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7:00 PM
@Brent.Longborough I think Patrick can help us understand what's going on. :)
Is there any GUI for designing a font?
@percusse FontForge might help, but beware, hic sunt dracones. :P
@percusse I don't suppose writing metafont code in emacs counts as a GUI?
@DavidCarlisle GUI usually involves minimum mouse interaction and some colors :)
@PauloCereda Shoud we go for a TeX.SE font?
glyphs for MWE, NARQ ....
@percusse It would be interesting. :)
7:12 PM
@PauloCereda Actually there are three fighters: two in TeX Live and one from the Libertine website. Some are the same, some are different, and the three sets all have different cardinalities. And then there's Biolinum and Mono...
@Brent.Longborough Uh-oh. My brain hurts.
@PauloCereda Somebody needs github ;Þ
@DavidCarlisle I'm beginning to think you're the Bruce Schneier of TeXland
@Brent.Longborough For dedication pages I recommend something like \cleardoublepage\thispagestyle{empty}\vspace*{\stretch{1}}\begin{flushright}The dedication\\maybe in two lines\end{flushright}\vspace{\stretch{2}}\cleardoublepage so there will be twice as much space below than above.
@egreg Thanks. Is \stretch part of plain (La)TeX?
@Brent.Longborough Yes. LaTeX. It's simply \vskip 0pt plus #1fill\relax
7:17 PM
@egreg Great. That's a useful TeXnique to have in one's toolbox
@Brent.Longborough You can use it also in \hspace, of course.
"Bruce Schneier uses SHA-256 as a compression algorithm"
"David Carlisle uses metafont as a GUI"
@egreg Yes - nice one
hey @ℝaphink
@PauloCereda Is the mouseover thingy on the xkcd question working for you? I can't make it work on my FF but works with chrome and that thing which has the initials of It's Enough.
@percusse No, it doesn't work for me either with FF. :(
7:28 PM
Maybe GreaseMonkey or Adblock turned off JS completely.
Much to my surprise, we have a tooltip option for the image inclusion.
But doesn't work in FF
@Brent.Longborough not sure I should ask but why:-)
@DavidCarlisle Bruce Schneier is a crypto/security person,and there are a number of "Bruce Schneier Facts" sites attributing assorted superpowers. It just struck me that we ought to do something similar for you, as the sort of teX Superman round here... :)
@Brent.Longborough I got the crypo reference but then got confused:-)
@DavidCarlisle I guess I'm not doing it right today. Doan worry, tomorrow I'll be better.
7:33 PM
@PauloCereda Both don't work for me.
@percusse The second one does for me. :)
how does anyone use this pgf stuff I tried really hard on that pgfplotstable sorting qn and the manual and code are equally indecipherable
@Gnintendo hi
@DavidCarlisle Stop trolling :)
@ℝaphink I briefly looked over your fork in-between classes; I just got back from my final class of the day.
I'll try implementing something like that later
7:36 PM
@DavidCarlisle It's actually your key-value system taken to its extreme
@percusse so if I have a comparison function how exactly do I use {iflessthan/.code args={##1####2##3##4}
@ℝaphink Thanks for the suggestion. I'm new to TeX, so I'm still looking to learn ways I can improve what I'm doing.
@DavidCarlisle let me check
@percusse this is for
Q: How to use pgfplotstable's iflessthan key

Christophpgfplotstable offers the iflessthan key to define a custom comparison function: /pgfplots/iflessthan/.code args={##1##2##3##4}{<...>} I just don't know how to use it, there's no example in the manual. What I'd like to do is to sort a table by a column that contains integers, but they are ...

@percusse: I edited your answer. :) It works for me now. :)
@percusse: try and see if it works.
7:47 PM
@PauloCereda Nope something's wrong on my FF.
@PauloCereda By the way I'm avoiding to thank you for that comment because I'm embarassed like hell :)
@percusse works for me (ff 18)
@percusse Odd. It works for me. :)
@percusse hehe don't worry. :)
@DavidCarlisle OMG! FF18.
@DavidCarlisle I knew that you are from the future.
@PauloCereda well I switch between that and chrome 24:-)
@DavidCarlisle yay the canary one! :)
7:50 PM
@PauloCereda still waiting for that to become interesting
@DavidCarlisle I always have problems using Chrome to chat. I need to refresh very often to see new messages. It seems others don't have this.
@DavidCarlisle :P
@PauloCereda Hope your duck is fine. =)
@JasperLoy :)
I need to somehow provide a duck answer to the xkcd thread. :P
@PauloCereda Why did the duck cross the road?
7:54 PM
@egreg hm to get to the other side? :)
@egreg I'm disappointed in you. Surely, as a mathematician, it should be "Why did the duck cross the Mobius strip?"
@PauloCereda Sorry! I was listening to the piano concerto by Franz Xaver Mozart op. 25.
@AndrewStacey It can't go to the other side!
@PauloCereda So if I normally do my pdflatex as pdflatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode --enable-write18 %.tex
what does that look like in arara? I want to make sure I'm understanding this correctly :s
Hello everybody!
@egreg An austrian composer! :)
7:57 PM
@egreg The correct answer is: "So it could get to the other .... oh."
@Gnintendo I think it would be % arara: pdflatex: { synctex: yes, action: nonstopmode, shell: yes } with arara 3.x. :)
@AndrewStacey LOL
@egreg There's an Italian pianistress (is it correct? probably not) named Maria Perrotta, have you ever heard of her?
@AndrewStacey Shouldn't that be "Why did the duck walk along the Moebius strip..."?
@Brent.Longborough "Why did the duck walk the Moebius strip..."?
and @Brent, you're right, you cannot cross Moebius strip. The only thing you can cross is a Klein bottle, but only to get from outside to outside, not the other way around!
8:01 PM
@DavidCarlisle I think I got the sorting thingy but I don't get the rule that OP is trying to use for sorting
@DavidCarlisle Is it only the index column to be sorted?
@PauloCereda Can the 3.X use the same .exe wrapper?
@tohecz There is no word pianistress.
Why did the duck drink from the Klein bottle?
@Gnintendo I think it can. :) But the old 2.x rules are incompatibles with 3.x. :(
@JasperLoy I thought so.
8:02 PM
Right, read as much
@PauloCereda The second (surviving) son of Wolfgang. He was a pupil of Salieri and Hummel (who had been a child prodigy himself and studied with Wolfgang). He became a talented performer and composer, but had a "convitato di pietra" next to him. He was four months old when his father died.
@PauloCereda so, in theory, I should be able to drop-in repalce the .java and the rules directory
@AndrewStacey 'Cos it couldn't tell whether it was half-full or half-empty?
@Brent.Longborough Do you know the xkcd on this?
@tohecz No
8:04 PM
@Brent.Longborough It's really worth reading :D (see the link above)
@tohecz Ah, yes, those are in my RSS feed
@Brent.Longborough that guy is a genius!
@tohecz Yes - the Click-and-Drag cartoon was amazing, wasted almost a day of my life...
O-oh things are getting out of control
Q: xkcd style graphs in R

jebyrnesApparently, folk have figured out how to make xkcd style graphs in mathematica and LaTeX. Can we do it in R? Ggplot2-ers? A geom_xkcd and/or theme_xkcd? I guess in base graphics, par(xkcd=TRUE)? How to do it...

And the last sentence is hilarious (attention @Paulo):
The lesson: If the optimist says the glass is half full, and the pessimist says the glass is half empty, the physicist ducks.
8:10 PM
@tohecz I say, the glass is glass. QED.
@JasperLoy Have you read that xkcd I linked?
@tohecz I just browsed through it. It is too deep for me!
@Gnintendo In theory yes, we already have a pack for 3.x. :) When we reach the stable state, I'll provide a proper installer. :)
@AndrewStacey The duck drank from the Klein bottle to prepare for crossing the Mobius strip. It crossed the Mobius strip to get to the Klein bottle to drink.
@percusse Oh no! :)
@egreg Cool! :)
8:24 PM
@PauloCereda Um, arara keeps giving me file not found errors or something
give me asec.
@PauloCereda That piano concerto is nice, but too conventional compared to W. Mozart's ones.
@egreg No doubt. :)
@Gnintendo hm?
@PauloCereda I'm not really sure what's going on, arara is exiting, --verbose isn't printing anything
@Gnintendo Hm calling java -jar arara.jar instead works?
Haven't tried that yet*
You should note I'm using the 2.0 wrapper to launch the 3.0 binary
8:30 PM
Hm I think it should work. I'm not in Windows right now. :(
trying now
@PauloCereda K207 playing now. I heard it played in two magnificent places in Venice: the "Scuola di San Rocco", in a hall with the wall covered with paintings by Tintoretto, and the nearby church of "Santa Maria dei Frari", with the famouse altar piece by Tiziano.
@PauloCereda Still exiting without output
You should note that I have it working for another file...so...
let me try recompiling that project from scratcha gain
@egreg It's very beautiful indeed. :)
@PauloCereda The church where Donatello and Canova, two famous sculptors are buried.
8:35 PM
@percusse I think he just wants to sort the index columns as integers except they can be big and there is missing data so he wants to use a custom comparison function
This is Canova's monument, made by himself
@PauloCereda My other project still compiles, but this one won't...
@DavidCarlisle Christian came to rescue anyway.
@Gnintendo Is the directive correct in the source code?
And this is a tomb in a church in Vienna, also made by Canova:
8:36 PM
@PauloCereda Directive for what?
@percusse ah oK I'll go and look:-)
@egreg How nice. :) We don't have a rich history around here. :(
@Gnintendo Yes, in the source code.
I thought so
what should it look like if I just want to run lualatex?
% arara: lualatex?
bahahahah, I forgot the space
% arara: xelatex

@Gnintendo you scared me for a minute. :)
8:38 PM
I drove myself insane for 10 minutes because I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on :s
@Gnintendo hehe don't worry, it happens a lot. :) Trivia: with 3.x, we can override the default behaviour and make arara recognize %arara:, but let's wait for the final version. :)
@percusse so if I'd started with a pgf manual instead of the pgfplotstable manual,would I have know about ` my own </.style={%` ?
@DavidCarlisle Ah that was what you meant! Yes indeed.
See you are not used read manuals like mortals, like us.
@percusse no I normally just stick \tracingall at the top of the mwe, but that can be dangerous with tikz/pgf stuff, tends to fill the disk
8:43 PM
@DavidCarlisle Yes I was about to ask that to you. It's impossible to get a solution with that. Ryan Reich wrote a package to listen to pgfkeys but I'm bad at using it either.
@percusse it's not really fair to expect to start using a layered system like pgfplotstable on pgfplots on pgf just by flicking through the manual for the top layer, but still it's annoying when it doesn't work:-)
@DavidCarlisle Maybe you can use it with efficiency here is the relevant post
Q: How do I debug pgfkeys?

Ryan ReichI'm sure if you're reading this question you are already familiar with my love for pgfkeys. However, it is absolutely impossible to debug: \tracingmacros is a total mess, with every key expanding to dozens of complex internal macros. I would like to be able to debug it the same way I can debug ...

@percusse thanks
For simple cases I'm fluent but when things go up and down I loose track of the relevant macros.
@percusse this is all part of my plan to beat egreg to a gold tikz badge, preferably without every actually using the system...
8:49 PM
@DavidCarlisle Ooh, he's competitive alright, better not invite him to a duel. We would like to answer some questions occasionally too. If you guys start with TikZ we're done. Heiko started already with that so he's gaining ground on both of you.
@DavidCarlisle Well, I'm at 62 upvoted answers in the tag, you're still at 17. You've to work harder. :)
@egreg no working harder was the old plan, new plan: get @percusse to tell me the answer in chat then I answer on the main site.
@DavidCarlisle Sounds fair... But they might pick up others too :)
by the way, that font looks horrible up close :s
that or I did something horribly wrong
9:00 PM
@Gnintendo Yes the fonts are quite bad
It would have looked so much nicer if the font had been designed with actual curves
get this one : simonsoftware.se/other/xkcd.ttf and change the Humor Sans to xkcd
In all seriousness, that trace-pgfkeys package is very, very useful. It's helped me no end in debugging TikZ/PGF questions.
@percusse How about adding the tapering from my calligraphy package to make it look even more hand drawn?
It looks much nicer already
@AndrewStacey well you know I'm open to any kind of wizardry as long as I can keep up :) What do you have in mind ?
For the plot lines or for the font ?
silently opens a tab for launchpad
9:05 PM
@percusse I was thinking of the plot lines. See the picture in the "From Answers to Packages" for the sort of thing I'm talking about.
@AndrewStacey Ah I saw that but that's kind of anti-xkcd no? It's really really fancy I want to immitate my own signature with it
@percusse Much nicer:
(by the way, I went ahead and converted all the text to paths)
@Gnintendo Anything goes :)
Added a margin >.<
@percusse Is the red line thinner on purpose?
Nope that's a quick fix of a white double line with red inner color.
9:11 PM
oh >.>
@percusse You should fix it! :D
>.< (because I don't know how)
@Gnintendo use the double distance=1.75pt option and play with that number in that \addplot command
so there's no "easy" fix to get it to match the size?
@percusse Also, is there a way to make the plots of the lines smoother instead of a bunch of jagged lines spliced together
@Gnintendo so this is not easy enough? Come on!
I meant other than a trial-and-error method: it's not necessarily ease that I was looking for, that was sort of a misnomer. I was moreso looking for a reliable way to get exactly the same size.
@Gnintendo As I said, you can set that number to the other line's thickness.
9:18 PM
Oh, I misunderstood
I thought you were asking me to fiddle with the number until it worked :s
@percusse And do you have any ideas for a solution that's less jagged?
@Gnintendo you can increase the sample size
Wouldn't that just make the function more accurate and smooth without keeping the inaccuracy?
@Gnintendo Without trying, we'll never know :)
@percusse Yeah, it just makes the function look like it's supposed to.
@percusse hmph.
@Gnintendo So it's what you wanted or not? From that hmph I guess not
9:29 PM
No, I'm saying make the bends in the curve smoother without making the curve more accurate
for instance, let's say a zig zag was my approximation for a horizontal line
That's the amplitude, reduce that to decrease the random jiggling.
I don't want to make my zig zag look more like a line, I want it to look more like a sine curve with the same amplitude
@percusse That's just making the jagged lines not go out as far, it's not eliminating them
Not to mention I want them to go out as far as they were
The main problem with this implementation is that it primarily works because we are looking at the figure as a whole, proper inspection easily notes these are just a bunch of straight lines. Is there some way to use an actual curve and still achieve the same type of effect or to smooth this without getting rid of the effect?'
@Audrey Here's the example code

\NewDocumentCommand{\xpatchfieldformat} { O{*} m }
  { \xpatch_main:Nc \patchcmd { abx@ffd@ \tl_to_str:n {#1} @ \tl_to_str:n {#2} } }
\NewDocumentCommand{\xpretofieldformat} { O{*} m }
  { \xpatch_main:Nc \pretocmd { abx@ffd@ \tl_to_str:n {#1} @ \tl_to_str:n {#2} } }
\NewDocumentCommand{\xapptofieldformat} { O{*} m }
  { \xpatch_main:Nc \apptocmd { abx@ffd@ \tl_to_str:n {#1} @ \tl_to_str:n {#2} } }
\NewDocumentCommand{\xshowfieldformat} { O{*} m }
@Gnintendo You have a very distinctive way of explaining things and I really don't get it. There is no wizardry going on, of course it's bunch of straight lines that's what samples decide. otherwise you have to compute gazillions of control points for Bezier curves or you have to write up a new decoration as I did in Simulating hand-drawn lines question.
@Audrey It's quite easy to add them. Maybe a list of the suffixes to use for the \xpatch commands could be handy.
9:41 PM
@Gnintendo With this decoration, this is what you can get. I know it's not the proper way of doing it but it's just fun to do. Further details need more detailed and nontrivial effort.
@percusse That's all I was asking about, you just didn't seem to understand what I was saying :<
@Gnintendo Well isn't it a valid possibility on a chat conversation? Maybe you can be a little more clear on the specifications. Because right now it's pretty vague and requires some guess work.
@percusse I meant just for the tapering, not the swirly stuff.
9:57 PM
@AndrewStacey I think I don't know what tapering means :) Let me check
Yes I'm a better man now
and I agree
we should do that
@AndrewStacey but can we control the taper direction?
@PauloCereda youtu.be/5egA3dZ91Dc check the comments.
@AndrewStacey I mean can we integrate to the decoration?
Otherwise we have small tapered line segments
By the way, this is the best I could get it to look by tweaking some values:
@egreg Wonderful. Once these new commands get released, I should get around to updating some posts where I patch formats. I think we should also add xpatch to the list of "recommended packages" in the biblatex manual. I'll run that by Phil soon.
@Audrey Is this list complete?
Of course with also the companion xpreto, xappto and xshow commands along with them
@egreg Yes. Is there also a patch command that replaces all instances instead of just the first? I can't recall the name ATM...
@Audrey That's possible with regexpatch (but at the moment it needs some work and is not very stable)
@Audrey xpatch is based on etoolbox that doesn't have that capability.
10:11 PM
@egreg Ah. OK. The ones you mentioned alone would be great. I tested the code you posted further. Works fine.
@Audrey End of the week, at least: tomorrow my two courses start. :)
@egreg OK. No need to hurry. Thanks very much!
10:26 PM
Good night all!
@percusse LMAO
@egreg We need a xpatch T-shirt. :)
@percusse Good night! :)
10:49 PM
Did anyone see the last flagged message? Damn I missed it!
11:11 PM
how do I shift this up off the x axis: \addplot [red!80!white, samples=30, domain=0:6] {3+e*exp(x)};
(so it isn't sitting on the x-axis)
11:27 PM
@Audrey You can try the experimental version from profs.scienze.univr.it/~gregorio/xpatch.sty
@egreg No GitHub/BitBucket? :)
@Audrey For the documentation change .sty into .pdf
@PauloCereda Too fancy. I know I should.
@egreg I can relate to that. :) Though Mac has IMHO the best DCVS visual app I've ever seen: SourceTree. Highly recommended. :) My only use of git or hg is pull, push, clone, status, add, rm and commit. :)
@PeterGrill Zero?
@PauloCereda I have an account on GitHub, but still haven't started. I needed it for contributing to Polyglossia.
11:33 PM
@Canageek I thought you were at University of Ottawa?
Gold tag badge news: –3, –6
Anyone know what could be the OP's problem with my solution for “Service offered note” with vertical info to be removed by potential customer. Also, should this be closed as dupe of Telephone pole flyer?? and the answers migrated to that?
@egreg oh how nice! :) I'm not into version control, but it's a nice idea. :)
@PeterGrill The answers to the old question are very poor.
@egreg Ok. I'll add a link from the old question to the new one.
11:37 PM
@egreg: found you on GitHub. :)
@PeterGrill Your answer works for me.
@egreg Thanks. I can't possibly see anything in there that should not work even in very old versions so don't know what else to tell the OP...
11:51 PM
@Canageek Hey, just wanted to make sure you knew that that was intended to be humorous.
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