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12:01 AM
@IsaacMoses Unfortunately, this is something that I can't see in chat. :(
@Scimonster Yes, I think so.
Hm. This is a hard question to answer, given the Rema to Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De'ah 291:2. Hmmm.....
^^^ for some reason, chat decided to send that message thrice. That's weird.
@Shokhet ....actually, judaism.stackexchange.com/q/17808/5323 is very relevant (though not duplicate); the issue is not so clear-cut, after all
4 hours later…
4:34 AM
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16 hours later…
8:37 PM
@Scimonster I had to hit Google to figure this one out:
30 white horses on a red hill.... — Scimonster 4 mins ago
@Shokhet Hmm. It's a reference to warhorses, in case you didn't make the connection. ;)
@Scimonster I actually figured it out while the Google was loading, but all the same :)
8:52 PM
@Shokhet I disagree. It's no different than judaism.stackexchange.com/q/3898/759. I hereby submit my unbinding reopen vote. — Double AA ♦ 54 secs ago
What exactly makes a question into a question?
@DoubleAA ^^^
9:05 PM
@Shokhet @DoubleAA Maybe we should close the other one (haftarah) as well. Without context / motivation, it sounds like a riddle.
A: What is the rarest Haftarah?

ChanochConsidering that the questioner is asking in Kislev, I'd bet it's the haftarah for the second Shabbat of Chanukah.

9:18 PM
Can you edit your question to make it less personal? We try to avoid practical halachic questions. You might also want to see "Why is it necessary to ask a rabbi?" for more info. We hope to see you around! — Shokhet 18 secs ago
You just beat me to it... @Shokhet
I was literally about to paste that exact same thing.
@Scimonster Early bird gets the ....comment? :P
@Shokhet You can probably reach it faster. My flow: Go to meta, click my profile, favorites, that question, copy. Yours: Meta, profile, question, copy. One step faster. :P
@Scimonster How'd you figure out how I got to that question? ....that's exactly what I do :)
....it's one of my top 5 answers, so it's right on my profile
@Shokhet I guessed. And i checked that it was in your top 5. :P
9:30 PM
@Shokhet This is the canonical meta thread
Q: Riddle questions on SE?

shmuelpAfter the migration from mi.yodeya to StackExchange, are riddle-type questions considered appropriate? According to the answer from @RebeccaChernoff to the question "Appropriateness of survey questions", I would imagine that they are appropriate - after all, riddles do have an objective answer. ...

"With riddles, the asker makes an effort to conceal relevant information, to keep the answer from being obvious."
@DoubleAA In other words, you think that this question is a riddle (in the sense that it asks "what single thing has this property?"), but it's not a problem, because it's not really concealing any information. Did I get that right?
1 hour later…
11:01 PM
Not a duplicate of judaism.stackexchange.com/q/7554, I think, because many of the reasons there (like the top-voted one) are reasons that people think that it's incorrect, but aren't reasons to stay away from it. — Shokhet 8 secs ago
^^^ thoughts?
11:46 PM
Shokhet I think what you want to ask is "is there any possible downside to attaching this string that somebody said is Techeilet to my Tzitzit, whether or not that person is right?" If so, perhaps phrase it that way especially in the title to help distinguish it from the other question. — Double AA ♦ 12 mins ago
@Shokhet I hope I didn't force you into a question you didn't want?
@DoubleAA I think you understood my intent, though I'm still not sure what you thought was unclear about the question.
@Shokhet Hmm do you think we violated meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/a/1231/759?
I got the sense Zvi's answer is not what you sought. Correct?
@DoubleAA I don't think so.
What's the good reason? — Shmuel Brin 18 mins ago
basically sums up my problem with that answer
@Shokhet It's amazing how many people base themselves on such hearsay as if it's obviously the traditional foundational position instead of just a rumor which is quite novel.
@DoubleAA Hm. There was another answer (now deleted) that talked about shaatnez; that might have been good, if the claim had been substantiated.
11:54 PM
@Shokhet Deleted by owner after a commenter pointed out a rather basic oversight in the logic.
@DoubleAA That it was allowed, but not required to be shaatnez?
@DoubleAA .....I need 10K. Now.
@Shokhet That techelet can't be made of linen.
@Shokhet Nah this answer isn't really worth reading. Respect to the poster for admitting his error and deleting it.
@DoubleAA I see.
@DoubleAA Yeah.
@Shokhet Oooo and he got a badge for it. Congratulations!
....there was another answer that I didn't even get to see before it was deleted...
@DoubleAA Which? Peer-pressure?
11:56 PM
@Shokhet ya
@DoubleAA Nice.
@Shokhet plain link to tekhelet.com/pdf/EpsteinM.pdf without summary or anything
Dec 11 '14 at 20:20, by Isaac Moses
@Shokhet Hooray for rapid peer pressure review.
@DoubleAA I see. Did he have the rep to comment?
@Shokhet Yes.
@DoubleAA Hmmm.

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