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3:58 AM
Q: Examples of joyful immortals in TV or Film

jmanI noticed the other day that I couldn't think of many examples of happy immortals in sci-fi or fantasy. Mostly the immortals on TV are like Angel and burdened by the weight of immortality. The only two examples I thought of were: Doctor Who (and only some Doctors) An immortal from Highlander ...

Q: Does the Black Speech have a name?

Columbia says Reinstate MonicaMost sources seem to call the language of Sauron's servants the Black Speech and/or the language of Mordor, while other languages have their own names, such as Khuzdul, Quenya, and Sindarin. Does the Black Speech have an actual in-universe name, either in its own language or in another of the lan...

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Something deleted in chat?
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@Stormblessed are you ignoring any feed?
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Q: Names of all the spacecrafts on the art by Philippe “Manchu" Bouchet

bessarabovI just saw @retroscifiart's tweet with a neat illustration with lots of spaceships from different movies. Art by Philippe “Manchu" Bouchet. Some of the spaceships are familiar for me, but not all. I would like to know about all of them. To make it simple, I've added numbers to the images.

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@Stormblessed Babel fish (M&TV)
Q: Do repulsorlifts work upside-down?

James DavisWe see schematics of craft like the x wing's repusorlits (below) But it appears to have a sort of downwards constructed appearance, If repulsorlifts are the main source of lift in a planets sphere of influence, then why do we sometimes see these craft rolling and flying upside down relative to ...

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@user50780 good day
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Q: looking for 1930s version of the novel ‘The Power’?

Sid geicoI recently read The Power by Frank M Robinson. It reminded me of a novel that I think was published in the 1930s. In that novel the superman has powers similar to the one in Robinson’s book but has taken over a city. He mentally enslaves anyone he comes in contact with and, among other things...

4:26 PM
Q: What is the reason of the acute scarcity of female characters in Issac Asimov's Foundation?

AbrarI have read the Foundation and started reading Prelude to the Foundation. The lack of female characters even minor female character is acute. Is there a specific reason Asimov chose to build The Galactic Empire in an all-male setting?

4:46 PM
Q: Who else has stopped the "Unstoppable" Juggernaut in battle?

RusshiroContrary to his moniker, Cain Marko (The Unstoppable Juggernaut)n_has_ been literally "stopped" cold before. True, it's usually by some INHUMANELY POWERFUL beings, but that goes without saying. The shortlist includes Gladiator.... Onslaught.... ...

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7:29 PM
Q: Why are there sphinxes at the entrance to the Citadel?

einpoklum - reinstate MonicaThe gates of the Citadel at Oldtown are flanked by a pair of Sphinxes, a male and a female: Do we know anything about why and how they got to be there?

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8:51 PM
Q: Is there an in-universe explanation for the American flag in HBO's series Watchmen?

ShreedharIn HBO's TV adaptation of the Watchmen, during the pilot episode, the American flag hanging Angela Abraham and her neighbour's porch is really different (image below). Click image to enlarge At first I assumed that the flag might be as such in the said Watchmen universe from the show. However...

9:38 PM
Q: Adding a new tag for HBO's Watchmen series?

ShreedharThe currently available tag for DC's Watchmen has the description: The Watchmen are the fictional superhero team published by DC Comics and later made into a live action film. The Watchmen are a group of costumed crime fighters first published in 1986 by DC Comics and later made into a 2...

9:52 PM
Q: 60's or earlier probably "young adult" story about a community sent into the future by a nuclear accident

AlfredI know exactly when I read this story, in the spring of 1968, when I was in Germany to improve my german. Of course it could have been written any time before. I actually read it in german. But I was not really so fluent in german, so I deliberately chose to read this rather short book with the ...

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@Stormblessed By the way, the timestamp on chat transcripts follows Stack Exchange time, but the timestamp when you're actually in the room shows your own local time. So if you don't want us to be able to figure out your time zone you should take the image from the transcript rather than from the room.

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