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9:01 PM
@egreg Oy. I can barely read the script. But i cannot understand the syllables my mouth is forming. Did you use google translate, or are you a master of scripts and languages?
Welcome to Answer the Unanswered
Ping me for the mod hammer
@JosephWright Close everything. :)
@JosephWright Unclear:
Q: tikzcd in 2.1 and 3.0

userIf I have a code written in 2.1 pgf version for tikz-cd and I install the 3.0 version, I could compile that code? I know some syntaxis has change, but maybe the latest version accept both.

@JosephWright Yes, ping him ;-)
@StefanKottwitz For the next I'll boing you. :)
9:04 PM
I think this one is too broad/unclear. Asking for a generic but special template that everybody uses.
Q: Template for problem sets?

okarinCan anyone provide me with a nice template for math and physics problem sets? I am looking for something that is well-formatted and formal. I am not sure how to make a problem set look very professional but also elegant and artistic.

One vote here to move it out of the queue?
Q: Minitoc and unnumbered chapters

DidiI am writing my thesis and I have the following problem with the minitoc. I would like my first chapter (the introduction) to be unnumbered. But when I use \chapter*{Introduction} all the mini-table of contents of the chapters afterwards are shifted. Even worse, they are shifted in the c...

@DavidCarlisle ;) Apparently MS has an improved version of Google Translate. Or so they say.
For anyone new: mods have unlimited close vots
@DavidCarlisle I made 'cwacio' up, though, so not really surprising GT didn't know it.
@DavidCarlisle Adding '-io' is a standard way to invent joke Welsh verbs.
One vote here, please, so it gets out of the unanswered list?
A: How to adjust spacing between caption and table / figure in beamer?

Gonzalo MedinaThe best way to proceed here is to locally redefine \abovecaptionskip and \belowcaptionskip (default value=7pt). The following example shows this redefinition (it's local since it's done inside an environment): \documentclass{beamer} \mode<presentation> {\usetheme{Madrid}} \usepackage{graphicx} ...

9:11 PM
@GonzaloMedina gladly (and egreg's before too)
This one can be safely closed: almost a year and no reaction from the OP:
Q: Caption for multipage figure

user64418I am a novice and have started using latex for writing my dissertation. Some of my figures are long and might extend over to multiple pages. I need only a single caption and figure number(i.e. no sub-figure numbers). The thesis office however requires me to put the caption on the first page(Fig.x...

Does anybody want to write some markdown answer to the following? Making assumptions, it can be answered. Or is anybody aware of a duplicate (again, making assumptions)?
Q: Formatting a collection of .docx document to LaTeX document

subham soniI define a general format in a LaTeX document (title, name, etc.) and the space for the document paragraphs. To this, I want to process all the .docx files (Word Documents) and generate the formatted LaTeX document. Is it possible? How do we do that? I am providing a sample document. Now the tit...

@StefanKottwitz Thanks!
@GonzaloMedina ok, closed
@Johannes_B OT
9:13 PM
@JosephWright So be it.
@StefanKottwitz If you are handling the unanwered, I'll concentrate on LaTeX2e kernel work for a few minutes :-)
@JosephWright That's worth the labour!
Seems to have been some kind of do it for me with no clear response by the OP.
Q: template of this file?

silvrfückI liked the settings on this pdf I use the article template, but my files don't look like this one. The spaces on the sides are wider for example. So, does anybody know what should I do to get a pdf that looks like the one I linked?

@egreg Upvoted.
@StefanKottwitz Duplicate
Q: Figures with [h] position in multicols environement

Carles PérezI usually work with the normal article latex environment, with one column, and I usually introduce figures using the position given by [h] (with means "place the float here, i.e., approximately at the same point it occurs in the source text (however, not exactly at the spot)". However, in multic...

Q: "destination with the same identifier" warning with shared counters, cleveref and amsart

ronnoThe following mwe \documentclass{amsart} \usepackage{hyperref} \usepackage{cleveref} \newtheorem{theorem}{Theorem} \newtheorem{proposition}[theorem]{Proposition} \begin{document} \begin{proposition} \end{proposition} \end{document} produces the warning pdfTeX warning (ext4): destination ...

9:19 PM
Q: Accent encoding problem with TeXShop 3.5 Mac OS X Yosemite

mk446I'm using TeXShop 3.5 on two Macs, both running on Yosemite. When I try to compile a doc with french accents on one of them, all runs fine; but on the second I get errors of the type: "undefined control sequence UTF{009}" => this stand for é. Preferences on both computers are set for encoding...

@Johannes_B Ok, closed as unclear and commented (1 year old and without real future benefit)
with this one, if i add `\RequirePackage{hyperref}` before `\documentclass{amsart}`, the message Package hyperref Warning: Option `pdfpagelabels' is turned off
(hyperref) because \thepage is undefined. appears in the log. but i can't test with the latest latex (last one installed here is tex live 2012). so is that an acceptable workaround? (@egreg?)
@barbarabeeton I'll try a hack
@barbarabeeton I'm not sure: hyperref needs to be loaded later.
@egreg That's fine, I closed the dupe
@egreg -- most of the other unanswered amsart questions involve lyx, which i don't have and don't know. any recommendations?
9:24 PM
More for the publishers/or the LyX layoout team. SX wouldn't be the place to share such a file, i think.
Q: JASA Tex archive

Mario Rivera ChavarriaIm a beginner using latex and I was very happy writting my paper for JASA (Journal of the acoustical society of America and found out that ASA end their support to JASAtex. Wonder if somebody wants to share a tex template with me. Please.

@barbarabeeton Get LyX ;-)
@StefanKottwitz No @barbara, don't ;-)
@barbarabeeton Let them alone.
This question has not a logical answer in my opinion...
Q: Free space in bar-chart with empty entries

Jan HajerI would like to plot some data set with the ybar option of pgfplot. But not all entries are nonzero. The zero entries waste space between the bars and when the plot gets crowed it is not clear anymore which bar belongs to which group. Furthermore the groups seem not centered around their descript...

@barbarabeeton As non LyX-users, we cannot judge if a solution would be LyX-specific, meaning implemented with LyX, or a solution would be a LaTeX solution. How would a normal user know it? Makes it hard to retag them as well.
9:27 PM
@EnthusiasticStudent At first sight, I think it's a question with a reason, solvable theoretically
This question has no MWE and is kind of 'do it for me' question, probably should be closed.
Q: How to make a tidy grouped and stacked barchart?

user2965755I found this chart in a recent paper. I've emailed the author about it but they didn't reply. I want to create something similar but I don't know what the correct software to use is. I need the following: category grouping (small/medium/large) column/bar labelling (1, 2, 4) stacked bars (com...

@StefanKottwitz Another duplicate:
Q: Six figures (3x2) on one page using subcaption package?

user79069I want to have 6 figures on one page distributed on 3 rows and 2 columns. I've tried using \begin{subfigure} in the subcaption package without any luck. The figures are displayed correctly, but any text I add to the document is placed before the page with the figures and not after. Any suggestio...

(even if it's 2 years old)
@StefanKottwitz, @Johannes_B -- no, i won't. for one thing, i can't install anything on my office workstation (has to be done by the systems group), and for another, if i had it, we would be (implicitly, if not officially) expected to support its users who are ams authors, and we don't want to encourage that because we haven't got the manpower.
@GonzaloMedina fine, closed, as it's truly no sub thing but about understanding floats and text
9:29 PM
Anybodies guess:
Q: Zooming effect with prosper class

Abderrahman DaifI use prosper class and I want to use zoom effect like in this page: Zooming images out to specific locations in beamer the code dosn't work with me on prosper class, I need some help. thanks :)

@StefanKottwitz it is solvable but the result is not logical... the result would be kind of bar chart which lacks some bars in some series... how should one compare the data in this plot?... (I am sorry if my english is weak...)
@barbarabeeton Bad hack on line :)
I am not sure the follow up question can be answered.
Q: Looking for a similar/exact latex template

valI'm looking for a specific latex template that I've spent a lot of time looking for, without success. Here is an example: http://faculty.kfupm.edu.sa/ME/mqahtani/Publications/21rib.J.Turbo.pdf Would anyone have any idea of where to find this template? Or a similar one (especially the first page...

@EnthusiasticStudent Comparing just with the color layer - empty space "reserved" doesn't add information, just alignment. Just my spontaneous opinion :-)
A vote needed here, please:
Q: How to use color declarations in titles?

halloleoHow can I use color declarations when setting the title of a document? I tried \title{\color{blue} Colors in typesetting} but I get an error from LaTeX. Update: The error reads as followed: doc.tex:89: Argument of \reserved@a has an extra }. <inserted text> \par l.89 \begin{d...

9:35 PM
See last comment, but @TorbjørnT. probably has the right point. Will lead to other stuff though, the template requires fonts only available with Apfel-products.
Q: How to use Latex Templates?

Kris MatrixI am new to latex and I have been using GUMMI for my latex document creation. I wanted to use some templates. One particular one of interest in the template in the following site: Latex Template I can't figure how to make it work. I would really appreciate some help. If I should use some other ...

@barbarabeeton Maybe that qustion in its deeper meaning is interesting for you ^^^^
One vote here (I'm rep capped)
Q: \hphantom behaving like \mbox, not like the counterpart of \vphantom

KolditoI have the following figure as part of a slideshow I'm writing with beamer. If it is relevant, I've used pst-jtree (which is essentially a bunch of macros over pstricks) to produce the tree branches. The code that produces the right-hand node is: {multiline Sluicing Elicitation \cr $\underbra...

Mr @Paulo Cereda: I think i have pinged you before on that, maybe you can write something up about the magical marshmallow template engine.
Q: (Online) generator/engine for creating a whole latex template

zakalakaSince I'm a total newbie to LaTeX I was asking myself if there is a special website or downloadable program which creates a LaTeX document for me. Like in the beginning I would start the program (website) and I need to set the preferences like "What kind of document class I would like?" or "which...

no use in investing any effort on this one:
Q: Latex:Formatting the Template

DevanDevI am currently using the template CEJ - Central University Journal from ShareLaTeX. I would like to remodel the journal format with some additions. I would like to add the Katholieke University Leuven logo at top corner of the template, I have tried few additions in file cej.cls but I couldn't ...

This question has not MWE, can it be answered? Or closed for unclearness?
Q: Why these thin lines on a PGFPlot doesn't appear on some PDF readers?

juliohmI remember reading about PDF reader issues on this StackExchange, but I cannot find the links. The following TikZ picture has some thin lines in light green that doesn't show up on some readers (e.g. Adobe, Foxit, Okular): The interesting part is that on my computer with Okular I can see the ...

On the other hand, i checked the available templates on Sharelatex yesterday, and i think there was one of that university.
@EnthusiasticStudent vtc for unclear. No mention of how it is generated. Could be a dupe though, who knows?
@Johannes_B I raised a flag to be closed... (I do not have enough reputation to vote to close directly)
9:44 PM
@Johannes_B commented and closed
@EnthusiasticStudent Somebody else will see it and make a decision.
Made cv-answer, upvote appreciated
A: Include one page PDF in existing .tex-file without letting design template influence apperance

Johannes_BPackage pdfpages provides the option pagecommand which is useful in cases like yours. \includepdf[pages=-,pagecommand={\thispagestyle{realempty}}]{<pdfFileName>}

Q: How to change the \namedata of examdesign?

El SantiI know a little about TeX or LaTeX. I am just making an math exam for my students and I am using examdesign because it randomizes the questions. But, my problem is that these students are High school students not college. Thus TA: is not needed and neither is student number. My question (at...

@DavidCarlisle Your decision what to do: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/226410/…
@StefanKottwitz Can be safely closed (no reaction from the OP):
Q: position logo sidebar beamer no particular theme

user78575How can I position a logo on a right sidebar if not employing a beamer standard theme ? Thanks vspace does not do anything \addtobeamertemplate{sidebar right}{}{ %\vspace*{-1ex}\hspace*{-25pt}% \vspace{-7cm}\hspace*{-27pt}% { \includegraphics[height=28pt]{logo}} }

Duplicate i think, your decision which suites best :-)
Q: Latex template for statement of purpose

Holmes.SherlockI have used ModernCV template to write resumes, Beamer to prepare presentations. Likewise, is there any standard Latex template for writing Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Research Proposal?

@Johannes_B -- the whole topic of templates is interesting to me. but not that particular question. (thanks for mentioning it though.)
@GonzaloMedina it's on hold now
9:56 PM
@barbarabeeton Not the question, but the thinking behind it. A template for quite everything. the paradoxon between something fixed and the wish to modify that fixed stuff.
Q: Templates for language learning

LCHI'd like to make a book for language learning. I intend to include several parts like Conversation; Vocabulary; Grammar; Exercises. However, the templates for book I got so far seem not suitable for my purpose...I would appreciate any information on how to make such a book using LaTeX or whe...

@Johannes_B looks like the picture was produced using the song (or songs?) package. But I never actually used it...
@clemens Pity :-(
@Johannes_B -- the comments on that are ones that i agree with. @DavidCarlisle made the first comment, so i nominate him to turn it into an answer.
Q: How to add conditional text to a latex table and get rid of warnings after running pdflatex in ubuntu 14?

EduardoI would like to format a entry to a table in latex by \newcommand{\muNNN}[1] { \ifnum #1=99999 \multicolumn{1}{|r}{-} \else \multicolumn{1}{|r}{\num{#1}} \fi } It works ok when \muNNN{99999} so add - in the cell. Now when \muNNN{99999.12} the following get displayed in the terminal of Linu...

Moderator team, your decision. I don't know what to do. A bit young to close, but there will never come any feedback i fear. tex.stackexchange.com/questions/232035/reproducing-a-document
10:04 PM
@Johannes_B I'm not sure. (It's actually only two users: you and me. The third is a test account of mine :) )
@clemens What would happen to existing questions and answers if the forum is closed?
@Johannes_B -- it's too open-ended. there are several (rather generic) ams templates, that load a document class and provide suggestions for some useful packages. but it's impossible to concoct a template that will suit everyone, even with a zillion switches to turn on/off this or that. math /= chemistry /= linguistics /= humanities /= a proposal for funding. (my opinion.)
@barbarabeeton And if there would be, the documentation would be large and not-easy to use. So extra work for the user that he wanted to avoid. Hence the term paradoxon.
@Johannes_B If actually people come there and ask questions then I'll probably/maybe leave them online even if I decide to close the forum. Depends on what happens the next half year or year…
@clemens Ok.
10:09 PM
@Johannes_B TB
A vote here, please, to move it out of the list (of course, I'm also rep. capped already):
A: One Diagram contain trees and caption

Gonzalo MedinaOne option is to use the \subcaptionbox command from the subcaption package and a tabular to properly align the trees: \documentclass {article} \usepackage{qtree} \usepackage{newfloat} \usepackage{subcaption} \DeclareFloatingEnvironment[fileext=lod]{diagram} \begin{document} \begin{diagram}[h...

@barbarabeeton On the other hand, especially german speaking community, a user often says: I have built myself a template. The user invested time and effort to google for solutions. But without the basic knowledge, most of the code was hacky/obsolete or just wrong. At least some users seem to be happy to put in some efforts, but start on the wrong track. I don't see, how one could pick up that user before before loosing time. The realisation might be unsatisfactory.
@JosephWright Off topic: PDF viewer issue
Q: classicthesis PDF uneven font size in Adobe Reader

CanboI'm using the classicthesis template in Lyx, and I've notice that I'm having strange results when viewing my pdf's through adobe reader. For the small caps style, I'm seeing uneven letter size (for example: ), which looks quite strange. This is true both for files that I have compiled on my co...

@Johannes_B -- paradoxon: another new word for me today. (not english, and my greek is rusty. but the pictures that came up in a google search peg it nicely. "an impossible construct." something that, visually, would be right at home in an escher drawing.)
@JosephWright Off topic: viewer issue
Q: Copy/Paste from PDF with Multiple Columns

tobySI'm generating a PDF using rubber/pdflatex on Linux for a LaTeX document with multiple columns. When viewing the PDF in evince and trying to copy/paste from it, the selection always crosses the columns and does not produce any usable results (mixed column text). However, when I create a similar d...

10:20 PM
@barbarabeeton Seems like paradoxon is the german word. Sorry. :-)
@Johannes_B I added a comment. Maybe the OP responds…
@clemens nice, thanks :-)
@Johannes_B -- maybe something could be concocted on "how to build a template". (of course, this assumes that anyone reading such a screed has the same idea of that "template" means, so that definition has to come first.) i'll think about it. (but you won't be in darmstadt to participate in the arguments.)
@JosephWright Off topic (see reason in comment)
Q: lmodern and italics or and bf coding not working in body of document, working in footnotes

RoseI have just changed from using palatino package to lmodern. I noticed that now \italics (or \itshape) or \textbf do not appear to be active in the body of my document but work (!?) in the footnotes. I have created a test document below and when it is typeset in LaTex all the formatting appears ...

@barbarabeeton It would certainly need to get to the template site as well. Vel has stated in a mail that the site gets about 5000 hits every single day. So, there is definitely an interest in using LaTeX from new users.
10:30 PM
need to say goodnight. my (hungry) ride is waiting.
@barbarabeeton You commute by horse?
@barbarabeeton Good night. :-)
@cfr -- no, but the driver of my conveyance is in need of sustenance. (i originally wrote "waiting hungrily", but decided that could be interpreted in too many unpleasant ways.) goodnight again. this time for real.
@barbara Thinking about th making LaTeX accesible to starters*/*template issue, maybe we should start some sort of mailing list, to keep better track of what has been said already. Others could join the discussion more easily.
@clemens You could get a Chemistry subforum on LaTeX-Community.org, where each package works as a tag in addition. Check chemmacros questions for example.
10:45 PM
My impression is that this is off topic, as it has very little to do with TeX
Q: Manage migration to new mac (with Migration assistant)

FrancescoI migrated to a new mac with Migration assistant and pdflatex seems to have gone missing in action: MacBook-Pro% pdflatex --version zsh: command not found: pdflatex It doesn't seem to be a problem with my path: following this I get that ln: /usr/texbin: File exists. This is my $PATH /usr/loca...

@JosephWright Unclear (asked for clarification, none appeared)
Q: Immutable functions in latex3?

user74514Imagine we have a nonempty sequence named \l_tmpa_seq. We want to assign a name \l_tmpb_seq a value which is the result of invoking a function like \int_eval:n {#1 + 1} on every member of the sequence. So take \seq_set_eq:Nx \l_tmpb_seq { \l_process_cs:N \l_tmpa_seq } where \cs_new_prote...

good day/night TeX friends... I enjoyed this Q&A event indeed. :-)
good night, I'm leaving too
Upvote, please?
A: Draw a picture where some parts are tables

Gonzalo MedinaA starting point using TikZ: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{positioning,calc} \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture} \node (ul) {% \begin{tabular}{|l|} \hline Reference paper \\ \hline rp sentence1 \\ rp sentence2 \\ \hline \end{tabul...

Ah, the session is over.
@GonzaloMedina There is no time limit :-) Joseph will look over the chat log and zap anything that needs to be zapped.
@Johannes_B Ah, OK.
11:01 PM
Friends, sorry I missed today's session. My iPhone went kaput and I just got back from spending the afternoon at the Apple store.
@Johannes_B close unclear?
@DavidCarlisle Looks as such to me.
11:16 PM
Off topic
Q: dvipdf in Mac terminal

usr2014Trying to use the dvipdf command from the Mac terminal but unable to do so. I can get the man page up using man dvipdf but doing dvipdf filename gives back -bash: dvipdf: command not found instead. The dvipdfm command works but it doesn't include .eps files which is what I need dvipdf for. This w...

@egreg voted.
@PaulGessler Were they able to fix the problem?
@GonzaloMedina well, if you call this "fixing", I bought a new phone. Haha! The problem ended up being a hardware failure on the main logic board. Luckily I was due for an upgrade anyway.
@PaulGessler A new phone, that's the best kind of "fix".
11:34 PM
Q: 2010/2014 versions difference

katangRecently, finally I did refresh my really old 2010 version of Latex to 2014, (removed the old version and installed with non-custom settings the new one) to get rid off a strange error. That error gone, but since that I do have a brand new one at a place where the compilation was OK before. :] Be...

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