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7:43 AM
bonus bun floof
TIL one should not wash their wabbits, because wabbits might get sick.
@Gallifreyan I won't unpin the Daily floof if it's still someone else day - as my day starts before most of you (Yes I'm from the future). So we can kinda wing two Daily floofs ;)
@Gallifreyan is this your bunny?
8:06 AM
@YvetteColomb Nah, just saw in news feed.
I read the other day that bunnies can get sick if they're washed.
Bonus needle floof.
@Gallifreyan you should visit Pets
Q: Can a bath really kill a rabbit?

James JenkinsThere is some controversy on bathing rabbits. There are multiple claims that bathing a rabbit can cause a fatal shock at the same time there are multiple videos online of bunnies getting a bath. While I find several respected rabbit authorities repeating this warning, I am not finding any reli...

Poor wabbits
@Gallifreyan :'(
8:24 AM
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11:48 AM
To sum up: rabbits are fragile little balls of anxiety that can drop dead from stress, so try not to stress them. — Mark Reed Nov 5 '14 at 19:01
Turns out it's dang hard to look after a wabbit
Anything you do can prove lethal
And there's no certainty that a domesticated wabbit would hop around and love being petted.
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12:51 PM
1:38 PM
Q: MCU: What's happening to the planned movie about James Comey?

gobysil1i've heard claims that the MCU is set to release a biopic in 2018-2019 about James Comey, leading up to the events that got him fired. What's happening on this, and when will Marvel tell us more? I've seen this on a few sites; digitalspy, reddit, and a few others.

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8:02 PM
@Randal'Thor this was probably a legitimate tie-in to the book. It doesn't seem like spam to me, unless the Facebook stuff on there is really nefarious. (I'm not on Facebook, so I don't think it did anything for / to me).
It's old, though, so likely no important either way.
8:21 PM
Why is Game of Thrones called that way instead of Games of Throne. AFAIK, they are "playing" multiple "games" to sit on the Iron Throne. Wouldn't it make more sense to call it "The Games of Thrones" and not "A Game of Thrones"?
@Narusan It's various kingdoms thrones fighting each other.
@Narusan Never read the books but do the individual people have there own thrones?
8:40 PM
@Bellerophon I mean there are 7 kingdoms, but (as far as I can see) it's all about the throne ruling over all other kingdoms (the iron thron)
@NapoleonWilson So as in multiple Thrones (families, parties) play a game who'll win? Haven't thought of that!
8:52 PM
@YvetteColomb Dammit, you beat me for the second time!
Woooooow, the graphics for Rosetta@home are so cool!
9:33 PM
@Narusan Well, don't take my word for it. ;-) But isn't it referred to as the war of the 7(?) kingdoms, too? That seems to fit with that notion.
You could as well ask a question about it (if that's considered a reasonable question).
9:58 PM
@Gallifreyan soz

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