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1:12 AM
Q: Even with his powers, doesn't Superman Train and Work out?

Russ RainfordPart of the reason Superman doesn't always get the respect he deserves is because people find he is both "over powered", and thus things are never a challenge for him, and that he has things "too easy" with all his abilities. More respect is given to warriors like Batman [who had to hard earn all...

1:32 AM
Q: 70s or older story about a sentient forest who discovers the A-bomb

AlfredIn this story I read long ago, the trees of each forest are all connected (through their roots ? by some psychic power ? I forgot). Each tree is thus just a "body part" of the forest he belongs to, and it is the forests that are sentient, not the individual trees. I don't remember any other livi...

2:13 AM
Q: How come Superman can break the kryptonite cuffs in Injustice?

yvancKryptonite makes Superman weak so how come he can easily break the cuffs with kryptonite on it?

2:33 AM
Q: What is the significance of feminism in Mad Max Fury Road?

Burt NatalieFrom wikipedia, Feminist critics have praised the dominant role taken by Furiosa and the range of atypical female roles including the wives and the gun-toting Vuvalini. It is very well recieved by Feminist also. What is the significance of feminism in Mad Max Fury Road?

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3:34 AM
Q: Superman learning to control powers scene

James Carlyle-ClarkeI'm looking for the scene where Superman has to learn to control his powers. Specifically hearing and sight (I remember the super hearing causes pain until he learns to focus, and the sight is similarly problematic). I'm most interested in comics versions (I need to know specifically which graph...

Q: Can the Infinity stones be destroyed?

MorganThe way the lore goes; The 6 Infinity Stones were created when the universe itself was created and represent all aspects of life. The Space Stone, Reality Stone, Power Stone, Mind Stone, Time Stone and Soul Stone when collected together represent the ultimate power in the universe. Thor believed/...

4:04 AM
This is asking for recommendations. Voting to close as a list question. — Stormblessed 12 secs ago
> I'm most interested in comics versions (I need to know specifically which graphic novel or run or issue), though TV/film are also welcomed. If I know which issue/novel/episode then I can find the specific page/minute.

Extra points for good ones (defined as clear, nice art, modern language, and 'cool'), and extra extra points for ones that are kid friendly (I want it as an example for my child).
5:00 AM
Q: Is there any data on how many users' IP addresses never look at their questions again?

StormblessedLooking at a few random questions on Parenting, I noticed that many one-question users are never seen later than a few minutes after their questions were posted (confusingly, due to how the "seen" metric works, some are last seen before their question was posted). On Science Fiction & Fantasy, t...

Asking for data on how many one-question users never see the question again
5:19 AM
Q: Ray Bradbury's Homecoming characters: What do they eat?

releseabeI have not read the stories for years but I have the vague recollection that this was discussed -- while they are vampires/werewolves do they feed in the conventional manner of such creatures or are they "nice" monsters?

5:31 AM
Q: I saw a movie in 2001

Naveen Kumar BALGURII saw a movie in 2001.i don't know movie name .in that movie two child .boy & girl travel in dragonfly machine .And they fall in Sea. in Sea they use lifejacket.a big snake put hole to their jacket.finally they get out of Sea and enter into forest.then they faced problem by many dangerous animals &

6:12 AM
Q: Is Batwoman self contained?

Ankit SharmaThe latest entry in Arrowverse universe is Batwoman, I wanted to jump into it but I am not up to date with Arrowverse shows. Like I have not seen Legends of Tomorrow from the last 2 seasons and Arrow's last season. So I want to know how much should I know from Arrowverse before jumping into Batwo...

7:01 AM
Q: How did Superman learn to control his super hearing and super sight?

James Carlyle-ClarkeIn the comics, how did Superman learn to control his super hearing and super sight? Did they work perfectly when they first started, or did he have to learn how to handle them, perhaps being overwhelmed by his senses until he learns to focus? Did someone help with the process, or did he learn it ...

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8:48 AM
Is this question on topic for scifi?
Q: In this scene from the novel, 'The Martian', by Andy Weir, how does Mark Watney store hydrogen made from water in the tank?

KshitijThis is the scene from chapter 25, where Watney describes how he had produced and stored hydrogen, which he produced by electrolysing water. I need clarification of the bold part. LOG ENTRY: SOL 529 I’m turning water into rocket fuel. It’s easier than you’d think. Separating...

You mean... this one?
Q: In this scene from the novel, 'The Martian', by Andy Weir, how does Mark Watney store hydrogen made from water in the tank?

KshitijThis is the scene from chapter 25, where Watney describes how he had produced and stored hydrogen, which he produced by electrolysing water. I need clarification of the bold part. LOG ENTRY: SOL 529 I’m turning water into rocket fuel. It’s easier than you’d think. Separating...

Looks like they cross posted it
ah :D great, thanks
it got flagged as potential migration material
I'll leave it
Aye, could even be deleted I reckon
oh yeah, it has an up vote, so it won't be roomba'd
Didn't even notice that... just thought it'd be best to clean it up
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11:47 AM
Q: What was the first science-backed example of human-powered, flapping-wing flight on Luna?

Zeiss IkonForty-some years ago, I read a fact article in Analog magazine that said humans ought to be able to fly with arm-powered flapping wings -- on the Moon, with increased atmospheric pressure/density. Some time later, I read a story in which the characters did this, in the air storage "cave" in a Lu...

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12:48 PM
Q: Why do the new Star Trek series have so few episodes in each season?

treppenliftStar Trek DIS has around 15 episodes in each season and PIC is going to have only 10. But TNG and VOY had nearly 30 episodes in each season. Why don't they produce longer seasons anymore?

@Marvin because everyone has realised that the BBC scheduling system is the most optimal, obviously. Slowly we're transitioning to 6 episode series
1:27 PM
@DavidW Just so we don't have an extended discussion in the comments replying here. Fair enough! The transcript is available here along with most of the other MCU ones though so you're aware, some are more complete than others. And the film is clear in what happened to the stones, but the usage of destroyed can mean different things. That's the point I was making in my answer.
@TheLethalCarrot And that's a really good point, one I had overlooked. (To me "destroyed" simply meant "no longer existing" and I didn't think past that.)
Thanks for the link; it'll probably come in handy some day. :)
No worries
Yeah it's a bit of an odd one, because using the same meaning of destroyed you can say the Stones are gone (they're atoms, not Stones anymore), or say they're not (the atoms are still around so they are)...
It's the kind of 'cake and eat it too' situation that comes up often enough in comics and comic-related movies. :)
Although normally that's because you have multiple creative sources who don't quite agree and need to retcon things into the situation they want at a particular time.
@MattE.Эллен The gold standard is Sherlock, you produce 3 episode seasons once every 5 years. How they come up with so much original content is a mystery.
1:36 PM
@DavidW Or say directors and writers disagreeing over the fundamentals of their own film.
Oh, I'm sure that never happens. :)
No never, now stop asking about Endgame
There are names practically leaping off my tongue, but I shall refrain. :D
@Stormblessed Isn't the country name change correct?
1:40 PM
No, it's talking about the language the spam is written in.
@TheLethalCarrot no. It’s in the language Indonesian—I don’t know for sure what country it’s in
Ah, well I can see how the mistake was made, I made the same one
The frequent thing is also wrong
Presumably the spam is not (or at least not just) appearing in Indonesia if SB is seeing it...
Should be frequently—modifying the adj/preposition “in the spam”
Well on the bright side I’ve learned three words in Indonesian...yay?
Not very useful ones though
1:43 PM
"frequently in the spam" -> "spam" is a collective noun, individual pieces of spam often contain these words. "frequent in the spam" -> "spam" is an individual post, a specific word appears many times.
To be fair to me, I only skimmed it so wasn't paying too much attention :P
@Stormblessed mmmmh, okay after reading twice the meaning is slightly different but both sentences are actually correct aren't they?
Next time, make it explicit the posts are wriiten in Indonesian ;)
Fair enough, though.
Q: Manga where the main character defeats the demon king, gets stabbed in the back and reborn into his younger self

Gon FreecsIt's been piratically a month since I began searching to find it again. Basically it's a manga where the main character is a soldier in the army of his kingdom, he helps the hero team to defeat the demon king. Just after defeating the demon king he got stabbed in the back by some monster and got...

Greetings, Earthlings.
2:20 PM
@Donald.McLean Good appropriate time-part to you!
Q: When was the first time Iron Man incorporated Heads Up Display (HUD) in his suit?

ShreedharThe Iron Man suit, since its first appearance in Tales of Suspense #39 in 1963 had the helmet with slots for the eyes; both in the first Iron Man gray suit (Tales of Suspense #39) and the first red and yellow suit (Tales of Suspense #48). Click images to enlarge So, when was the first time th...

@Marvin Yesterday. All his troubles seemed so far away.
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4:12 PM
Q: Author of a story about a group walking down a tube with gates to worlds singing as they go

deManglerI read a short story sometime in the late '80s. It was about a group of people walking along a tube that had doorways leading to different worlds or realities. The main focus was on the dynamic of the walkers though. They sang a song about walking up the tube as they went, this was a running t...

Q: Robot Illustrated Novel about a Man and Talking Ape in Robot World

Taylor Kruse CollinsI'm trying to remember which book series this is. It was an illustrated novel where it takes place in a future where the human race is replaced with a robot dominant population and a man teams up with a talking gorilla (and maybe a team of others?) where they're trying to survive among these ro...

4:53 PM
Q: How many different releases exist for the film Aniara?

Vogon PoetI know this film has slightly different content in the US compared to other releases, how many releases exist and what are the key differences? While researching a question about the ending I learned that there was at least one release of this film which did not contain that ending. When The New...

Q: Does Edgar Rice Burroughs ever wrote a fictional work (novel, tale, etc..) depicting Tarzan in Mars?

user3577464I know that Edgar Rice Burroughs' nephew, Studley Oldham Burroughs, designed for him an ex libris bookplate showing Tarzan holding the planet Mars, but I would like to know if Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote something about Tarzan in Mars.

5:13 PM
Q: LitRPG book with the main character "trapped" in VR MMO world, manages to re-invent tobacco as a crafting recipe, serves a "dark" god

FuzzyBootsI read this as an eBook in the last two years, so I'll see if I can find it in my book history, but the setting is somewhere in the nearish future where full-body VR is possible, and people participate in elaborate MMOs. It has been discovered that if you stay logged in too long, you can no longe...

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6:35 PM
Q: (YA) novel about characters in a fantasy novel that is being corrupted

TranquilledI found a shabby copy of this book at the library in the early 2000s. The central conceit of the story was that the characters were characters in a stereotypical medieval fantasy book, and they experience people reading this book as being summoned to act out the events of the story. The protago...

6:51 PM
"What's the problem with a boring chatroom?" they said.
hi Axelord
Q: Help recalling a graphic novel involving xenoforming of Earth by a malicious intelligence

Saijin_NaibWhat is the name of the graphic novel that comprises the below elements from my recollection? I purchased it from a local Borders during the company shutdown & liquidation. It was leant out, and never returned. I rather enjoyed it, and would like to see if more content by the writer/illustrator...

Q: Why does it take Hermione weeks to recover from having cat hair in the Polyjuice potion?

Nicole GentlesAfter Hermione mixes cat hair in the Polyjuice potion it takes her weeks to recover. I wonder why that is? What about animal hair and its interaction with her took weeks to reverse or wear off when it took the boys less than an hour? Would it have taken years if not for Madam Pomfrey? She did r...

Q: How does time work in Endgame?

B. LalondeWe know thanks to the Ancient One's explanation that when an infinity stone is removed from it's own timeline and goes to the past or future, that an alternate reality is created. However, Bruce says if they return the stones to the same time, that specific reality won't be affected and it'll be ...

@SlacklordtheTerrible They must be very happy.
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8:58 PM
Q: Book about half goddess who hunts with weapons that come out of her magic tattoos bumps into a a group of teenage hunters

NatashaThe plot of this book follows a female teenage hunter who on the night she decides to hunt in a popular nightclub, runs into a group of teenage hunters: a witch, a half succubi boy and a nephilim boy. She has secrets she hides from them, one being her magic tattoos that she draws weapons out of;...

Q: Are only the bones in Wolverine skeleton adamatium?

espindolaaI was discussing this with a colleague at work, and we couldn't find any definitive answers. Are, for example, the joints in Wolverine still regular ones, or are they covered in adamantium as well? And what about his cartilage? In short, what are the ears of Wolverine made of?

9:14 PM
Pretty articulate for someone with no lips, cheeks or tongue... — DavidW 1 min ago
Not to mention the fact that his eyelids are blown off, and the entire orbit is flensed to the bone, but the corneas of his eyes are unscratched...
9:28 PM
Two words: comic logic
Yeah, I know. :)
It's one reason I can't binge on comics anymore... I guess I need to really work out the "suspension of disbelief" muscle!
Q: Could a house elf use Side-Along Apparition and bring a wizard or wizards into Hogwarts that way?

user122476For instance, in The "Half-Blood Prince", Draco spends almost his entire school year trying to fix the Vanishing Cabinet so he will be able to bring back-up Death Eaters into Hogwarts. But couldn't he have used a house-elf to bring them all to Hogwarts by Side-Along Apparition and skip all that f...

Q: Remote space station forced to negotiate with aliens and succeed due to mental quirks

B540GlennI'm looking for the title of a short story that I would like to offer as suggested reading to my kids. It was in the late 80's early 90s when I first read it. English was the language. It may be part of a collection. From what I can remember, the premise is that humans were at war with space ...

10:20 PM
Q: How did Dobby know where Hogwarts was in "The Chamber of Secrets"?

user122476Dobby apparated to Hogwarts to put a charm on the Quidditch Bludger to follow Harry and try to hit him. The question is, though, how did Dobby apparate to Hogwarts if he had never been to Hogwarts before? The exact location is a secret and it is unplottable. You need to know the location of a pla...

@Jenayah Nice find on that comic ID question.
Thanks :)
I'm glad years of knowing about Xenomorphs made me do that mistake. The query comic nanites xenoform earth doesn't return Singularity 7
That's really funny. It fits so well with the tag edit I reverted - apparently I should have left it. :D
10:35 PM
Oh! I hadn't even seen that. I read the comments, thought "sheesh someone actually created a tag for that, duh, luckily it got reverted we don't need a new of these ambiguous unhelpful ones", had not realised they made the same mistake I did.
10:58 PM

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