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@DoubleAA he just asked: @MoriDoweedhYaa3qob - Did you get my email from an Admin yet? Kol tuv. – Maimonist 7 mins ago
@DoubleAA what is stopping you
12:33 AM
I asked the rabbit. He said you're not allowed to charge markup for carrots and lettace, but it is a mitzva to overcharge on pesticides and hunting falcons. — Clint Eastwood 30 secs ago
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Are these questions duplicate, or is there something I'm missing?
Q: Milk After Fowl

yydlIf eating milk and chicken is only a rabbinical prohibition, why don't we find that we are more lenient with regards to it. For example, why don't we wait less time between eating chicken and milk? [the ice cream in my freezer looks good right now]

Q: Waiting six hours when chicken became meat

Clint EastwoodPoultry was once not considered fleishig. If someone had eaten chicken immediately before the rabbis decreed that poultry was fleishig, would he have had to wait his customary number of hours before drinking milk? I think there is some confusion. A rephrase of the question: Reuben eats chic...

....there are high quality answers to both, so should these questions be merged, perhaps?
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Whoever voted to close as a duplicate of the question I linked to earlier probably doesn't understand that they are two different question: this one wants to know how it was allowed, the other asks for the source that this was the case. — Shokhet 18 secs ago
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@Shokhet The real question is why only two people have downvoted it.
4:35 AM
@MoriDoweedhYaa3qob I have an agreement with StackExchange Inc which prohibits me from disclosing certain things in most situations, including your personal information.
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@DoubleAA its ok a7ee we got in touch and shumzed anyway
2 hours later…
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@Shokhet They're not duplicates. One asks about a general leniency. The other asks about a contrived case at a specific point of time.
This is more like, does it follow what it was at the start of the meal, or atm?
6 hours later…
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@Scimonster Ah. Now I see it....so I suppose the answer to "is there something I'm missing?" is "Yes" :P
Thanks for explaining that!
@Shokhet np :)
2:29 PM
@all: remember this question? See this comment.
.....I sincerely doubt anyone is specifically targeting him for downvotes, but I think it might be beneficial for someone to comment there, with a polite explanation.
@ray That's quite similar, but not a duplicate. For one thing, C. Ben Yosef reported that the doctor said that this treatment would "extend the patients life". — Fred Jan 14 at 8:14
.....so why are there 3 votes for duplicate?
@Shokhet Gave it a shot
@IsaacMoses Great, +1.
@Shokhet Thanks
.....I'm not sure what the "4 am" part of that comment was doing there; does he think he's been people are asking questions at odd times to avoid his answers?
Q: Weekly Tanach Challenge 5775-1 (Week of Va-eira): Bereishit 16 - 20

Isaac MosesIn conjunction with Project 929, let's learn Tanach along with Jews all over the world. This coming week (Parashat Va-eira, starting Sunday, January 11), we'll be studying the following chapters: Bereishit 16 Bereishit 17 Bereishit 18 Bereishit 19 Bereishit 20 The challenge to you is: st...

2:41 PM
@IsaacMoses I'd have done it myself, but I'm not certain that I could get the message across with the due respect and sensitivity that others can.
^^^ Should we: 1) Drop the project? 2) Edit this to be a new challenge? 3) Wrap this one and post a new one? 4) Improve this challenge somehow to make it more compelling?
@Shokhet I'll bet you could, but fine.
Q: What's the point of posting an answer based on something that's already online?

Isaac MosesIf I find an English-language article online that directly addresses a question on Mi Yodeya, why should I bother going to all the trouble suggested in our citation guideline - citing, summarizing, etc.? Why not just put a link to the source in a comment, which will tell the question-asker and re...

3:06 PM
See? That's what's wrong with bare links. Now that I've attempted to demonstrate, I'll edit this answer. :-) (For anybody reading this later, Isaac is referring to revision 1.) — Monica Cellio ♦ 1 min ago
Nice job, @MonicaCellio. I didn't even get it until the comments.
3:17 PM
I can't retract my reopen vote, but I would if I could. Your edit does nothing to clarify the question. I would advise you to remove all unnecessary info and just ask your question, simply and clearly. "A certain rabbi made a scientifically inaccurate statement about gelatin in the context of kashrus, does halacha require me to correct his mistake?" — Shokhet 18 secs ago
....it's a bummer that I can't retract reopen votes, even though I can retract close votes. Recent edits to that question obscure the question, rather than clarify it.
@Shokhet BTW, the way you've phrased the suggested question looks like Rfפ to me
@IsaacMoses Could be. I just phrased the question in the simplest way possible, to encourage clarifying comments.
....the question just changed again, I think....now he's asking if he can trust the kashrus of the rabbi. Good grief.
@Shokhet Downvotes do the trick. I added mine after he [effectively] reverted your edit. Sometimes, I want to make a frying pan with get on a soapbox and somehow get everyone to understand that "Communication is what the listener does" engraved into it and go around hitting some users on the head .
"Look, it's possible, through some decoding process that I consider intuitive, to decode a good [question | answer] from this post. If people are too lazy to do the decoding, that's their problem."
<splash> Sorry. I've doused myself in cold water. I'm OK now.
@IsaacMoses I also DVed after that (and, apparently, so did someone else). I'm not sure if his goal here is to get his question answered (especially after he changed the question from "do I correct rabbi" to "can I trust rabbi"), or to let us all know about the kashrus of gelatin.
@IsaacMoses Glad to hear it :)
@Shokhet ... or to vent about the frustrating fact that his rabbi is wrong in his eyes, and there's little he can do about it
3:31 PM
@IsaacMoses I've taken the conversation to chat. Hopefully we can discuss this there, in a constructive manner.
@IsaacMoses That's also possible. ....the answer to the first question would be "respectfully....;" the answer to the second is plainly "ask a rabbi you trust; just not that one"
@Scimonster thanks. I'm never really sure if attempts to be clever before (adequate) caffeine are a good idea. :-)
@Shokhet @IsaacMoses yeah, that question is kind of a train wreck right now. Hang on; I'm going to add him to the ACL for the room so he can chat even without 20 rep.
Oh, DoubleAA beat me to it.
@MonicaCellio He owns the question; he should be able to chat in that room, regardless.
@user8730 I checked, and you have the ability to talk in this room. Why don't you come on down so we can sort this out? — Shokhet 7 secs ago
@MonicaCellio Victory is MINE!
@Shokhet oh, they fixed that? It used to be that the "let us continue this in chat" thing didn't actually give everybody privs to chat.
@DoubleAA :-) So am I correct that he didn't have access and you had to add it? Or did he already?
@MonicaCellio I added write access. I don't know what he would have had otherwise but it wasn't listed.
3:44 PM
@MonicaCellio I dunno. Same user had access in this room, and I assumed that it was automatic.
....anyway, he does have "20 credits," so I'm not sure if he really thinks chat won't work, or if he doesn't want to discuss this. ....hey, the question doesn't have to be reopened.....
@MonicaCellio @DoubleAA
@shokhet it still doesn't allow me in the chatroom — user8730 31 secs ago
.....maybe he has to log in?
@Shokhet Quite possibly.
All: can someone come up with a catchall canonical Q/A to make all the q's that are basically the same as judaism.stackexchange.com/q/52880/759 judaism.stackexchange.com/q/34772 judaism.stackexchange.com/q/51259 dupes? The answer is always just "convert or matrilieneal descent with proof". How do we make a post which is clear and also clearly a dupe of all those?
@Shokhet that room was created by the moderator "move comments to chat" interface, which grants explicit rights to everybody in the thread. Thanks for pointing out that room, which gives me a handle to the user's chat profile so we can try to figure out what's going on.
@Shokhet if it gets to -4 it'll drop off the front page, too. It's at -3 now.
@MonicaCellio Ah. I see.
hm, that's odd....can you see the room? ....you might have to click on the log in button to start talking? — Shokhet 25 secs ago
@MonicaCellio I thought it was -6, though i could be wrong.
3:49 PM
@Scimonster -4 for main, -8 for meta.
@MonicaCellio So mine is a compromise. :)
@MonicaCellio Why does anything drop off the main page in meta? ....shouldn't people visiting meta be those interested in all things meta?
.....this sounds like a bug:
@Shokhet Probably not to bother the community with really unpopular stuff.
@Shokhet good question. I don't know. There might be an MSE post.
@shokhet I did click on it still says I need 20 credits — user8730 44 secs ago
@Scimonster You think if it hits -8, it's got to be really bad? ....could be.
3:51 PM
Q: Link to chat user from profile page

ManishearthThere probably is a dupe of this question or the feature already exists, but I can't find either :/ Recently I've had to look at the recent chat activity of some users (moderation/etc). The chat profile links to the parent site profile, but none of the SE sites (including SE.com) seem to link ba...

@Scimonster yup, been wanting that for a while.
It's really frustrating, especially with common names or user# names where search doesn't always help.
Anyone want to check out this bug? ...user with "20 credits" can't log in to chat?
....told him to ask a Meta question
> Q: Am I Jewish? :: How can I tell if I need to convert or if I'm already Jewish?
> A: You are Jewish if and only if you yourself have converted OR your mother was Jewish. To determine if your mother was Jewish apply the same rules: either she herself converted OR her mother was Jewish. This process recurs indefinitely. NOTE that in order to prove any of these claims you may need more than just hearsay or family tradition. If you have a particular concern regarding your own family history, you should speak to your local rabbi for guidance.
@DoubleAA That should work. Also, some sources would be nice. They're conspicuously missing from most of the answers in those posts.
@Shokhet Just what i was going to say.
3:58 PM
@Shokhet ditto.
@Scimonster @MonicaCellio Yeah. I was thinking about posting bounty to one of those questions asking for sources, but I never got around to it. Hopefully the canonical one should have sources.
(append to the above) See jewfaq.org/whoisjew.htm for more.
@Shokhet @Scimonster
@DoubleAA That could work, but some more conventional sources (gemara, SA, Rambam, etc.) would also be nice.
Update on that user's chat problems: comments just tripped the "too many comments" flag, which enables a mod to send the whole thing to a new chat room with permissions, so I'm going to do that and flush pretty much all the comments. I don't see why he can't chat in your room @Shokhet, so he may still be having problems, but I'd like to take the opportunity to move the whole conversation and not just part of it.
(prepend to the above answer) According to traditional Judaism, you are Jewish...
4:00 PM
@DoubleAA I didn't look closely, but I don't think jewfaq.org cites their sources.
@Shokhet That's true, but it counts as my citing a source and it's almost certainly more useful to whoever cares abuot that question than a citation in Shulchan Arukh.
@MonicaCellio Okay, that should work.
@DoubleAA I know, but for those people interested in "further study," an SA citation would be very useful.
@Shokhet true, but think of this as layers of authority. Some anonymous guy on Mi Yodeya? Meh. JewFaq, which has been around for a while and is AFAIK generally accepted as giving good basic information? Better. SA? Even better, but not everybody will understand it. So JewFaq + SA would be best, but I'd take JewFaq over nothing.
And I suspect that people asking this category of question, in particular, won't be equipped to follow SA citations.
@MonicaCellio Of course. I didn't intend to say that we shouldn't cite JewFaq, but rather that we should cite SA also.
@MonicaCellio Right, but I'm thinking of people like me, who want to look into the question further ;-)
I agree with @Shokhet.
I find that happens a lot. :P
4:09 PM
By the way, @DoubleAA, the question becomes so much clearer with the addition of blockquotes. Well done with finding out that this is a quote, and its source.
@Scimonster :)
@MonicaCellio, how come there isn't a link to the chat room when a mod moves comments to chat? ....that just doesn't make sense.
....there's for sure an MSE about that
@Shokhet Can't find one. Want to make it?
....apparently not.
@Scimonster Working on it :)
> Q: Am I Jewish? :: How can I tell if I need to convert or if I'm already Jewish?

> A: According to traditional Judaism, you are Jewish if and only if you yourself have converted OR your mother was Jewish (ShA EH 7:17 and 8:5). To determine if your mother was Jewish apply the same rules: either she herself converted OR her mother was Jewish. This process recurs indefinitely. NOTE that in order to prove any of these claims you may need more than just hearsay or family tradition. If you have a particular concern regarding your own family history, you should speak to your local rabbi for g
@DoubleAA Looks good!
@DoubleAA Looks good. Perhaps, as per @MonicaCellio's concern, you should link to jewfaq first, rather than at the end.
4:14 PM
@Shokhet I don't think it makes a difference.
in Discussion on question by user8730: Marshmallow Mistakes, 19 secs ago, by Shokhet
@user8730, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with this question? What would you like to know?
whoever wants to join that conversation may do so now
And we agree that all three qs linked here chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/19631293#19631293 should be closed as dupes of this?
@DoubleAA +1
@DoubleAA That last one is a little different, though
@Shokhet Ah. That's true. So, the first two.
4:16 PM
@Shokhet How can I broaden my question to include it?
@DoubleAA Do you need to?
@DoubleAA Well, that's already been marked as duplicate, hasn't it?
Yours is 'am i halachically Jewish'. That one is, 'how will people (rabbis) react'.
@Shokhet sure -- best to serve all readers, people like you and people like the OPs in these questions.
@Scimonster No, but my goal is to make something which can grab all the related parts of that kind of question and put it in one place
So might as well
4:18 PM
@Shokhet there should be. Do you see a missing one? (What happens is that the link gets auto-created, then we purge all comments and undelete that one. So there's room for human error.)
@MonicaCellio No, from the revisions view. /posts/.../revisions
@MonicaCellio There isn't, whichever mod moved the comments to chat needs to leave a comment with a link.
@IsaacMoses I'm really tempted to paste this message into the conversation here, but something is telling me that it wouldn't go over so well.....
@Shokhet I think as long as it's in there, where it is is fine. @DoubleAA's answer looks good to me, modulo any tweaks to broaden the dupe net (which I haven't looked at).
@Scimonster oh. Yeah, that would be a good idea!
@Shokhet If the user doesn't "repent", you should.
Did anyone else star this? None of you seem to be in the room atm.
in Discussion on question by user8730: Marshmallow Mistakes, 4 mins ago, by Shokhet
@user8730 Okay, let's make something clear, right now. Mi Yodeya is not a discussion forum (1, 2). Hence, question posts are for questions, and answer posts are for answers. Do you have a question you'd like to ask?
@Scimonster I think it was 8730, after you did. It wasn't me :P
4:27 PM
How about
> Q: Am I Jewish? :: How can I tell if I need to convert or if I'm already Jewish? Would my or my anscestors conversion to another religion or our lack of knowledge about Judaism change anything?

> A: According to traditional Judaism, you are Jewish if and only if you yourself have converted OR your mother was Jewish (ShA EH 7:17 and 8:5). To determine if your mother was Jewish apply the same rules: either she herself converted OR her mother was Jewish. This process recurs indefinitely. NOTE that in order to prove any of these claims you may need more than just hearsay or family traditio
@DoubleAA Guess that works.
@MonicaCellio @IsaacMoses Thoughts?
@DoubleAA Looks good, I think.
Q: Please link to chat room when mod moves comment to chat

ShokhetIn a recent discussion about a question, a moderator moved the numerous comments to chat, and left a comment with a link to the room. However, a bunch of us were left wondering why there isn't an automatic link to the room in the revision history, where we're told that a moderator moved comments...

It has a freehand circle in it. The request cannot be turned down :P
@Shokhet Even better than my freehand!
@Scimonster There's a distinction between freehand because it's a meme and wasting space because your freehand is so terrible that it renders the text near-illegible. — TylerH 2 hours ago
4:46 PM
@DoubleAA Why is the question in the first person?
@IsaacMoses No particular reason. I don't think it sounds like RFP if that's what you are worried about.
@DoubleAA It is. Why don't you think so?
@IsaacMoses Lack of specifics of the case. (Or maybe because I'm writing it and I'm blind.)
@DoubleAA I'd not put the jewfaq link right after the CYR sentence, since that makes it look like the former is meant to flesh out the latter, particularly.
@IsaacMoses Should I just put it as a third final paragraph or perhaps before the word "NOTE"
4:49 PM
@DoubleAA Either, and in either case, especially if it's its own paragraph, I'd add some words after "more."
@IsaacMoses כגון "more details"?
or something more extensive
Having fun with this.
A: Showcase your language one vote at a time [experimental challenge]

ScimonsterJavaScript This will go top to bottom. Newest snippet is last. Factoid: JavaScript was originally called LiveScript. It was changed to JavaScript to capitalize on the popularity of Java, at the time (1995). Personally, they should have kept the old name; JavaScript has been a source of confusio...

Not least the 170 points earned from it. ;)
@Scimonster I starred it from the transcript.
@DoubleAA Maybe put all of the sub-questions in quotation marks and introduce them with "How does Judaism deal with questions of personal status like:"
@MonicaCellio Right, forgot that's possible.
4:57 PM
@IsaacMoses That overcomplicates the question I think. Someone might actually google am i jewish
@DoubleAA looks good to me.
@DoubleAA "more details about the rules and history of Jewish status." Similar to how in writing class, they tell you to never use the word "this" by itself.
@DoubleAA Leave that as the title, in quotation marks
@DoubleAA s/"someone might"/"many do"/ . It's the first thing that Google suggests if you start typing am i j
@IsaacMoses what if i leave the title but change the first sentence to third person (one/they/they're)
Google results for `am i jewish`:
- a parked domain
- a book that's not directly relevant
- a decent-looking About.com article that gives breadth across Jewish movements+tradition, but little depth
Jay Hanlon on January 20, 2015

(Note: This is a cross post from Joel on Software).

Stack Exchange Raises $40m

Today Stack Exchange is pleased to announce that we have raised $40 million, mostly from Andreessen Horowitz.

Everybody wants to know what we’re going to do with all that money. First of all, of course we’re going to gold-plate the Aeron chairs in the office. Then we’re going to upgrade the game room, and we’re already sending lox platters to our highest-rep users.

But I’ll get into that in a minute. First, let me catch everyone up on what’s happening at Stack Exchange. …

5:03 PM
@DoubleAA I like my way better, I think, but that works, too.
- Something specifically for Bnei Menashe
- DNA Jewishness
- JewFAQ
... If we can contribute something that either causes JewFAQ to bump up that list or exists on the list at or above JewFAQ's present location, we've done a service, I think.
@DoubleAA I think I agree with keeping the title (for SEO and attention-grabbing in general) and either writing in 3rd person or saying something like "Suppose I were..." to make it clear it's not personal p'sak. No opinion on the other one.
@IsaacMoses Would you be OK if I preface the whole body with "A hypothetical:"?
@DoubleAA I like both my way and your third-person way better. ...
... I think my way justifies the hypothetical explicitly and therefore sounds less forced, and your way is implicitly hypothetical without saying the word, which also sounds less forced.
5:19 PM
@DoubleAA @IsaacMoses however you two resolve it is fine with me.
@MonicaCellio However @DoubleAA resolves it is fine with me, too.
A: Am I Jewish​​​?

Double AAAccording to traditional Judaism, you are Jewish if and only if you yourself have converted to Judaism OR your mother was Jewish (ShA EH 7:17 and 8:5). To determine if your mother was Jewish apply the same rules: either she herself converted to Judaism OR her mother was Jewish. This process recur...

@DoubleAA "one" ... "they" <shudder>.
@TRiG I'd be interested to hear what you think about how this ^^^ question should be phrased, given that we don't want to make it look like someone is asking us as if asking a rabbi, and that we also want it to be clear
Re: chat starting, let's say, from here
@DoubleAA Would you object to putting the title in quotation marks?
@IsaacMoses Only if my edit window is uo
which i see it is
@DoubleAA Would you object to my doing that?
@DoubleAA I think first person is fine. It would be like judaism.stackexchange.com/q/27069/5323, I think
@DoubleAA Oh, I didn't see that you had asked it already.
6:16 PM
@DoubleAA Isn't this a "book" type question? Seems like a tag might make sense
"book" meaning "you can write a book about this"
@DoubleAA Just extending due deference in a channel in which the conversation was already happening.
7:15 PM
@Shokhet That question is , but already has 5 tags. Which to drop?
"Am I Jewish​​​?" http://judaism.stackexchange.com/q/52891?atw=1 #halacha
7:36 PM
@Scimonster I don't know
Oct 14 '14 at 4:23, by Shokhet
In the retagging project: what should be done with this question with 5 tags?
Oct 14 '14 at 4:23, by Shokhet
Q: How to salt a chicken at home?

Double AAI'm Sara Gittel from the Shtetl and I just got back to my home with my freshly shechted chicken that I had brought to our local Shochet. I seem to have forgotten though how to salt it. Can please you explain to me what I should do? Thanks! In all seriousness, though, salting meat was something...

8:02 PM
Ever wondered how many characters on Mi Yodeya are in posts you posted?
Ever wondered how many characters on Mi Yodeya are in posts each user posted?
@IsaacMoses Cool! ....can you edit this one, so I can get a relative ranking without manually counting the lines? (I haven't done SQL in years; if it's too hard, I'll just count)
@Shokhet That's actually inherently non-trivial in SQL, but one sec ...
@Shokhet done
@IsaacMoses Thanks :) ....I'm #23
@DoubleAA is #1 in contribution weight
@IsaacMoses Who's #8?
@Shokhet You can re-sort by any of the columns by clicking on them, but that won't change the ranks, which are by total characters
@YeZ That's probably the sum of all ghost users
8:11 PM
I'm concise, down in #49.
@IsaacMoses They're doing pretty well.
Rashi was also very concise. :D
@Scimonster "concise" is one way of putting it :P
@IsaacMoses Alex must have been off the charts - after a year and a half of inactivity he is #4
@YeZ There's a lot of them
8:12 PM
What is MiscWeight?
@IsaacMoses They have us outnumbered?
@Scimonster Mostly tag wikis. Also election posts
Clearly not Rfפ, as the OP's name is not Yosef. — Shokhet 10 secs ago
It feels a little mind-boggling that some of these numbers are in the millions.
Seems i've written 3 times more on SO than here. Not surprising, exactly.
8:21 PM
I would recommend against running this, unmodified against a very big site like SO. It takes a few seconds on MSE.
@Scimonster Did you run the big query against SO? How long did it take?
@IsaacMoses I only ran the personal one.
It calculated pretty much instantly.
@Shokhet Now i know what your name isn't!
I think it's noteworthy that our most prolific few users, weighing in at 2M-3M characters, are in about the same league as the second tier of most prolific users on MSE (that is, excluding the top two, who are at around 5M), some of whom are SE employees.
@Shokhet And the OP was active 2 hours ago.
Unless the OP was possibly planning to wake up at such a time tommorow morning.
Q: Why is every 3rd plague (of the 10 brought on Pharoah) unnanounced?

DanFIt seems like every plague was warned by Moshe to Paroah except for the 3rd - lice, 6th - boils and 9th - darkness. Why is that? Is there something special about these plagues?

@IsaacMoses I guess they just have more achdus than us. And good timing on interrupting my retag inquiry.
8:37 PM
@YeZ Here's a partial version of the big query, just for ghost users, which includes, I think, deleted users and m.y 1.0 users who didn't register before the migration and never rectified that afterward. Maybe another time, I'll expand this one out and/or combine it into the other big query so that ghosts can be ranked among the rest of us
@IsaacMoses There's a deleted fellow named will that I see alot - what was his number?
@IsaacMoses Kudos for not discriminating against those who are disembodied.
How come some deleted users keep their names?
... I remember him being someone I was particularly sad to see go, due to his contributions until then
@IsaacMoses I'm not so sure matching one pseudonym with another is tantamount to that
@YeZ Yeah, me neither.
8:50 PM
... and no, I'm not about to ask
@IsaacMoses Yeah, me neither.
(and that link went to a dead page)
@YeZ the-ask-link.on-my isn't a valid shortlink?
@IsaacMoses at least not when I clicked it.
gotta go post a bug on MSE </jk>
I came up with a good question earlier but forgot it before i could post. :(
9:03 PM
@YeZ Hi man, you made my day with comment - velamalashinim al tiyhe sikvo! :D Thanks.
@havarka I remember that comment but forget where it was
Q: Do i have a responsibility to report users breaking the rules?

ScimonsterIf I know that a certain user of a website is breaking the rules, can I just turn a blind eye, or must I report it? Also, Does it matter what kind of rule it is? (E.g. No swearing vs. age requirement) Does it matter if it's socially accepted in that community to turn a blind eye? (See, for exam...

@havarka oh, right. Glad I could make your day!
@IsaacMoses can you add a column for percentage of total site characters?
ולמלשינים על תהי תקוה — YeZ Nov 26 '14 at 23:40
@Scimonster I'm not sure you can be malshin to the person about whom you are being malshin.
(It's come up occasionally after Purim, though)
9:18 PM
1 month till Rosh Chodesh Adar!
Q: Purim Torah policy - Allowed, but regulated

Isaac MosesGenerally, we expect all questions here to be written from the point-of-view of genuine curiosity, and we expect all answers to be genuine attempts to provide real information and analysis that directly addresses the question. However, the community has indicated that, if regulated carefully, Pu...

This story reminds me of Yonah in the whale. It's a snake that got swallowed by another snake, and got out alive. news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2015/01/…
@YeZ Fine, but the code ain't pretty, and it'd probably bomb even worse if you ran it against SO.
@IsaacMoses Wow - DoubleAA is responsible for 5.6% of the site?!
@YeZ Give or take (probably more give) some edits
@YeZ You, for almost 2%, which is nothing to sneeze at
@IsaacMoses I won't tell on you, as long as you add a column with contribution weighted by time as a member :)
@IsaacMoses With my allergies, you never know.
9:34 PM
@YeZ If you take out comments in your definition of "the site" (i.e. look at the QA column), the numbers are different.
... which shouldn't be hard to add ...
@IsaacMoses I saw that. It'd be interesting to contrast that with total rep (I won't ask you to add that, it's easy enough to look up if I'm interested.
can someone look up for me where Trig and Scimonster had their discussion about whether or not i should be changed to I in posts?
... done
Now rounded to the nearest percent, and therefore assuming that you're mostly interested in this for the top few
@IsaacMoses It's also not makpid on preserving the order of the pre-rounded figure for ranking purposes.
hehe - if you keep resorting the order from descending to ascending, you get different lists each time.
@YeZ Fixed.
@IsaacMoses much better. Somehow, Alex is ranked above Seth, although Seth has more total weight.
9:44 PM
@YeZ Did you click on one of the other column heads?
@YeZ oh whoops. bug.
@IsaacMoses I am just comparing rank to total weight.
... fixed
@IsaacMoses Curious how that bug happened, but probably won't understand the language enough to get the answer.
@IsaacMoses Bravo!
@YeZ It's because I have an inner query that gives different categories of posts as well as different categories of posts, upvoted, each as their own column, and was summing them all up together, instead of just summing up the generic ones (without the upvoted qualification) for the purpose of ranking
@IsaacMoses That was pretty comprehendable.
9:48 PM
@YeZ thanks
@YeZ tzt
Q: Is toothpaste solid or liquid?

Simon-Nail-ItI asked this question from my teacher but she didn't answer it properly: Is toothpaste solid or liquid? You can't say toothpaste is a solid because solid material have a fixed shape but toothpaste doesn't. However, you can say it's a liquid because liquids flow easily but toothpaste needs ...

10:13 PM
@Scimonster That's just what he wants you to think.
@DoubleAA @Scimonster lol; my name really isn't Yosef. You can trust me! :P
It could be devilishly hard, perhaps even more like actual work than squeezing out toothpaste, to come up with something from the lazy gematria here. That would be סחיטה, not דש. — b a Oct 18 '12 at 2:55
@ba But the devil would still be a שד. — Double AA ♦ Oct 18 '12 at 3:03
10:30 PM
So, if someone posts a question that's trying to justify a weird premise about Mosaic preists, here's why:
@IsaacMoses This one?
Q: Who are the ancestors of Abiather?

Robert C. FriendmanWho are the ancestors of Abiather, the High Priest that shared the office with Zadok before being exiled by Solomon? Can he be traced to Aaron? Was he related to Zadok?

10:57 PM
@IsaacMoses Well done!
Nov 5 '14 at 18:43, by Isaac Moses
@TRiG I'll bite. Standard English usage is pretty unequivocal on this, and English is the language of discourse on MY. I think correction is in order in our content.

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