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3:46 AM
Q: Story in which different floors of a Mexico City building are different nations

Invisible TrihedronI don't remember much about this one, not even whether it was a short story or a novel, but it had a satirical tone. The protagonist kept getting shunted forward in time, probably by suspended animation rather than time travel, a few years to decades at a time. At each stop, the world had become ...

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4:49 AM
Q: Comic strip: Time traveling schoolboy and Easter Island aliens

DannyMcGThis was a weekly two pages in a UK comic in the late 1960's/early 1970's, I can't recall the comic....Victor Hotspur Rover Topper Beezer etc, I read them all. This schoolboy either invented or inherited from a scientist relation a time machine, every few weeks there was a new story arc so he'd ...

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7:32 AM
Q: How did Thanos destroy Infinity Stones?

alseetherIn Avengers: Endgame, we can see Thanos claiming to have destroyed the stones: NATASHA ROMANONFF: Where are the Stones? THANOS: Gone. Reduced to atoms. BRUCE BANNER: You used them two days ago! THANOS: I used the stones to destroy the stones. It nearly killed me. But the work...

8:12 AM
Q: Looking for details of an early sf short story about a talking storytelling device

deManglerIn this story there is a toy device that can tell stories. The author manages to portray the impression that the device has some kind of increasing capability to empathise with the listener. In the end, the machine breaks and just repeats a phrase over and over, which I cannot remember. This sto...

8:33 AM
Q: Novel about immortality being kept secret by world leaders

BenoitI read this novel around 1985-1990. It's was written in French, I cannot tell if it is the original language or a translation. The story occurs throughout the whole 20th century. In this novel the world leaders (like JFK, etc.) secretly meet to talk about a big threat that must remain secret. T...

Q: How was a black hole created from a man's brain?

codeczarIn FL season 6 episode 1, a black hole was created from a man's brain. What is the relation between the man's brain and the black hole? Also what is the science behind the creation of this black hole?

9:05 AM
Q: Why did nobody try to save Tony?

user3399In Avengers: Endgame, But at this point, the Avengers still have all of the Infinity Stones with them, they also have a Hulk who has been shown to be able to withstand their power. Plus in Infinity War, we have seen Thanos use the Time Stone to bring back the recently deceased Vision, to take...

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11:22 AM
Q: I no longer feel safe moderating this site

user58It's been just over five years since I joined the Stack Exchange network. I was awarded my fifth Yearling badge, over at Science Fiction & Fantasy, around a week ago. I became interested in the upkeep and moderation of the site not long after. One thing led to another, and I was appointed to mode...

And in happier news I got the gold MCU tag badge yesterday :)
12:17 PM
Q: Could the Infinity Stones be used to achieve anything?

Richard CThe whole aim of Thanos was to get the Infinity Stones in order to remove half the living beings in the universe at the snap of a finger, but, is this all the Gauntlet and Stones are able to do. For instance if someone got the Stones could they give themselves instant wealth, make grass turn red,...

12:37 PM
Q: High-rise Buildings on the Moon

gboffiProvided that on our Moon the gravitational forces are much smaller than on Earth and that the lateral forces (wind, earthquake) are negligible, it should be possible to construct buildings several km high. I'm aware that for many different reasons, some exposed in this comment, such a construct...

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1:56 PM
@DavidW That moon Q is a history-of one now not recommendations/list. Is there another reason you think it should be closeD?
Yeah, it's another case where I wanted to change the close reason.
Q: Harry Potter FanFiction where Harry changes his name to Peverell

Jaybird216I do not remember much about this work, as it’s been a year or two since I read it but this is what I remember: Harry has a sibling It’s one of those Harry Potter fics where his parents neglect him Wrong Boy-Who-Lived Harry is the oldest, and is entitled to the Potter Lordship Harry hears Jame...

Q: 90'/00' movie about a man/boy on a quest

ShadowTwinsI think this movie is from the early 2000. A man goes on a quest to get something for his girlfriend/wife? The quest start with him need to defeat an old man who is a martial arts master. After that I only know some vague details. There are witches who 'fast travel' with candles. I...

"Unclear what you're asking;" the question, when I read it in review it said "...it's not a good idea for reasons not connected with structural engineering. What was the first work where this high-rise building idea is developed?"
Is the question asking for the first work to depict a lunar high-rise, or the first work to explain why it's not a good idea?
The former I believe
2:04 PM
That makes sense given the title of the question, but there were other parts where I wasn't happy with how it read, so it tilted me away from being charitable.
Maybe I'd be in a better mood if the dog hadn't kept me up all night. :)
@TheLethalCarrot Now that's a Mjolnir.
@DavidW I know how that feels, Stella hasn’t slept through in a while now. She’s just coming out of a phantom pregnancy though so hopefully it gets better. Same for you!
@user58 call me Thor!
2:20 PM
Whilst the dupe is specifically about love, the quote in the answer and the detail it gives clearly applies to the general case. — TheLethalCarrot 2 hours ago
I know I'm dense this morning, but I don't see what quote you're referring to. The text in the image?
AFAICT, even if that answer covers more than just falling in love, it still only really covers control over mind, no?
Mind and Soul at least but it applies generally and yeah the text in the image
2:40 PM
Q: Whose Infinite Mass punch is more powerful, Superman or the Flash?

Russ RainfordIn DC, the Infinite Mass Punch is a finishing move highly super fast metahumans can use by vibrating their fist beyond light speed, thus increasing its mass exponentially so that it hits with incredible destructive force when it lands. If the user is running while doing this, the force of impact ...

Q: Movie with a pregnant woman rapped by a demon

ThyerusI do remember only a little part of the whole movie but I'll try to give the most details I can. About what I remember of the movie: Contemporary setting We follows a man and maybe a woman who seem to work together or be connected through their job. Maybe they have some sort of connection with...

3:00 PM
Q: How did Tinkerbell become Peter Pan's personal pixie pal and magical guardian?

Russ RainfordThis question could have several different answers, depending on the version of Peter Pan used, so multiple answers are acceptable. Any canon sources [the original Barry novels and subsequent works] would be most appreciated. Basically: How did Peter and Tinkerbell become a team? Is Tink attach...

> w: what do you think about the name Genesis for a girl? H: i don’t love it. W: but you don’t hate it either. H: I’m sorry I misspoke, i do hate it.
3:33 PM
Q: What happened to Jessi Quick?

codeczarIn season 8 episode 1 of Arrow it is seen that Anti-monitor destroys Earth-2 where Jessi Quick lives. So, what happened to Jessi Quick and HR as a consequence of this event?

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7:46 PM
Q: Cartoon show. A boy discovers a tablet in a library. Monsters emerge and fight

otaku gamingI can't remember the name of this show, but I remember the beginning. A family of three (a mom, a kid and a wise old grampa) moved somewhere(?). I don't know where it was, but the kid wants to go explore then he ends up at a library(?). I think then he touched some kind of (red?) stone tablet, t...

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8:47 PM
Q: Short story about specialization and a poet?

BeauLooking for a short story, potentially by Kurt Vonnegut, about a world in which people's jobs are increasingly specialized which leads to a lack of poets and other artists. At some point there's a general who realizes that what is needed is a poet, which leads to the realization that none exist ...

9:03 PM
@Jenayah I just have to face the fact you're simply way better at searching than I am... :)
@DavidW maybe that's just you lacking some experience in searching because you usually answer by memory, having spent more time reading stuff than sleeping, it seems :P
9:28 PM
Q: Looking for a short story involving a process of cellular cleaning that involved temporarily liquifying someone into a swimming pool

BeauI remember two parts of the story in question: the protagonist was temporarily liquefied and expanded enough to fill a swimming pool while his cells underwent some kind of cleaning or surveillance afterwards, when the protagonist plucked his eyelashes they would give a kind of static or electri...

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10:29 PM
Q: Why does the Joker shoot Bob?

Ham SandwichNear the end of Batman (1989), the Joker kills his trusted henchman Bob with Bob's own weapon. This occurs right after Batman has done away with Joker's poison-filled balloons. Why? It seems like Bob was fairly capable. I guess it was probably because Joker was crazy.


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