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1:14 AM
@1010011010 People don't usually typeset with it?
1:27 AM
@1010011010 Yes. I'm not David but I've played with this stuff more recently ;). Also, you can construct glyphs in virtual fonts. For example, you need an ff ligature for small caps? Create one by putting a small cap F then the kerning between small cap F and itself then another small cap F and then set the kerning for the ligature equal on both sides to the kerning for the small cap F. Etc. Also, there are cases in which it's convenient to create other fake ligatures although I forget my reasons.
@1010011010 Take a look at the .mtx files under tex/fontinst/. I know you are not using this but take a look anyway. Electrum uses an .mtx file to build a tt.sc glyph. This is because the non-sc has a special tt glyph and I'm mirroring that for consistency. You can see the effects if you convert the relevant .vf files back to .vpl. Or compile the source which is more compiling but will create a more readable result. (Comments get stripped when you convert .vpl to .vf.
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5:42 AM
@baxx There are several things you can do. TikZ allows you to use relative coordinates, so you can say \draw (10,10) rectangle +(1,1);. With that syntax you only have to change one coordinate.
Further, if you have several paths starting/depending on the same coordinate, you can say \coordinate (a) at (10,10);, and then use \draw (a) rectangle +(1,1);. Another way, if you have multiple paths that should all be moved by the same amount, you can add a scope environment with a shift parameter around them, i.e. \begin{scope}[shift={(-9cm,-9cm)}]\draw ...; \draw ...'; \end{scope}.
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7:12 AM
@cfr Thanks for the suggestion. My issue is the exact opposite: I have wayyyyyyyyy too many ligatures. Even redundant ones like "a_t" and "u_m" and "p_o"
7:26 AM
@egreg On the backslash business: there are of course lots of variants here :-)
@egreg See tug.org/pipermail/luatex/2015-May/005199.html for the thread about \Ucharcat
@egreg You can't add \Ucharcat to luatex.fmt for the same reason you can't add \pdfstrcmp or another other emulated primitive: number of expansion steps. The best that can be done is what @heiko does in pdftexcmds: wrapping up the primitive if available so a defined interface always requires two expansion steps.
7:48 AM
Q: PDF/X in pdflatex with memoir, new xcomply package

RobtAOnly a question in the sense of feedback requested. Move if necessary... For some time, I have been working on a better alternative to packages such as pdfx and xmpincl. I think I've got it! Results have been checked against professional software, and it seems to work just fine. No known bugs (h...

Off-topic => Not a question?
8:07 AM
@egreg In this case I don't really have an operator font. Since I only need () I just took them from the non-italic font ;-) And I realised I had to use \mathpunct for . and ,, learn something new everyday.
@egreg we like to give them a head start
@JosephWright At least in luatex.ini or whatever is used. It's a pity one cannot really implement a new primitive-like function.
@egreg I thought about that but as I say the issue is such an 'emulation' is not right. We'd need Hans to add a \defprimitive or similar primitive for these cases.
@DavidCarlisle I understand, but now the nieces of the 1974 players are in the team. :P
@egreg I think suggesting that is my next mail to the luatex list, it could easily have a command that allowed you to define a new primitive in lua rather than having to \def a macro that takes one step to expand to a call to \directlua.
8:17 AM
@DavidCarlisle Can't see it on the list: I know you mentioned it to me but that might have been directly
@JosephWright no I mean next one to ask (in the future:-)
@DavidCarlisle Ah
@JosephWright although I suspect they won't be keen, the extra expansion step mainly affects cross-engine compatibility and I suspect that is not an issue in context/luatex core development.
@DavidCarlisle Yes
@DavidCarlisle Even outside of ConTeXt, it's clear Hans takes the line 'use only LuaTeX, don't code for multiple engines'
8:33 AM
@Johannes_B thanks
9:10 AM
@JosephWright I don’t think that’s fair. Hans definitely understands that people need cross-engine compatibility, he just doesn’t do it himself. And he’s maintained ConTeXt for both pdfTeX and luaTeX for years, so he knows what it’s about (although he didn’t aim at compatibility between Mark II and Mark IV).
@JosephWright @DavidCarlisle Besides, he’s not developing LuaTeX himself; Luigi is, so he’s the one you need to convince.
@ArthurReutenauer But they've already altered stuff such that you can't use LuaTeX as a drop-in replacement for pdfTeX, so that line seems clear
@ArthurReutenauer ConTeXt for pdfTeX and LuaTeX is strictly separate (you can't use LuaTeX for MkII or pdfTeX for MkIV), so that's very different
@ArthurReutenauer My impression was Hans sets the overall policy on these things
@moose that's definitely a different (more or less unrelated) question as standard tex fonts don't have the reversed questionmark so it is just a "how do i typeset ... random weird character.." question it's not related to the inverted questionmark other than some visual similarity.
@ArthurReutenauer Oddness with the DVD order for UK-TUG: I've asked twice for 100 DVDs but DANTE seem not to have our order!
@JosephWright Is it too late to amend the order?
@ArthurReutenauer Well they've not said yet that they've got it at all, so we can presumably ask for something different
9:23 AM
@JosephWright Re ConTeXt and LuaTeX, I think there are misunderstandings about how things actually work, but it’s probably better to discuss it face-to-face.
@ArthurReutenauer Quite possibly
@JosephWright Do you want me to send an email to Martin & al.?
@ArthurReutenauer Might be worth a try, in case my one gets blocked or lost or whatever has happened to the last two!
@JosephWright I’m doing that now.
@ArthurReutenauer Ah, Martin has now got our order!
9:29 AM
@JosephWright Ah good :-)
@JosephWright do we know if people actually use the DVDs? Every year I get two; one from tug and one from uktug but it's years since I've taken one out of its sleeve.
@DavidCarlisle I use them :-) Very handy to give out to people setting up for the first time
@DavidCarlisle I try to avoid sending dupes to people (joint UK-TUG/TUG members get only one, from us).
@DavidCarlisle Obviously some day we’ll want to give people USB keys :-)
@ArthurReutenauer Unlikely: DVDs are read-only
@JosephWright maybe I only get one then, same issue though:-)
9:31 AM
@DavidCarlisle Quite a lot of members really do want the DVD
@JosephWright I can imagine, but I got the impression that DVD were inconvenient for other people.
@DavidCarlisle Possibly you will get two as you are not down as a joint member this year
@JosephWright they have probably been using tex since the beginning and never noticed the internet.
@ArthurReutenauer I've never had any actual complaints about the ones I send
@JosephWright I only mentioned USB keys because Jérémy Just of GUTenberg looked into it a few years ago, but it was still considerably more expensive.
9:33 AM
@DavidCarlisle There's the whole business of having a once-a-year cycle of known versions
@JosephWright am I not? (didn't we sign up all of us for joint membership?)
@ArthurReutenauer Unless DANTE change things I won't
@DavidCarlisle Ah, perhaps you are right: I'm thinking of the people who can get a student rate (Bruno, perhaps Will)
@JosephWright Oh sure, I didn’t say that we should do that by ourselves (although Jérémy was considering it back then). But I can see things evolving in that direction.
@ArthurReutenauer DVDs are <£1 each, so I suspect that will still be true
@DavidCarlisle Not everyone is on a fast(-ish) connection
@JosephWright yes but unless you are paying by the second, you can start a download and it'll be there in the morning.. I think I installed tl2015 from home where the connection is less than 2Mbps and it didn't take that long.
9:40 AM
@DavidCarlisle Do you think the question "How do I typeset reversed question marks?" is too specialized to be asked at tex.SE?
@moose probably also the answer is too vague, some fonts will have it (any unicode font for example) or for the rest you can use \reflectbox? unless you want cut and paste from the pdf to show a reversed questionmark in which case you need a font.
@moose I agree with @DavidCarlisle: unless you give more context about your environment and your requirements, the most comprehensive answer one can give is the one he just made.
Ok. Thank you!
2 hours later…
11:27 AM
@egreg: just an FYI: I'm not Bob Tennent ;)
11:40 AM
how do i find out what the font code is for something like tug.dk/FontCatalogue/berasans to use in a {\fontfamily{tgchorus}\selectfont section? So I can set the font just for that paragraph or whatnot
@baxx \show\font
@DavidCarlisle so i can put \show\tgchorus ?
to get the font code that is
I'm getting an error for \show\font and \show\<font-name>
12:13 PM
@baxx you don't get an error from \show it stops as if for an error and shows the meaning of the token. It's a TeX primitive command
@baxx but actually you want \showthe\font not \show
@baxx then you get a message like
> \OT1/cmr/m/n/10.95 .
<recently read> \font
ok cool - I'm getting :
`! Undefined control sequence.`
`l.8 \showthe\tgchorus`
which means that without using a package you can use \fontencoding{OT1}\fontfamily{cmr}\fontseries{m}\fontshape{n}\fontsize{10.95}{1‌​3}\selectfont to get that font setup
@baxx yes where did you expect \tgchorus to be defined?
i just thought it would return me the font code for tgchorus
@baxx but if it is not defined, there is no code for it???
@baxx As @DavidCarlisle's example shows, font loading in LaTeX uses a family name as a string, not a command name (more like plain TeX syntax)
12:18 PM
right, I included \usepackage{tgchorus} in the preamble, i thought that might be enough
@baxx yes but the package doesn't define a command \tgchorus
right, so I need to write a macro for it to use to return the font name?
@baxx sorry I can not guess what you mean. what I meant was that if you have loaded a font package then at a point where it is using some font you can put \showthe\font and tex will show you the font being used at that point.
@baxx like this:




@DavidCarlisle no worries. I was just trying to use a different font, so the font being used probably isn't whats needed. I was trying to use {\fontfamily{tgchorus}\selectfont <stuff> } but I don't know what the font code thing is for tgchorus font family
computer moderns looking pretty nice at the moment
@baxx which shows \OT1/qzc/m/it/10 so the family name is qzc not tgchorus in that case.
12:23 PM
@DavidCarlisle ok cool :) I can use that little mini doc to get the names :)
though I'd have thought that they'd just put the names online here tug.dk/FontCatalogue/pvscript and whatnot, hey ho
@baxx Karl Berry used to maintain a list of all the compressed names like cmr for computer modern and ptm for times (it was his scheme originally) but I think there are just too many fonts these days to maintain a central list, and the original reason for the compressed names no longer exists (8 letter filenames for msdos and similar OS)
@DavidCarlisle oh right cool - so is this method the done thing now? Just grab the output from a minidoc or whatnot?
8 letter file names... so there was nothing like classMoverMainImageFunctionPathFinder.java i guess
@baxx well some packages documentation will spell it out, or you could do the above, or you could look in the log file for the name of the .fd file that is loaded or you could read the source of the package or ....
main font here


different font just for this bit


main font continues
the headings in 'main font continues' section are being altered by the 'pzc' section, is this typical?
yeah sorry - thought i could press return and carry on typing here like Gitter chat
@baxx yes that's why when you use \usepackage{times} a one line package changes the text and headings from cm to times without having to explicitly redefine everything. Of course a class could define headings to use a specific fixed font, but most don't.
12:41 PM
\begingroup and \endgroup seemed to close it off from affecting other headings, thanks david !
@baxx yes or {} or any other kind of group, yes
1:30 PM
A: Do you have a life?

Paulo CeredaNo. :) _ _ _ _ _ >(')____, >(')____, >(')____, >(')____, >(') ___, (` =~~/ (` =~~/ (` =~~/ (` =~~/ (` =~~/ ~^~^`---'~^~^~^`---'~^~^~^`---'~^~^~^`---'~^~^~^`---'~^~^~

2:12 PM
Hi there. Might I ask someone how you could force a specific width (i.e. not unlimited, which is how my .tex file is currently being rendered) for a \newtcbox{...} please?
@VincentVerheyen use a fixed width content? eg \parbox{5cm}{...} ? unless tcbox has its own width setting (I didn't check)
I would like to put a multi-line passage (actually to quote a source text from another book) inside a \newtcbox{...}.
@DavidCarlisle Thanks, I'll take a look at that and try.
@DavidCarlisle Works great! Thanks a lot, the "tcbox" inside the \parbox didn't work, but putting the \parbox inside the "tcbox" charmed it all.
@VincentVerheyen ah yes that's what I meant, sorry I should have been clearer:-)
2:18 PM
@DavidCarlisle You didn't make any mistake. It was not a giant leap for mankind, nor for man to figure it out; no worries hé. :)
3:45 PM
once again I drag an MWE out of a reluctant user, only for @egreg to nip in and steal the tick:-)
@DavidCarlisle oldlfont !!!
@DavidCarlisle Of course we can blame Frank.
@egreg I blame you
@DavidCarlisle I know you need rep.
4:17 PM
@ChristianHupfer You like counters, right? Maybe you understand the question and can answer it. latex-community.org/forum/…
5:02 PM
I hate bugs. -.-
5:23 PM
@JosephWright I don't think we should accept this migration:
Q: how can I make footnotes on the bottom of the page insteand of the end of the document

Davoud Taghawi-NejadI am using .. [2] / [2]_ style footnotes in restructuredText. I would like them to be displayed on the end of the page where they occur rather than at the end of the document. How can I go about this? I need a solution that works with rst2latex.

@egreg Vote 'off topic' then
@JosephWright Done
6:03 PM
@ChristianFeuersänger Hey I saw you have answered this question. But this is still happening although not always. Sometimes it goes away. Any idea on what I can do? I need Xelatex and I need the shading for a certain document. I have asked a question here about the same problem.
6:48 PM
@Johannes_B Hmm? You need a Canadian?
Ah, I see. Geeze, why is everyone using mhchem? Not a single chemacros person around?
Also, that is nuclear physics, not chemistry
7:07 PM
@Canageek I use chemmacros :-)
@Canageek The question was in regard of that 1000\perthousand, or people multiplying something with 100\percent.
@Canageek As you are a chemmcaros user, i want you to see something: mychemistry.eu/2015/06/modular-chemmacros (also starred on the right side)
Besides updmap and texhash, what other options do I have to fix an issue with otftotfm? I've already completely reinstalled TeX Live 2014 and I've cleared the registry
7:29 PM
Hello to everybody. Just a word to @egreg, regarding your answer to tex.stackexchange.com/questions/249633/… : after all, I thought that direct manipulation of \@listctr is not inferior to copying values between counters back and forth.
7:43 PM
@ArthurReutenauer interval boheme:)
@GustavoMezzetti Indeed! I upvoted it!
@DavidCarlisle Is Mimi still alive?
@Johannes_B I don't understand the question in the sense what he really wants to there but I realized, that he might use my cntperchap package to know the number of chapters in advance (well, after the first run)
Only two days left until TeXLive 2015 ... I am so excited ;-)
@egreg: I had upvoted your answer before
7:59 PM
@GustavoMezzetti Well, I can't upvote your answers before you write them. ;-)
@GustavoMezzetti But surely I can write answers before you can. :)
@GustavoMezzetti -- i was thinking of something even sneakier, no enum packages, but cloning some of the basic latex.ltxcode. but i'll forgo that, since i haven't got time today to work it out. but i'm intrigued by this one, since i've never seen it asked before.
@barbarabeeton: You are right, I’m going to upvote the question as well.
@barbarabeeton I believe it's for a list of immediate consequences of the theorem; not the best idea, probably.
That's why I provided also a version with different formatting.
@egreg @egreg: No, I meant that I did not upvote you in exchange (Italian mafia, you know ;-).
@egreg -- and all your versions look plausible. but, i think you might admit, that having everything within a chapter sequentially numbered has a certain logic to it.
@GustavoMezzetti -- admittedly, i don't know you, but you can generally assume that the chatterboxes here will always assume the worst.
8:12 PM
@barbarabeeton I can reveal that Gustavo and I have known each other for several years, though it's a long time we haven't met.
@egreg -- i suspected that from an earlier comment of yours. (see -- i am an attentive lurker.)
@egreg I think this was clear from the general tone of our conversation.
… as @barbarabeeton has just remarked.
OK, ladies and gentlemen, it’s beginning to be a bit late for me, so good night to everybody (or goodnight, which is exactly the same, as it is in Italian ;-), and thanks again for the enjoyable time.
@GustavoMezzetti night night. I'll go too
8:40 PM
@egreg good job im fluent in italian (she has a cough) sure it will be ok
@Johannes_B Responded. I don't see the advantage.
@Canageek There isn't any effect multiplying by one, something strange is going on there.
@GustavoMezzetti Orthography has never been your strong side. :P Buon riposo!
9:27 PM
@barbarabeeton I saw that LinkedIn discussion in my inbox just now and arrived at the comments section only to find that you'd beaten me to the punch line. :-)
@Johannes_B ?
@Johannes_B Hmm? Is this a new question? The one I found was a basic fraction thing.
@Canageek I should have taken a look at the message you were referring to. I was thinking of something completely different.
@Canageek I'll take a look at it as soon as it is out in the wild ;-)
@Johannes_B Link me to the message you are talking about?
Also: I recently subscribed to this podcast. Very disappointed that it is all music. latexradio.com
@Johannes_B Which question is that talking about?
9:33 PM
@Canageek The nuclear physics one, where everybody uses mhchem.
@Canageek Does this one have anything to do with our kind of LaTeX?
@Johannes_B I don't think so! That is the weird thing.
@Canageek RandOm UppErcaSing LeaDs to cOnfusioN in diFfeRent cOmmUnitieS ArOund the wOrld.
Any mathematicians in here?
@1010011010 At least one crazy penguin listening to Scooter. YEAH
@Johannes_B Are you drunk? :-)
9:46 PM
@1010011010 No, sometimes i just feel like listening to Scooter and other crap ;-)
9:59 PM
@1010011010 I may give some help.
@egreg Good. It's actually really trivial. What's your opinion on the spacing between letters in math? I'm fine tuning everything and I don't really know where to start :-) I'm not very savvy when it comes to "profesionally typeset math", but I can imagine that you are
@1010011010 Italic letters should have wider sidebearings than normal italics. In Computer Modern Math Italic they are also slightly different (wider, generally) from text italic. How wider? Well, that depends on several factors.
@1010011010 This is too wide.
@1010011010 The hook of the a shouldn't be taken into much consideration for the side bearing: you can see that the esponent is too far. Conversely, the k has too small sidebearings. Also uppercase is too tight.
Yes, uppercase hasn't been touched yet (notice there is no difference between Default math, and "Standard".
10:07 PM
@1010011010 Too wide is for some letters, actually: the “c”, for instance. I find the spacing inconsistent.
@1010011010 Prepare the same with Computer Modern and compare. However, I'd never use such a font for math. The “E” is “funny” (to use understatement).
@egreg I understand where you're coming from, though that E will never be used in the final product. It's actually made for a book in physics. Mathematics is generally typeset prettier (in my opinion), that's why I was looking for people like you.
@egreg seemed my optimism was misplaced
@egreg CMR spacing seems weird too
10:38 PM
@1010011010 Compare also with fourier and kpfonts
Thanks, tomorrow I'll redo the virtual font with those three fonts. Night

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