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1:47 AM
@Zanna Indeed. Although the strike will mean much of the routine work will not be done there will always be an elected Mod presence for really 'out there' events.
@cocomac Support is looking solid: a total of 229 signatures made up of 60 elected Mods, 9 retired Mods (I see Shog9 in there) and 160 curators. I was not familiar with the term 'curator' used in this context before but I like it :)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, phone number detected in title, blacklisted user (352): Rupee Bag Loan app customer care helpline number 8468800103 much‭ by Rahul Khan‭ on askubuntu.com
@C.S.Cameron I think it would be unlikely that the company would 'demod' the elected Moderators who are on strike but it is a company that has been known for knee-jerk and rash decisions before. It was something I considered before joining the action...
2:25 AM
A: What is a Curator? What is the Curator Team?

CatijaCurators are an unofficial designation. A curator is a community member who chooses to help maintain and cultivate the content on these sites. That is something that anyone can do, regardless of reputation, though it's easier to do with the privileges for editing and review. While editing and rev...

I normally use: Elected Moderator and Community Moderator fwiw
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5:07 AM
Ubuntu Forums may not be the most exciting place, but I can't see the members there ever going on strike. It might be a good place to hang out if you get bored with the strike. There are already a few familiar names there as regulars.
5:25 AM
Seeing as there is now a strike notice on MSE, may I post a notice that I’m also striking, as well as encouraging others that agree, on Meta AU? Or will that cause trouble as I’m a non mod? @andrew.46 @Zanna
that seems fine to me @cocomac :)
5:58 AM
Q: I'm going on a general moderation strike due to the new AI-content policy forced upon us by SE

cocomacNote: This post is not on behalf of the moderators of Ask Ubuntu, although they are welcome to strike as well. I'm also not a diamond moderator. Tl;dr I'm going on strike. Read the letter and rationale here Hi! I'm cocomac - I'm often here on Meta AU, but you may have also seen me over on MSE, w...

@Zanna Thanks, posted!
6:15 AM
7:08 AM
@C.S.Cameron Like this old guy: ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=208550 :)
Charcoal has been stopped 2 hours ago, momentous times on SE indeed...
7:49 AM
Q: Stack Exchange general moderation strike: the effects on Ask Ubuntu

andrew.46As of June 5th 2023 a general moderation strike is in place across the entire Stack Exchange Network. There are two key documents that should be read to understand the background and reasoning for this strike: Moderation strike: Stack Overflow, Inc. cannot consistently ignore, mistreat, and mali...

8:04 AM
So this is frustrating: askubuntu.com/q/1470689/57576
@andrew.46 Hmmm... Perhaps cocomac's meta post should be featured?
Also I see that the post has only 5 downvotes, which means that it has at maximum 5 spam flags. Were the flags handled by a mod?
8:22 AM
@BeastOfCaerbannog So for the duration of the strike I won't be raising the 'mod only' flags unfortunately
@andrew.46 I thought it could be an exception, since it's about the strike and not moderation-related...
But okay.
@BeastOfCaerbannog There were some warnings on Discord about what would be advisable or not by the elected Mods during a strike. What the company would accept
I see. Don't worry. It was just a suggestion from my side, not a demand.
@BeastOfCaerbannog I see strong community response to @cocomac meta post which is great to see
@andrew.46 Indeed! 17 upvotes in about 2 hours!
8:30 AM
Is natty down as well?
@Natty alive
@BeastOfCaerbannog Nope
@andrew.46 Yup
@BeastOfCaerbannog I flagged it, sorry all
8:38 AM
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2:00 PM
I am seeing a huge influx of spam posts today :(
I see SE employee JNat is now dealing with moderation when people strike.
@popey I have no words
Multiple AU spam posts have been removed by them.
2:22 PM
@ArchismanPanigrahi Mods are on strike
Check Meta for more background etc.
2:43 PM
Thank you to the moderators who have been protecting us from this stuff <3
(in the past, before the strike, in case that's not clear)
@popey And Smokey and the people at Charcoal HQ
@BeastOfCaerbannog 👍
yo, hi all, I don't find the "spam" flagging feature in the flag popup dialog...
okay, it had shown up, now it's the top option. I hope the removal of posts with sufficient flags on them is automatic...
or, should I rather be on strike, and let those be?
@Levente 6 spam flags are required
@Levente You decide that!
3:25 PM
but if I flag then I am a strike-breaker? because I am glad to either clean them away or to leave them alone... Just wanna understand my position and how that looks to others.
@Levente Flagging is part of moderation, so I think that this would be a strike breaking
okay, so then I am with you here in solidarity.
It just looks so wrong letting our homepage get ruined like that.
But it's on SE, not on us, that's clear.
Had anyone talked with Canonical yet, about the realities of a possible migration of community?
@Levente Yeah, I'm also trying hard not to flag or edit.
@Levente I haven't seen something relevant, but I'm also not sure how supportive would the AU community be in such a scenario.
If the AU community would not be supportive of a migration to somewhere else, I believe, it would be because they had not wandered out of the safe haven of AskUbuntu, to other SE sites.
And because many people don't trust Canonical too
3:31 PM
AskUbuntu is an Elysium, in comparison to what can happen in some other SE sites.
Just sayin.
And meta.SE is really a years' long inventory of anger and disappointment, aimed at SE's conduct.
ah, that's remarkable. But I'm using their operating system, what avenues remain for me to be distrustful towards them? :)
What do you mean by "what can happen in some other SE sites"?
@Levente Canonical lost some of the Ubuntu community's trust with the Amazon stuff and the push of snaps
heheh, amazon stuff was a decade ago :)
1) The amazon stuff was many years ago. 2) If the trust is not there, then why people use their operating system?
Well, these are not my personal views, so I cannot support them more. It's just what I have seen being said about Canonical. Both the push of snaps and the Amazon stuff are still being discussed.
BTW I'm using Fedora. :P
Yeah, people have long memories.
And Canonical certainly made some mistakes.
3:38 PM
@popey well, these days that's back in fashion from very many large players. To make "mistakes". Like abandoning their audiences, and destroying themselves. Twitter, reddit, now SE. It's scary.
back to IRC with us, or what?
People do like a good protest :)
@popey It's somewhat the collective memory that matters here, and some things are more easily digested and recycled.
Oh, I also forgot the systemd paranoia :P
capitalists had started to shit on our heads like there is no tomorrow, is how I see it.
Huh, there's a community bot now deleting spam posts.?
@popey It is shown as the Community bot, but the post must have been deleted by a mod. This one was previously deleted by Zanna and also shown as deleted by the Community bot.
If I understand correctly what happens is that the mod flags the post as spam, the post gets automatically 6 spam flags, and so it's deleted automatically by Community.
If a mod was deleting the post instead of flagging it, it would be also deleted at once, but it would be shown as deleted by the mod.
@BeastOfCaerbannog *s/deleted/flagged/
@Levente I certainly agree, but I don't know if this is the correct place to discuss such matters. ;)
3:48 PM
@BeastOfCaerbannog would it fit meta.SE, with that as the title, verbatim? What would I risk? Getting banned 4ever?
@Levente I don't know. All I know is that in the past (I was not active then so I don't know exactly what it was about) there have been some conversations about politics and other stuff in AUGR that didn't and well. After that the room never returned to its chatty glory.
If you really want to ask a question with that title (and I guess content), I suggest you ask Zanna about it.
@Levente Ask Ubuntu General Room
no, I meant meta.stackexchange.com
@Levente Oh, that's another matter then. It may be ok for that meta, but the risk of ban should exist.
3:55 PM
Why don't you ask on Meta's main chat room, Tavern on the Meta?
@Zanna While I do not have access to the directions to the network moderators, note that mods have been told that staff will un-feature any Meta posts about the strike, and I'm not sure if SE will take action against mods that do feature posts about it. Totally up to you what you do, but I did want to make sure that you were aware of that
because I see no hope that answering that question would be in anyone's scope. It's like a global issue. What can tavern do about that?
Another thing is that I have seen a lot of stackexchange "fanboys" there. They can be surprisingly pro-SE, even in the face of controversies.
Example: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/365074/user-data-in-light-of-stack-overflows-stack-exchange-inc-s-acquisition#comment1221496_366594
4:11 PM
@Levente So I guess that a post against capitalism in general would not be on-topic on any SE community.
that's a failure. Our number one priority should be discussing escaping from capitalism right now.
Yesterday I looked around on the full inventory of SE sites, and indeed I did not find a good match to bring it up.
Maybe, politics.
@Levente Yeah, but it must be in the form of a question, not an opinion.
I need to create a reddit account then :)
@Levente Hahaha
4:32 PM
Actually, an action notice was unfeatured on ServerFault Meta by Philippe, so it might be better to un-feature it now than risk violating policy, as SE will likely undo the featuring anyways @Zanna I wouldn't want you to lose your diamond, and it was also on Hot Meta Posts so it will be visable
@Levente If you want, send me a part of the csv you got from the SEDE query to see if I can easily make you a script to process it
@BeastOfCaerbannog thank you very much, I won't bother you with it. :)
@Levente As you wish! :)
5:04 PM
@BeastOfCaerbannog If a moderator casts a spam flag, the secret version of the timeline shows that the mod cleared the other flags. If 6 users cast spam flags, our glorious overlord Community ♦ is the mod who clears the flags. But flag-deleted posts always show as deleted by Community ♦
@cocomac thanks my friend :) if they unfeature them, I will not feature them again
5:30 PM
@Zanna I see. Thanks for clarifying!
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7:11 PM
@Levente do you really get anything in that csv? Because I ran the query with my id and I'm only getting the header...
@BeastOfCaerbannog yep, absolutely, it's populated fully. I have gone to my meta.stackexchange.com user profile, and copied out the user ID number from the URL, and used that one.
@BeastOfCaerbannog and it lists all my content from all SE sites.
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