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1:09 AM
@PatrickGundlach: I'm trying to follow your comment in this question: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/63005/… But I didn't understand why it would return the number of bytes. I'm trying to find any clue in the Lua book, but no luck so far. :(
Sorry if this is a newbie question, but I really got curious.
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2:29 AM
@N3buchadnezzar Since most Canadians live in urban areas we're much more likely to be chased by raccoons than moose! cbc.ca/documentaries/natureofthings/2011/raccoonnation
2:56 AM
@egreg: We are the champions! :) Palmeiras won the Brazilian Cup! :) Avanti Palestra! Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!
3:07 AM
@PauloCereda I can't decide what to make of this picture.
@AlanMunn Uh-oh. :)
@AlanMunn Well after this theorem and the breakdown of Hilbert's programme, math isn't any fun anymore anyway. Hence, football :-)
@StephanLehmke That must be it. :)
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5:04 AM
@PauloCereda Not sure if it is possible to understand :) string.* always operate on bytes (because it handles only ascii + 8th bit). Now unicode.*.* are a direct replacement for string.* (you can say string=unicode.utf8 for example ) and all string.* functions are utf8 aware. But there has to be a function that operates on bytes only, since otherwise you are unable to deal with byte data stored in strings. And this is the function *.find() which, well, returns the offset in bytes.
I am not saying that this is intuitive or not, but one just have to keep this in mind when dealing with multi byte input
This is not written in the manual. It is to be deduced from the slunicode library's source code. And there has been a lot of discussion on the LuaTEX mailing list about that: tug.org/pipermail/luatex/2010-March/001242.html - I believe this is the only correct way to handle this.
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8:37 AM
@PauloCereda What a year!
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10:42 AM
@PatrickGundlach Ah I see! :) Thanks a milion for the great explanation. :)
Am I trying the egreg color today?
nope, even weirder...
@percusse Most random pattern ever. :)
weirder? is that a word?
@percusse Why not?
@egreg no reason, just my bad english.
I also have this one on the chat room...
10:47 AM
@percusse I believe that all English adjectives of one or two syllables can take the comparative or superlative suffixes. Probably also longer ones.
@percusse It's not the same shade of green, I believe. I just picked the one that was offered the first time.
@egreg I am colorblinder than before :P
This is the one appearing to me. :)
@PauloCereda Actually I would love to keep it but I'm sure it will be changed again anyway :)
@percusse :)
11:45 AM
@percusse curiouser and curiouser ;-)
@StephanLehmke kramer vs. kramer, eheh
12:13 PM
Q: Standalone package errors when creating table

LeeserBelow is a MWE of a table that keeps outputting errors although it does display but not correctly. \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{booktabs} \begin{document} \begin{table}[htbp] \caption{An Tabl\'a Shiompal} \begin{tabular}{rrrr} \addlinespace \toprule A & B & C & ...

Votes needed. :)
1:01 PM
Too localized? See "self answer"
Q: Bibtex failing to cite one entry?

A TI've been reading a very interesting PhD thesis, and I would thus like to reference it in my work. Unfortunately this bibtex segment didn't work with \cite{}, instead giving [?]: @phdthesis{michael_power_1991, title = {The Power of Two Choices in Randomized Load Balancing}, url = {http:...

@egreg Looks that way to me
@JosephWright I've already voted yesterday.
I voted now. :)
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2:14 PM
I might provide an answer here, but I think it's better to close it as too localized
Q: \newline not working in moderncv doctype

nachogsiriI'm working on my moderncv and I want to send a section to the next page. I tried with the following sentence but it doesn't work: \newline \section{Title} \cvline{info}{info2)}{} \cvline{info}{} How can I achieve that? thanks for any help!

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4:00 PM
@egreg Voted. :)
4:18 PM
@AlanMunn US rules for theses are usually strict and directed into producing the worst possible result.
@percusse Very clever answer with the arcs!
Does anyone know any good reference materials (something like a glossary) for looking up individual TeX/LaTeX commands as one comes across them? For example, I am trying to figure out what \vtop does.
@egreg Indeed. Americans aren't much for anarchy. When I was packing my office up to move to our new building I discovered all the documentation I collected just to convince the thesis office at the U. Maryland to allow me to use italics instead of underlining in my dissertation.
@N3buchadnezzar Thanks a bunch! :) Aha, you have a cool answer too!
@Psachnodaimonia texdoc texbytopic and texdoc source2e
@AlanMunn Do they allow using something else than a typewriter?
4:24 PM
@percusse I had to use your arc trick, but I am sure this can be fixed.
Eh, as in get a more tkz-euclide style way of doing so.
@egreg thanks!
@N3buchadnezzar Leave it to Altermundus and he will probably come up with an answer no matter what :)
Interesting. Amongst all browsers I have, Safari is the one that renders TeX.sx more beautifully.
@AlanMunn Underlining?! God have mercy. :)
@PauloCereda Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :P
@percusse Indeed. :) Rephrasing it: iBeauty is in the "i" of the iBeholder. :)
4:38 PM
@PauloCereda Hahah, i ! (as in Aye!)
@percusse LOL
@AlanMunn: A long time ago, my dad asked me what the "S" letter in the Word formatting toolbar meant ('sublinhado'). I answered, "It means 'socorro!' Don't use." :) Thankfully my dad never used underlining. UPPERCASE, on the other hand... :(
@egreg Well they did, but their style guide apparently didn't. And since the old ladies who worked there had been there since before the typewriter was invented it seemed, they weren't up to changes.
@percusse I know, the problem is that the point C lies under the line AB if a<0.5
@N3buchadnezzar I think making a fixed x coordinate like \def\radd{0.3}and using a cotangent for D would fix everything. (note the through library and circle through command of TikZ)
4:54 PM
@percusse I have already a fixed x coordinate. But the circle intersects with the cotangent through D at two places.
\tkzDefLine[orthogonal=through D](A,D)
\tkzInterLC(D,tkzPointResult)(M1,A) \tkzGetFirstPoint{C}
@N3buchadnezzar Hmm, tkz syntax is really welsh to me. but you can pick up the other solution if you use intersections.
@percusse Just trust me that it does what I say, "normal" tikz is french to me.
@percusse Yes, I can also do that in tikz. The problem is choosing the correct one.
Need something along the lines of
"if a<0.5 then P else Q"
@N3buchadnezzar \pgfmathparse{a<0.5?P:Q}\pgfmathresult
Hmm that did not work, it does not recognize C.
user image
My dad's typewriter. :)
5:06 PM
@N3buchadnezzar \ifdim\a pt < 0.5pt P \else Q \fi (see starred comment on the right:-)
;) Problem is that it does not work with coordinates, but I think I managed to find a work around
5:27 PM
Pretty! Now you are a pro with tkz-euclide. – Altermundus 16 mins ago
:D :D :D
@egreg you beat me by a second on unvbox:-)
@DavidCarlisle Just because I didn't go searching the TeXbook. :)
5:54 PM
@DavidCarlisle Page 282, by the way.
So, I got the Necromancer badge and Nice Answer badge on Meta ^^
6:13 PM
@egreg or that brilliant piece of English literature known as afterpage.dtx
% \begin{macro}{\addboxcontents}
% Given a vbox |#1|, add to the current vertical list such that the end
% result is equivalent to the list that \TeX\ would have built had the
% contents of |#1| (apart from any initial glue) been added individually
% to the current list.

% So essentially, the problem is that of unboxing |#1|, but replacing
% the glue at the top of |#1| with (something equivalent to) the
% |\baselineskip| or |\lineskip| glue that \TeX\ would normally have
% placed before the first box in |#1|. Also |\prevdepth| must be set at
Some of it's a sales pitch, but not all of it :-)
6:32 PM
@JosephWright It's quite a nice video.
@egreg Yes, well produced isn't it. I wonder it there was money from the publisher
@egreg The book is pretty good too :-)
@JosephWright I don't like some parts, actually, but it has many interesting topics. (I only know the old preprint version, though.)
@egreg Of course, I would take some parts differently
@JosephWright I guess I'll buy it, sooner or later. By the way, is there a rule for knowing which adjectives can't take the comparative or superlative suffixes?
@egreg Not that I know of. I saw someone mentioned yesterday numbers of syllabus, and thought of 'boring'. In English, you can't have 'boringer', so the German langweiliger always makes me smile
6:40 PM
@JosephWright That's a gerund, so it's not surprising. Also "-ful" adjectives don't take the suffix, I believe.
@egreg For me, the focus on CS is a bit too strong, but I do like the treatment of many other things so am prepared to let it go.
@egreg Certainly '-ful' words would normally seem to require 'most/most'
@JosephWright While CS takes a lot from the study of langages (The idea of a kernel for example, and a minimum number of phrases), I'm not sure how you could do it the other way around, since they never were able to create a linguistic kernel, by my understanding
Q: Template Modification

eualinI am new to LaTeX. My questions are not such difficult but for obvious reasons I do need some help. I found the following template very useful: http://www-h.eng.cam.ac.uk/help/tpl/textprocessing/ThesisStyle/CUEDThesisPSnPDF.tgz It was supposed to work correctly, however it doesn't load (or it...

This seems to be a bit of a hodge podge. What to do?
@JosephWright Seems like the OP is not following up on the comments, so close as too localized?
@Jake That's what I was thinking
6:49 PM
@JosephWright Voted
Will I be excommunicated from TeX.sx because of my comment to the "languages" meta-question? meta.tex.stackexchange.com/a/2594/3094 :D
@PauloCereda yes
@DavidCarlisle Oh no!
@JosephWright: let's record videos of us giving testimonials about TeX and friends, then leave the edition to me. :)
7:07 PM
@PauloCereda I like the one below you, and had to restrain my smartass remark about "5. Fr and En, with different answers"
@Canageek Uh-oh. :P
I also have jokes about 'Can I post the same answer twice in two types of English" but I'd piss off all the Americans with it...
8:01 PM
I am traveling to Germany soon =)
@Canageek Linguistically, Canadian English is a lot closer to American English than anything else, even with 'colour' and 'zed'.
@AlanMunn It isn't far from British English either; I use the OED for all my writing and no one complains. I was going to make a joke about how most Canadian English speakers tend to be somewhat more proficient in it then American English speakers; Something about us not having destroyed our public education system in the last 30 years.
@Canageek Trust me, it's very far from British English in most respects. Spelling conventions are not linguistic. Canadians may have more passive knowledge of BrEng than Americans, but that's a different matter.
Jolly good!
8:13 PM
@AlanMunn How does it change? I've never noticed much, aside from some very odd pronunciations (aluminum for one)
@N3buchadnezzar ......The disturbing thing is I understood pretty much all of that.
But the more important question is, who cares about Canada
8:26 PM
@N3buchadnezzar Canadians do. Perhaps. :)
@egreg Fair point. Most of our national identity is figuring out what it means to be Canadian.
@Canageek You might rejoin the UK. :)
Maybe the Québecois wouldn't agree.
What is \lineskip?
8:42 PM
@Psachnodaimonia The amount of vertical spacing that's inserted when two lines are too near to each other, for example when the line above is deeper than usual or the line below is too high.
@Psachnodaimonia it's a minimum space put between lines tha... oh @egreg got there
@Canageek Well for one, colonization brings particular regional dialects to a country which then are less connected the home prestige form. To cite one major example, standard BrEng is predominantly 'r'-less after vowels, but standard Am. and Can. English requires 'r'. The relative isolation of the colonies allows new standards to arise. The same dialects may also preserve words that change in the home dialect. An example of this is Am/Can 'gotten' as the participle of 'got' (Br = 'got').
That makes sense. thanks.
@AlanMunn I thought that gotten/got was the other way around (originally in wide use, 'preserved' in the US but dropped in the UK)?
@JosephWright Right. That's what I just said no?
8:44 PM
@JosephWright that' s what he said
@AlanMunn The same holds for Français Québecois, I believe.
@egreg Yes, there's plenty of old French vocabulary in Québecois.
@AlanMunn You start of with 'home prestige form', which confused me :-)
@AlanMunn Interesting; I've not noticed much when talking to British people I know, but often do with Americans, though that is probably the fact Canadian suburban accent isn't hugely far removed from some of the British ones, but is terribly far removed from most US accents.
I mean, have you ever talked to someone from Kentucky? I phoned a police station there once to stop a suicide and would have laughed if A) I hadn't been talking to a cop and B) I wasn't blind out of my mind with panic
@Canageek This is wishful thinking, unfortunately. I'm not saying there's not regional variation in American English that makes it different from Canadian English, there is. But if you compared "standard" American/Canadian/British English with each other, you'd definitely put Canadian and American together. (Just go to Britain and see how many people think you're an American.)
@Canageek I have a grad student from Kentucky. We seem to understand each other just fine. :)
8:53 PM
@AlanMunn Oh, I wouldn't be surprised. Now I have to reteach myself grammer. sighs
I want to drink alcohol, but I am alone
9:10 PM
Don't forget the Royal Canadian Mounted Police! :)
9:35 PM
@JosephWright Now I realise why you were confused. There was a crucial 'to' missing in that sentence.
10:10 PM
Aha same gravatar, my little trick is working so far.
Accidental rhyming.
Is it only me or the automatic update "x questions with new activity" isn't working?
A user who has been registered for almost two years fakes ignorance about MWE. :(
@PauloCereda Damn, you answer a question and I'm out of votes. :)
10:34 PM
I thought some people here, particularly @JosephWright might be intrested in this LaTeX/Chemistry post;
A: What open-source software can produce 3D PDF representation of molecules?

Richard TerrettDisclaimer This is not for the faint-hearted. If you are not interested in using LaTeX, stop reading now, as this uses the media15 or movie9 packages to embed U3D in a pdfLaTeX generated PDF. This answer assumes basic familiarity with LaTeX. I have tested this with pdfLaTeX and it should work f...

1 hour later…
11:40 PM
@egreg <3
11:52 PM
A: Should we eliminate the translation in other languages ​​that may not be necessary?

Caramdir[ar] وأعتقد أننا ينبغي أن تكون مفتوحة قدر الإمكان. على وجه الخصوص هذه المناقشة يجب أن تكون متاحة للمتحدثين من جميع اللغات. [ca] Crec que hem de ser el més obert possible. En particular, aquest debat ha de ser accessible per als parlants de qualsevol llengua. [cy] Yr wyf yn meddwl y dylem fod mo...

@BrentLongborough: Please help me with my humble attempt to translate Caramdir's message to PTB. :) Portuguese is complicated, the sentence sounds so weird. :D

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