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12:31 AM
Q: alternate world strories

Paul"The phantom tollbooth" animated film from 1970 had this element that the hero had a time dilation experience while in the other realm. His whole day ride was five minutes for his friend waiting on the telephone. I am interested in all stories with this plot element. I am also interested in any...

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2:54 AM
Q: Chip In The Brain

Matches MaloneI remember reading a book in the early 80's with the whole chip in the brain theme. You'd goto work, and put a chip in your brain, and you'd get your day's work done. At the end, you'd take the chip out, and do whatever. The cover had a a picture of the back of a guy's head, with a slot for the ...

3:34 AM
Q: Revolution against a caste of glowing religious leaders

Invisible TrihedronThis is a coming-of-age story. The future United States is a theocracy run by religious leaders whose bodies are luminescent, literally glow in the dark, and so are considered to be holy. As the protagonist, who is luminescent, grows up, it becomes clear to him that not everyone who glows acts in...

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7:20 AM
Q: How much time does the Flash need to reach lightspeed?

ShreedharFollowing the question asked here: Can the Flash run faster than light?, well of course they can (all except Jay Garrick as I've mentioned here). But how long does it actually take for the Flash to reach his top speed? In other words, is his acceleration to light speed (or near light-speed) in...

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9:02 AM
Q: Short story where the labour class lives in another timeline to the privileged class

Matster2A short story was mentioned to me and we are trying to figure out the name of it. It was apparently written years ago and was hoping to find it. It was apparently a short story based around divided classes. One class lived the good life where the other was used as labour making stuff needed by t...

9:23 AM
Q: What does a Time Lord say for wedding vows?

Vogon PoetDoctor Who has been married a couple times now, I don’t think “Till death do us part” is really fitting for a fellow of his ilk. What were Doctor Who’s wedding vows to his wives (or husbands?)

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11:05 AM
Q: How fast can wooden crossbows be assembled?

Yehuda BroderickIn the fanfic I'm writing (Redwallverse), there's a tremendous army of vermin that will be storming Redwall Abbey. The protagonist is from Earth, and basically needs a 'superweapon' to equip the good guys with, since they're not nearly as numerous (to my knowledge, crossbows do not exist in Redwa...

Q: How did the people of Zion never find evidence of the previous cycles?

Zeiss IkonIn each cycle of Zion and the Matrix, the One chooses those who will found the new Zion. I can see how the knowledge of the previous cycle might be lost in the first few generations of trying to simply stay alive -- when all you can think about is where your next meal might be found, it's hard t...

11:46 AM
Q: Identity of Fifth Doctor Who episode with time monologue

deManglerThere is an episode of Dr Who, the Fifth Doctor, where he launches into a monologue about who he is and how being a time traveller means you don't solve problems like humans - while he is monologing he casually walks between a pair of (I think) knights sword-fighting, without interruption, as if ...

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12:47 PM
Q: Sci-fi book trilogy about space travel & 'jacking'

mattrea6When I was younger I read three books that were bound into one book, all by the same author I believe. The first two books were in the same universe and the third one was not. The first book was about a man who enlists in some kind of big intergalactic(?) space war. The technology in the univers...

1:27 PM
Q: Which Loyalist Space Marines have extraordinary physical traits?

ShadeI've recently heard of the Storm Giants Space Marine Chapter and their superior strength: They display heightened physical strength, even for Space Marines, and there is some debate that their gene-seed may have mutated to enhance their Biscopea. So, they appear to have the "highest" physic...

1:55 PM
@DavidW Any reason you voted to leave that one closed? Seems fine now
2:49 PM
Q: In Stephen Baxter's Xeelee:Redemption is this reference to a ship an error?

AlmoIn chapter 16 of Redemption, there is a reference to the Cauchy, which I believe should read Island. Am I correct about this?

3:29 PM
Q: How tall is Doomsday in Batman v. Superman?

manofsteelanswers.comHow tall is Doomsday in Batman v. Superman (2016)? Sources would be appreciated. If estimating please show your work.

Q: MST3K-reviewed science fiction film that involved a chase scene (and I think some ramming) in a warehouse with what looked like floor buffers

FuzzyBootsI was looking at Science Fiction Film with a scene where actors dodge huge white crates in futuristic warehouse environment and a memory popped into my find of a film reviewed on Mystery Science Theatre 3000 which involved the hero (and I think a female) driving through a futuristic warehouse (ma...

3:41 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Just grouchy, I guess. Tired of crappy questions. Any bets this is another self-answer?
Thanks for the fix on the tag name, BTW. That's obviously what I should have done in the first place.
Fair enough, I understand and could be. Of course that's not a reason to close/leave closed
Yeah, you're right.
No probs, I'm not familiar with the work but a quick google suggested it was the full name. If you want, suggest an edit to improve the excerpt for that tag, I just provided a very basic one along similar lines to what you had
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6:12 PM
Q: How does AT-AT deploy troops?

TimSparrowIn Star Wars franchise, AT-AT walker is described as "All-Terrain Armored Transport". Its primary function is to carry and deploy troops. But how exactly does it deploy troops? Do they jump out using some equipment that slows down descent? Or does it provide ladders, ramps, etc? Canon answers p...

Q: What were all the Treasures of Thundera and their affects?

Russ RainfordIn one of the latter seasons of Thundercats, the planet of thundera was magically reformed, and the over arching arc was finding the "Treasures of Thundera." I remember some of them, such as: The Book of Omens which had prophetic powers and held "all the knowledge" of thundera, supposedly; a m...

In approximately two more months, Star Wars episode 9 will be released in cinemas. We'll probably get a lot of questions about it on sci Fi.
Greetings, Earthlings.
There are already two trailers, though the second one has barely any new material, it's mostly just quotes from the previous films.
@Donald.McLean Hello, @Donald
@b_jonas A year from now we'll be getting to the "What does Kylo Ren think of the color yellow?" phase.
@Donald.McLean I'm hoping that the Irregulars make a new bingo sheet, in which case I'll ask the usual bingo question (and undelete it when the movie is released).
Plus we may have to revive some of the questions about episodes 7 and 8: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/111759/4918 "Are the Sith completely gone?", scifi.stackexchange.com/q/110922/4918 "Is Kylo Ren a Sith?", scifi.stackexchange.com/q/113354/4918 "Does Kylo Ren want to be a sith?", scifi.stackexchange.com/q/124997/4918 "Is Snoke associated with the Sith?"
6:32 PM
Q: Source of a Quote by Alpha Trion

deku4433 By the third day, larger creatures began to appear, and then Prima called me over to witness thing he was eager to point to me...at the head of them, slowly pacing forward with an expression of surprise and wonder, came the figure we thought we would never see and wondered if we would ...

It's always good when the authors provide answers. One of my goals is to get published and answer questions about my works here.
6:53 PM
Q: parallel or other worlds where time is different

paulIn "The Phantom Tollbooth" a child travels into an alternate reality for a day but is gone only a few minutes in his own world. I am looking for stories or real life accounts of any contact with lifeforms living at a different speed. Stories of universes running faster or slower. Alternate time...

@Donald.McLean Authors providing answers is getting more frequent these days, because of the internet, but it's usually somewhere other than Sci Fi.
In particular, I participate on the forums for Irregular Webcomic and Order of the Stick. In both of those, the authors sometimes provide answer to questions, and even when not, other forum members can often answer. That also makes it so that those webcomics are mostly absent on Sci Fi SE, because it's easier to get an answer elsewhere.
(Whether Irregular is on topic on SFF as a whole, or only some of the themes are, is unclear; but in any case, Darths & Droids and Order of the Stick clearly are on topic.)
7:13 PM
Q: Why has Spiderman been depicted in the MCU as so weak or average?

MorganHe has super strength (depending on who you listen too) and has been shown to be as much as 40 ton capacity and his speed and agility is far beyond any Olympic athlete's wildest dreams. On top of that his spidey senses lets him anticipate attacks, allowing him to be even faster in combat. He coul...

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8:14 PM
Q: The Flash (Vol. 2) where Wally West casually fetches the Cosmic Treadmill from the past under his own power?

manofsteelanswers.comThere's a 2-3 panel sequence during the Wally West era of The Flash (volume 2), when the Flash Family are planning to save the world or something. At the time, Wally is the only Flash that can time travel under his own power and the plan requires other speedsters use the Cosmic Treadmill to time...

1 hour later…
9:15 PM
Q: In Star Wars lore, who made the first light saber and how was it developed?

Russ RainfordExtended universe books allude to a Jedi having to "forge" their own light saber as part of their trials. It seems to be both a rite of passage, and a somewhat holy experience. The connection isn't really explored more than that, though. How did this forging process become part of Jedi tradition...

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10:57 PM
Q: SciFi book from an alien's perspective

Hurricane RogersI'm looking for a SciFi book I came across when I was a kid (25+ years ago) which starts out with a scene where the narrator describes seeing these "aliens" who are tall and hairless except for a tuft of hair on the tops of their heads. Quickly it is clear that the narrator is the native of anot...


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