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Welcome, Knight-Commanders!
sorry @izx I think I might be closing the down boat, unless we can make use of it
Q: How to spread ubuntu to more users

Linux DistanceI approximate the number of computer users on the world to be 4 billion, but Ubuntu has just 20 million users - about 1/500 of the entire Internet. Is that too few now? We should increase this to at least 80 million! Can you (the answerers) suggest methods to get more computer users to use Ubuntu...

that an interesting downboated question
here is a classic
Q: I need help with this

Ubuntu-userI need help with this. I can't figure it out. If anyone can figure this thing out let me know. I just don't understand what the solution is.This thing seems really tough to figure out. Thanks to whoever can help

4:22 PM
Ok, I think we can salvage this, so If you have a question that your interested in, drop it in here and we can either salvage it with upboats , or sink it with downboats. for example we might be able to save a legit question that may not be popular, or salvage a question through editing and disusing or finding dupes.
Feel free to use the upboat and downboat images
@mateo_salta wtith just us two it appears to be a lost cause
a sinking ship

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