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3:17 AM
@Ali Your requests for evidence directly from Tanakh is generally not going to be totally well-received here
While what we do is absolutely derived from Tanakh, the derivations are usually in later literature
such as the Talmud
3:49 AM
@Daniel he knows, he knows...
@Daniel more likely midreshei halacha for whatever derivations we have
@Daniel that is such an overgeneralized statement, but not worth confusing the situation
@DoubleAA I know it's overgeneralized. I'm just trying to make a point
Looks like we just hit the second anniversary of the 2.0 beta, judging from all the Yearling badges. :-)
@MonicaCellio I didn't realize that the Yearling badge could be achieved more than once
4:05 AM
@Daniel yup. So long as reputation divided by number of years is at least 200, you get it once a year. So Alex is good for another 300 or so years, and counting. :-)
@MonicaCellio Wow! It doesn't even require 200 rep in the past year?
@Daniel the description refers to being an "active user", which isn't defined, but it seems to be based on total rep, not the previous years' rep:
A: List of all badges with full descriptions

Popular DemandRegular badges (M-Z) Jump to A-L Marshal gold; awarded once Raise 500 flags deemed "helpful" by moderators This badge was originally awarded for achieving a flag-weight (10k only) of 749; as of Jan. 20, 2012, flag weight is no longer used. Not awarded to moderators, only to regular registered...

posted on May 12, 2013

Today is forty-seven days, which is six weeks and five days of the Omer. Today's attribute: Hod ShebeMalchus

@MonicaCellio we seem to have lost shulem
@ShmuelBrin so it seems
4:20 AM
Too bad. He could have been good.
also, do you know why this isn't in the list of deleted items?
@ShmuelBrin wow, hadn't noticed. Thanks for pointing that out. (I wonder why mods don't get notifications for deleted users?)
@MonicaCellio i suppose because there's nothing for us to do about it
@ShmuelBrin which list exactly?
@Daniel indeed. He knows a lot and could have contributed here. He needed to get past some "style" hurdles; it's a pity he didn't stick around to work on that.
@DoubleAA no action, but the FYI would be handy.
4:24 AM
@MonicaCellio meta.stac....../tagged/feature_request
@ShmuelBrin it probably counts as a self-delete
@DoubleAA yup, already planning on it.
@ShmuelBrin the rule is when an account is removed that any negatively voted posts are deleted
hmmm...it seems this was implemented without telling me
Q: Retaining negative meta posts from deleted accounts

Double AAThe way I understand it, when a user's account is deleted, so are all his posts that have a negative score (see #8 here). This makes a lot of sense to me on a main site. But as we know on meta voting means something different than on main, and a negatively voted post can still be worth keeping ar...

If shulem had any negatively-scored questions with answers that we want to keep, somebody please flag those questions. (I don't know if this is the case. People who answered his questions might.)
@ShmuelBrin well, his chat user still exists :)
12 hours later…
4:26 PM
And welcome back to shulem :)
4:47 PM
Hi @daniel :)
Hi, @Charlie. How's it going?
@Daniel quite fine and you?
@Charlie I'm doing well. Enjoying my weekend
@Daniel good, this is nice :)
1 hour later…
5:55 PM
@msh210 and @double aa would it make sense to merge this question into the related one (linked in the comments)?
Q: Facing east for "Alenu"

msh210I was praying with my kid in a synagogue wherein the aron was against the eastern wall, and most of the seats were facing north or south. My kid wondered why, when "Alenu" started, the people around us turned to face east to say it. I had (and have) no idea. Anyone know?

And then change it into a question about facing east in a non-'Amidah situation?
@SethJ Perhaps the asker thinks there is something fundamentally different between Aleinu and kaddish
@Daniel that's why I'm asking here if it makes sense.
(relevant meta post)
Q: Generalizing a specific question

Double AAA question asks about case A. All the answers explain the rule with respect to cases A and B which have the same rule (or at least no one has yet to find a distinction). Is it appropriate to generalize the question post facto to ask about A and B, or leave the question alone because it is technic...

@SethJ I suspect the answers will be the same. Either there is no reason to turn, or they turn because both involve bowing (yes, bowing during kaddish used to be much more common).
The latter might not be to the exclusion of the former.
6:28 PM
I read this question.and I thought the opposite, how is the view of whom converts to judaism (no matter the previous religion)?
7:03 PM
@double aa, so it would be appropriate to edit. What about merging? Or would you close as duplicate?
7:55 PM
You can trust me by now without me having to bother finding sources. You can be sure they exist. Perhaps some lubavicher now learning sotah according to the rebbe should have almost finished it can provide it. — shulem 3 hours ago
Is he serious?
@shulem are you serious?
8:14 PM
@Charlie Could you clarify that
I don't understand your question
@SethJ I'm starting to get the feeling that he really is trolling
He knows that we require sources
And he's saying that to elicit a response
@SethJ shulem can't answer you here right now; that requires 20 rep.
8:34 PM
@Monica Cellio what happened to his rep?
@SethJ He deleted his first account (see his meta posts to see that). Now he has a new account.
@Daniel is there any difference between a jewish and someone who converted to judaism? I don't know how to explain it better :-/
@Charlie Oh that question that you linked to is asking about something different
It's asking about someone who tries to convert out of Judaism
And the answer is that even someone who tries to convert away from Judaism remains a Jew
@Daniel I was thinking about the inverse function, that's why I said opposite
@Charlie ooh I understand now. I thought you were saying that you thought the answer is the opposite of what Shalom said in his answer
See this
A: Is it possible for a Gentile to convert to Judaism?

Shalom Yes, conversion is possible. The Talmud discusses it, Maimonides' Code of Jewish Law (around the year 1200) discusses it, and there is a section on it in Shulchan Aruch, the main code of Jewish Law that was compiled in the 1500s. Besides the book of Ruth, see for instance Numbers 9:14: If a...

He discusses some of the slight differences
although there are not many
8:43 PM
@Daniel oh, thank you!
@Charlie No problem :)
@Charlie yes, as you'll see there, there are some minor differences, like a woman who's a convert can't marry a kohein (priest), but for the most part, a convert and a born Jew are treated the same under Jewish law.
@MonicaCellio very helpful, thank you!
@Charlie glad to help!
1 hour later…
10:38 PM
@SethJ into which related one?
@Daniel I definitely think there may be. Notethat the answer to the kadish question applies specifically to kadish. Ping also @SethJ
10:53 PM
@HodofHod, I don't know whether you saw my World Series story above, but you may like it.
@msh210 I can not describe how broadly I'm smiling at that! :D
Shliach's name is (probably) R' Moshe Feller. And that sounds like his kind of story....
@msh210 were Shliach and speaker not the same person?

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