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6:54 AM
LaTeX 2019-10-01 patch level 1 installed this morning
2 hours later…
8:41 AM
@DavidCarlisle oh no
Mr kayaker is mean
@JosephWright woo
9:18 AM
@JosephWright should we take bets on PL2 ?
@DavidCarlisle Likely I think: there are some edge cases coming out of the woodwork
9:56 AM
Q: Include a string with spaces

MasSo, I know that questions about how to deal with spaces have been asked a thousand times. But this problem seems unique \documentclass{article} \usepackage{pdfpages} \begin{document} \includepdf[pages=1]{"Multi page.pdf"} \end{document} running this in TeXworks gives me the error ! LaTeX Err...

@DavidCarlisle ^^^ 2019-10-01 PL1 to the resecue
@JosephWright everyone editing the expandble primitives list this morning, almost makes you suspect that someone is writing an English language tex manual:-)
@JosephWright Not until it's in TL, presumably. I see it is on CTAN now; so perhaps it will be a short wait?
@DavidCarlisle ooh a plot
10:15 AM
@PauloCereda will you be able to read the English version any better than the original Japanese?
@DavidCarlisle it's all Japanese Greek to me. :)
@DavidCarlisle it could in German
11:03 AM
Queen's speech, anyone?
@PauloCereda couldn't bear to watch
@DavidCarlisle I will give it a try. :)
11:21 AM
@UlrikeFischer ooh
Holidays in Palermo - not listening to the Queen's speech ;-)
11:37 AM
10 Downing Street
ooh I hear marching band
They could play Sousa's Liberty Bell, then the PM could say, and now, for something completely different...
I wanna be English
The PM should have used the Mr. Bean car, it would be awesome
ooh the London Eye
ooh the Thames
ooh there seems to be a cricket field nearby
@HaraldHanche-Olsen My TL updated this morning
Where's the guards with the funny hat
This is too amusing
@PauloCereda the ooh counter is whirling and might lift off
@UlrikeFischer ooh
@UlrikeFischer this is fantastic :)
ooh lots of lords
ooh the black rod
I've no idea of what's going on, but surely it's important
oh my there's a horse inside the palace
there are two horses
this is too confusing
wait a minute, four horses
So the crown and the scepter go inside two royal carriages?
ooh my lords pray be sitted
ooh the black rod
Dennis Skinner was quiet today. :)
ooh they gave her a document
looks like a Word document, bah
12:13 PM
@PauloCereda one more horse (in Palermo)
@UlrikeFischer ooh :)
I think she mentioned a grant to the L3 project...
@JosephWright is looking quite happy today! :)
12:32 PM
Wait a minute, that was last year's?!
Here we go again
ooh the anthem
1:31 PM
Q: Problem with chemmacros, beamer and filehook-scrlfile.sty

LeeserI am using chemmacros with beamer and it produces the following error 2017/08/28 basic chemmacros module (/usr/local/texlive/2019/texmf-dist/tex/latex/koma-script/scrlfile.sty Package: scrlfile 2019/10/12 v3.27 KOMA-Script package (loading files) LaTeX Warning: Command \InputIfFileExist...

Looks like we need another filehook update...
@PhelypeOleinik Isn't this scrfile instead?
@JosephWright It looks to me that scrlfile was updated to match LaTeX's update as was filehook.
@JosephWright But filehook-scrlfile wasn't updated to match scrlfile's update
@PhelypeOleinik Oh, right: great (!)
@PauloCereda Not so happy anymore ^^^
1:38 PM
@PauloCereda Blame the Jack o' Lantern :-)
@PhelypeOleinik ooh
1:59 PM
is it possible to rename a single figure? like changing the default "Figure 1: asd" to "Algorithm 1: asd"
@sollniss \renewcommand\figurename{wibble}\caption{zzzz} (assuming it is numbered in sequence with figures)
thank you
i guess it's not trivial to override the numbering?
or maybe defining a custom figure type with a separate numbering
@sollniss why not use an algorithm float type?
the template i use has figures formatted but algorithms not @DavidCarlisle
@sollniss float package gives you a \newfloattype or any of the algorithm packages define such a type by default
2:13 PM
another question, is there a way to set the alignment for captions of subfigures?
globally if possible
2:34 PM
@sollniss its best to ask questions on the question and answer part of the site. it depends how you are implementing subfigures (standard latex has no subfigure commands) and how you are implementing captions. Most likely the answer is to use the caption package but it depends.....
ok sorry
If I'm running lualatex on a Mac, and I have a font installed the Apple Font Book way as a user font, and have the same font in my Texlive installation, does the following install the Texlive copy or the Font Book copy of the font: \setmainfont{SourceSerifPro}[Extension = .otf]
2:52 PM
@dedded @UlrikeFischer knows these things but I think you can look in /usr/local/texlive/2019/texmf-var/luatex-cache/generic/fonts/otl/ (or equivalent) at the relevant lua file and then the filename entry inthat file has the full path to the one it will use. (you can also specify the path in the optional argument to \setmainfont)
@JosephWright Hmm. The mirror automatically(?) chosen by my tlmgr (ctan.uib.no/systems/texlive/tlnet) seems to be a day behind.
@HaraldHanche-Olsen Ah, could be
@DavidCarlisle Ah, and search for "filename". Thanks!
@PauloCereda non palindromic space
@DavidCarlisle ooh
@DavidCarlisle oh no
@HaraldHanche-Olsen ^^
/quacks is absolute despair
3:59 PM
I need to use ooh with extreme care now
@PauloCereda I don't get that reference... Is it one?
@MaartenBodewes it seems that the blokes here are counting the ooh's I say, and the counter is near 6666. :)
Hey you are the kayak bloke! o/
ooh kayak is a palindrome
That's another two!
oh no
and a half...
4:21 PM
@PauloCereda you could try making two of them in quick succession to "jump" over that number...
@yo' ooh a plan
4:42 PM
@PauloCereda or you could switch spelling: ꝏꜧ
4:53 PM
@HaraldHanche-Olsen ooh
5:26 PM
@UlrikeFischer Spritz?
5:37 PM
Hi evrybody! Just a quick message for @barbarabeeton: should you ever read this, could you please have a look at this question, and in particular at this comment to one of the answers?
5:50 PM
@GuM -- An looking. One thing that I see in the output example is that the \EE sets below the expected baseline. That is built into TeX -- a defined operator name, if only a single character, will be vertically centered on the math axis, which is what is wanted for a large operator (\sum, \int, etc.). Since I retired from AMS, I have lost access to the resources I used to have, along with (I hope temporarily) the ability to test easily. But on this one, I hope memory is sufficient.
@CarLaTeX Si ;-), in the meantime the Lords of Palermo were watching over their fiefdom:
@UlrikeFischer ooh
oh no I need to go with Tom's plan!
@PauloCereda I think you passed (but the search has a delay ... )
@UlrikeFischer I am scared. :)
6:06 PM
@PauloCereda You made a huge jump from 6665 to 6668 ;-)
@UlrikeFischer yay
@barbarabeeton Thank you for answering so quick! I see you speak of a feature that is explained in Appendix G, Rule 13, of The TeXbook; but I was not thinking of this (to be honest, I hadn’t even noticed this point!). What I was asking about was the reason of the peculiar behavior of \operatorname, which prevents the user from adding \limits.
…I mean, the rationale behind the choice of implementing this behavior, not a description thereof, or an explanation of how it is implemented.
…Those I already know…! ;-)
6:24 PM
user image
@PauloCereda fortunately you were not quick enough and the authentic 6666 was captured as you see above ^
@StefanKottwitz gibt es auf TeXwelt eine Seite, die definiert, was on-topic ist?
@GuM publishers trying to stop authors messing up their document and enforcing some rules? (@barbarabeeton)
6:36 PM
@DavidCarlisle This is also my guess (see this other comment).
@UlrikeFischer Oooh
@DavidCarlisle oh no
@PauloCereda busted!
@HaraldHanche-Olsen oh no
I’m afraid I have to leave now, playtime is already over for me, this evening! Goodbye to everybody, have a good night/morning/afternoon/evening, depending on your time zone.
6:52 PM
@DavidCarlisle and @GuM -- I've now answered: tex.stackexchange.com/a/512249 and I can't remember why unstarred \DeclareMathOperator doesn't react to \limits. Your hypothesis that AMS editorial staff doesn't want authors sneaking limits into in-text expressions is a good one though.
@DavidCarlisle -- Please add a request to implement recognition of \limits with the unstarred DeclareMathOperator to amsopn. (I promise to sign up to add issues to the Git record ... sometime.)
@barbarabeeton ooh
@Skillmon I did not check but I think the "Über/about" or FAQ page says it
@PauloCereda shooting for 7777 already?
@HaraldHanche-Olsen ooh a new goal
@Skillmon Until something happens, one thinks people are mindful :-)
@Skillmon "Über", first line: "Hier kannst Du Fragen zu TeX und LaTeX stellen, Antworten schreiben und kommentieren."
@Skillmon FAQ: Welche Art von Fragen kann ich hier stellen? Am allerwichtigsten: die Fragen sollten hier relevant sein, also TeX, LaTeX und nahe verwandte Software betreffen.
@DavidCarlisle oh no
@DavidCarlisle wait a second, how do you know about Fortnite? :)
@PauloCereda bbc news
@DavidCarlisle ooh
@PauloCereda Auntie
First bug report on Twitter ....
@JosephWright oh my
7:07 PM
@PauloCereda As in Auntie Beeb
@JosephWright ooh I am learning more stuff. :)
2 hours later…
9:14 PM
@egreg Hi, prof. Can I ask an help for a question on Math.SE, please, if it possible?
9:40 PM
Hi, David.
@egreg On Math.Se I have an a question to hold. The answer is excellent, but I do not know how to make my question useful, not least because these are subjects I have never studied before. I am very sorry for the disturbance. Good night and good work.
Just saw this on Mastodon and thought you all would like it:
user image
10:05 PM
@Canageek LOL
10:16 PM
@Canageek yes seen that one before, I remember commenting that it must be a very small book if etting is only 9.895pt :-)
10:29 PM
@DavidCarlisle Probably the ebook version for viewing on your tablet

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