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12:13 AM
Hi every one. Need some help here. How to sort in the descending order using sort key of pgfplotstable?
Hi Alan Munn.
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6:26 AM
hi there!
How can I vertically center the image with respect the text on this:
I was thinking in put the \includegraphics inside a \raisebox{value}{} or something like that, but then I have to try so many times in order to get the correct value
the bottom of the image is aligned with baseline text
I want the image vertically centered with respect to the text
7:08 AM
Too localized? Displaying glossary
Q: Displaying glossary

fmsfI've been trying to follow http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Glossary to display glossary entries. And i'm probably missing something out :( I have the following code \usepackage{glossaries} (...) \makeindex \makeglossaries \begin{document} (...) \newpage \section{glossary} \newglossary...

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10:24 AM
@leo How about using two minipages, and centering them ?
10:54 AM
@leo \raisebox{-.5\height}{\includegraphics{...}} is a first approximation. Look at the adjustbox package
A: Is there a logic in which we accept an answer without up-voting it?

David CarlisleIf I'm ever to get an Unsung Hero badge it needs lots of zero score accepted answers.

Epic answer is epic.
11:48 AM
Too localized, based on the OP's last comment:
Q: how to insert images using Texworks?

AmNatPhilI'm using TexWorks to compile a math article and want to add some PNG images in between. As is said on LaTeX/Importing Graphics -- Including graphics I've included the graphicx package and at the place where I want the image to be, I've used \includegraphics{myimage} The image file and .tex f...

@mhp Indeed -- voted to close.
One more vote needed to close:
Q: Why have my enumerate environments been corrupted and how can I fix the issue?

boboboboI am using the ut-thesis template, and this is what stock bulleted lists look like: \usepackage{enumitem} %... \begin{itemize} \item{I like margin} \item{I like margarine} \end{itemize} \begin{itemize}[leftmargin=0pt] \item{I don't like} \item{I don't like margarine} \end{itemize} But no...

One more vote needed to close:
Q: Latex Error: No counter 'lofdepth' defined

Diaa AbidouThe following syntax is being used in my tex file. It worked good before, however, it generates this error now after reinstalling Miktex 2.9 : "Latex Error: No counter 'lofdepth' defined" \documentclass[14pt,listof=totoc,chapterprefix=true,bibliography=totoc]{scrbook} \usepackage[center]{cap...

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1:33 PM
Are there "remote hosts" which aren't remote? :)
Q: How to use rsync with a remote remote host

BernhardI am a happy user of rsync -e ssh and use it to synchronize data between my machine and a remote host using rsync -avz -e ssh me@hostA:~/folder ~/folder And this did what I needed until now. I am now working with a configuration where the access is a bit more complicated. Suppose now ~/folder...

1:58 PM
@egreg Uh-oh. :)
@PauloCereda Maybe rsync behaves differently if the remote host is in the same room than when it's on a server in another country. ;-)
@egreg That would be a local remote host. :)
If you have two routers in the same room mapping to different networks, then we would have a remote local host. :)
@PauloCereda We can go further and define a remote local remote host (same network, but different rooms).
@egreg Oh my! :)
1 hour later…
3:11 PM
Just us, it looks like.
@RyanReich I have just reinstalled windows..
@N3buchadnezzar I've never had the necessity to reinstall Windows. :)
@egreg You are on a mac or.. ?
@N3buchadnezzar Of course. :)
3:33 PM
I do not have texinstalled yet though, I feel naked.
@N3buchadnezzar In my office computer I have all TeX Live distributions from 2007 to 2012, I can lend you one.
3:47 PM
4:21 PM
@N3buchadnezzar I just uninstalled Windows, didn't get to the reinstalling :)
I installed TL2011 about two weeks before TL2012 came out :)
4:38 PM
@RyanReich I have just download TL2012, but do not go from here
I just get the error message that perl.exe has stopped working..
@N3buchadnezzar Try the advanced installer: worked for me in the same situation
Indeed, it is now working. Alas TL2012 is taking quite some space and time to install.
I do not know whether installing all the packages at once is preferable.
4:57 PM
@N3buchadnezzar I always have some perl problem with TL. I don't know why.
@egreg: I have some Mac-related news, but I can only tell after Tuesday. :)
I think it will take a few hours to install it though
@N3buchadnezzar I decided this go-around not to install even a small fraction of the packages. I went with the minimal install and then hand-picked the few additional packages I actually use.
Still ~250 MB, of course :)
Probably mostly documentation, though.
Well I guess I missed that option...
And fonts.
4:59 PM
I usually install everything. :)
Somewhere in the installer you can select what collections to include; one of them has just TeX and LaTeX. Throw in the English (or Norwegian, as may be) documentation and you're done.
Then you have to go through tlmgr later to add specific packages.
@N3buchadnezzar The only package I got that I don't use was braids; I saw it when looking for tikz and figured I would give some moral support to Andrew.
Of course, then I ended up with xypic when trying (unsuccessfully) to answer a question here, and I'm certainly never using that again :)
@RyanReich I also like to be noticed when I use a package I have not used before. Sometimes I use packages, and wonder whether I have used them before or not.
My TL installation has come all the way to ce, and it ha only been an hour. Oh boy :D
@N3buchadnezzar There is nothing quite as impressive as a full texmf, I'll give you that. Probably 90% of the files on your computer will be there.
And given the size, maybe 90% of the space too, eh? ;)
5:08 PM
@RyanReich Actually yes, possibly even 96% because of the clean install.
@N3buchadnezzar Part of the reason I was being miserly with space is that I got a new laptop with a smaller SSD rather than a normal hard disk. "Only" 128 GB.
Currently using ~24 GB. I could probably have gotten them all :)
It said 4GB for the full install
@N3buchadnezzar That's not so bad. It's only 75% of the size of the entire rest of my OS :)
It fits entirely in RAM, too!
@RyanReich -wow
@N3buchadnezzar Well, then the OS would be run from swap, of course. But these new laptops are quite impressive. Somehow it contrives to use up all my RAM anyway.
As for the tiny size: I'm not just picky about my TeX packages ;)
Er, I think I meant "conspires". Though there is something contrived about that kind of memory usage.
5:15 PM
On my stationary computer my main harddrive is 1TB, and my OS runs on a 64GB SSD.
I couldn't fill 1TB if I tried. Perhaps I should get more into heavy mathematical computations, or video encoding or something.
So irritating, few sites want to remember me. Hmm
@RyanReich Movies and music is the answer.
@RyanReich A cold boot takes 30seconds on the stationary ^^
@N3buchadnezzar I think on this laptop it takes less. I should time it; it's crazy. Equally crazy is how silent it is. The only moving part in the entire machine is the fan, which is a whisper.
(It's basically a clone of the Macbook Air, for what it's worth)
@RyanReich My Laptop has 8GB RAM, but one TeX process has 3.5GB, so the System starts swapping when I run two in parallel ;-)
@StephanLehmke 3.5 GB...how?
5:28 PM
@RyanReich 64bit system and setting extra_mem_ rather high, I guess ;-)
I can't buy a 8GB RAM laptop here, because they don't exist. :(
@StephanLehmke Oh right, static memory pool.
Only Dell sells a XPS one here. Very expensive.
@PauloCereda I'd say it's unnecessary, but I just checked why it is that nearly 1.5 GB of RAM is used, and I found that Chrome is by far the largest thing running. And Dropbox, strangely.
5:31 PM
@PauloCereda I guess it's more a question which SIM modules are put in, but my knowledge of hardware is very limited. I didn't buy the laptop privately :)
@RyanReich Indeed. Some apps devour RAM like crazy.
Ubuntu does have its drawbacks. I saw the size of the compiz process around 5GB lately, and I don't even use any fancy desktop effects.
@PauloCereda It's not fair! All I want is a browser that supports extensions (adblock, flashblock). Why must the two most popular ones be so huge?
@RyanReich Noscript + adblock
@StephanLehmke I used Ubuntu on my last laptop because I didn't want to make a computer project out of it. It had only two GB of RAM!
5:34 PM
@StephanLehmke Ah yes. :) I know almost nothing about hardware, only a few things from computer archicteture. :) Brazil has a bad technological market, we have basic/medium quality stuff at immoral prices. :(
Now I use Gentoo. I'm pleasantly surprised that most of the "it-just-works" stuff still more or less just works.
All hardware, removable disks, etc. The only thing I can't figure out is Bluetooth (and that never works, even when it does)
@RyanReich I think RAM availability spoiled the fun. :) When I began with programming, memory allocation was one of the greatest concerns we had. Nowadays, people don't care because "with so much RAM no one will run out of it." :)
@N3buchadnezzar Those are necessities, yes. But, say, the epiphany browser that comes with gnome, which is much smaller than chrome, does not seem to do extensions at all. So I have to use chrome or firefox.
@RyanReich Firefox is slow but highly customizable, it suits my needs. And people never run out of ram do they? ;)
@N3buchadnezzar chrome used to have deficient extensions, but now all the really important ones are there.
And I got sick of firefox and its memory leaks. Ironic...
@PauloCereda One day soon, the backlash will come -- "With so much RAM, why is this stupid browser taking up the whole thing?!"
5:40 PM
@RyanReich My firefox uses 220 524 kb at the moment...
@RyanReich 100% agreed. :)
@PauloCereda I think people appreciate having efficient applications, though they still tolerate bloated ones.
@N3buchadnezzar Yeah, I'm at like 1.2 GB here...
Though it's unclear how much of that is shared or whatever. I don't quite understand process memory accounting.
@RyanReich I think with full support for unicode and all kinds of fancy new HTML versions browsers will become larger. And some features are just so cool they make you tolerate bloat... Ever tried ctrl+shift+I in firefox, then chosen 3D view?
@StephanLehmke No, I have to find a computer with modern Firefox installed. ctrl+shift+I on chrome opens the DOM browser...
5:55 PM
@StephanLehmke Lol
@RyanReich It's probably the same for firefox; I'm not a web developer. But firefox has this really cool 3D DOM visualizer ;-)
@StephanLehmke Oh, well, Chrome's is pretty functional but not 3D
@StephanLehmke OMG you made my day! <3
I should really look into the Knitting package, as I have no idea what it is.
6:05 PM
@StephanLehmke Completely bonkers (took me a while to find it on the Mac :-)
@JosephWright Seizures! :D
@RyanReich Furthermore, I doubt JavaScript was ever meant to implement the kind of dynamic site behaviour we're seeing on SX or other "social media" sites. It's a bit like programming TikZ in TeX - you'll get it to run on modern hardware, but it will hardly ever be efficient by asymptotic considerations.
@StephanLehmke What do you mean with you last sentence ? =)
@RyanReich Congratulations, I think you've answered our first bona fide homework question. tex.stackexchange.com/q/63358/2693
@AlanMunn It was obviously a homework question. But I didn't say anything at all!
6:16 PM
@N3buchadnezzar Well at least in TeX, because of basic properties of the "rewriting" formalism it is using, a lot of operations will gain a factor of O(n) with respect to what they should theoretically cost. That is what should take O(n) is taking O(n^2), what should take O(log n) is taking O(n log n) etc.
@AlanMunn Hell, it was admittedly a homework question.
@RyanReich Yes, I wasn't criticizing you for answering. It's just that homework questions are so atypical.
@AlanMunn Ah, okay. On Math Overflow I'd have been censured :)
I think it might be possible to get some things almost as efficient as they should theoretically be, but only at the cost of bloating the hash space. And furthermore I'm not seeing that a lot in packages.
I really liked this quote from the OP "I read some tutorials on making one but i don't know where to make it? should be in windows? or Ubuntu? what software i should use for my project to function?"
6:18 PM
But yes, I don't see many people being assigned to do LaTeX.
I wasn't saying this argumentation could be taken over immediately to JavaScript, it's just that things like this happen when you use tools for things they weren't originally meant for.
@RyanReich and on PF you would have been banned
@N3buchadnezzar PF?
@RyanReich A colleague at Penn for a while required his homework assignments (in linguistics) to be done in LaTeX. His rationale was that if you can't figure out how to use LaTeX, you shouldn't be doing linguistics in the first place.
@RyanReich Physics Forums.
@AlanMunn Reasonable
6:22 PM
@N3buchadnezzar Ah. Some subjects do lend themselves to a bit of venality. Whereas on SO itself, I think it would have been just business as usual.
@AlanMunn That's amazing.
If you give anything more than hints there, you are likely to receive a ban.
@StephanLehmke Indeed. :)
@N3buchadnezzar The more "popular" the subject is, the less its students care about learning it. And the more of them have to get by somehow.
@AlanMunn There's someone at Essex in the UK who seems to recommend LaTeX to his/her students. Regrettably, there seems to be no LaTeX course at Essex!
We have to write our reports in Latex
They even check that they are done somewhat decent.
6:25 PM
@AlanMunn In linguistics, I should add :-)
@JosephWright Actually, last quarter I put a subpage of basic LaTeX info (mostly links) on my course website for differential equations.
I didn't require it, but surprisingly many (i.e. more than one) people did it.
@JosephWright, our template even contains the siunitx package!
@N3buchadnezzar Really? Seems a bit prescriptive
@RyanReich I sometimes think I should do the same. This semester I was on a semantics thesis committee. The student (who is very smart) wrote the thesis in Word and it looked like it was formatted by a child. His chair and I were dying to just say "Do the f-ing thing in LaTeX" but we restrained ourselves somewhat.
If I mention LaTeX to 99% percent of my colleagues, they give me the puzzled look you give to Bieber fans who claim that JB is better than Beatles et. al combined.
6:26 PM
@N3buchadnezzar What happens with pen-and-paper people?
@AlanMunn LOL
@JosephWright All our exams are done on pen and paper, with only a simple calculator. As well as every hand in is also done by hand.
@PauloCereda Same here, except I am now the 'does the nice looking plots' person :-)
@JosephWright Probably depends if they can turn out stuff like this: books.google.com/…
@JosephWright It's become a bit of the thing the 'cool kids' do among our grad students, so more of them are using it.
6:28 PM
@AlanMunn Ah right, I see
@AlanMunn Not the case in my world. I'm running a course on the 23rd on LaTeX, but have failed to get any of my coworkers to come along
@AlanMunn OF course, all grad students in math know LaTeX to some degree, but almost everyone I talked to when I was doing my PhD thought I was crazy to program TeX.
They didn't even know what that was supposed to accomplish.
Of course, they were right. I am crazy.
@JosephWright I think also the great work that the TeX Live and MikTeX people have done in making distributions that just work is also really helpful. When I was in grad school you could only really run TeX on an unix box, and it was much more mysterious. So much so that I didn't think it worth the effort, even though I was very computer literate.
Next interviewees: Aditya, Audrey and Alan. :)
@PauloCereda So, alphabetical?
6:32 PM
@PauloCereda What happened to the Aditya interview anyway? I thought that was supposed to have happened already.
@AlanMunn Yes, seems fair to me
You're just looking for an excuse to get to David Carlisle again soon.
@RyanReich That's the plan. :D
@AlanMunn We need to pick a date and it will go onto the 'Community Board'
@AlanMunn We are waiting for Aditya to pick a date.
6:33 PM
@PauloCereda You should get Heiko Oberdiek. (Well, first we should get him to come to the site.)
@RyanReich It would be fantastic!
@PauloCereda Get David Carlisle to get him :P
@RyanReich I get the feeling Heiko is very busy
@JosephWright Okay, just the interview then :) (But I guess he must be, given his output. I have no sense of what he is doing, though, only what he has done)
@JosephWright I think because we have some great packages for linguistics and also because linguistics papers use a numbering system like math equations, the benefits of LaTeX become quite quickly obvious to people. From what you've said about chemistry, in the past, this seems less true.
6:36 PM
while ( usersDAO.getUsername("Heiko Oberdiek") == null ) {
      interviewQueue.add(usersDAO.getUsername("David Carlisle"));
Q: Parantheses differ (XeLaTeX, fontspec, newtxmath, libertine)

QrrbrbirlbelAfter Internal error: bad native font flag I stumbled upon another weird problem with the combination XeLaTeX/fontspec/Libertine/newtxmath: \documentclass{scrartcl} \usepackage[no-math]{fontspec} \usepackage{libertineotf} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage[libertine]{newtxmath} \begin{document} ...

This is a really intriguing question.
I'd love to "found" an official Brazilian TUG (i.stack.imgur.com/pyD5e.png) and encourage the use of TeX, but ABNT is so spooky.
@AlanMunn Oh, we use lots of float numbering (schemes, figures) plus compound numbering (best done with chemnum nowadays). On the other hand, chemical graphics are best done using specialist tools, so those tend to be used. The chemists I know who do use LaTeX tend to be on the 'physical' side, where there is more mathematics.
@JosephWright Which difficulties does the chemist face with using latex?
I mean is the figures difficult to reproduce or?
@N3buchadnezzar It depends on what you mean by 'difficulties'. I have no issues producing documents in LaTeX for my own use, but these don't fit in with the work flow of my colleagues (in particular my current boss). I guess the most obvious reason for this is that if you include a chemical scheme in a document, you can't actually see it in LaTeX in the source, but you can both see and edit it directly in Word.
An example scheme, for reference:
6:48 PM
chemfigures or something I guess
@N3buchadnezzar Some people inflict this approach on themselves :-)
@JosephWright If your colleagues keep using word, you can be continue to be known as "the pretty figures guy" =)
@N3buchadnezzar Try reading the source and tell me it's helpful. The ideal would be to read ChemDraw XML files, which can be edited graphically, and auto-convert to PSTricks, TikZ, etc. However, that looks like a complex project, and you are still left with the files separate.
@N3buchadnezzar Well yes. That's actually pgfplots stuff, as my current work involves a lot of rate measurements
Tikzcode can be very painful to read, the same with TeX code.
@N3buchadnezzar To some extent yes, but for that reason it's not the best choice for everything
6:55 PM
I like to fiddle with latex myself, but not for projects involving other people.
I have tried all of the chemical structure drawing packages, and I'm not convinced that any of them really work to produce output of sufficient quality or that I could maintain
Like cooperating writing our rapports is terrible. She keeps using double dollar signs and \\ like there was no tomorrow.
@N3buchadnezzar :-)
@JosephWright You should try to write a sufficient package then =) Even though it would be a huge project.
@N3buchadnezzar I may yet have another look at chemfig. I've got a while before my new jobs is supposed to start, and I would in many ways like a TeX-based solution
7:14 PM
I would no more want to second-guess my font designer than I would my tailor.
Q: Replacing a character with a different one of a different point size

BenThe following image shows two ways of writing "2009" in Adobe Garamond Pro: The first one is standard 12pt. In the second "2009," the zeros are written with this command: \newcommand{\zero}{{\fontsize{12.8}{\baselineskip}\selectfont o}} i.e., using a slightly larger "o" instead of "0." Obvi...

@BrentLongborough Indeed, a 'do not do this' question
@BrentLongborough Are you planning a talk for the UK-TUG meeting?
@JosephWright Or as David would say, beware of stolen sheep
@JosephWright Not really. I'm flattered you suspect me capable of making something like that interesting. :)
@BrentLongborough You could tell us all about your life in Brazil ;-)
Not sure how my note-taking will hold up in Portuguese, mind
We need a "Every time you do this a kitten dies" tag.
@JosephWright Not sure that would be very interesting for the typographic community.
7:22 PM
user image
too bad :)
I suspect that the concepts of "Brazil" and "Typographically-based OCD" may be mutually hostile.
@PatrickGundlach [Dead-Kittens]?
7:36 PM
Can anybody give a hint why this got a downvote?
A: \sqrt from another font

egregYou have to define new symbol fonts; the relevant declarations are \DeclareSymbolFont{mdputsymbols}{OMS}{mdput}{m}{n} \DeclareSymbolFont{mdputlargesymbols}{normal}{OMX}{mdput}{m}{n} \DeclareMathRadical{\sqrtsign}{mdputsymbols}{"70}{mdputlargesymbols}{"70} Here's an example; the two \let in...

@egreg It's part of the new campaign against +100k users.
@AlanMunn Where can one sign it? I'll do it immediately.
@egreg www.thereshouldonlybeone.com
Actually I discovered an error remained from cut-and-paste
@egreg Weird that someone downvoted instead of commenting, though.
7:46 PM
@AlanMunn Sorry, "inexistent domain". :)
@egreg You haven't registered it yet? Maybe it's www.stop_davidcarlisle_from_getting_more_rep.com
My TL installation has crashed twice now =(
@N3buchadnezzar You need to take @RyanReich 's advice: I just uninstalled Windows, didn't get to the reinstalling :)
I am actually considering it.
@AlanMunn :)
I tried to save it, but one of my repartitioning tests screwed up its bootloader or something. So I just wiped the disk and put Linux all over it.
This is the first totally Linux machine I think I've ever had.
I always keep a Windows partition that I never use.
7:55 PM
@RyanReich All depends on the tools you use
@JosephWright Naturally. Lots of proprietary software is Windows-only.
I'm not that much of an evangelist.
@PatrickGundlach I would create "kitten-unfriendly" except I am afraid of looking like I'm mocking the asker.
@egreg That was, somehow, me. I didn't mean to downvote; my mouse must have drifted. Fortunately, the timer had not yet run out, so I've reversed it.
@RyanReich sounds like 'my dog ate my homework' :)
@PatrickGundlach "My cat was typing"
@RyanReich No problem! I edited the message so you could "undownvote". :)
This seems to have a benefit! The undownvote gives me 2 points more, because the donwvote had already been "eaten up" by other upvotes. :)
@egreg Ooh, an exploit.
Now you can gain reputation 1% faster per day :)
8:10 PM
@RyanReich We should try this with David, provided he hits rep cap.
@egreg So, first we start with everyone downvoting him...
@RyanReich Ah, yes, I used to remember it well, the drifting mouse syndrome... :)
@BrentLongborough The extraordinarily sensitive touchpad on this state-of-the-art laptop is, well, extraordinarily sensitive. The slightest breath will cause the mouse to flutter.
A ryan, does TexLive download packages on the fly if they are missing ?
@N3buchadnezzar Not 'out of the box': there is a script that will do this
8:22 PM
@RyanReich I have an olde-fashioned approach to touchpads. The first thing I do is install a mouse, and tick the option that says "disable the touchpad when a real pointing device is present"
Actually, about the only thing I dislike on Stack Exchange is that you need a mouse.
Seems complicated.. =(
@N3buchadnezzar Why not just install "The Whole Thing"?
@BrentLongborough It crashed on me twice!
@BrentLongborough That is a really annoying feature of anything that expects a GUI. It's actually impossible to tab through Stack Exchange, because the important buttons are not "links" as the browser understands them.
Had to do the medium install
8:25 PM
@RyanReich Thus setting off the hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.
@RyanReich Yeah, I long for the days when we didn't have all this "programming language lint" cluttering up the web, and 4K was considered a big, ill-mannered page.
@AlanMunn Too close, I think; Ryan's mouse-flutter causes 30-metre waves off Tierra del Fuego
@BrentLongborough I thought that was caused by butterflies and not mice?
@N3buchadnezzar But what if you need to use the he-she package? :P
@AlanMunn Katrina was probably caused by Apple doing research on the mousepad that was eventually put in the Macbook Air
@RyanReich Uinstall then install miktex + linux
@N3buchadnezzar OK, then what if you run TeXLive manager and just add everything else to the installation?
8:29 PM
@RyanReich I recommend the [they] option, especially.
@BrentLongborough Oh, that works of course silly me.
@AlanMunn You know, I did not even check who wrote that package. Sorry! (However, I agree. "They" is definitely the way to go)
Hopefully I was able to download the knitting package :p
(I can't believe I picked a random package that turned out to be written by one of the six other people in this room)
8:31 PM
@N3buchadnezzar Not really silly; the Gods of IT are extremely perverse, and particularly dislike the hubris of typographers.
@RyanReich Yeah, yeah, and you also accidentally downvoted one of @egreg 's answers.
@AlanMunn I'm on a roll today. Or perhaps a troll.
Or droll, most likely.
Not compatible with the lipsum package though =(
@RyanReich clickme
@AlanMunn Isn't there a Middle English gender-neutral pronoun ("ow"?), and could we have that as an option, please? I appreciate your disclaimer; "they" as English is hopelessly broken IMSAO.
8:37 PM
You should add an He-man option (switches every she/he with He-man.)
Try also the "academic" option, which replaces all first-person singular pronouns with their plural equivalents.
@RyanReich Or the houseoflords option, where everything is replaced by "one", "one's" and so forth
Egosentric option. Everything is replaced by I, me and myself.
@BrentLongborough Not that I know of. Actually my disclaimer is about the 'they' package option. The use of gender neutral 'they' in English goes way way back in time, and it's perfectly fine IMO. Just like my thesis class, which I will never use, I will never use the he-she package.
@AlanMunn That's interesting. I thought the use of they was just modern laziness.
8:41 PM
@AlanMunn My package is like that. I wrote it for my girlfriend and it makes diagrams that are only useful for her field of math. That's also a sort of "he-she" package.
@RyanReich At least it's put to good use by some people. I'm not sure I agree with the premise of the he-she package.
@AlanMunn Okay, I'm going to stop feeling guilty for making fun of your package then :)
@RyanReich Says the guy who have used xypic package.
@BrentLongborough See the wikipedia link for some real live examples from the 15th and 16th centuries, including the Bard. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singular_they
@RyanReich Absolutely. If you read the docs it's clear that even I make fun of the package.
9:00 PM
@N3buchadnezzar Poor xypic gets no love now that tikz can do all of its tricks better. (Now, if you want to make fun of pstricks, that's a different story :P)
@AlanMunn And now I know what "anaphoric" means.
@RyanReich Now you can move on to "cataphoric".
2 hours later…
11:21 PM
@FrankMittelbach: Hi Frank! How was your trip?
hi all :-)
@leo Hi! :)
why \hfill $x$\hfill doen't center $x$ in a tabular entrie?
\hfill $x$\hfill{} does! :-)
11:32 PM
Let me see if I can find something about it in the good book. Unlike egreg, I have no idea of what page to look in the TeXbook. :)
\hfil $x$\hfil
This one centers it.
I did not know that there is a \hfil
Oh no, it's a double dangerous-bend sign! Exercise 12.3
@leo Neither did I. :P
11:56 PM
@BrentLongborough: ooh a Brazil-related talk in UK-TUG! Please tell them about the food! :D

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