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12:01 AM
@Shokhet In some sense all questions are riddles. This seems like an honest attempt at finding potentially useful information with standard defined rules and goals.
@DoubleAA That makes sense, I suppose.
I have to go now; TZT!
I have to admit, I wasn't expecting such a well-written answer to that question
12:41 AM
@Daniel Me neither.
12:56 AM
@Shokhet @Scimonster you guys are doing it the hard way. Try this:
Q: AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE

Benjol No more re-typing the same comments over and over! This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. When you click the link, you see a popup with 6 configurable auto-comments (canned responses), which you can easily click to insert. This script was inspired by answers to thi...

@MonicaCellio Oh. Thanks!
@Shokhet ironically, I haven't developed a nice set of Mi-Yodeya-specific comments, though I've loaded some for some other sites.
@MonicaCellio I'm reading about that extension now; it's actually pretty cool. I'm very impressed.
@MonicaCellio Well, we have some standard comments on MY, you may as well load those :)
@Shokhet that's true. :-)
1:13 AM
@Shokhet oh, it turns out I did have the p'sak one (in my main browser); it was the "please consider registering" one from here that I was missing.
@MonicaCellio Nice! :) ....I'll have to set it up after restarting my browser, so that probably won't be until a little later tonight. Those two, I think, will be the first.
@Shokhet installing a userscript shouldn't require a restart; do you have to install Greasemonkey first and that requires a restart? Anyway, it'll still be here when you get back. :-)
@MonicaCellio I didn't download the script, I downloaded the Chrome extension. I don't see the "auto" comment link....
1:49 AM
Q: Prompted for a comment on my downvote

jimI voted on a comment which explained why an answer was lacking. Then I voted it down. The system prompted me to leave a comment. After voting up the comment that I thought explained it, should I do more? It seems redundant to post a comment at that point. I assume it's just a lo p'lug but wa...

2:02 AM
@Shokhet oh. I don't know how the Chrome extension works, sorry.
@MonicaCellio No problem :)
1 hour later…
3:12 AM
@DoubleAA sholom 3aleicham wara7amei Aloheem ubeerchotho ya a7ee. brother maimonist has permitted you to give me access to his email on this account
@DoubleAA is it possible to let me know what his email is? thanks wa sholom
@DoubleAA - At the risk of sounding juvenile: that is freaking boss! I will have to look into this more. I am willing to bet that the Temani world today rules much like the Sefaradim - le-humrah - in this regard in order to avoid further chastisement from the rest of Judaism. In fact, Makhon Mosheh just published recently a sefer dealing with the laws of taharath ha-mishpahah and decided to include the laws of ALL `edoth to stave off critics. In fact, they were hesitant to even publish it for fear of major backlash. Rav Yisshaq Abadi also faces this type of criticism for his rulings also. KT. — Maimonist 2 hours ago
lol :)
@MoriDoweedhYaa3qob Can you document that to me for the record?
@DoubleAA you can be a good talmeedh ha rambam with all the rambam you know brother
@DoubleAA @MoriDoweedhYaa3qob - Okay, have DoubleAA let you know. Hope to hear from you soon, ahi. Kol tuv. – Maimonist 17 mins ago
@MoriDoweedhYaa3qob - Okay, have DoubleAA let you know. Hope to hear from you soon, ahi. Kol tuv. — Maimonist 17 mins ago
@DoubleAA not that a talmeedh ha rambam is a status of any kind. you would just be following proper judaism of 7azal and so forth :/
also we dont say rambam we say ho rambom :p
3:55 AM
Q: Elohim - Female Image of G-d

UserThere is a group that teaches that analyzing the words in Genesis 1:26 : And God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness, and they shall rule over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the heaven and over the animals and over all the earth and over all the creeping t...

^^^ How odd. Last week I was approached by a pair of young women on my way out of the office who politely asked me if they could ask me a question. I said sure, thinking they were lost or something. They asked if I knew where in the Bible it says God is a woman. I decided I had a few minutes, so I said it doesn't -- at least not in the actual Hebrew bible, I said; what those other guys have added I couldn't say.
The conversation took an odd turn (they reached for this verse) and after a few minutes I extricated myself, but I'd completely forgotten about this question. So, sounds like I met some of those cultists?
They seemed to be new at it; they also got hung up on the plural-seeming word, I explained enough Hebrew grammar to point out singular verbs in B'reishit (which is what they were using), and then they went to the "image" thing. I said God doesn't have a physical form so, q.e.d., it's not a female form (nor a male form). They wanted to argue on that and I left soon after. I still have no idea where the plural fit into their pitch.
@MonicaCellio Odd. I don't know what I would tell them.
@MonicaCellio ....there were a bunch of comments on this question that I just went back to find; they discussed the asking of the same question on BH, which lead to a different question that asked about what "image" means in Genesis, "God created man in his image."
....the answer by Gone Quiet cited Rashi; I just wanted to say that the Rambam discusses that question at the beginning of Moreh Nevuchim.
(though I can't claim to know what he says there, because I only skimmed it and it's been a while)
@Shokhet I just deleted those comments because that link didn't lead to the cross-post (which I guess got closed as a dupe?) and the rest of the conversation was about cross-posting. Do you think I was overzealous?
@Shokhet oh, if you meant you wanted to comment over there, I can get you that link. (I didn't think you had an account over there.) Or if you meant you wanted to comment here, you can do that directly; the Rashi was on "b'tzelem/kidmateinu", so you can find it easily enough.
@MonicaCellio No, I don't think it was a problem; I was just complaining because I wanted to discuss those comments, which I was able to do anyway. Leaving that last comment was a good move, because it is still relevant, I think
4:10 AM
Yes, that was the one comment that wasn't about the cross-posting.
@MonicaCellio Right. I don't have an account on BH, though. I figured I could let that user find out the information by leaving it in Bam ;-)
Yeah, that would work. You could also comment on that user's blog, where that answer has been separately posted. (That user, not some other user you might be thinking of.)
@MonicaCellio Oh. I didn't realize that that user had posted this answer on their blog. :P
Anyway, yeah, I'm confident GQ will see it.
Oh, I actually have the question open in another tab. I was discussing this answer
4:12 AM
@Shokhet that user posted most of said user's answers on a blog.
@MonicaCellio Oh. Good to know.
@Shokhet bible-student.dreamwidth.org/2526.html for that specific question.
It seems that the blog never took off after early 2014 -- a few new posts here and there, but not a lot of activity. Still, I understand the user to be happy to have a way of keeping, reviewing, and occasionally improving the work that was already done, in a better venue.
And Mi Yodeya is a much better place for such questions than either a blog or another site, so the ones that are on-topic and not too basic belong here. That user realizes that now.
@MonicaCellio I see. MY is also a lot better at gauging which ideas are correct, and how they can be fixed, through votes and comments. I don't think most blogs have those features.
@Shokhet absolutely. I think the blog was chosen because so many of them seemed too basic for Mi Yodeya.
Or rather, too basic to be asked and answered. We serve people at all levels, and if somebody happens to ask a question that can be addressed by looking up the Rashi, somebody should do that and answer. But bringing it in as a self-answer might not go over so well.
@MonicaCellio Could be. I've done that, though....as soon as I discovered Hod's script :)
4:22 AM
@Shokhet well, if you happen to see anything there that you think would be appropriate here, let me know -- I think we could make the right things happen. I just wouldn't want to bring in a bunch of basic self-answers on my own.
@MonicaCellio We'll see what happens :)
@Shokhet ah, so you have. And I don't see any critical comments there.
@MonicaCellio I asked the question because I knew it had an answer, but I couldn't think of it. A few minutes later, I decided to look at Rashi, and found that I was able to use Hod's script for that also. I did, however, leave a comment on the question requesting further answers, which didn't come :(
@Shokhet this reminds me that I recently received private email with some fairly basic questions, some of which I "self-answered", and I think there's one or two more there that I need to get back to. ("Self-answered" meaning I posted the submitted, anonymous question and declared its provenance.)
@MonicaCellio Go for it! :)
4:24 AM
@Shokhet not yet, anyway.
@MonicaCellio I think I remember those
@MonicaCellio True.
@BSteinhurst, I saw your question in the first posts review queue today. Welcome to Mi Yodeya! :D
(I had been planning to just send the guy email, but I mentioned it in here and others thought it would be ok to post here instead, so I did. Since I had several, I queued them up for that "answer five questions on Saturday" hat. :-) )
Oh, hi @BSteinhurst! Welcome to Mi Yodeya and V'dibarta Bam!
@MonicaCellio Oh, that works. I was thinking about trawling the unanswered section, and writing five answers, and then saving them to my computer ( cough @YeZ cough ), and then posting them all in the short amount of time after Shabbos. That turned out to be too much work, though I ended up #2 in hats, anyway :)
@Shokhet yeah, I had them all sitting in a text file (cough YeZ cough :-) ), so I could post them in the small window on motzei shabbat.
@Shokhet @MonicaCellio Thank you for the welcome. It was nice to finally have something worth asking.
4:28 AM
I don't think all five were from that; I answered a couple questions from other people I think.
@MonicaCellio Right, but you had them answered already. I would have had to write an answer. ....one of them was my cutlass answer, but that took longer than "Saturday" did, so I was out of the race for that hat.
@BSteinhurst is your siddur a private project or are you doing it for somebody/a particular community?
@Shokhet well, I wrote the answers in the day or two before Shabbat. (These were new questions from email, not reposts.)
Er, I think. Now I'd have to check. I may be misremembering.
@MonicaCellio Don't bother checking. It's not all that important, anyway.
@Shokhet I wasn't actually going to check. :-)
@MonicaCellio :)
4:33 AM
@DoubleAA this might be slightly faster than the comments under my question. So a poseik can make the changes that they want to but if they are really a poseik they are not going to make any that would make the resulting siddur unusable. Fair enough so far. But how would they make those decisions? This is what I meant by pushing the question back.
@MonicaCellio Not even a private project, just an idle curiosity at the moment.
There's at least one Yodeyan who is actively working on producing a siddur.
@BSteinhurst ah, ok.
@BSteinhurst You may have to ask one :) I'm guessing things like manuscript evidence, differences in old Siddurim or other earlier machlokot are going to be the main place for poseik to choose (paskin) between different options, though there is always the possibility that sheer conviction will dictate to him that a certain change must be made.
@Shokhet I know an inactive Yodeyan who used to be, but he hasn't said much about the project lately so I don't know where it stands.
@MonicaCellio I see. I can imagine that if you want to do it right, it would be a lot of work....
4:39 AM
@DoubleAA That is the kind of answer I was hoping not to get because it doesn't lead to any more understanding of the process.
@BSteinhurst It just says your question isn't all that different from "How does a Rabbi know how to paskin between the Magen Avraham and the Taz?"
Are you looking perhaps for a list of every place in the siddur there is a potential disagreement about something that a ruling could be issued?
Such a list would be prohibitively long I imagine.
@Shokhet it would. His started as a project to make a personal siddur that was easier for him to use -- then when he mentioned it to others he found out that he's not the only one who was interested. :-)
@DoubleAA That is not the kind of answer I am looking for since that is an answer to "how have siddurim be made differently?"
An earlier version of the question I had in mind was "how much of the text of a service (weekday morning for specificity) can be changed?" I decided to enlarge the question to a siddur so it wouldn't get bogged down if I picked a service with little variation.
5:38 AM
I don't know, but I've been waiting for the day when three guys come and take all his sefarim. — Double AA ♦ Jul 23 '12 at 23:32
5:57 AM
judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/52784/… -- The questioner is looking for a "Shibboleth" -- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shibboleth
10 hours later…
3:46 PM
@MonicaCellio I found this conversation amusing, for some reason.
Probably the identity of GQ.
@Shokhet Me, i had to do it the hard way! I actually wrote them out after Shabbat.
This one i wrote from my iPad, i didn't even use a computer!
@CashCow You seem to have managed to answer it despite being closed anyways... — Scimonster 56 secs ago
2 hours later…
5:44 PM
@Matt I assume you noticed that the quote you copied into the edit summary is not the original.
6:06 PM
@DoubleAA I did not read it closely. I think that your version is grammatically incorrect but I'm not sure
1 hour later…
7:24 PM
@Scimonster Same :)
@Scimonster You could have made it easier for yourself ;-)
@Shokhet But most of them were actual answers to questions posted then. So, no.
@Scimonster Oh, well. ....that probably means that you're the only one that really got that hat, then :P
@Shokhet I posted 4 real answers, and 2 self answers. 3 of the non-selfies got upvoted.
@Scimonster Ah. I was going to try something like that, but my first self-answer was the cutlass question. That took longer than Saturday to write :P
@Shokhet While we're on the subject, check out my new icon. :P
7:39 PM
@Scimonster :)
@Scimonster The shirt fits you well :)
Is this question POB?
Q: How much does it cost to support a yeshivah student?

Ani YodeaHow much does it cost to support one yeshivah student that sleeps in the dorm and eats the yeshivah's "yeshivah food" in the United States. Let's says this is post high school so no secular studies are being taught/learned. Please leave comments below to what other details you might need to bet...

@Shokhet I don't think so, but it might be OT about Jewish people, not Judaism.
@Scimonster I knew something felt off about that question....but since I'm still not sure, I'll abstain from voting; let's see what happens.
....there's already a CV for "too broad," which also works
@Shokhet If you feel it's off, you should vote. (Mine is in for OT.)
8:02 PM
I voted to close as "too broad," because "There are either too many possible answers...." — Shokhet 8 secs ago
8:27 PM
A: What shortened URLs are available through s.tk?

ScimonsterThere are also custom links, besides for to site homepages/SE stuff. Please add to this list. /miyodeya: Mi Yodeya Publications

BTW, about the landing page for MYP... (yes, trying to convince you one more time)
The "offseason" landing page is very usable, IMO. It has a list of the publications at the top, with links. Scroll down for each one.
Then, we go and confuse people about finding the other things, by making the top all about one book, instead of the list, as usual.
8:53 PM
And it appears that I just missed the end of the bounty. Oh well. — Shokhet 46 mins ago
9:30 PM
Is this a duplicate of this?
See judaism.stackexchange.com/a/7461/5151 - it's a problem even in private. — Scimonster 25 secs ago
@Scimonster I don't think so
9:48 PM
@Scimonster @Shokhet :-)
Btw, @Matt, I'm sure you've already heard that our mutual friend is engaged, right?
10:14 PM
@Shokhet I have, yes... thank you I guess... this is an odd place for relating such news
@Shokhet Mazel tov!!
@Shokhet mazel tov!
@Scimonster @MonicaCellio Thanks :)
@Matt I know, but where else?
10:30 PM
@Shokhet all good. I'm sure he'll be happy to know that they miyodea community wishes him mazel tov
@Matt :)
11:12 PM
@DoubleAA can i get maimonists email please?
11:31 PM
@MoriDoweedhYaa3qob The powers at be are hesitant to let me do so. If it is pressing, may I suggest leaving your email on an old post of his that no one is looking at and deleting it the next day?

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