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12:52 AM
Q: How true to the comics is Mysterio's portrayal in Spider-Man: Far From Home?

HashimI have a lot of nostalgia around Mysterio based on old Spider-Man games that I used to play, and have always had the impression of him as one of Spider-Man's oldest and most challenging enemies, but I don't really know anything else about him. How true to the comics is his portrayal in Far From...

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4:18 AM
Q: Did a SciFi magazine really feature a story by L Ron Hubbard about founding Scientology?

user73910On another Q&A site, I read a couple posts from someone. The posts claimed that a certain SciFi magazine (Some others in the comments speculate that it might be either Astounding or Analog, BUT IT COULD BE SOME OTHER MAGAZINE) feature a story written by L. Ron Hubbard about two writers who decide...

4:39 AM
Q: Funky Alien Band in 80s Sci-fi Series: Identify Show & Episode

hrhI have vague recollections of an alien band playing their futuristic funky music in a late 70s to mid 80s sci-fi series. Their instruments of course were not traditional and were of the futuristic type. The series may have been Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, or a similar show. There is little...

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5:52 AM
Q: Why does End Game have different time travel theory?

HungryCoucherI understood the time travel theory used in Avengers: Endgame. But why did Russo brothers choose that theory? I mean all the famous time travel movies told us different theories. Is it because it cannot damage other timelines currently present in MCU? Or is there something else and specific reas...

Q: Mandalorian Force sensitive

Johann Alexis FaustI noticed that there arent many Mandalorian force users.I mean is there something wrong in their gene or author just doesnt want it.I know only few noteworthy mandalorian force user.One of them is tarre vizsla

6:41 AM
Q: Classic sci-fi anime, where mechs are launched by space shuttle like booster system to hotspots on earth

Sid5427I am looking to find the name of a series for which I had seen a few episodes quite a while back - say about 15 or so years back - on either Animax India or AXN (AXN India used to show some anime shows when it first started). It basically had the art style of classic mecha anime - think like Macr...

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8:43 AM
Q: Looking for an old book series

Joshua ErvinSo I had this memory about these old books I used to read in elementary school, but I can’t think of the title. It’s a book series about these teenagers who all have dragon blood or dna or something lol. Each book follows a different teen, but I’m pretty sure it was all connected in some way. Any...

8:56 AM
Q: Spider-Man romancing with MJ

TK-421IIRC, in the Spider-man: Homecoming movie, the relationship between MJ and Peter Parker is nonexistent, with the last exchange between them being: What are you hiding, Peter? I'm just kidding. I don't care. Bye. The sequel, Spider-man: Far From Home starts with Peter Parker explaining ...

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10:25 AM
Q: Were there any Space Wolves before the discovery of Fenris?

TerranGamingBecause of the Canis Helix the Space Wolves can only recruit from people that are from Fenris, this is the primary reason the only known Space Wolves successor chapter has gone extinct(before the coming of primaris). All recruits that are not from Fenris simply reject the gene seed or die in the ...

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12:07 PM
Q: What superheroes have worked for the Daily Bugle?

TheLethalCarrotPeter Parker, aka Spider-Man, quite famously worked for the Daily Bugle. However, upon doing research for another question I found out that Carol Danvers, before she was aware that she was Ms Marvel, became the editor of Woman Magazine which was owned by the Daily Bugle as we see in Ms Marvel Vol...

Q: 90s space-based shoot-em-up vertical scroller PC game

user123241I'm looking for a space-based vertical scroller PC game that uses 2.5d sprites and was released in the mid-to-late 90s (though I'm still unsure about this) The features of this game include: You are in a human-controlled spaceship fighting alien ships that are arranged in a Space-Invaders like...

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2:43 PM
@Randal'Thor I must admit I'm still on episode #3 :D But so far, I completely agree with you
3:03 PM
3:53 PM
Good Omens is pretty funny.
4:40 PM
The sun is pretty hot. The ocean is pretty wet. Pluto is pretty cold...
4:53 PM
Q: 90s/early 2000s sci-fi horror movie scene

user123241There was this movie I watched as a child with my parents, and I can remember one specific scene that scared the daylights out of me. The scene was referring this woman who I think died early on in the movie. It was a team of people watching a short video that a hacker or hacker group made to mo...

5:23 PM
@Gallifreyan !
I'd've rather guessed you'd watched it as soon as it came out.
Unless Amazon Prime is hard to access from your location or something.
Greetings, Earthlings.
Q: Sci-fi work with adverse effects of reduced food variety on microbiome

MarcDoes anyone know of a book (or movie, TV series, etc.) where the fact that most of the food is produced from, say, algae or yeast, has an adverse effect on a population? I'm thinking more specifically of a reduced gut microbiome and how that could have an influence on the brain.

5:55 PM
Q: Was the painting “In the Ring of Saturn” by artist Andrei Sokolov used as a book cover?

uhohThe BBC News exposé 'Our Saturn years'; Cassini's epic journey to the ringed planet, told by the people who helped make it happen includes the text: “The Voyagers gave us a really wonderful impression of Saturn. It’s a beautiful gas giant,” says Nasa’s director of planetary science Jim Green....

6:24 PM
@Randal'Thor @NapoleonWilson Ok, I'm going to finish it today then
6:56 PM
Q: What are Apocalypse's original mutant powers, and what abilities did he gain from the Celestial technology?

RusshiroI was always a bit uncertain of the difference between the two. I checked around, and got some good ideas, but nothing concrete. Most followed the format (or at least, maintained the same level of general discourse) of this video: Same problem arises; speaks to ...

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8:38 PM
Q: A novel about helpful woodlice aliens who eventually end up destroying every civilization they try to help

user123250I had this book but lost it after moving house. After the nuclear war the former USA are dominated by Han Chinese. An alien signal comes demanding that the President of the US arrives at their spaceship for negotiations. A village bumpkin is found by the Chinese occupation authorities, made Presi...

9:03 PM
And if theres no beatles theres no Rae Sremmurd scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/222901/…Sarcastic 3 hours ago
@Rand was this converted to a comment?
Doesn't look like it, why?
@DavidW I guess because the user who posted it has less than 50 rep hence the confusion
But IIRC, short 1-rep answers with basically just a link to somewhere else on the site automatically get converted into comments, and don't appear as deleted answers.
Ah, interesting. TIL.
Q: How could a user with 1 reputation point leave a comment?

slhckOn this question on Super User … How to Copy Mac files to external NTFS hard drive? … there is a comment: Yes, it is possible. Check out this question: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/447/… – user98776 The interesting thing is that: The user has 1 reputation There was no migrated ...

That account belongs to a troll and has been destroyed. If you see a comment which links to the same question it's posted on please flag for a moderator.
9:14 PM
Now that you say it there's been some this month. Noted. Anyways; does the deleted comment still "appear" for you people? By which I mean, the "show 1 more comment" link is there, but just disappears when clicked.
Yes, it's a troll who has been doing that for some time now. I see the same issue with the "show 1 more comment" link but I can see the comment from the mod tools. The comment was deleted when I destroyed that account. We shouldn't be seeing the "show 1 more comment" link on that post since that comment has been deleted.
just blame caching
Hey, guess what. I was really feeling tired and sick of HR shit after some late work. Now that I'm considering some people's idea of kicks is posting links to the current question, I feel better somehow.
So thanks troll, you've made my evening better :)
And now that I realise how ironic that is for a troll, I'm even better. Eh.
What if I told you there's been a troll on Lit for years whose method of trolling is half the time to just post a bare link of the question as an answer, get it automatically converted to a comment, and wait to see how long it'll take before it gets deleted?
That's not a troll, that's manual statistics and review of Lit's mods' efficiency ;)
9:25 PM
I'm pretty sure I managed to take them out of commission, at any rate, with a suspension right before they self-deleted their account. So any time they create a new account, now, they get hit with an automatic suspension because they've never served the suspension time ;)
Knew I'd seen one of those somewhere else...
9:46 PM
@DavidW any reason you changed your mind on that Spider-Man dupe closure? Still not a dupe imo
@Null did Rand share the query I wrote to try and find these comments with you?
I finally read both through, and the answer "because 'Fury' is really Talos" seems to satisfy both.
Completely different question though and the answer to the newer one is more than just that
It’s not the only reason
Well the other reasons don't apply because it's not really Fury. Talos probably doesn't have the pager so he can't call her even if he wants to.
But it's always possible that I'm way off base; that's why I don't get to close questions unilaterally. :)
@TheLethalCarrot No, not unless I missed it.
I think it would be a lot easier for Talos to be able to call her than it would Fury
@Null was nothing special but seemed to find a lot of them
Maybe I should go back on strike.
sixty strikes, SE's out
I'd prefer we organize a joint condescending-flag flagging on those...
(rather than you going back on strike I mean)
@DavidW note that Skrulls are an advanced race, probably not Kree level but they have very advanced tech including spacecraft and a memory analyser. I’m sure they could create a space pager too
@Jenayah that shows up a comment of yours! Jenayah is the troll confirmed!
Other than it being ugly and pointless, is it actually in some way damaging to have a comment link back to the question?
10:04 PM
They’re usually not just the plain link but with other text
sometimes very much less than savoury
Hmm. That's pulling up instances of links to previous revisions of the question; is that intentional?
@TheLethalCarrot ahah, was browsing through those and I got surprised to see my name as well :D was about to joke on being busted but you got there first
@DavidW it's not foolproof
Revision links contain the post Id and the query only looks for the post id in the comment
It's also catching instances of "[edit]" in a "welcome" comment...
Right, I figured that must be it.
@DavidW if it's done for the sake of trolling, kinda. As this doesn't bump the question (I think?) while still enabling for displaying comments from "an utter dickhead" (sic)
10:07 PM
aye, same reason cos that expands to url/post Id/edit I believe
@Jenayah Got it.
@TheLethalCarrot Yes, it does. Also references from one answer to another, or to a comment on another answer... So far I haven't found any actual malicious instances.
@DavidW that's just @Null deleting them faster than your browser loads the page. :P
Some of the more recent ones are from the troll but probably don’t really need nuking.
There were 20 or so last week but I flagged a whole bunch of the worst ones
@TheLethalCarrot if you already provided a query, isn't that adding to mod load?
Well I don’t know if Rand saw it
10:13 PM
Ah. I'd assumed you gave it as a mod flag
Seems handier
No through... other means
Morse code with rain drops, gotta love you Brits
No using rain drops is a silly idea, you get too much noise from other sources
Q: Why do the Rebels probe the section of the shield within the gate?

SavaIn Rogue One, during the Battle of Scarif, once the shield gate has closed, Y-Wings and X-Wings from the Alliance are seen probing the shield by dropping bombs and firing torpedoes at it, to no avail. They focus their effort on the section of the shield that is within the gate, at great cost to ...

10:30 PM
I know mods can't undelete flag-nuked comments. There was a comment accepting scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/222852/…, which I flagged for edition as it included colorful (read: swearing) enthusiasm, completely forgetting that flags on contains-a-keyword comments nuked them. Is there not any way to restore it?
Short of involving CMs... not really. A mod could provide a screenshot, though.
Welp, my bad then :/
Blame the code, mod attention flags shouldn’t contribute to auto deletion
11:33 PM
Q: Help! I'm being haunted by a non-existent comment

AlexThis is a deleted answer. When I open it it shows me one comment, along with the option to "show 1 more comment": However, when I click on "show 1 more comment" nothing happens. That is to say that no new comments appear, but the "show 1 more comment" link disappears, as it has been "used up":...

11:49 PM
And I think that’s my only question on the network that’s closed as off-topic.
Oh well.

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