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2:06 PM
Should this answer scifi.stackexchange.com/a/192236/19561 to a blatantly off topic question be deleted?
@SQB Well the question will likely be deleted, right? Doesn't that auto-delete the answers?
Aye I believe it is eligible to be Roomba'd
I've VTD the question instead
We don't want it here and the bold part is particularly bad so just nuke the whole thing
@TheLethalCarrot indeed
'specially when once you have the movie title, it's easy to look for the actress yourself...
"gimme teh codez"
"gimme teh girlz"
2:11 PM
annnnnnnndddd it's gone
I've voted to delete both
Jolly good
So they don't auto-delete?
Questions auto delete if Closed (not dupe), <= -3, and >= N days old but I can't remember what N. Also they can't have a "good answer"
I'm not too sure on the requirements on the questions answers
@TheLethalCarrot yeah I meant "don't answers on deleted questions auto-delete?"
2:23 PM
Well they're deleted when the question is deleted yeah
For example, you shouldn't be able to go to the link SQB posted anymore
So there's technically no need to VTD answers to question which will be closed anyways?
(unless of course for spam or R/A)
(just for those who actually provide an answer, but are off-topic because the question is)
if the question is deleted the answer obv goes with it. but if the answer was not deleted in its own right it would come back if the question was ever undeleted.
Alright, thanks
Nothing to do with that, but I'm a bit torn
I'm not a Pinterest user. My mom wants to browse Pinterest but doesn't have an account. She asked me if she could create one. Given her tech-savvyness in general I'd say no, and there are apparently some add-ons around to keep the popup away, but I've never used them so I don't know what they're worth, potential security flaws etc
Any ideas which is better?
No idea myself I've never been on Pinterest bar the odd Google link pointing there
dont browse pintrest. it is a black hole of housewares and reciepes and whatnots
2:34 PM
@Skooba why do you think I'm not a Pinterest user? ahah
@Jenayah so its too late for you then
@Skooba uh?
I'm not on Pinterest
My question was like "yeah, this is precisely the reason I'm not on Pinterest"
The dilemma was for my mom
@Jenayah oh i thought you were saying. "what would make you think I'm not a pintrest user".
@Skooba alright, in hindsight I can see the confusion :)
2:49 PM
like i said im bad at words
also like we covered the other day sometimes i just leave important ones out
Skoob does miss words out, can confirm
it almost got me divorced once
@Skooba goes to fetch popcorn
Are we talking President level missed words?
@Jenayah long story short my and wife were joking around but then I told her I was seeing other women
instead of was not
2:52 PM
@Skooba ouch
@Jenayah oh and thats where the profile link come in btw.
@Skooba alright, I'll keep that handy
@Jenayah and i bet if you trolled comments here i be you can fins instances where i confuse the snot out of users
@Skooba ^^
I've got a good screenshot of such "whoops I missed a word" texts, obviously it's in French though
There was a big wildfire around my town two-three years ago
And I mean big
Well, my friend was living in the outer town where the fire was so I asked her if everything was ok
sounds like the brush controllers were slacking
2:57 PM
She replies "yeah, we had to get out of the house and they're putting us in a hotel as long as it's not finished but we're ok"
And I reply, "Aw shit, well as long as you're fine... But of course I hope it will reach your house :) "
Hahaha, the smiley makes that
And she sends " *will NOT reach "
reminds me of that little girl in front of the burning house meme
ahah true
aw shit now that you mention it that girl looks a bit like me when I was her age
little psa from captain america.... language....
some folk don't take kindly to certain four letter words round here.
and there is one for meat and one for lettuce and all sorts of things
3:09 PM
@Skooba :
(there's a timestamp)
(also, obvious Uncharted 4 spoilers)
@Jenayah spot on
(also, Uncharted 4 rules)
it got to me to the right spot
I dont have time for video games... too much slacking
@Skooba keep the tip for when you're retired then ;D
@Jenayah I've been playing Super Mario 3 with my son. does that count?
3:12 PM
@Skooba Of course!
Hey @Edlothiad
maybe haven't made it out of world 3
Hey Jenayah! Hope all is well!
Soccer is meh, F1 is also meh, ice hockey is fun, field hockey is meh, other car racing is meh, Rugby is the BEE’S KNEES!
@Edlothiad is meh meh?
ice hockey woot
my son starts his sponsored program this fall
@Skooba oh nice, what position?
3:18 PM
@Jenayah dunno yet. its a Learn to Play program.
@Jenayah There’s no need to be so mean...
@Skooba what happened to his Rugby career?
@Skooba ok then :)
@Edlothiad I am the Righter of Wrongs!
@Edlothiad bad organization skills on the part of the club the age group was like 6-11 so of course all the older kids were ball hogging and there were too many kids for the coaches to instruct properly so the younger kids would just kinda wander around
they also had like college aged coaches but they were slackers
@Skooba wait so your kid's in a ice hockey beginner program, while having a rugby background? Oh man that's worth the watch :D
@Skooba get your kid smashing the bigger boys. Might not be the biggest on the professional field, better get used to smashing them now!
3:24 PM
@Jenayah nah we just tried him a rugby. it didnt really work out. and it was flag, no tackles. he's only 6 and hockey has been the only sport he has really wanted to do
This makes me so sad
my wife is going to try and find a better program and see if he is still interested.
Wow, you guys are invested
well my wife is south african so she wants him to experience it
Can I just say how nice it is to see parents willing to please the kid who likes "brawny" sports!
3:28 PM
Rugby is the worlds greatest sport! It not only keeps you active, it is one of few that teaches you discipline and respect
I like rugby but calm it down Ed :P
Mate you’re a casual, you’re well aware it’s my life and blood...
I think it's more than that if possible haha
We made a rule to only sign our kids up for sports they are interested in. No, "YOU MUST PLAY THIS". so starting at 4 we would ask him what he wanted to do and nothing ever really interested him. soccer, no. baseball, no. football, no. then one day he goes "I want to play golf.... and hockey"
@Edlothiad being a kickboxer, I +1 you on how "brawny"-seen sports indeed teach you measure and respect... Too bad too much parents don't see it that way :/
@Skooba well, I'm judging as a child, since I'm not a parent, and having had to deal with the exact opposite, I say you guys rule :D
3:31 PM
meanwhile he had never even been on skates before. so we took him down to the ice rink to see how he would handle that part. and he didnt want to get off the rink no matter how many times he fell. we only left when my legs were killing me. so we signed him up for real skating lessons because whats the point in trying to play hockey if you cant skate.
then it was summer so we signed him up for dek hockey to see if he would like the pads/stick part. and loved it. so now we got him into the Little Penguins NHL Learn to Play
so we are stoked.
Oh, mike is the lungs guy, good luck mate!
@xkcd @Randal'Thor well now that basically summarize what we were talking about some days ago :D
Well hello @Hend
3:47 PM
RAAAAAAH (that’s south english slang, don’t ask)
ding! SFF.SE mobile Post-it updated
@Edlothiad is it? I use that almost every day
You use the word rah?
Well, yeah
It might not be an actual word though
In a screaming context?
Arf I looked it up and while the word's the same, the meaning isn't ahah :)
South English rah = "hurray"
3:52 PM
rah rah -ah-ah-ah
French raaaah = "f*ck, screw that"
Rah also means a public school kid, equipped with daddy’s credit card and boat shoes
That’s the part deux slang
@Skooba :
@Edlothiad you're gonna have to define what you mean by "public school"
3:54 PM
School where daddy and mummy pay lots of money for you to fail to get into Oxbridge
> A public school in England and Wales is a long-established, student-selective, fee-charging independent secondary school that caters primarily for children aged between 11 or 13 and 18, and whose head teacher is a member of the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC).
Or essentially a lot of posh boys
@TheLethalCarrot well in France we call that a private school, ahah
And public school is where almost everyone goes
3:55 PM
The Brits are backwards (surprise surprise)
Hence my not understanding your joke at first :)
@Jenayah Radon isn't Ra; arsenic isn't Ah; molybdenum isn't Ma
@Edlothiad so the Brits are actually Stirb?
Public schools are paid for by the public (the parents who’s kids go there), state schools are paid for by the state
@Loong and Lady Gaga wasn’t singing about elements..?
@Loong I get that I probably shouldn't say that to you, but well I hate chemistry :D
3:57 PM
@Jenayah I can see that. ;-)
@Edlothiad well the naming makes sense then... In a way...
@Loong Oh no you can't. But if you ever took a look at one of my chemistry papers, you could
Funny story about that
Well basically I passed a competitive examination (long story short, French thing, don't ask) and many students retake that one when they've failed the first time
So when you try it for the first time, you're given a slight bonus points to balance with other students who've got one more year of studying than you
Every points are good to take but boy, that bonus is still small
Well the thing is that I suck so much at chemistry that my grade for the chemistry paper, multiplied by its coefficient, got me even less points than the first-try bonus... :D
4:44 PM
Help! I'm captured by a really good sci-fi book that I can't put down, and further, I knew it's a book I wouldn't be able to put down because I've read it twice already and know how captivating it is. I did this all to myself, it's all my fault, but I just couldn't resist it.
Now I probably won't be able to stop reading it until reading it hurts me, or in fact, it is already hurting me.
I don't expect you to save me or anything, I'm just telling to someone who will understand.
What book?
@Forral do you really want to get trapped in that vicious circle? :)
@b_jonas what is the book?
@Forral @SQB What Jenayah says. This can be infectious, and it's a widely available book, so I will not name it.
Even a mere reminder can cause someone to try to re-read it if they already know it.
And I didn't even need that much to trigger. I just heard of something that resembled of something in that book, I can't even remember what it was, and this book has so many memorable things that such reminders can happen too often, and I was just in a vulnerable state with my mental shield down.
I will try to distract myself with other shinies, but it won't work for long.
I know, it's War and Peace
4:58 PM
Side note, those books are both the best and the worst. Best, because the story is just as great Everytime you read it. Worst, because they generate a black hole you're sucked into Everytime your eyes lay on the cover.
It's like when you fight an addiction with a less dangerous addiction. Not easy. I will have to read the book to the end, and would rather just make sure I do that without it affecting my life too much.
@Jenayah Not every time, luckily. It's just a small chance.
It depends on the circumstances.
@b_jonas ahah that fighting fire with fire (the fire being addictions) remind me of a short story I handed in recently for an English class :)
@b_jonas aw, then either the book isn't that great or you're good at hiding said book ;D
@Jenayah It reminds me of real life, sadly.
@Jenayah Look, I go to a psychologist because I know I have issues with time management like this. That doesn't mean I fall for the same obvious trap any time. That's just not how it works. Even without trying, sometimes real life distracts me already so I don't even have an opportunity to start reading the book. And sleeping is usually pretty good at getting addictive thoughts ideas out of your head even if you were thinking of it all day, so you only have to be distracted for one day.
Being distracted for one day happens naturally, at least to adults.
You won't have two totally different books do this to you and succeed at the same time, so it naturally has to fail sometimes.
5:14 PM
@b_jonas oh man, I was joking and please accept my apologies if I offended you in any way :/ best of luck with that matter!
@b_jonas might just be me not understanding the obvious, but why the mention of "to adults"? I'd say kids are even more likely to get distracted, don't they?
@Jenayah They have more free time. It's more likely for them to have days during vacation to concentrate on some non-school non-work related project, like reading a book.
@b_jonas oh then yeah, indeed
5:50 PM
hallo all
didn't realize i was stuck in transcript mode
6:04 PM
Wow. So nice to drop back in here and see an actual concersation going on.
6:29 PM
@TheLethalCarrot The main page of editors counts all edits but the number in your profile does not count edits where you only edited tags.
And neither one includes your own posts.
Oh, thanks for the info @Alex :)
@Jenayah You're welcome.
7:15 PM
@b_jonas I'm not afraid. Besides, it may not have the same effect on me.
8:07 PM
@SQB Of course. It only has that effect on a few people. But it's sci-fi, and I know some of the people in Sci Fi SE have read it (well duh, I said it was widely available and good).
I could distract myself for the evening by reading some other good stuff, and delayed reading it enough that I might last for today and at least get some sleep instead of reading all night.
8:19 PM
@b_jonas it can't be worse than the burning curiosity that will consume me until I know.
you both just sucked me into this curiosity ;)
@b_jonas what's the book?
@b_jonas At least give us some better hints so we can try and guess it :)
8:43 PM
@heather If you want to hear the answer at your own risk, give me some less public contact than this forum and I'll tell you. But I have to go to bed fast so you may have to wait until tomorrow.
@Forral Ok, cryptic hint, I think it doesn't even restrict to a single answer. You called for it.
May only make sense if you know your sci-fi. You know how I love Michael Ende's Neverending story, which is about a geeky boy who really likes reading books? (In a book, that's an easy win, because the most worthy readers like reading books too, so they can identify with the main character.) Well, this novel is about a more geeky boy who really likes reading books, but the two boys are utterly different in most respect. And we have a tag on Sci Fi SE for this.
so it sounds like the real thing to do @b_jonas is to ask a story-identification question based on your clues =P
i'll just email you for the book title since you have yours in your profile.
@heather That would be a bad question.
We don't like story-id questions that deliberately withhold information.
i know, i was joking
k email is sent =)
@heather I KNEW it would be useful at some point!
@b_jonas =D
oh, interesting, are you a grad student in math? topology, maybe, looking at your papers?
oh, informatics
@b_jonas oh lol - i've already read that
it's amazing!
8:57 PM
Is it a newer book?
@heather I was a grad student in mathematics, but gave up trying to attain a PhD, when IT R&D at a private company sucked me in.
@heather That just makes it more dangerous.
I realized that I love both the software part of IT and mathematics, which is bad because both are such professions that once you are into them you will never be free from them, and both take more than a lifetime to master, just like how once someone is a doctor they will always be a doctor, even if they stopped practicing.
Okay, I gtg for now, but I'm not giving up on finding out this book :P I'm always on the hunt for a new good read and haven't bought anything for a while.
But knowing both mathematics and IT is a rare asset and good from a job market perspective, as my manager told me in no uncertain terms. That said, I didn't see a future in me doing mathematics research like I did for my PhD, and rationalized that I no longer need a PhD once I can put actual work experience on my CV and only want to work in the private sector, not in government-funded research institutes or universities.
And to answer my question, my area of research was graph theory.
@Forral Yes, it's a newer book. The hero is much more of a geek than the hero of Ende, and that type of hero only got popular these days.
There, question posted
Now let's see what the primarily concerned will answer to that :p
9:44 PM
@Jenayah Ah, you must mean scifi.stackexchange.com/q/192261/4918 . And yes, that was fast. Bellatrix the user is amazing.
@b_jonas she is
I still believe in the existence of that Word file though :p
Let me randomly link to advertise mythology.stackexchange.com/a/4730/197 "Was King Polydectes the last petrified by Medusa?", an exemplary answer on Mythology SE that deserves more upvotes.
@Jenayah What Word file? Do you think she has anticipated most questions concerning her namesake character and wrote answers in advance? Or that she has access to some closely guarded secret about the Harry Potter universe?
@b_jonas I'm too lazy to copy-paste, so see this :)
in Discussion between Bellatrix and Jenayah, 2 mins ago, by Feeds
A: Why didn't Bellatrix volunteer to lend her wand to Voldemort?

BellatrixBellatrix may have valued her wand enough to want to keep it. The relationship between a wizard and their wand grows stronger as they continue using it over the years. The more they use it, the better it works for them, and the connection between the wizard and their wand increases as they use i...

The former then. Ok.
Well blimey for the first time in my SFF.SE life I'm faced with two very good answers and I will have to pick one :/
9:52 PM
I could never become good in answering questions about Death Eaters. And not just because I avoid questions that may be tagged with the tag deliberately because I am superstitious and do not want to see a bronze voldemort badge on my profile as the second bronze tag badge, but because I can't think like a Death Eater.
I think I only have two answers about Death Eaters I'm personally satisfied with that I can recall, and one of them is about a moment where I speculate that one starts to behave like a good guy for a moment, uncharacteristic for what you'd expect from a Death Eater.
Neither one are really good answers, just ones that satisfy me.
@Jenayah Oh! That does happen on SE sometimes if you post good questions about popular topics, yes.
@b_jonas might wanna browse instead ;D some of them could use better backed-up answers...
Some people who aren't as greedy of their precious XP as I am but generous choose to solve the dilemma by accepting one answer and bountying the other one. (I think bounties are better spent on answers to questions that aren't my own, and even that I do very rarely.)
Let me see if I forgot any other answer (of mine about a Death Eater).
@b_jonas Well it's yet another dilemma ahah
I am not telling you to do that, a bounty must be given heartily by your own choice or not at all.
You can participate on SE well without ever giving a bounty.
I just view it as an opportunity to highlight answers or questions that are really good but few people would notice them otherwise, which is basically SE's stated argument.
@b_jonas sure, not saying you did ask me to, but you did plant the seed of another dilemma ;P
10:01 PM
At some point I had a suspicion that most often people use bounties as rewards for exemplary answers, but no, I checked the statistics, it's actually a small ratio, most bounties are calling attention to a question with no satisfying answer yet.
Well hey @Valorum, I think it might very well be my first time seeing you there ahah :)
Good luck getting him to talk ;P
@b_jonas is that a SEDE query or some random button I missed somewhere?
@Jenayah His SE chat profile says " I'm back, baby." I suspect he is often listening to chat, but rarely speaks there.
(He can’t talk here for “technical reasons” but he does slack off all the time)
10:05 PM
@TheLethalCarrot He could talk but knows it may be dangerous. He's not chatty but that is a choice he made and is for good. At least that's my mental image of him, but I don't really understand him at all.
@b_jonas Those are the awarded bounties though innit?
@Jenayah No. Querying for awarded bounties would require a much more complicated SEDE query joining more tables.
Right column is number of bounties, in case it's not obvious.
You may compare the query with data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/648267/list-bounties if you are interested about the technical details.
(You said you were in IT, right?)
Indeed I am
Must admit I'm a bit bitter with SQL these days though :p
I'm still looking for my database ghost.
The bounty count is practically the same query, but with a count instead of listing each bounty, and without the magic I use to generate links that award me Announcer badges if so much as 25 people click on links to the same post, any of links with my userid anywhere in total.
Weeeelll... Technically that's wrong, I stopped looking today and went on to something else - better use of my time ahah
10:12 PM
@Jenayah Yes, I know that just because you're in IT doesn't mean you can fix my computer, I'm not saying you must be interested in the details of SEDE.
@b_jonas didn't mean that, just that I and SQL don't get along these days :p
And if you aren't in peace with SQL, or with MS SQL in particular, you should probably know that SE has some much rarely updated data dumps on archive.com that contain practically the same information as the SEDE database, only in XML form (but still obviously a database dump of a slightly different selection of the same database) that you can process with whatever your favourite tools are.
@b_jonas well it isn’t a choice
@TheLethalCarrot Yes, sometimes the tool chooses you, like a cat owns you.
Well I say "SQL" but it should rather be "databases" actually. Made a wrong shortcut here.
I quite like working with DBS but I’m not too good at it haha
An XML file is no longer a database, especially not if you could answer this particular question (about bounties posted, not about bounties awarded) in a single pass of the data with no joins.
@b_jonas also, I wouldn't think you saw me as a "fix your computer" person, don't worry
Especially when that old trope has hit me once again today
10 hours ago, by Jenayah
Also I'm currently helping my mom on a very serious business so I'm kinda busy
I have my own opinion about SQL and databases, but I probably won't explain it now. And some people who like SQL do dislike MS SQL in particular, which is what SEDE uses.
10 hours ago, by Jenayah
"I can't log to the bank account, is it because of my computer or their website?" with no more info given business
10:17 PM
What did you go for there?
Who, me?
@Jenayah Ah. I actually had a very pleasant experience today, when I phoned my bank helpdesk about an apparent problem in my online banking interface. The helpdesk guy listened to what I said (I mean actually listened to the content, not waited politely), tried to solve it, gave feedback on what he tried and failed to assure me that he's taking my question seriously,
Oh wait I thought that was the Pinterest thing
I should read first
then escalated the call to someone with more power about the issue, and that person also listened to me and took me seriously and was helpful, even though it wasn't in his power to solve the problem, in the programmer sense, only to advise me.
@b_jonas well those were two nice clerks
10:23 PM
That was a bug that is probably not even the fault of the bank or the online banking system, but the stupidity of an external interface in communication between banks that they can't do anything about. It was about an ID repeated in a public database shared between all banks in Hungary, when it really shouldn't have a duplicate ID, and the online banking software apparently assumed it didn't have a duplicate ID.
Glad to hear there are still some at large, they're an endangered species
So the online banking system apparently let me choose one of the two records with the same ID, but then told me that I chose the other record.
@b_jonas wooot are you telling me Hungarian banks don't have some basic coordination?
@Jenayah It might not even be banks. A list like that is probably maintained straight by some government-controlled oversight agency.
@b_jonas well blimey
That is... huge
10:28 PM
And you must not forget that the IT development people in banks have a seriously hard task, one I would never agree to attempt to work for, because they must never lose a single record of transaction they accepted even if multiple buildings are destroyed by some catastrophy. That's something even our best public libraries doesn't pretend they can afford to do, although they have a much smaller budget to work with than banks.
My companies clients are generally banks, the whole system is incredibly complicated
And the governments are so stupid that they are making their tasks harder, because at one point they got fed up that simple transactions can take days to get through, and decided to impose by law that certain transactions must be processed in what anyone with half a brain in IT would consider unrealistically short.
@b_jonas Unless I'm reading that wrong, bank info a bit more critical than library accounts though
@TheLethalCarrot Oh? Care to tell a bit more? About the non-secret parts.
Well we generally work with cheque processing, but do some extra stuff
10:32 PM
@b_jonas funny how (some) governments keep getting younger, yet no a single one of those has some basic knowledge about this kind of stuff
@Jenayah That... depends on who you ask, and which part of "critical". I am glad that the Országos Széchényi Könyvtár never got hit by a bomb ever in the world war, as it would have caused great loss. Some museums fared much worse (although the story I'm thinking of isn't the world war, but the 1956 revolution), and there are stories of heroic efforts of volunteers who saved bits of irreplacable museum collections against unlikely odds.
Although I know that young =/= competent in IT, mind you
But I wouldn't expect even this banking system to survive something like the second world war unscathed.
@Jenayah Younger? Um... let's not get into politics.
I guess I must say it. Orbán doesn't get any younger. Not even his supporters say that.
@b_jonas Are we talking about transactions or documents? I meant the first one. As for documents, I'd have quoted the Alexandria library
@Jenayah Transactions. Not the dead tree stuff.
10:36 PM
@b_jonas well I'm French, so I'm biased on this one ahah. I'm not talking about my own political ideas or stuff mind you, but Macron was quite young for a minister and even more for a President
Back to my answers about Death Eaters, I have scifi.stackexchange.com/a/112941/4918 "Why did Lucius give Tom Riddle's diary to Ginny?", but I didn't have to think like Lucius for that, I just copied some quotes from the book without much explanation and got a high score because the question asks something that the book already answers well, just like in my currently all around highest voted answer.
@Jenayah Orbán was quite young too when he first became minister-president, and that was part of his charm. I just think that if the government is getting younger, you must be thinking of some other government.
@b_jonas well that doesn't make it less of a nice catch anyway ;)
Mind you, I at least have my currently third highest voted answer which isn't like that. That one is total speculation.
And it's not even well-written, so I don't think it deserves that many upvotes.
@b_jonas well yeah as I said I was thinking of recent French governments (the closer, etc etc). Must admit that when it comes to Hungarian politics, I probably know as much as you know about my grandmother's favorite flowers :)
I stand by its contents, but I got lazy with writing it.
10:45 PM
@b_jonas Just read it, and honestly while it is indeed speculation, it's good speculation.
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/17046/4918 is, frankly, a mediocre answer of mine for an easy question, and Snape is a Death Eater technically, and I don't claim to understand him either.
Honestly, given the amount of data there is nowadays on HP stuff, I'm pretty sure you could update said answer with book quotes/interviews etc
@Jenayah Harry Potter is the kind of book that leads to lots of speculation and fan works and lots of SE question.
I'm mainly thinking about the second time wee see an "illusion horcrux", which is in book 7. Thing could not actually do anything instead of talking Ron into disbelief and presumably showing him stuff he dreaded
@Jenayah No, I mean I could update it by explaining what I tell in the other answer I give, modified to apply better to this question, rather than just linking to it.
The answer just doesn't stand alone.
10:49 PM
@b_jonas why mediocre? This seems like a reasonable answer for a double agent, as someone pointed out in the comments
@b_jonas I see what you mean, I think
If there are interviews relevant (the one about Hermione's actor talking about filming that scene doesn't actually contribute anything here), I don't think I'm the right person to find them.
@Jenayah Yes, and I could have explained that, because I do understand that Snape was a double agent and that that's very important, and that that means that both the Dark Lord and Dumbledore thinks their true loyalty lies at them, after reading Half-Blood Prince and before I read much from the Harry Potter community (remember this was before Sci Fi SE even existed).
@b_jonas we'll never say that enough, but that's what's wonderful about re-reading HP books. Every time, you stumble about new stuff which "Oh my god it's so obvious now!!"
I didn't guess any of what would come in Deathly Hallows, except for the very obvious stuff, and I thought that Snape was sort of enjoying the power of being a double agent and not having to choose a true loyalty until very late, when he'll be able to be loyal to whoever will win. I didn't guess that he has already chosen and his choice was irrevocable.
@Jenayah Yes, that's also part of their charm.
Hmm, do we have a question about whether Quirrel was a Death Eater?
@b_jonas Never thought of that but that's an interesting take.
@b_jonas we do
Q: Is there any evidence that Quirrell was a Death Eater?

Vadzim SavenokConsidering events happening in the first book, can Quirrell be considered a Death Eater?

@Jenayah Thank you.
10:57 PM
I guess there is some thinking I never really had upon my first reading of the books due to my age at that time, though
Wait what. "He certainly wasn't a known supporter of the Dark Lord before that, because Dumbledore was willing to hire him as a teacher." Doesn't that sentence have an obvious flaw?
Oh great. That answer really irritates me now because it calls Pettigrew a coward. That's such a misconception that I can't stand it easily.
I won't downvote for it, because it's a widespread misunderstanding, but still.
@b_jonas you mean that Dumbledore still hired Snape?

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