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12:41 AM
@RDFozz just to clarify, wasn't trying to steal out the Venom panel you brought up! I was already writing up my answer when yours showed up :p
oh hey @Catija :)
Also, I've learned about Venom-Drax in this issue and it made my day.
Also, I've had to re-read the 2017 Venom run and that didn't make my day at all. Those were awful :/
1:41 AM
Q: Can you identify this YA/childrens fantasy series?

ZoëI have memories of reading a book or series around 1996 in England. It was, I think, set in England and involved some kids discovering a way to see the magical realm, which co-exists with the regular world. Being able to see it was conditional on something like holding a magical object. A key ma...

2:28 AM
Q: Why is the Butterfly Miraculous seemingly the most powerful?

AdamantIn Miraculous Ladybug, the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses are supposed to be the strongest. We know this from the fact that, when combined, they give ultimate power, and from their fact that their kwami are the oldest and most fundamental (creation and destruction). This may even have been explicit...

2:43 AM
Q: Which element does each Miraculous correspond to?

AdamantThere are three tiers in the Miraculous box. The Ladybug and the Cat correspond to Yin and Yang respectively. The bottom twelve correspond to the Chinese Zodiac. The middle five (Peacock, Bee, Butterfly, Fox, Turtle) correspond to the five classical Chinese elements. However, the colors in the...

2:59 AM
Q: Why does the Obscurial not consistently appear as it's given shape?

Mr. Dancing ManIn the Film, Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them, Creedance, the Obscurial appears in the first shot as an invisible force causing destruction throughout the city. Then, later in the film, we see him attacking Mr. Shaw's son, as an invisible force, again. Then in the later shots, he is a grea...

3:30 AM
Q: Book Identification - Children's sci-fi book about videogame aliens

Eliza IsabelleSo when I was a kid, I remember reading a book about a kid playing a popular videogame, except all over the world, ships are starting to appear less and less in the levels. At one point, he's restarting the game and the very first three easy ships appear, and send him a message with a picture of ...

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5:20 AM
Q: Identify A Sci-Fi Alien/Creature Movie

Riley HarshbargerCan anyone identify an alien/creature movie, made at least 8 years ago? I remember distinctly people in a waiting room, and when they’re called they are put into a room and killed and aliens are put inside them. The main character used smoke to put the alien people into a trance, and mentioned th...

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7:18 AM
Q: What was Ryan holding near the start of Doctor Who S11E1?

LawrenceIn Series 11, Episode 1 of Doctor Who, entitled "The Woman Who Fell To Earth", there's a scene near the start with Ryan holding an object. Here's a screen clip. (Apologies for the low quality. Here's a link to the episode from a google search. Have a look between 3:07 and 3:17.) In the scene, ...

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9:16 AM
@Jenayah yes
9:38 AM
@AncientSwordRage ok, this explains the invisible acceptance, thanks!
And hi by the way :D
Q: Young Tv-Show from 90s or 2000

andyI used to watch a science fiction series about a young boy and his sister (named ROM). They were taken to a Utopia place where they were obliged to take injections to make them always smiling but the brother run away and tries to save his sister. The brother has a protecting angel.

10:20 AM
Q: How did Superman know that he was dead?

Captain MarvelIn Justice League (2017) movie, just after Superman became alive again and he knocked all other Justice League members, he and Batman had this conversation: Superman: You did this! Batman: I had to. Superman: You won't let me live, you won't let me die. It shows that Superman some...

10:59 AM
Q: Was the age of the students a factor in the filming of the Harry Potter films?

Memor-XWatching the Harry Potter films you gradually see Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint get older as if matching to the year they are in Hogwarts. For filming, were the ages of the students a factor? I.e. filming of at least the first 4 films each had to be done within a year so that wi...

Q: title of reincarnation story

Jagelka ObseñaresI read a story about an immortal-warrior man who served the Sun God and fell in love with the Sun God's daughter. I believe the book was published in the 00's. I also remember the cosmos being mentioned in the book. Also, the main character, the girl, was reincarnated a couple of times and she re...

11:31 AM
Q: Was Lucius Malfoy about to use the killing curse on Harry?

Memor-XNear to the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Dobby is set free through Harry's trick of hiding one of his socks in Tom Riddle's diary that Lucius Malfoy then gave to Dobby, Lucius gets quite angry at Harry for tricking him in setting Dobby free and pulls out his wand to attack...

11:55 AM
Q: Where can I read the full version of "The Bent Bullet Report", an immersive article used in the promotion of X-Men: Days of Future Past?

JenayahBack in 2013, when promoting the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past movie, the commercial team released a trailer for a "mutant conspiracy" around JFK's assassination. They followed up with a full-fledged article titled "The Bent Bullet Report", which narrated ...

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3:20 PM
Q: TV series with a Team

BLASTERSI remember watching a tv series back in 2008-2009 where theres a group of young girls and boys. They fight monster that come to the city and that comes in their way. I kinda remember the name as Monster Warriors , but I can't find the tv series. I remember there was an episode of it where there ...

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4:23 PM
Q: “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell” ‘s ending

F PThe ending was really complicated for those who didn’t read the book I think! Can someone please explain these three for me: (I read the book parts in another answer) 1- Childermass looked behind him in confusion. There was no one there. Just the wind blowing across the snowy tussocks. What did ...

Q: Why Megatron always fails?

Cloud JREvery time at the end , megatron fails but optimus wins...why? If megatron know he is no match to optimus then why did he fight against him? Instead of every time megatron attack earth and fails ,he could go around the universe and find some other power that could defeat optimus or he should acc...

5:42 PM
Q: Why Does Seven of Nine use her borg designation?

BasementJoeA large part of Seven of Nine's story is her attempt to become human again. Why then, do they continue to refer to her as Seven of Nine? At some point they learn her real name, Annika Hansen. I can understand when she is confronting the Borg Queen, the Queen may refuse to call her by her real...

@Jenayah Only one from Valorum which he later turned into an answer. Nothing from the OP to confirm the answer, if that's what you're wondering.
@Randal'Thor oh so the "please accept it" is overdoing it?
Lol nevermind, it disappeared
6:00 PM
@Jenayah Yeah, "please check my answer and accept it if it's correct" =/= "please accept my answer".
@Randal'Thor would've been legit if there had been some deleted comment/answer stating it was indeed the one
hence my asking if there was such a thing
thanks for replying!
After my edit to this post, I think it's not only on-topic but a very good question, cutting to the heart of one of the central points of the story which is never explained explicitly in the book.
Would encourage close-voters to retract their votes.
@Randal'Thor alright, done. I know nothing of the work but it reads indeed like a fit question now.
@Jenayah I've kind of answered this already on Literature:
A: In Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, what is the purpose of this character's resurrection?

Rand al'ThorYes, this character is John Uskglass. I've already answered this part on another SE site, and most of the same arguments apply here. Who else could he possibly be? A magician of great power, enough to revive the dead without fairy assistance, and who changed the writing upon Vinculus's body. Vi...

Funnily enough, the first half of that Lit answer was largely taken from my answer to another question on SFF :-)
@Randal'Thor yeah not going to read that in case I ever read the book :)
@Randal'Thor duh, gottalove cross posting ahah
6:14 PM
Q: Superpowers that wouldn't need CGI to show

direnddI am thinking of writing a script for a film. For couple of reasons(cost being one of them), I want to avoid CGI as much as possible. What are some useful super powers I can provide my characters which doesn't require CGI to portray that power in a film.

@Jenayah It's actually a good book, albeit a massive tome written in 19th-century-English style that will take you a long time to work through.
@Randal'Thor Duly noted!
There's also a BBC TV adaptation which is excellent. (And I don't say that lightly: I'm very harsh about almost all screen adaptations of books I enjoyed.)
@Randal'Thor ahah I know what you mean
I'm currently writing up an answer which deals with the X-Men Origins movie and it's hard to respect the Be Nice policy
6:41 PM
@Jenayah Towards the poster, or towards the movie?
Q: Who are John Uskglass and the Raven King in Jonathan Strange and Mr.Norrell?

F PI think the series has some serious ambiguity for those who didn’t read the book! Who are John Uskglass and the Raven King?(in the series they said they are two different person) What they want? Are they good men or not?

Q: What kingdom was Farquaad’s mother Princess of?

Alex DownsIn Shrek the Musical, Farquaad just says: My momma was a princess Who left her crown behind. The Shrek Wiki says she was Princess of Duloc, but the Mirror only said “You can be King by marrying a Princess,” to Farquaad, so does that really apply to the Princess’s parents i.e. Farquaad’s matern...

7:01 PM
Q: Need help with book title

Christopher BackusScience fiction novel where humans were like gods. They had multiple personalities that they called "daemons" or something similar. Main character was a bit of a fop, but reportedly brilliant. He got kidnapped and some of of his daemons developed in a subconscious way to be significantly gritt...

7:21 PM
@b_jonas no, the movie
Nothing wrong with the poster
And even if there was I'd respect the policy eh :p or just walk away if I couldn't
Now the movie, on the other hand
Well it was a pretty stupid movie to say the least
7:47 PM
> To be honest, I think everybody is better off forgetting X-Men Origins: Wolverine ever happened.
I can't get more polite than that, though you can't even begin to imagine how distorted my face is with a grin
8:07 PM
Q: Looking for any biographical info on Terence Haile, author of Space Train

SingularityCoWe're looking for biographical information about Terence Haile, the author of the science-fiction book "The Space Train". It's a very bad book, but we are trying to clear the copyright to turn it into an ebook nonetheless! Unfortunately, Google and Wikipedia are silent on the topic of his biogra...

@Randal'Thor may I ask you to rename into ? As Spidey would say, remember the hyphen :)
2 hours later…
9:53 PM
@Jenayah Just saw your chat note re Venom from last night - no worries. By the 2017 run do you mean the Lee Price stuff?
@RDFozz yeah that one
It was... not good.
The best I can say about it is that the Venum, Inc story wasn't bad
Q: Lost in Space (1965) first season sets

Anthony XI've been watching the "original" Lost in Space (1965), "rediscovering" it having only vague memories of watching it in its original run. At the start of the first broadcast episode (not referring to the unaired pilot which I haven't seen), pre-launch "news coverage" tours the Jupiter 2, showing ...

And without Price, no Venom Inc
10:27 PM
Q: Science Fiction story about humans escaping earths destruction

aMatI remember this story being told to me about this alien race that observed this planet and it’s intelligent life. They find out that the planet will soon die due to the sun or something and want to send a rescue mission to save the people. Turns out the people have already figured this out and s...

@RDFozz Kinda, kinda

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