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9:02 PM
@Alex I'd personally question the interest of doing this if only a subset of ID questions can be tagged appropriately. For instance, is there generally an appropriate author tag?
@lephe no, doesn't mean you can't create it though
@lephe I wasn't particularly suggesting it for Story-Identification questions. I meant it for answers in general.
kind of useless if it's only going to pop on one solved story-id
@Alex just link the post with your argumentation :P
(I've seen it, but I'm lazy to go browse Mi Yodeya meta)
Q: Tags for answers

AlexHas anyone ever thought about having tags for answers in addition to the tags for questions? That is to say that when someone writes an answer they would be able to assign tags to the answer separate from the tags on the question. My feeling is that this could be useful because oftentimes answers...

The arguments don't necessarily apply too other sites, though.
For instance:
@Alex it redirects to the dupe in the oneboxed
by the way, the dupe-closing is weird
9:05 PM
@Alex What would be the interest over editing the question to adjust the tags? I'd be tempted to argue that the question and the answer ought to be about the same thing.
If you search for the Gersonides tag you will only find five questions.
it'd be better to have your post as the dupe-target as it's at least got comments.
But if you search my answers you will find 38 answers that center around Gersonides.
But there is no tag linking them.
@Jenayah Not for me.
@Alex weird
have you tried clicking it?
@lephe I was talking about cases where the tag for the answer wouldn't apply to the question.
9:07 PM
The onebox display is yours but the link is the dupe-target
@Jenayah Yeah, it goes to my question.
@lephe how about you? does it take you to Alex's post or Loewian's?
@Jenayah I think I know why.
It's because I'm the author. If I click it from a window where I'm not signed in it takes me to the other post.
Which is still pretty weird.
@Jenayah Loewian's. I noticed it because the text in the onebox is not the same as the question.
@Alex ah, hadn't thought of that
9:10 PM
@Alex I naively thought it should not happen, but since you're a lot more experienced there, I'll take your word for it. :)
(If you have any concrete exemple, eg. on SFF.SE, I'd like to see one.)
@lephe Don't sell yousrelf short. I don't think anyone else agreed with me.
@lephe I don't think it would really happen here.
You wouldn't really answer a question from a perspective that was not included in the question.
@lephe I have one, wait.
Q: What is the name of this Dragon Ball character?

LCarvalhoI bought this toy for my son. Came along with a character named Cell. Who would this character be?

Whereas on Mi Yodeya a question can often be addressed from various perspectives.
it was a Rayquaza :P
@Jenayah I'd say that's more of an exception.
9:13 PM
totally not Dragon Ball :P
The questioner was just incorrect.
@Alex eh true
And it's not like the answers there are really "perspective"... But if you start tagging answers it becomes a mess for questions like this one
@Jenayah Nice example! I'm pretty convinced by the repaint-to-cut-costs idea, looks alot like what industry would do. xD
@Jenayah I would have the answer tags completely separate from the question tags.
@Alex ...doesn't that mean more mess?
9:15 PM
@Jenayah Depends what you consider a mess?
@Alex Doesn't that mean the tag database has to be rebuilt from the ground up?
@lephe there are some deleted comments under SQB's answer but yeah, people were like "aaaand nobody noticed?!" __ "nah mate, sometimes people marketing those toys don't really know the anime so they see a dragon and they brand it as Drgaon Ball and that's it"
@lephe Yeah, but I think there would be many fewer tags in the answer database.
@Alex searching, new users answering with the wrong tags, user interface when reading posts becoming counterintuitive ("eh? Why is it phrased like an answer, if it has tags showing up it should be a question? Oh wait it is an answer?")
Mostly the last one
It's the user habit issue
@Jenayah I don't think the first is any worse than new users posting questions with the wrong tags, and the second one would probably get figured out relatively quickly.
9:20 PM
If users are used to see tags/keywords only in the "post at the top of the thread" throughout the whole Internet (Quora, newspapers articles etc) they'll get lost when reading your answers which ALSO have tags
@Jenayah Eh, we'll make a sign: "These are tags for the answers"
@Alex Or use a different background color for the answer tags?
@Alex Rule number one when developing something, you should never tell users they're idiots, but you yourself shouldn't forget that oh boy they can be
@lephe Possibly.
@lephe who notices tags color? Especially in new design
9:23 PM
@Jenayah I agree it has its drawbacks. But I thought it would be useful for me to keep track of my answers (and maybe other people's answers too).
I mean by the time you've read a full answer you've probably forgotten the question tags' color
@Jenayah I'm damn starring this.
And it would also help for tag score.
Which might be important.
@Alex no, since you said yourself they were different than question tags.
Also, might lead to system gaming.
@Jenayah But they would still have a score.
In my example above, I only have score in Gersonides from the few questions with that tag. But I have 38 answers.
That should be taken into account when determining if someone is an "expert" in the topic.
@Alex why so? you can also be a master at Googling.
Maybe not for Gersonides 'cause his texts probably aren't all on Google but if the answer tags exist network-wide you would have to add "work" or "topic" tags when you just found stuff on Google
Urgh. OP asked a terse, unclear question and later self-answered inside their question. What do we do with this? It's closed, can't answer...
Oh wait, edited after closure. It should show up in Review queue
@Jenayah Why is that different from question tags?
@Alex murky, we have two situations
ID and non-ID
ID is kind of obvious?
ah well screw it yeah non-ID is kind of the same as question tags but there's still the gaming thing :P
Also, when you answer say, a HP question with a HP answer, would you put a HP tag in your answer?
User experience would say no, it's redundant.
@Jenayah Well, that's why I said it is somewhat unique to Mi Yodeya. The reasons there don't necessarily carry over well to other sites.
9:36 PM
But if you answer a Ragman (DC Jewish superhero) with a Jewish text answer, you would then include a tag, not the Ragman one
Now let's say someone else answers the same Ragman question with an in-universe Ragman answer
They won't tag their answer because it's redundant
@Jenayah Yeah, the answer tags would be in addition to the question tags.
so on the same page you have a question with tags, an answer with different tags and another answer with either no tags or redundant tags
What do you make of it when you don't know the system?
@Jenayah That's the point.
It's bad user experience
To show that different answers are coming from different perspectives.
9:39 PM
@Alex that's what the body answer is for, or at least a big fat TL;DR: / Disclaimer: I'm basing my answer on Gersonide's texts at the beginning of the answer
@Jenayah But that doesn't carry over beyond the text of that answer.
I still have to look at individual answers to find ones based on Gersonides's texts.
@Alex One possible objection is I'm not sure if the site supports it. If not, then the SE devs would have to get involved
And I don't know that the guy who answered dozens of questions based on Gersonides's texts is an expert on Gersonides.
@RDFozz Yeah, I don't know if it's technically feasible. This is more in theory.
@Jenayah In that case the Jewish (more accurately, Hebrew) text was in the question.
@Alex I mean text like the Talmud
@Alex As a longtime programmer, those little practical details tend to crop up pretty quickly. That said, the theory is what you'd have to go through to convince the devs, so....
9:42 PM
@Jenayah That would be a good example of an answer tag I would want on Mi Yodeya.
Except that it might be a little to ubiquitous.
@RDFozz when client says "It's just a little change"
@Alex ?
@Jenayah In my last job, I told users on a number of occasions - if there's something that would make your lives easier, ask. Never assume it would be too hard to do. Because, all too often, what you think would be hard to do might be easy; of course, what you think might be easy to do may be horribly difficult.
@Jenayah The Talmud is basically the most authoritative Jewish text. So we might end up with that tag on too many answers for it to be very useful.
@RDFozz as always there's exactly the right XKCD for that
9:50 PM
@Jenayah You prevent redundant tagging. Of course, when someone goes to change the question tags, then what happens to the answers? that would be yet another thing to resolve. Possibly, it would be considered the responsibility of the person making the edit to update the answers - which is, of course, unenforceable....
@RDFozz yes but if the redundant tagging is cleaned, and there's no tag, the post might look like it has descrepancies with the rest of the page
Well, it's been a great debate folks! I gotta go now, but feel free to continue responding; I'll see everything when I get back.
@Alex see ya! Always up for a (good) debate :)
@Alex Have a good one, sir!
Aug 17 at 14:44, by Jenayah
@Alex a "good" debate, everybody's okay(ish). A debate, no modifier... Well, have you been to the Internet recently? :D
@RDFozz You too.
9:53 PM
@Alex exactly what I was thinking about :p
@Jenayah Of course, I disagreed with you on that.
But now I really have to go.
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