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2:10 AM
I just posted a response to balanced mama (great question btw)... made me wonder if I'm just a hyper-over-protective parent b/c yet again I raised the question of safety. Maybe I have some of the OCD my daughter has, lol.
2:21 AM
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun . My husband and I have found it is nice to have small accounts we keep separate for use for "surprises" and extras we don't want to have to "justify" to the other. We pay a small amount from to each separate account that is equal each month. Otherwise, everything we earn just goes into the shared account which is used for bills, food, gas, and things we discuss and decide upon together as dictated by our budget and current goals/needs.
@JeremyMiller The question about locking the kid in his room at night? She has the same qualms. They've added swimming and a three-year-old's basketball program to his schedule and removed his afternoon naps - didn't need to lock him in after-all :-)
Cool! I guess I'm just a bit hyper-protective of our children.
I have a question: parenting.stackexchange.com/questions/11232/… has a yellow box around some of the text. How does one do that?
Oh, and, yes, it was to that question. I just learned that when I first go to the Parenting forum it displays a list of active questions, not the most recent. Took me forever to find that question again, lol! Gotta love us noobs, hehe.
@Beofett I have an entire library of books really!!! Everything from old text-books, to new for Alice and her schooling, favorite's I couldn't bear to let go of . . . I have Most of the Dune books, All HP's All Narnias, All Anne of Green Gables andI'm sure you can guess I also have much of Tolkien's writing too. I still have favorite picture books from when I was younger than Alice (which has been a blast to share with her) and yet I got rid of about 50% of what I had when I got married.
I have to try really hard to use the Public Library system rather than buy and when we are in any city while traveling, if I get "lost" inevitably I will be found in a used book store, sitting on the floor with my nose in a new treasure I hand't found before.
@JeremyMiller It is a quote mark-up. If you look at the top of the box you type into, you will see some quotation marks, after highlighting what you want boxed, click on that and it will put the whole thing in a yellow box to indicate you are quoting something (usually used that way anyway).
@JeremyMiller I was new not all that long ago and am still learning all kinds of fun stuff now. If you look at the symbols the computer adds to your text after you do a quote mark-up using the button I described, I bet you could figure out how to just command the computer to do it for you just based on you typing it in directly.
What I haven't figured out yet is this thing they do on SciFiSE where they can do a quote box and the words inside the box are hidden until you scroll over it - that way you don't give anything away for other people who maybe haven't read about what you are discussing yet. It gets used a lot there - we don't really have concerns about spoilers and need for "spoiler alerts" on Parenting.
Now I bet @Beofett will tell me how to do it because I know he is on there a lot too (so thanks in advance :-) ) I'm sure I could look it up somewhere - I just haven't bothered yet, but think it is a cool feature anyway.
2:39 AM
@balancedmama Cool. Thanks! I'll try to use it properly, but all I've known from SO is code formatting, lol
Well, you've got a leg-up on me on that one :-)
@balancedmama That could be useful here, too. Answers which address multiple concerns/possiblities could be truncated initially by those answering so that the OP could get to the part of the response they were most interested. Unfort, I don't know how to do that one (yet) either.
40 boxes of books. Yep - that sounds about right - I got rid of so much when I got married for the same reason you list in the earlier convo. Actually wound up re-buying a couple of reference type books when we had Alice though.
I took a leap here ( parenting.stackexchange.com/questions/11232/… ) lol... That was 13.5 years ago for me!
My books from college are all in storage at my mother's. I moved around for quite awhile with 1 bag containing everything, so I wanted to keep those safe... still need to get them back!
@JeremyMiller I really like your answer - some things you just don't forget.
2:45 AM
@balancedmama Thanks. I just remember being worried every time she woke up and wondering what was the problem... peeking in the diaper, hugging her, rocking her, feeding her... always guessing!
@JeremyMiller Yeah, my parents had to move my senior year to help take care of grandad and the homestead property and they moved into a one-room cabin.
Being a new parent can be scary
Can you imagine? A Senior in highschool, her freshman sister and two married adults!?!
Anyway, I didn't get to store stuff with them after leaving home - not much anyway.
Gotcha. The fun, eh? lol.
They did keep some of my books and most treasured things in a storage locker until I got married - then it was, "get your stuff out!!"
Now they're in the big house on the property and have all the room in the world - but thems the brakes.
2:47 AM
lol. My mom is as flaky as I am, so I labelled all the boxes. She owns a house as a byproduct of being in a really bad car accident
She can't get to anything, but it's all there... After a number of years, I have to wonder what shape it's all in
I should mention my sister is a bit spoiled being the baby of the family and she got the bedroom. Mom and Dad had a futon in the living room and I had a bunk in an airstream that was otherwise storage in the driveway.
What's that?
If you boxed it well, its probably pretty good - maybe a bit musty . . .
Oh its a little bubble-like trailer for camping etc. Really old though.
Oh, that's like a brand name for it
I think I know what you're talking about
The full bed at the front was storage, as were most of the closets (I got one for my clothes) and I got the bunk above the full bed.
2:49 AM
That means you had privacy, right?
I also had use of the "dining table" for my desk to do my homework on.
And that was the size of a school desk?
I did at least have that - but not senior year, mom never would have allowed that. I got a bunk in my sisters room that year and we both used the table in the airstream for homework if we needed a lot of quiet.
I got it as a "bedroom" to coax me back for summers and holidays after leaving for college.
@balancedmama I believe you start each line with >!
or possibly !>
I get them confused :P
Thanks Beoffet :-)
2:51 AM
Cool, thanks!
I'm glad you still have your mom - sounds like it must have been a fairly serious accident.
@balancedmama I've lost a lot of the books I had as a kid, but I still have the circa 1970 printing of the LotR set that was the first I read :)
Oh yes... kid hit her and she collided into a telephone pole... long lawsuit b/c he was driving without a license in a company vehicle that wasn't insured for him... just glad she survived!
My original set is long gone :-( My Dad gave me one just after the first movie came out that contains all three "books"
>! seems to be the quoting for yellow text, not the "hide-until-clicked" text
2:54 AM
@JeremyMiller Wow! Was it an honest accident? problem with the car he was driving? . . . Wonder where that kid is now and what he learned from the incident?
I think he was not being attentive. It was in Ft Lauderdale and the driving there is seriously crazy
@Beofett I do still have my original "Wooten Major" which is from 1978 and had been my Dad's before he gave it to me.
@JeremyMiller >!
My original Fellowship fell apart from so much love - I don't remember what happened to the other two, but since I read them together - I bet they went the same way.
That's cool, balanced mama
2:57 AM
@JeremyMiller Is your mom still there?
@JeremyMiller What's cool?
She moved to the panhandle of FL... most of my family are proud "rednecks", lol. The cool thing was having the book from '78 that your father had.
@JeremyMiller The quotes show up on mine with just a > and a space though. Is it possible it doesn't work here and only works on scifi?
I didn't try with the space afterwards. Just tried the >! and !> (latter nt doing anything)
@Beofett that last part of that last quote is really directed at you.
Nevermind, >! works here.
I did it on a gobbledegook post.
It does the hidden mark-up.
That link is the advanced help and indicates the >! syntax
3:03 AM
@JeremyMiller I spent part of a summer in Destin at a golf resort there where a friend was a golf pro and I could crash at his place. It was GREAT!!!
(I ofc just found that)
I liked Ft Lauderdale -- just not the driving, lol!
@JeremyMiller Like I said, I was sure there was a place one could look it up but I hadn't yet bothered with it. Help is helpful.
Summer in a place when you aren't working and just getting to chill is usually a lot nicer than actually living anywhere though.
Unless nerds like me write the help guide! lol. I always have someone who doesn't know the system review what I write to make sure everyone that's not me will understand it.
Wow! I've got to go - Dinner with Sis-in-Law.
About time for my bed, too
Have a good one, ev1
3:05 AM
@JeremyMiller Good Plan!!! I spent a lot of time with Phsyics and Computer Sci geeks in college (I almost married one) and spent a lot of time translating for them with my friends.
Lucky you.... we're so boring to be married to! lol!
2 hours later…
4:55 AM
@JeremyMiller Actually, you guys aren't as boring as you like everyone to believe you are - I know better than that! Mt. Dew and All night Star Craft followed by an entire weekend of D and D - Geeky, yes; Boring, not so much. Actually, he was also a really good dancer (swing), percussionist, and not so good at loyalty - dodged a bullet on that one - but we did have fun.
4 hours later…
8:26 AM
@balancedmama - That's a special "spoiler" text formatting that is specific to a few sites. Just like Math.SE has special formula formatting for their advanced formulas - other sites have similar specifics.
I don't think these are built into other sites but one way to figure that out is to just click "edit" on one of scifi's posts and look at the paragraph in question -- there is bound to be some formatting code there. Then, cancel that edit and try the same code on a Parenting post, and see what happens.
I doubt it will work here but I might be surprised :-)
@balancedmama see - I was surprised! :-) Now do it again with math formulas! :-D
8 hours later…
4:19 PM
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun Yeah, maybe when I have some time to twiddle my thumbs!
Is this question worded okay in terms of medical issues, or does it need to be reworded to avoid being too close to asking for medical advice (in a case where they clearly do need it)?
Q: one year old eating and drinking very little

user6670my nephew's one year old drinks and eats very little, what could be the problem? He seems hungry, and tries to eat, but he would keep it in his mouth for a long while then spits it out. We give him mashed potato, yogurt and baby food, but he would only eat the most 3 teaspoonfuls, then refuses ...

@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun I'll edit it back out later, but check it out here
A: Socialization strategies for a new stay-at-home Mom

balanced mamaThe following portions of this answer are aimed at helping mom get some social time too(this helps to set a good example, plus even homebody's such as myself need time away from time to time anyway): You might try determining a night or two each month for her to endeavor in an area she would lik...

ah, cool
@Joe That is a tough one because it definitely has some medical issue elements to it, but also might be behavioral.
Well, I more mean that clearly that particular case needs to be addressed by a doctor
given the weight
16 pounds is way too low for a 1 year old
but the general question is a good one, I figure
4:35 PM
@balancedmama seen, thanks!
I think its funny we can use it here - I don't know why one would, but now I'm trying to think of a question where it could make sense to use it just because I can use it here and want to. lol
@Joe Absolutely!!! and I will comment as such but I don't know if it should be closed since it could have that behavioral element as well. What do you think @TorbenGundtofte-Bruun?
@balancedmama hey, I'm not a mod :-) but seriously, no time to review now, I'm leaving my desk. Later !
I don't necessarily advocate closing, I was thinking more editing the question, if that's possible
I think the concept is intersting
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun Have a good day non-mod who is still part of the community though!!
It is possible to edit a question, but ill-advised if it happens to change the meaning of the question or what the OP is looking for in having asked it. I think setting the tone with a good answer that addresses both the medical and behavioral aspect (such as it looks like yours will be) helps ensure that future answers - or at least those that remain at, or float to the top also address both sides of the coin.
4:50 PM
Makes sense
Plus, I added a comment requesting that medical advice be sought out and linking to the chat (I hope I did that right - like I said, I'm still learning too). Hopefully the other mods and community members who might have an opinion on the matter would agree, but if not, we can take it from there.
Has anyone thought any further about the Wil Wheaton question? What is happening with that?
@Joe How is it you are seeing the "questionable" questions so quickly
Q: Car seats at the front

GrzenioIs it safe to put a front-facing car seat at the front passenger seat? Do I have to disable the airbag first?

Is pretty questionable too.
For the two reasons you mention in your answer - legal and not neccessarily medical, but safety for sure.
5:39 PM
@Joe do you know how to flag questions when you see them so they are to be reviewed by the mods and other community members with enough rep?
@Beofett can you see flag histories on questions? Mine shows an option there, but it is shaded out and not usable.
How about you @Karl?
6:14 PM
you must write the full name, without spaces: @KarlBielefeldt
7:09 PM
@balancedmama I agree that a doctor's visit would be in order and I think that @Joe posted a useful answer. No need to rephrase the question itself though, apart from capitalization and a more descriptive title.
7:56 PM
@balancedmama You mean this timeline? It's working for me.
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun Actually, I got pinged for both. You just need at least four characters, and enough to be unique.
8:29 PM
@balancedmama No action as far as I have heard. I would keep the idea lingering in the back of my head and hope to recall it when we have a fresh and relevant question.
@KarlBielefeldt live and learn.... :)
8:58 PM
@balancedmama Yeah, the flag history works for me
@KarlBielefeldt No, I meant under the menu that takes you to that timeline there was at one time/is an option to see just flag history.
@balancedmama You mean the box on the left of the question's title, that says "Timeline 1 flag 3 deleted comments" or something similar?
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun That's funny, I thought that too and thought I had typed it all - or at least clicked on the little rectangle that comes up which would have had it all. Guess it worked anyway yeah :-)
@Beofett See, I'm not seeing that. I see it on people's profiles, but not on questions etc. When clicking on the "mod" thing underneath, I get a list of options and one of them is "flag history" but it is shaded a different color than the rest and can't be clicked on.
I used to see the box to which you are referring, but it wasn't showing up earlier today.
got an example question, so I could take a look?
If you look at this question, do you see the menu next to the title?
1 see "1 flag, 2 deleted comments, timeline"
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun That was my thought too, but then I think @Timpost also said he'd talk to someone about it and I just wondered if anyone had heard anything. (Will that ping work? he hasn't been in this room for awhile?) I'll ask him in TL if not.
Yup that one is showing up.
9:14 PM
@balancedmama If auto-complete shows his name, then the ping will work
There were a few that I looked at that I know had flags at one time this morning too so maybe it was just a wierd glitch?
if not, you can use your mod-powers to super-ping him :)
It didn't auto complete.
Super ping - I think I saw something about that in TL
@balancedmama Hrm. If you give me a link, I'll check and see if I'm seeing it
@balancedmama Start with 2 @ signs instead of one
They're showing up now. I think it was a temporary thing - I had some other weird problems this morning too and got kicked of the internet a couple of times so something may have been up with just getting things downloaded properly.
@Beofett That's easy enough to remember.
@@TimPost I was just curious if there was any word on the Wil Wheaton question.
Tim Post " " " Learning how this works.
9:17 PM
Did you get a popup interface when you put in the second @ sign?
It is also available the other way now too.
I did but had already typed the rest - hence the " " " learning how this works line. :-)
pushed enter before I saw the pop-up.
@Beofett With the play and all, I feel like I haven't chatted with you in forever - How are things?
There has been so much activity on chat, the transcript is already gone from prior chats before I'm checking - its kind of cool to see so much activity on here - Joe and Jeremy Miller and all.
@balancedmama Good... I'm getting my geek on this weekend... playing with all sorts of new development tools and learning my way around Linux. This morning we took the kiddo out on a playdate with his "girlfriend" :)
how are things going with you?
So cute! he has a girlfriend.
@balancedmama Yeah, it's great to see chat so lively!
Alice had 30 or so "boyfriends" up until recently.
9:20 PM
yeah, she's a year younger than him. We met her and one of her mothers at the playground we frequent last summer.
She starting to mellow out now though - she's dumped most of them and is now down to only three betrothed boys.
it's hard to pick the right one(s)!
Things are good just crazy busy with too many projects.
I was really worried there for awhile - I figured, already boy crazy at five? What will I do when she is 12?
Then someone pointed out, she might be getting it out of her system early too - I like that line of thinking a lot..
It is hard to pick the right one(s) so true.
When will he be four? is he in the former or latter half of his year?
@Beofett Okay, I don't see the programming stuff as getting your geek on. Isn't that part of your job?
However, if you said, "I'm getting my geek on and going to an all-day live showing of the sound of music dressed as Rolph," I'd agree you were getting your geek on. :-)
@balancedmama September
Just curious because there is a big difference between a just three and an almost four kid.
9:26 PM
@balancedmama This is stuff outside of work. I installed Linux at home, and am playing with some new tools to expand my skills beyond the limited stuff I do at work.
See, that is just self improment.
that should have been improvement
@Beofett I hope you'll have fun with it though.
Its interesting so far. So yeah, I'm having fun.
I'm off to sew more costumes.
I get to dress a bit like Jackie O as Lady Montague (it isn't a completely traditional telling of the tale)
i hope you have fun with that, too!
9:29 PM
2 hours later…
11:52 PM
@balancedmama hehe... Letting our secrets out? lol!

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