, the films or comixs
But DCeased is, and will likely always be, only comics
What’re the 25K analytics like?
@Jenayah ok cool
@Stormblessed they taste like apple pie.
Q: How did Martian Manhunter get infected?

JenayahIssue #5 of DCeased had the heroes seemingly managing the zombie anti-life infection's spreading, and preparing plans of evacuation. This was right until an infected Martian Manhunter appeared out of the blue, killing and turning But how did Martian Manhunter get infected in the first place? A...

Q: 70's and probably older story sentient bears on Earth and "ape-like" refugees

AlfredAnother story the end of which I don’t remember at all. I read it very long ago, maybe as early as the 60’s, certainly not later than the 70’s. Once more, a rather short one, novelette or "longish" short story. A few phrases come back : the main character would be considered as “remarkably ugly”...


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