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1:53 AM
Q: Plot fragments from a story I haven't been able to find

Richard TibbittsThis story includes: A space whale. A captain whose face is scarred from omicron-vii radiation. A crewmember who threatens the whale with destruction of its ganglia if it doesn't do what he wants, i.e. travel back in time. Thank you. Richard Tibbitts..

Q: Short story about shark-like alien species that eats other sentient aliens

SameerI'd read a short story online a few years ago where an astronaut is woken from cryogenic sleep when her ship encounters an alien vessel. It is implied that the aliens look like sharks, and they eat smaller sentient beings with whom they co-evolved and with whom they can communicate. The smaller...

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3:43 AM
Q: RIP Douglas Rain, the voice of HAL 9000

BuzzDouglas Rain, who is best known for providing the eerie voice of the amoral HAL 9000 computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey, also died today.

4:10 AM
Q: Moral debate on sentience and what being alive means

TheIcePhoenixIn Star Trek TNG, TOS and Voyager they at some point debate what sentience is and what makes a person a person. Picard with Data/Moriarty, Janeway with The Doctor/holos, Kirk and Spock with the Horta and Sisko with the equality of people and the Bell Riots. I am honestly unsure if Archer or Lor...

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5:26 AM
Q: Comic about a sci-fi training academy?

SilverEeveeArtistThe story was set in some sort of sci-fi school or training academy. The characters were somewhere in their teens, and I think the main character was a blonde girl. The characters had some sort of psychic powers but I don't remember which exactly, and it may have varied per person. I remember the...

5:41 AM
@Alex And... confirmed. The question now shows zero reopen votes.
6:25 AM
@Slartibartfast I'm afraid, Dave... :/
7:11 AM
Q: Did Stan Lee finish his cameo shooting for upcoming Avengers movie?

Newt ScamanderNow that Stan Lee is dead, I am wondering if I'll be able to see his legendary cameo in the upcoming Avengers movie.

7:56 AM
Q: How could Discovery last operational for a 1000 years?

OndrejIn the Short Trek "Calypso", how could Discovery possibly last operational for a 1000 years? Maintenance-wise, energy-wise.

8:26 AM
Q: Why is it safer to isolate the crew on every other deck?

1252748I know nothing about the military, so I apologize if this is obvious. Why is this practical? CRUSHER: I recommend we evacuate and seal off all non-operational areas, and group the families and crew on the odd-numbered decks. Booby Trap

8:41 AM
Q: Can Polyjuice potion change someone who is dead into someone elses face

Joshua KinshipCan Polyjuice potion change someone who is "dead" into someone else or does it only work on living wizards and witches?

@SQB please don't
Please don't what?
Add a tag for a Star Trek series?
Or what do you mean?
nvm read too fast
thought it was an episode
Oct 31 at 15:50, by Jenayah
fetching another "ok, my bad" puppy
8:57 AM
Tempted to make that the floof of the day.
peeves me.
Gone. One of the two questions it was on wasn't even about Peeves.
Deadpool 2 baby legs scene answer if anyone's interested: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/198481/58193
@Marvin re-asked just now. We have a new user to educate.
Yup, same Q... first was closed
Although the mystery has been solved: "Harmony" = Hermione.
9:09 AM
though tbh it's not unclear... I think
So it's no longer unclear.
And can't dupe close and they can'r edit the old one
why can't dupe close?
Just leave this one open.
it's the same user aking the same Q....
9:11 AM
Q: Please Help Me Find Harry Potter Fanfiction

ScarletWitch713I read it long time ago. So, I remember only few things. I think it was a soulmate fic. Harry and Hermione goes back in time to their second year. When Harry was in chamber with Ginny. Harry tells Ginny that he failed to protect as a brother. Ginny doesn't like this. Later in Weasley house he apo...

Delete the other one and we're good.
No, delete the new one
or edit it
but newest one has crappy formatting
and title, tags etc
Ideally, yes, but the new one was by a registered user. The old one is on hold already.
Just deleting that one is the simplest solution.
ah, hadn't noticed.
Please refer to the puppy above.
Needs a single down vote to be able to start deleting.
(Hint, hint)
9:15 AM
Well DVing jus for the sake of deleting feels wrong
Also you can't close to Qs with no answers
Q isn't bad content per se...
Rand dupe closed anyway so meh
@TheLethalCarrot it's already been done when exact duplicate by same user...
@TheLethalCarrot eheh
Well different user in this case and not an exact dupe so not sure if normal users can close
9:18 AM
Different user display name, aye, but copy-paste of original version, I think
Well I meant different user in that it isn't the same user profile
And there were slight differences to the original but not much difference
Sure but what are the odds they're two separate persons?
Oh they are 99% the same person I was just talking from a technical view of what is/isn't possible
sure, sure
@Randal'Thor wouldn't it have been easier to do what I suggested? Delete the first one (already on hold) and continue with the second one?
If it is the same user (which is very likely), they'll have the question they wanted, tied to a registered account (instead of an unregistered one).
If it's not the same user and just an amazing coincidence, we'll just have deleted an already closed question and have a new user retain their new question.
9:23 AM
oh wait Rand dupe-closed to the first one?
But they can't edit
well yeah what SQB said ^
Yeah dupe closed to the first
Which isn't ideal imo
aye just saw your comment
@SQB Then we'd be rewarding the user with an open question after the first version was closed.
If they've been informed on how to merge accounts, they can regain access to the original.
Since the repost was literally a copy-paste of the original, they don't seem to be putting anything into improving the question (yet).
True. I agree that your way is the more correct way, but mine is the pragmatic one.
@Randal'Thor Well, the one thing they improved was Harmony -> Hermione.
Which isn't much :-) Could have been a spell check issue, even.
9:34 AM
Which may even have been caused by an overzealous spell checker.
It does clarify the question.
The old one was put on hold since we were guessing who this "Harmony" was.
@Jenayah Holy hell. How did you know I'd been looking for a polar bear cub to post as yesterday's daily floof?
That's quite the coincidence!
A Harry/Hermione-pairing, or a Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover...
@SQB Feel free to edit the original and VTRO if you think it's worth it.
Speaking of that user, haven't we already seen a user with a similar name and the same avatar?
@Randal'Thor you'd think it's a coincidence... :)
9:38 AM
User search turns up nothing. Must've been someone else then.
@Jenayah Unless you also happened to see that now-removed gif on Twitter about a baby polar bear climbing a snow cliff?
@Randal'Thor nope but I'm curious now
Someone in another room linked me to it, and I thought "wow, this needs to be a daily floof". But there was already one for that day, and when I came back to it another day, the gif/video had been removed. So I looked for some other polar bear cub pics, but didn't end up posting one.
@Jenayah No longer available :-(
Right because stuff disappears on the internet
Oh, found it somewhere else!
9:43 AM
@Randal'Thor I've read about that video. Apparently, the bears are spooked by the drone doing the filming, since the mother bear would usually not leave her cub behind like that.
@Randal'Thor lol
@SQB oh, crap :/
@SQB Huh, that's what all the comments are saying too.
Aye can do
...VTD on a question asked by a (now) mod? :P scifi.stackexchange.com/q/17512/98028
9:54 AM
It's off topic, then and now, with no answers so adding no value. Whether it was posted by a mod at the time, a normal user or a now mod it's not worth keeping around
I know it's just the irony
Well don't go looking at my first few posts... ugh
> I do not have any evidence for this, just my take on it from what I've seen.
Aaaaaw, that's cute... :P
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/14957/98028 feels like it could be reopened. But I don't know the source material
I haven't even looked back but I know they are poor
My very first post here was balancing on the edge of topicality.
Q: Do the Sally Lockhart Mysteries have to be read in order?

SQBI have read The Ruby in the Smoke, the first book of Pullman's Sally Lockhart Mysteries. Today I found The Tiger in the Well, the third book, in a bargain bin full of fantasy books. I haven't read the second book yet, The Shadow in the North. Should I read The Shadow in the North first, or can I...

9:59 AM
@TheLethalCarrot kidding :P
Well off to customer now so you can laugh all you want and I won't see it :P
@Jenayah edited and voted to re-open.
@TheLethalCarrot customer who ditched you one or two days ago?
By the way, should actually be ; the article is part of the name.
poke @Randal'Thor ^
10:05 AM
@Jenayah I have closed-and-deleted questions too :-)
Also, might I bother people for some undelete votes on this? scifi.stackexchange.com/q/116461/31394
@Randal'Thor ahah!
(could do it myself, but not sure if I should)
@Jenayah I think I just asked people in chat to VTD that one at some point.
couldn't you self-delete as a mod?
or were you not a mod yet
@Randal'Thor only if you bounty it as well. :)
@Jenayah Yes, but again wasn't sure if I should.
General advice is to avoid taking mod action on your own posts.
10:07 AM
makes sense
@SQB Done.
@Randal'Thor thanks.
@Randal'Thor Also, you might want to add an excerpt and tag wiki for those two tags.
Q: Man travels in a kind of tank with a robot woman

user3298279The only thing I remember is that the main character and travels with a woman in a kind of tank in a post-apocalyptic world. At some point, the robot woman is hurt and broken… (you can see some led light in her face). The man fires up the tank.

@SQB 6/15
@Jenayah Noted.
10:12 AM
Actually, it's 5/15 and 6/16. But still.
oh right closed ones don't appear on logged-out homepage right?
Don't know. But I've 5/15, with the 16th to my name as well. So I'm at 5/15 and 6/16.
eh don't mind me maybe I just can't count
So going by the book rule of thumb, I'm still good.
10:15 AM
or no, let's blame caching
It's always caching.
10:42 AM
Q: What is this language?

Asif IqubalThis is written in the beginning of "LOTR: Fellowship of The Ring" novel. Tolkien invented many languages. But It doesn't match with any languages I have seen on internet. Can anyone tell me which language of Tolkien is it? Also can anybody give me a link to all of Tolkien's languages?

@Marvin I seem to remember a question about the same writings... Though admittedly my elvish is rusty
If it's even elvish
Changed the title to make scifi.stackexchange.com/q/33277/98028 read less FWP. I'm not entirely satisfied with what I've come up with, though.
so if anyone's got a better idea...
So update on Stargate cleaning:
Nov 2 at 15:47, by Jenayah
aaaaaaaargh [stargate-sg1] -[stargate] has NINETY-SEVEN of them...
^ down to 50 (well, 49, one won't use franchise tag)
Nov 2 at 15:46, by Jenayah
geez, found my next retagging occupation... Meet the [stargate-atlantis] -[stargate] query and its 45 resulting questions
^ down to 24
And [stargate-universe] -[stargate] went from 10 to 6
ETA end of November?
@JohnRennie :'(
12:02 PM
Q: Is a story identification question on-topic if it doesn't include genre defining elements?

AshI have several times seen people have an issue when asking story identification questions, simply put the details they remember from the story don't make the genre plain to those reading the question, i.e. they don't remember any clearly fantastical elements of the tale. Now I don't always know w...

12:42 PM
@JohnRennie same.
Q: How did Thanos beat hulk so easily?

KyloRenBeing that Hulk gets stronger when he gets angrier, how was Thanos able to knock Hulk out with such ease and why did Hulk not get more angry and increase his strength when fighting Thanos. And From what I can see, Thanos did not use the Infinity stone from the Gauntlet glove. ...

1:10 PM
@KyloRen What is with the Agent Pena thing?
Q: fantasy book w magic female lead that is hunted, traveling w guard and guide

HellyWoman has special powers, is fleeing and banned from her homeland. Traveling w companions who are helping her cross a "haunted" mountain. Finds guide who has wolf/dog w red hair and carries an ax. One of her "guards" is from the Kings assassin group, but is protecting her with her life. They ...

1:32 PM
Q: Why don't people who answer questions upvote them?

KyloRenOK, people answer questions because, They want rep They want recognition They want something else So when a question is asked, if that question becomes a Hot Network Question their answer will obviously pull more votes and a highly up-voted question will become one of those with the caveat (T...

2:20 PM
Q: Scientific term for "flip and burn"

DarkSigmaIn The Expanse, (and other sci-fi keeping closer to the science than the fiction) the maneuver used to slow a space ship down is colloquialy referred to as flip and burn. What is the term used by real world aerospace engineers and pilots? Something like "retrograde thrust".

2:43 PM
Q: Searching for story that has long-lived people and gyroscopes

JBHBack in the early 80's I read a novel and remember two scenes. The scenes were related, as I recall. The first scene had the protagonist looking at his friend, who proved to be an antagonist, standing in the doorway of his rocket (which had fins, landing fins). One fin had been shot off and t...

@Skooba Judging by the Cali cartel reference I'd say Narcos
I mean your avatar does look like the guy if I am to trust Google Images
@Jenayah The very same
Ah, Pedro Pascal is in Narcos?
no idea I just know there's a show about the Cali Cartel
(and I know the outlines of the main "actual" history)
2:58 PM
Q: Looking for a novel about a future Uk where unhealthy food is banned

ChrisI read a book a couple of years or so ago about a future United Kingdom where the government had banned unhealthy foods and basically anything enjoyable. Baking was illegal etc. The main protaganist was a woman. Can't find it all on a google search. Any help appreciated

@Skooba in hindsight IMDb says yes imdb.com/name/nm0050959
I wish Pedro had been cast for the dude in Rogue One.
3:16 PM
Candidates for : 3 left (title:galactus -[galactus]). I say only the one about Galactus invading Asgard gets the tag, then it's done.
Of course, there may be questions without "galactus" in the title that still want the tag.
@SQB that's still a lot of Galactus edits in a row... No pressing need
Adhering to 5/15, though.
Q: Who are these very unusual superheroes on this 2nd hand T-shirt?

uhohI saw this T-shirt in a small shop of 2nd hand stuff in Taipei. There are all kinds of T-shirts cycling around Asia with creative/weird pictures and mipselled words, but this one looks really intentionally and carefully crafted (at least compared to the rest), not just thrown together from absolu...

@SQB that's only my opinion, but one-third of the homepage on one specific topic is a bit too much...
Diluting feels better, and more chances of hooking up someone in the process
3:43 PM
@TheLethalCarrot why did you remove from that question? I would have considered adding instead.
Well the question is more about a fight than the characters themselves... it could have the character tags... but would need both but I don't see the need for them at all
Hm. You've a point.
4:32 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
How do I know if I'm an Earthling?
Are you from Earth?
If I'm a weakling am I from weak?
Weak stock yes
If I'm a feeling am I from fee?
If I'm a sibling am I from sib?
4:39 PM
Ahh the Isles of Fee and Sib... beautiful places
ling and ing are different suffixes
and so yes.
A suffix forming diminutives with the meanings of:
a small, immature, or miniature version of what is denoted by the main stem.
a follower or resident of what is denoted by the original root or stem.
and so a Earthling is a "follower or resident" of Earthing
a sibling is a "follower or resident" of a sib (which is a word)
5:29 PM
Q: Star Trek TNG Tapestry

user107130In the episode Tapestry, Picard’s life is changed by Q. In Picard’s alternate life, who is captain of the Enterprise? Was is Jellico? Or someone else? Thank you

5:59 PM
Q: Which Pokémon can speak to humans?

Web HeadInspired by Detective Pikachu, I was wondering which Pokémon can "speak" to humans. I would like to include Pokémon like Meowth in the anime that speak English/Japanese with their mouths, Pokémon like Mewtwo in the anime/movies that speak telepathically, or other Pokémon we've seen like Lugia/E...

6:14 PM
Q: Why imprison the Doctor?

Nemon27In the episode 'The Pandorica Opens' it is revealed that several of the Doctor's greatest enemies have formed an alliance to prevent the destruction of the universe, as they believe (through data extrapolation) that the Doctor's travels ultimately cause the cracks in time and space. To combat th...

6:45 PM
Q: How did Capt. Panaka know R2's serial number?

DCOPTimDowdIn Phantom Menace, after R2 repairs Amidala's ship and gets everybody safely through the blockade, they're brought in front of the queen to get a commendation. From the script: QUI-GON, OBI-WAN, CAPTAIN PANAKA, and the LITTLE BLUE DROID stand before QUEEN AMIDALA and her THREE HANDMAIDENS,...

1 hour later…
8:00 PM
Q: With Discovery moving at an insane speed, how could Bowman catch up with Discovery after rescueing Poole?

TonyIf 2001 a space odyssey followed real world tech, as it said it did, it seems to me that it would be impossible for Bowman and the EVA pod with Frank Poole in tow to make it back to the discovery. The EVA pod would have to be able to fly faster in space then the Discovery.

8:15 PM
Q: How do Harvesters travel across the Universe in a matter of seconds?

Alex AIn Star Wars, ships do travel across the galaxy by light speed. The Sphere from the movie Independence Day: Resurgence travel across the Universe through a wormhole. I was thinking that each alien civilization from Independence Day has its own technology and science, which brings me the concl...

8:46 PM
@Marvin Anyone understand why the first sentence is talking about Star Wars instead of Independence Day?
8:58 PM
I've only just realised the One-Above-All has gone as well.
@RDFozz probably for the sake of comparison
9:41 PM
What the heck is this
This looks freaking awesome
@Jenayah A movie?
Cunning deduction.
Cunning stunts.
Seriously tho, I want to see this
Well, just click on it.
9:50 PM
I meant the whole movie
Geez 2019 in theaters looks good...
10:14 PM
@Skooba, I am watching Narcos at the moment and Pedro Pascal (Who obviously is in your avatar) play agent Javier Peña.
10:25 PM
One of these is a duplicate, no?
Q: Did Tom Riddle have The Trace on him?

DasonDid Tom Riddle have "The Trace" on him when he was at Hogwarts? While he was still underage It seems to me that even though he covered up his crimes that the ministry might do some sort of detective work when it comes to murder. With the trace on him wouldn't the ministry be alerted that in...

Q: Why did the Ministry of Magic condemn Morfin?

undoneIn Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore tells Harry that the Ministry of Magic arrested Morfin Gaunt because they thought he killed the Riddle family. I know every magical child under the age of 17 had the Trace placed on him/her, and Voldemort was younger than 17 when he murdered his f...

10:59 PM
unsure of the target though
Well I have an answer on one of them so there might be a bias.

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