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@ShreevatsaR ^
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5:16 AM
Hello guys!
From the answers if this question I take the following code; draw a circle divided into 6 parts:

\def\R{3cm} % defined radius of circle
\draw (0,0) circle[radius=\R];
\draw (0,0) -- (60:\R) (0,0) -- (120:\R) (0,0) -- (180:\R) (0,0) -- (240:\R) (0,0) -- (300:\R) (0,0) -- (360:\R);

\node at (30:\R/2) {\(\{A,B,C\}\)};
\node at (90:\R/2) {\(\{A,B,C\}\)};
As you can see, the labels are not exactly centered in each part, so I would appreciate your help about how to center correctly the six labels. Thanks!
6:12 AM
@KhaledHosny Looks correct! (As far as I can tell at least, as I can only read two of those scripts fluently :-) But seems correct overall, at least avoids the sort of naive mistake LuaTeX was making.)
6:30 AM
@manooooh Looks like a visual illusion to me. The center of each label is where you asked it to be, that does not look very centered. You might need to adjust the label placement: In (30:R/2) increase the radius a bit, and decrease the angle to move the top left corner of the label away from the line at 60°. I think it would be quite a challenge to automate this: Measure the node, and put its edges/corners at equal distances from the two radii and the circumference?
7:02 AM
@manooooh Ask a question on the main site
@HaraldHanche-Olsen thank you form your answer! Yes, I tried some values manually (/1.5, /3, etc.) but I cannot find a nice value, and yes, it seems a visual illusion!! I will think about that later
@CarLaTeX hi, first (?
@manooooh always
@CarLaTeX ok, I thought it was a simple idea. Do you recommend ask in the same question or un another one?
@manooooh If you haven't found a solution to the same question, ask it
@CarLaTeX do you mean Ignasi's fantastic answer?
I am on phone, I cannot test right now :(, later
7:17 AM
@manooooh If Ignasi's gorgeous answer doesn't solve your problem, ask it :)
Hey, Happy Halloween to everyone!! 👻👻
@manooooh Happy Halloween!
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@PauloCereda qua qua qua
@CarLaTeX ooh anatras
@PauloCereda anatre
@CarLaTeX ooh das Ente
Uno anatra, due anatras
@DavidCarlisle ^^ my Italian is good
@PauloCereda like David's one
9:00 AM
@CarLaTeX oh no
@PauloCereda can you translate this:
Apr 15 at 9:38, by David Carlisle
@PauloCereda dinner!
@DavidCarlisle oh no
9:12 AM
@PauloCereda Where is PSmith? We need the oh-no counter
@CarLaTeX ooh hold on
'ello, Psmith is now fully operational.
@DavidCarlisle you are mean
Jun 29 '17 at 16:15, by Paulo Cereda
@DavidCarlisle you are not mean :)
9:16 AM
@samcarter see, the string must be
New York his name is a handy interface to these things are a good and easily accessible and easy to change. There are all friends here
@CarLaTeX: there is no "oh" counter, only "ooh" counter.
ooh (5321 hits so far)
9:23 AM
<div class="onebox ob-message"><a rel="noopener noreferrer" class="roomname" href="/transcript/message/38455530#38455530"><span title="2017-06-29 16:15:06Z">Jun 29 '17 at 16:15:06Z">Jun 29 '17 at 16:15</span></a>, by <span class="user-name">Paulo Cereda</span> <br/><div class="onebox ob-message"><a rel="noopener noreferrer" class="roomname" href="/transcript/message/38455530#38455530"><span title="2017-06-29 16:15:06Z">Jun 29 '17 at 16:15</span></a>, by <span class="user-name">Paulo Cereda</span
ooh (5322 hits so far)
@CarLaTeX no command with that name. :)
9:24 AM
@PauloCereda ops
@DavidCarlisle looking a bit in the oberdiek documentations I think the following (in oberdiek/luatex.pdf) could be changed: "LaTeX 2e is frozen and therefore refuses to even notice the new TEX variants. Not even the old e-TEX is supported by its kernel."
@UlrikeFischer more seriously the 2e style where the counters of these vast caravanserai--to be filled, and owing to the street off Madison Avenue
@UlrikeFischer sorry for Psmith! :)
What's the time you were editing this paper? Practically, we know that my job is more-or-less to rewrite <i>everything</i> in <code>\skip0=0pt</code> is the Kid, looking moody and important, in an attitude of reserved hostility
9:31 AM
@PauloCereda lemon curry?
@UlrikeFischer ooh Python reference
ooh (5323 hits so far)
which was touring the cricket-playing section of the tenement-houses, for they opened on to us
9:36 AM
I am Psmith--though but a subordinate, may also claim the title in a <code>\hbox</code> of 0pt width. So I can get quite good flats very cheap
9:48 AM
- Banned Bancroft inspires Coulter-Nile to take up yoga
The Australia fast bowler is set to play his first international match on home soil in nearly four years this Sunday, against South Africa

- West Indies bat, Devendra Bishoo replaces injured Ashley Nurse
Nurse has been ruled out of the T20I series too, with a pectoral injury

- David Peever quits as Cricket Australia chairman
A day after three of the six states stopped short of endorsing his chairmanship, Peever is understood to have taken the call to depart
Ball tampering? Ooh!
ooh (5324 hits so far)
10:00 AM
Good night, gentlemen, again
@Skillmon loves me!
@egreg can one do something like the following in a sensible way in expl3? If not do you think this would be useful candidates?

\cs_new:Nn \uf_test_sign:n
 { \intcalcSgn {#1} }
  {-1 } { negative }
  { 0 } { zero }
  { 1 } { positive }

\cs_new:Nn \uf_test_compare:nn
 { \intcalcCmp {#1} {#2} }
  {-1 } { $x < y$ }
  { 0 } { $x = y$ }
  { 1 } { $x > y$ }

10:02 AM
The kindly medico, realising the fearful strain inflicted by reading narratives dealing with life
You follow me, Frederick? The head-waiter
Is there a problem uploading images in some circumstances? I'm trying to edit my answer at tex.stackexchange.com/questions/457720/…, but can't add a new image. I can add images to new answers though.
10:15 AM
@DavidCarlisle how does @Psmith find the code.
@Psmith 'ello, I bid you good day! Type /help to see all my commands.
@PauloCereda self reference ;-).
@Psmith yes, I do!
@Skillmon 'ello, I bid you good day! Type /help to see all my commands.
10:25 AM
@UlrikeFischer :)
Hmm. I can't upload new images to any of my existing answers.
I have never been, shall I say, a constant reader of Cosy Moments
10:36 AM
@Psmith Your such a night as this
@Psmith 'ello, I bid you good day! Type /help to see all my commands.
@UlrikeFischer Yes:

\cs_new:Nn \uf_test_sign:n
 { \fp_eval:n { sign(#1) } }
  {-1 } { negative }
  { 0 } { zero }
  { 1 } { positive }

\cs_new:Nn \uf_test_compare:nn
 { \fp_eval:n { sign(#1-#2) } }
  {-1 } { $x < y$ }
  { 0 } { $x = y$ }
  { 1 } { $x > y$ }

@UlrikeFischer It might be useful to have \int_sign:n, returning -1, 0 or 1 instead of (ab)using \fpeval:n
@PauloCereda how does @Psmith find the duck pictures?
@Psmith 'ello, I bid you good day! Type /help to see all my commands.
10:43 AM
@Psmith I don't know
@UlrikeFischer You got mail. :-)
ooh mail
ooh (5325 hits so far)
11:02 AM
@egreg thanks ;-).
@egreg yes, at least in a integer context, even if the \fp_eval:n { sign(#1-#2) } is probably more often needed.
11:24 AM
@UlrikeFischer Also, with just integer comparison. It can be more efficient with primitive conditional, but that's Joseph's job. ;-)

\cs_new:Nn \int_compare:nn
  \int_compare:nNnTF { #1 } < { #2 }
   { -1 }
   { \int_compare:nNnTF { #1 } > { #2 } { 1 } { 0 } }
\cs_new:Nn \int_sign:n
  \int_compare:nn { #1 } { 0 }
\cs_new:Nn \uf_test_sign:n
 { \int_sign:n { #1 } }
  {-1 } { negative }
  { 0 } { zero }
  { 1 } { positive }

\cs_new:Nn \uf_test_compare:nn
 { \int_compare:nn { #1 } { #2 } }
He wished to consult his confidential secretary and adviser on some aspect of these strong silent men
Initiating shutdown sequence. Cheerio!
@egreg looks good. And imho it is useful to have dedicated commands, sign comparision is quite common.
11:29 AM
@UlrikeFischer I agree
@DavidPurton I can add new pictures to old answers. But it only works if I drag^drop the image into the gray box, not if I click on the gray box and choose a file to upload from my computer.
@samcarter. That's a pity... I don't have that kind of user interface
@DavidPurton I don't like it either. It broke my usual workflow of just selecting the newest screenshot from my desktop. And it is very annoying that I have to close/minimise/resize all windows just to see my desktop and find the correct image there.
Oh wait! I do have a file manager installed. Thanks
@samcarter I use it so rarely though, that it always takes me forever to remember what it's called...
@DavidPurton :)
@DavidPurton Apparently copying the image and ctrl+v should also work
11:44 AM
@samcarter Somehow I don't think that is going to work from a terminal…
@DavidPurton probably not :)
@DavidPurton You could use the ducksay package to produce asci art and copy&paste this
@samcarter @DavidPurton you can still access the file menu to upload files as before I think, ctrl-g opens the image upload thing, it looks a bit different but if you click on the grey box rather than dragging and dropping a file, you can give a filename
@DavidCarlisle Yes, the file menu opens and I can select the image and click on open, but then I'm back to the gray box and nothing happens (only for old answers, works in new answers)
@UlrikeFischer I'd like to not generate that luatex package at all and tell people to use ltluatex/luatexbase interfaces, but hard to know if anyone is using it.... I will adgust the text though...
@UlrikeFischer does this seem reasonable:
% \subsubsection{\LaTeX}
% Since 2015 Lua\LaTeX\ includes support for luatex by default and so
% this package is essentially bsolete now, however it is kept for
% backwards compatibility.
11:59 AM
@DavidCarlisle obsolete :)
@DavidCarlisle I have been thinking to declare it as obsolete but I'm not sure if this would be correct for plain.
@DavidCarlisle if you add the missing o ;-)
@DavidCarlisle should the package issue some warning when used with lualatex?
@DavidCarlisle Same behaviour for me as for @samcarter
12:14 PM
@DavidPurton I see this too and would suggest a bug report ...
@UlrikeFischer, where do bug reports for the site go?
@DavidPurton I would put it under the meta message that announced the changes. @samcarter probably has the link ...
Q: Editor improvements for images and links

Joe FriendWe are launching some editor improvements today. These improvements are required as a part of our responsive design efforts, but we think they are generally useful in any case. So we are making them available on all sites. So, what's being improved? Adding a link and image in your post is no lo...

@DavidPurton In case you don't want to write an answer there I could do it as well
@samcarter, I can do it. I just joined my account
@DavidPurton Great - this means I can upvote your answer :)
12:26 PM
@UlrikeFischer I am tempted to simply not generate it at all.
A: Editor improvements for images and links

David PurtonI think there is a bug for uploading images when editing existing answers. It's not possible to add an image by clicking on the image background area. When I do this, a file open dialog opens. I can select an image. But then nothing happens. It works fine for new answers, but not for editing ex...

@UlrikeFischer and change luacolor to use ltluatex in plain rather than luatex.sty
@DavidPurton voted :)
debian and licences again...
@DavidCarlisle oh no
12:40 PM
@PauloCereda Eu estou bem, como eu posso escrever em Português, então eu não preciso de tabelas de hifenização do Reino Unido.
@DavidCarlisle ooh
12:56 PM
@DavidCarlisle would be fine with me. Imho such packages are fine during development, but at some time such basic things must be done by the formats and not with external packages.
@UlrikeFischer Ah, the whole 'who controls plain formats for engines beyond TeX90' business
@JosephWright you
@DavidCarlisle Er, yes, but ...
@JosephWright ;-). Btw: I expect a number of tests to fail in the future. All the ones saying Could not find \expanded ;-)
@UlrikeFischer :)
1:03 PM
@JosephWright even in xetex?
@DavidCarlisle We need to make that happen, yes :)
@JosephWright no reply I assume
@DavidCarlisle Nope :(
@DavidCarlisle Plan B looking likely
@UlrikeFischer for now I just pushed the documentation change in luatex and changed luacolor not to load luatex
@DavidCarlisle fine. I found luatex85 in pdfrender.
1:09 PM
@UlrikeFischer I should remove those yes. Added them all originally as an emergency fix:-)
$ grep -l luatex85 *.dtx
@UlrikeFischer ^^
31 mins ago, by David Carlisle
@PauloCereda Eu estou bem, como eu posso escrever em Português, então eu não preciso de tabelas de hifenização do Reino Unido.
@DavidCarlisle You'll have to switch to American spelling and hyphenation. :-)
@egreg I am also fluent in Italian
@egreg or to miktex, perhaps it now works in cygwin ...
1:25 PM
@egreg I'd seen
@egreg UK-TUG had talked abotu redoing the patterns ... this would really push it
1:47 PM
@egreg -- oh, no! that would give me one less thing for me to heckle him about.
@JosephWright -- may i add my encouragement for this?
@barbarabeeton Eu ignoro seus insultos
@DavidCarlisle ^^ I am already working on the patterns
@PauloCereda s/u//g
@DavidCarlisle ooh
Tally ho pip pip ta-ta bombershoot
@PauloCereda you can write the new UK patterns
1:51 PM
- Joseph, you are tall.
- I rather think I am average size, and you are all short.
This happened at TUG ^^
@DavidCarlisle ooh
@DavidCarlisle -- whatever language that is, i can understand it well enough, and it won't discourage me.
@barbarabeeton it's Portuguese. :)
@PauloCereda -- thank you. what portuguese i can speak is useful mostly in restaurants. (and it doesn't include "duck". it does, however, include "feijoada" and "alentejana".)
@barbarabeeton ooh
@barbarabeeton Also Pastéis de Belém? :)
@JosephWright etexcmds puts such an effort in defining \etex@expanded and then it is used nowhere ;-(.
2:03 PM
@PauloCereda -- "pastéis" yes, but "belém", not yet. the "local" portuguese restaurants are mostly açorean or other islands, in particular madeira. there used to be one that specialized in food from the mainland, but sadly that closed a few years ago and i miss it.
@barbarabeeton oh
@DavidCarlisle oh no
@DavidCarlisle -- i think i shall refrain.
2:38 PM
@DavidCarlisle There should be a Brazilian version too.
3:35 PM
@UlrikeFischer looks like I added luatex85 to askinclude but I don't think it uses it, the only \pdf... command I see is \pdfmatch and luatex85 doesn't fake that anyway.
3:48 PM
@DavidCarlisle I see nothing either. I haven't done most of the askinclude tests yet but I could do them later in the evening and then try if it breaks if one removes luatex85.
2 hours later…
5:26 PM
@CarLaTeX "ask it" three times lol. I found a nice value: 1.6, thanks though!
@UlrikeFischer @JosephWright \ has catcode 12, I guess \c_initex_cctab should be defined (to be 0) and ` \g__cctab_tmp_cctab ` initialised to that at the start of \cctab_const:Nn ?
5:48 PM
@DavidCarlisle I don't know, I didn't really try to understand why it ended at the prompt. I thought @JosephWright will know. (But I already realized that these catcode tables are a bit trickier to use than the luatex tables. They affect the environment more ;-))
Hi. Is there any way to use math expressions in section heading without using \textorpdfstring{} from hyperref?
6:31 PM
@Blue well if you are not making pdf bookmarks you don't need hyperref of \textor... at all
7:08 PM
@DavidCarlisle I did run 6 of the tests with and without luatex85 and it didn't explode. So I would say you can remove it.
@UlrikeFischer 'tis gone:-)
@Sebastiano really you ask why people downvote your questions then you post questions like that ...
@DavidCarlisle ;-). I'm down to less than 90 tests ;-)
$ find . -name \*lvt | wc -l
@UlrikeFischer looks good ^^ thanks!
@DavidCarlisle ? did you search on my github? No everything is there yet.
@UlrikeFischer that's a checkout of a clone of your github yes
7:25 PM
@DavidCarlisle Ah. I removed one test from selinput which tried to find an utf-8.def, which imho doesn't exist anymore since at least 10 years ;-)
$ find . -name \*lvt | wc -l
@DavidCarlisle ^^
@UlrikeFischer git clearly can't be trusted:-) Current branch master is up to date.
@DavidCarlisle that was my local count, but I just pushed ...
@UlrikeFischer I know, but I blamed git anyway
2 days ago, by Psmith
Your fortune cookie: Standard team policy, always blame someone else.
@DavidCarlisle ^^
@UlrikeFischer I get 95 now
@UlrikeFischer good policy
7:36 PM
@DavidCarlisle oh, damn, it probably counted the one in the build folder too ;-(.
@DavidCarlisle Esteemed David I deleted my question not because I received a negative reputation, but because after having dined and read the comments I understood if I did not put a minimum code no one could answer my question. Moreover, with the utmost sincerity, I did not know which parts to select from my very long code. I always thank you and all of you.
@UlrikeFischer Hi and have a nice dinner. I've just finished dinner and I'm going to enjoy a relaxing herbal tea. my regards.
@Sebastiano you shouldn't ask other people to make MWE if you do not make them yourself. You do not need to know which parts to remove, you do not need to know anything at all about tex, that is the job of the person answering not the person asking. You can always make a MWE by taking your document and deleting everything not needed. If you delete something and the problem goes, put it back and delete something else.
7:59 PM
@DavidCarlisle I will try to do some tests and see what happens by removing the part of the bibliography that refers to hyphenation. I'll try. I would add that the negative vote was correct. There are old questions from a year ago on which I receive a negative reputation. I don't want someone who hated my questions or answers to sign up with another account. I'm sending you from Sicily a hug of esteem.
@Sebastiano why the bibliography? Start by removing everything from the document apart from the paragraph that you showed that you think should have hyphens. then remove every package that is not needed for the code in that paragraph, and you should have a small example that you can post.
8:22 PM
@DavidCarlisle I'm trying, but nothing happens. The packages I entered are necessary but in my humble opinion they are not about hyphenation. Let's see, I'll enclose some pictures for you. Keep in mind that my internet connection is bad.
@DavidCarlisle \usepackage[style=alphabetic,citestyle=numeric,sorting=nyt,sortcites=true,autopunct=true,hyperref=true,abbreviate=false,backref=true,backend=biber]{biblatex}
\addbibresource{bibliography.bib} % BibTeX bibliography file
@DavidCarlisle Then there are many other packages that do not concern, in my opinion, the hyphenation. I always thank you so much.
@Sebastiano why post pictures of code, surely you have been on the site ling enough to know that is not useful at all.
@Sebastiano you do not have to guess if they affect hyphenation or not you can simply delete them and see if the hyphenation changes, and keep deleting every package until the hyphenation does change. please see the site guidelines on how to construct a MWE.
8:47 PM
@DavidCarlisle It is probably not so easy. If I remember it correctly the template was rather complex and I told @Sebastiano already once that he should better not use it. Beside this: before digging in the template it would probably a better idea to check if the patterns are installed correctly.
@DavidCarlisle @UlrikeFischer I know the procedure for inserting an MWE but there are lots of packages. With all my heart I'm so busy creating the book and correcting my students' homework. I don't know which parts to eliminate to create a synthetic MWE. Probably I will be able to create it but then when I put it in my document the hyphenation does not work.
@CarLaTeX Hi :-). It's raining to Milan? :-)
@DavidCarlisle You can see my recent work.
@Sebastiano as I said, images of code are not useful.
@DavidCarlisle Yes of course. I just showed you that while I'm writing I'm linked to the site. It is not related to hyphenation.
@Sebastiano if you start with your existing preamble and a single paragraph document that you think should be hyphenated then you don't need to know which packages to delete just delete half of them and if the paragraph is still not hyphenated delete half of the remaining packages. binary chop will work to get down to a small enough list to post in four or five iterations. It really is not difficult
@Sebastiano well I'm not sure why you show it, but there should never be a blank line before a display math environment such as equation and are you really using = at the end of one line and repeated on the next?
9:07 PM
@DavidCarlisle I showed it to prove my sincerity :-). I don't like telling lies. At least here in Italy we repeat = twice at the beginning and at the end. That's great for me.
@Sebastiano ?? no idea what you mean or why you talk of lies but whatever. I have seen repeated operators like + in russian typography but never seen repeated = anywhere looks very odd to me.
@StrongBad Welcome.
@Sebastiano where is everyone?
@DavidCarlisle See these notes of a colleague who lent me notes. It's not my writing :-)
@Sebastiano have you seen that in printed works?
9:13 PM
@StrongBad :-) You're right :-), but first I said hello to everyone. Every now and then I have to write a different greeting.
@DavidCarlisle I like very much my output. There is too a missed expression that I must to correct.
@Sebastiano that seems like a really strange notation.
@Sebastiano I must admit I don't make a habit of reading Italian math books:-) In line with team policy though here I can blame @egreg,
@StrongBad Why?
@Sebastiano is that a published work or your tex?
@Sebastiano it has mysterious trailing = at the ends of lines which are going to confuse most readers and make you wonder if some text is missing.
@DavidCarlisle It is my tex. I'm writing together with a university professor's book. When I finish it I will let you know the surprise.
9:20 PM
@Sebastiano as I asked before have you seen that notation in any published works?
@DavidCarlisle No, :-(, but I'd be delighted if this book could also be published in English. There is a very serious reason why I am writing this book.
@Sebastiano well I wouldn't invent new notation like that, it just makes the equations harder to read.
@DavidCarlisle I never questioned your expertise. I took an image from an Italian pantry. It's not a book.
@Sebastiano also would be more normal to use +\dots + (which will use centred dots) rather than +\ldots+
9:44 PM
@UlrikeFischer are you using the texlive l3build or the latest from github? I'm using the github one and getting some white space diffs causing failures:
*** ./build/test/hycolor-test1.luatex.tlg	2018-11-01 21:41:59.867037400 +0000
--- ./build/test/hycolor-test1.luatex.log	2018-11-01 21:42:06.136600200 +0000
*** 27,33 ****
  Package qstest Info: Passed: HyperrefColor on input line ....
  Package qstest Info: Passed: X0134 with xcolor on input line ....
  Package qstest Info: Passed: FieldColor on input line ....
! (hycolor-test1.aux)
  LaTeX Font Info:    Checking defaults for OML/cmm/m/it on input line ....
  LaTeX Font Info:    ... okay on input line ....
@DavidCarlisle I'm using the texlive version.
@UlrikeFischer oh OK I'll revert in a bit and re-run
@UlrikeFischer all the failures seem to be an extra space before the file include `(` apart from two, I get `+ ! Package luacolor Error: Wrong version of lua module` which probably means I messed up a local install while testing earlier... and in selinput tests I get + defining Unicode char U+0237 (decimal 567)
+ defining Unicode char U+02D9 (decimal 729)
+ defining Unicode char U+02DB (decimal 731)
defining Unicode char U+1E02 (decimal 7682)
defining Unicode char U+1E03 (decimal 7683)
@DavidCarlisle With the current l3build in texlive? A luatex problem again? I already thought that the utf8-lists could lead to problems in the long run. One probably will have to rewrite or remove this test (or latex could be less verbose here ...).
@DavidCarlisle are you using the luatex from texlive or a newer one?
10:01 PM
@UlrikeFischer no my run with the github l3build had just finished. but the only real failure looks like the luacolor one and that is probably a real error with my local setup, probably have an older lua file somewhere i must check...
@DavidCarlisle or the changes you made today.
@UlrikeFischer they shouldn't have been in the path (but I may have messed up:-)
@UlrikeFischer oops yes they will be in the path:(
@UlrikeFischer my mktan build script for oberdiek has the comment # Lua need to be here for doc generation must fix this one day (it copies them into my local texmf tree)

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