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10:08 PM
@Jenayah I guess I'll have to try harder if I want to win that contest.
A self answer saying "this is the dumbest question I've ever seen"? I wonder how that would go over.
hey, anyone up for some chess?
shush Pseudohuman, you can't play chess
@Jenayah Like, to play chess, now?
10:12 PM
Q: Sci-fi/Fantasy Book, woman fighter refugee from another planet gets job as secretary

AnniSo what I remember from the book (possibly short story) is that two planets were at war, one lost and all the fighters get killed(?) and the rest get to go to the winning planet. A really good fighter woman gets blockers in her mind to pose as a regular person. She gets an apartment of some sort...

never used the thing but seems easy enough to share a link
I'm waitng for opponent.
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/79302/4918 "Who (if anyone) could canonically tell Fred and George apart?" is interesting to me because on photograps where we were babies, and on photos where we're less than about three years old and my brother doesn't have his glasses on, I often can't tell myself from my brother. My mom usually can, with the exception of a few photos.
10:15 PM
Oh, that probably doesn't work without a mouse...
Ah, so not the website for an organization of female liches.
And non-family people sometimes confuse us even these days.
@Alex I'm playing white and I played, I dunno if we're on the same play
like said above never used that in link-sharing
@Jenayah Oh, was that you? I think I aborted the game.
@RDFozz lol
10:17 PM
On photos between about three and ten years of age, it's much easier because our hairstyle differed.
@Mithrandir didn't try it yet but apparently there's a setting somewhere lichess.org/qa/1739/…
@b_jonas oh so you're twins too?
something I've discovered: getting to where enabled keyboard-only stuff is is a pain
And it's actually getting harder to tell us apart these years since my brother has grown facial hair. I'm finally starting to see the similarity again, though I don't confuse us two.
@Jenayah No. My brother is 3 years younger.
@b_jonas you still look very much the same?
@Jenayah I joined.
10:19 PM
@b_jonas I would hope not. "Oh no, that's me - I must be my brother!"
@Jenayah So on photos where we're young it's easy if both of us are on the same photo.
@Jenayah Not according to me, but I can finally understand again why people who know us less can be confused.
I didn't see the similarity for a while, except on young photos.
And even there only withou glasses.
The glasses are a dead giveaway because I only started to wear glasses as 9 year old.
We don't look that much alike. Most non-family people can tell us apart too, and most of the ones probably only confuse our names, not our identity.
There are probably only a few who genuinely confuse us, except perhaps through telephone or something.
To make it worse, my brother's wife and my brother's wife's sister have voices that sound very similar to each other.
They could probably still fool me through telephone for at least a few minutes if they wanted, I can more quickly tell them apart from what they're saying, not the voice itself.
They're different age too.
@Alex - just edited the Voldemort question, to try to make it clearer. Obviously, revert if you don;'t like the changes.
> Also - going with your idea would leave Wormtail w/ no hands :D
10:38 PM
Or two silver hands.
And two silver feet next?
Well he would also have access to other Death Eaters at that point. I'm sure Bellatrix would donate a few limbs.
10:53 PM
Do you master a wand as well with a silver hand than your actual one?
By the way, if that was you that I was playing, I think you won.
She probably wouldn't do it if it impaired her duelling capacities would she?
Also, virtual handshake :)
@Jenayah My last move was a foolish mistake.
If anybody would like to play against me on chess.com, I'd be up for that... ;)
Q: Why didn't Bellatrix volunteer to lend her wand to Voldemort?

JenayahIn the first chapter of Deathly Hallows, Voldemort states that he needs a new wand, and will therefore borrow one from a Death Eater. Unfortunately, nobody seems really thrilled by the idea, and he ends up taking Lucius' wand. “As I was saying,” continued Voldemort, looking again at the tense...

10:57 PM
@Alex I know, that's why I replied this way ;) the one I accepted is along those lines
@Mithrandir got a link? :)
@Jenayah Yeah, and the sad part is that I was about to initiate a trap of my own, but I got distracted by your trap.
Not exactly. My username is "superplane", though.
That requires an account?
@Alex eheh :P what was your trap?
yeah. It's a bit more involved, but it means that I can use it from an app
'k, let me set up one
11:01 PM
@Jenayah It involved moving my bishop into position to get some combination of your queen, rooks, and knight.
alright :)
wait which bishop?
@Jenayah Not the one that I couldn't move.
could've blocked with the other one, or the horse
@Jenayah Other what?
other bishop
might have been roasted though
11:04 PM
Your bishop or my bishop?
@Mithrandir sent
whacks app show up
@Jenayah Block my own trap?
Block the rook's line of action
2 days ago, by Alex
I'm afraid you might have lost me there.
11:14 PM
couldn't move the white bishop because of the rook, so by blocking the rook's line of action with something else you freed the white bishop
it might have needed to move the horse to protect the newly moved piece then
@jenayah game started
live clock ticking ;)
@Jenayah Ah. Well I didn't have too many spare pieces to do that with.
@RDFozz Thanks. I re-edited some of it.
11:32 PM
@Alex that... may be my fault :P
@Jenayah Thanks for taking the blame.
11:47 PM
Q: Sci Fi short story from anthology (pre-2010) with a man going to space with strict weight requirements; starved himself to take a book

badmemoryThe short story was about a man about to go on a space journey/colonize a planet and having to abide by an extremely strict weight limit. He talked about starving himself, shaving hair and doing everything possible to reduce his weight. Story says some people were doing this to bring diamonds or ...

Q: Why would senator Amidala suspect Count Dooku was behind the bombing?

CharlesAt the beginning of Episode II, there's an assassination attempt on senator Amidala's life. Shortly after, a few members of the Jedi council and some politicians have a meeting, with Padme suggesting that Dooku was behind the attack. Why would she think this? She didn't elaborate at all.

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