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5:00 AM
I was not awarded nice question badge even though the question reached a score of10. @Pandya @TheDestroyer Do you know about this?
@SS Usually it takes a bit of time before a badge is awarded.
@KeshavSrinivasan The question reached 10 yesterday in the morning(my timezone) and in the evening, I wrote an answer and was awarded revival badge. system recognised revival but not nice question. It has been nearly 20 hours.
6:03 AM
@SS - Namaskaram 😊 Shubha Dinam 💐 Which question ?
Q: Who are Pancha brahmas' Lalita Devi sits on and Why are they called so?

Sree CharanIn the Lalitha sahasranama,(the thousand names of Lalitha tripura Sundari), one of the names is Pañcabrahmāsanasthitā The above name translates to the one who sits on the seat of five brahmas. Who are the five brahmas Lalita Devi sits on and why are they called so? Note: The above ...

@SwiftPushkar @Tezz Good morning!
@SS - Oh , BTW , very excellent find , Bravo 👍👍 ,✔✔🔟 - 💯%Reasearch😊. Laxumana Answer
@SwiftPushkar Thanks
@SS Good Morning!... 😀😀
Late submission for bounty
A: Remarriage in Sanātana Dharma

Sree CharanWe all know that, there is no concept of "divorce" in Hinduism. Even though Hindu dharma gives much importance to the bond of marriage, it has given some certain conditions under which divorce and remarriage is allowed. In present social conditions, divorce or remarriage is considered as an ana...

6:20 AM
@SS Oh nice answer!.. I think if you get at least 2 upvotes you will get half-bounty...
@SS which post?
17 mins ago, by S S
Q: Who are Pancha brahmas' Lalita Devi sits on and Why are they called so?

Sree CharanIn the Lalitha sahasranama,(the thousand names of Lalitha tripura Sundari), one of the names is Pañcabrahmāsanasthitā The above name translates to the one who sits on the seat of five brahmas. Who are the five brahmas Lalita Devi sits on and why are they called so? Note: The above ...

@Tezz Thanks. Yes. But Ithink student will look at the answer he has got.
@Pandya Oh! But the question reached 10 yesterday. Someone's vote got reversed. Thanks.
Maybe Mahabharata itself is fake.. who knows, nobody was alive at that time, everything is hearsay.. maybe you are also fake. maybe you are just a robot on the internet. maybe i also don't exist.. oh no — ram 47 mins ago
Haha Sarcasm.. ^^
@Tezz You can add an answer instead of commenting for trishulam question.
You can flag sarcasm as not-constructive or rude/offensive.
6:29 AM
Okay. Will do it. But the above comment is not totally wrong. MOreover it has an upvote @Pandya
@AnuragSingh Avoid excessive discussion in comments to posts. You may use chat-room for discussion.
@Pandya I already told him that. He is posting a series of comments directed to a single user.
6:58 AM
Okay. Fine.
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in Rational Thinkers, 42 secs ago, by S S
> but there's an old Telugu saying that a couple who followed every rule in the shastras finally gave birth to a dog!

What is that saying?
@TheDestroyer ^^ Do you know what this saying is? @TheDestroyer ^^
8:52 AM
@SS yeah. i have heard of it.
@TheDestroyer What is the telugu saying?
@SS don't know exact telugu saying.
It is from one of sv.'s answers
I've written "no Acharyas e.g Ramanuja, Madhwa has doubt on authenticity of Bhagavad-Gita" in my answer. Do you know if they (Acharyas) discussed anything about authenticity of BG? @KeshavSrinivasan
9:01 AM
@Pandya Vedanta Acharyas would obviously have no problem with BG :P
@Pandya They wouldn't write commentaries if they doubt the authenticity
@TheDestroyer Yes.
@SS exactly.
@SS - That is the superb comment by ram , i like that 😃👍👍
But what's the claim of BORI for removing BG?
@SwiftPushkar That comment will get more upvotes 😃.
@Pandya Bori people believe in 2 Krishnas. We can ignore them. They are left leaning historians.
9:06 AM
Lord Varuna and Lord Indra are obstructing me in writing new answers :(
@TheDestroyer oh! ok
@SS Indra Deva destroyed by router.
@TheDestroyer - Yeah
@SwiftPushkar Yes. I too liked it.
@SS Haha
9:08 AM
@Pandya ping me once
Thanks it's working
Yes is it an interpolation because most of the chapters are not related to each other and arjuna was did not follow these spiritual guidelines at all . — Rakesh Joshi 6 mins ago
@TheDestroyer - haha , maybe you should pray to them , do some pooja of them , before installing a new router 🙏🙇🌨🌧🌪🌫
@SwiftPushkar haha. yeah. now Indra Deva is calm. Maybe busy in Swarga now.
@Pandya He is non Vedantin. So, he thinks like that.
9:11 AM
@TheDestroyer Yes, he many times rejects Vedanta & Shankara.
@SwiftPushkar btw, i missed my Shiva puja on that day. So, i think Shiva puja would have avoided it.
@TheDestroyer - 😀 Did monsoon started over there? Not here , clear sunshine & few clouds
History of Hinduism is very complex.
@SwiftPushkar there were some clouds and i think now SW monsoon arrived from kerala,
@SwiftPushkar It started. It's raining over here
@SS Do you use wireless network?
9:14 AM
Lunatic, mad question is in HNQ
- No shiva will certainly not do such a thing to his devotee , may be shiva want to give u a more
powerful router than before ,a better one , do he performed a leela , so that u will benefit
@SS Hyderabad roads are filled with water. How is your area?
@Pandya I have wifi but I use that for chatting only. I write questions and answers on PC.
@SwiftPushkar Yeah. We don't understand his leela. There is some deeper meaning behind destruction of router 😀
@SS so, connection to PC is working, tight?
9:16 AM
@SS - WOW , you people r lucky , we are waiting since 1 st June , met dep prediction (always wrong)😀.
@Pandya I think even for PC he needs broadband.
@TheDestroyer actually I wanted to know whether PC connection is wired or wireless because Indra & Varuna may got angry due to disturbing atmosphere by wireless communication! Haha @SS
@Pandya - HaHa ,Indra can't but I think Varuna can , he too is invisible force😀
@SwiftPushkar not raining there?
@Pandya I think he meant rains symbolically. Actually, parjayana is rain God. Indra is god of thunders and lightening. Varuna is ocean and water God.
9:22 AM
I think many of them are related to atmosphere & environment and may have complained to Indra against @SS for disturbing environment by electromagnetic waves! Haha
@Pandya I am using mobile
@TheDestroyer Parjanya and Varuna are same.
@SS I think No. Parjayana is vedic god of rain.
Some identify Parjayana with Indra also.
@SwiftPushkar like committing "I'll use limited bandwidth for less disturbance in environment...." haha
@Pandya - No , ☀ 😒
@SwiftPushkar oh! I've just told deity of rain to meet you. I think you'll find raining there next day. Haha
9:38 AM
@Pandya - 😀 Hope so , but your prayer's certainly will get heard & both indra & varuna will start doing their jobs here & at your place also 👍👍
@TheDestroyer Our area is not concrete jungle. Not drowned. But roads are damaged.
@TheDestroyer @SS @Pandya - What i think is , what's the difference if BORI keeps Gita in MB or not , afterall people do consider it as a upanishad & read it separately. It's secred book of Hinduism , so doesn't matter much , millions read Gita everyday throughout the world 😊
@SwiftPushkar Yes.
10:12 AM
9.7 questions per day ...We are getting close , a little push-up required in answering 📝
10:30 AM
@SwiftPushkar Yes:
A: What are the Hindu scriptures which every Hindu should abide by?

cheenbabesThe most common that all sects of Hinduism can agree on would be the Bhagavad Gita. It is commonly accepted to be one of the oldest scriptures in the world, and it concisely describes the philosophy of soul, God, and their relationship.

@Pandya - hmm 😊👍👍
@SwiftPushkar Yes. We can share useful info through Q&A to make it 10.
@SwiftPushkar it was 9.8 in the morning
@SwiftPushkar Electricity is teasing me. I was finding sources for an answer.
@SwiftPushkar I now understand why your area is not hit by monsoon yet. @KrishnShweta has asked a question :P :S
11:25 AM
@SS - 😀 that was also happening with me in may.But now ⚡ is ok here.But now my 👀 eyes are teasing me ,I think they are strained 😵
@TheDestroyer - Yeah ,👍👍
@TheDestroyer @Pandya - I think this answer needs to be converted into comment , after message
@SwiftPushkar You can flag for moderator intervention and ask for comment conversion like I did.
2 hours later…
1:08 PM
@Keshav @Tezz @TheDestroyer @Swift @SS I often find Useful translation of Upanishads at Vedanta Spiritual Library. That website has been down for 15 days which looks working fine now. Considering it's availability I thought to download contents of Upanishads & I've just made a zip file consisting of translation of 116 Upanishads (simple text files for each). If you want, I can mail you. Btw, you can download them in pdfs categorized according to Vedas:
2:05 PM
@Pandya Yes, all Acharyas that I know of accept the authenticity of the Bhagavad Gita. I don't know of any Acharyas' work which discuss the issue of the Gita's authenticity.
@Pandya Yes, please send it.
@SS Too bad no one makes any submissions, late or otherwise, for my bounty questions :-)
@KeshavSrinivasan Valmiki or Vyasa should create an account on our site to answer your bounty questions. :)
What can we do @KeshavSrinivasan, the bounty period should be one mahayuga rather than 1 week so that another vyasa will be born to answer your questions. I will raise a feature-request on Meta.SE :P :S
@KeshavSrinivasan If Jivas are always existing i.e., neither created nor destroyed in time, then how do we understand the creative act of Nabhinatha a.k.a Brahma acc. to VA?
Is it only creation as pertains to Acetana made suitable as Sharira Tattva for Jivas?
2:23 PM
@SS Haha
@LakshmiNarayanan Yes, Brahma is the creator of physical objects, not souls. He's the one that created the Earth, the planets, human beings, animals, etc.
@LakshmiNarayanan By the way, all Vedantic philosophies agree about the Jiva being eternal, not just Visistadvaita.
@KeshavSrinivasan but the accounts of what happens to Jivas during Pralaya seems to be a point of difference.
@LakshmiNarayanan In fact that was the reason that Adi Shankaracharya criticized th Pancharatra Agamas, because he thought that they said that the Jiva originated from Brahman. But Yamunacharya and Ramanujacharya showed that Adi Shankaracharya were misinterpreting the Upanishads, and that the Pancharatra Agamas actually say that the Jiva is eternal.
@LakshmiNarayanan Do you mean the Jiva merging with Brahman? We need not go to something as exotic as Pralaya to see that sort of difference. We can look at deep sleep.
@KeshavSrinivasan The nature of the merge being equality of experience?
@KeshavSrinivasan ok. I've sent you.
@LakshmiNarayanan All Vedantic philosophies agree that during deep sleep, the Jiva goes to Brahman. But Advaita says that during deep sleep the Jiva just loses all distinction and becomes Brahman, whereas Visistadvaita just says it goes to Brahman.
@LakshmiNarayanan Well, equality of experience doesn't happen either during deep sleep or during Pralaya. It only happens during Moksha.
2:35 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan Then what does merging mean?
A: Why does the Jiva reside in Brahman during deep sleep?

PandyaIt is explained in the Chhandogya Upanishad - Aadhyaya-6, Khanda-8. What is the Sushupti actually and why do we experience it?: उद्दालको हारुणिः श्वेतकेतुं पुत्रमुवाच स्वप्नान्तं मे सोम्य विजानीहीति यत्रैतत्पुरुषः स्वपिति नाम सता सोम्य तदा सम्पन्नो भवति स्वमपीतो भवति तस्मादेनꣳ स्वपिती...

@Pandya Nice!
2:58 PM
@LakshmiNarayanan The Jiva just resides in Brahman during deep sleep; see this section of the Sri Bhashya: sacred-texts.com/hin/sbe48/sbe48351.htm
@LakshmiNarayanan By the way, there are sections in the Brahma Sutras devoted to dreams, deep sleep, and fainting. I discuss fainting in my question here:
Q: What does Madhvacharya mean by the Jiva "half-entering" Brahman during fainting?

Keshav SrinivasanAs I discuss in this question, by far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy is the Vedanta school, which bases its tenets on the doctrines laid out in the Brahma Sutras, a work by the sage Vyasa that summarizes and systematizes the philosophical teachings of the Upanishads. You can read the...

@Pandya OK thanks!
3:43 PM
@Pandya Oh ok... send it to me also...!!
@Tezz I just posted another question about that Skanda Purana chapter I showed you earlier:
Q: What is the story of Prahlada being held hostage by the gods?

Keshav SrinivasanMost people only know the childhood of Prahlada, who was rescued from his from Hiranyakashipu by Vishnu's incarnation. What is less well-known, however, Prahlada's adulthood. As king of the Asuras, Prahlada was a formidable enemy of the gods, and he even managed to conquer Devaloka, although In...

@KeshavSrinivasan Oh ok!... Interesting question...
4:17 PM
@Tezz I forwarded it to you.
I have another answer ready but waiting for tomorrow to write it.
@SS - Which Q. ?
@SwiftPushkar Hush... A secret. It is an easy one. 😜
@SS - HAHA OK , Lets see what it is tomorrow or day after ..May be will take full day off tomorrow :)
@SwiftPushkar Why? Weekend celebration?
@SwiftPushkar Hint: It is one of Ankit Sharma's questions.
4:28 PM
@SS - Not a kind of celebration but a trek outside ...
@SS This one?
Q: What is Lord Hanuman's weapon of choice from scriptures?

Ankit SharmaLord Hanuman always depicted with carryinging a mace: But during few conversation with our in-house user Sree Charan, he said There is no explicit reference that Hanuman used Gada/mace. In Sundara Kanda(a chapter in Ramayana an epic of India), he used a iron club which he finds in Lanka i...

@SS - hmm , if available I will give one answer of your question .. guess which ?
@KeshavSrinivasan - haha you guessed right ... i think :)
@KeshavSrinivasan @SwiftPushkar Yes.
I thought of writing this one after Gandharva question but another question was asked.So answered that one.
@Pandya - That's very useful link u have given , Thanks a lot :) excellent find indeed
@SS - i think @KeshavSrinivasan is mind reader :)
@SwiftPushkar Haha
4:35 PM
@SwiftPushkar Yes he is.
@SS By the way, I think your Gandharva answer may not be correct. Usually these sorts of Buddhist beliefs derive from Hinduism, so I expect that somewhere in Hindu scripture there are references to Gandharvas' involvement in the childbirth or conception process.
@SS And I'm quite sure it doesn't refer to Kandarpa. Gandhabba is the Pali equivalent of Gandharva.
@KeshavSrinivasan The second paragraph I added is just a guess.
@SS In any case, I'm going to do more research to find whether Gandharvas' involvement in conception and childbirth has a basis in Hindu scripture.
@KeshavSrinivasan Oh ok.. Thank you!...
@KeshavSrinivasan - May be they are acting as a agent of Kaam-deva. Letting the process start on the behalf of him :)
4:44 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan I found a statement which says Viswavasu a gandharva has power to rule women. But I don't know which scripture has that statement.
@Tezz - what is 8 form shiva ? like asthta shiva .. I remember reading it somewhere :)
But it said nothing about involvement in embryo. So I said a no to involvement in embryo conception.
@SwiftPushkar they are Ashtamurti... Sun, Moon, Waters, Fire, Air, Plants, Sky and Indra... (Kaushtiki Brahamna 6th chapter)...
@KeshavSrinivasan I will also try to find some sources about that answer
@Tezz - OK , I will see that .. Any mentioning of this form in puranas? like shiva purana etc ?
4:50 PM
A: What's the relation between Lord Shiva and Lord Shani Dev?

TezzShani Deva is the son of Lord Shiva through his AshtaMurty forms. AshtaMurti forms are the 8 major forms of Lord Shiva which are described in this chapter of Yajurveda Shatapatha Brahmana. The eight forms described there are: Form of Fire, Form of Water, Form of Air, Form of Indra, Form of Pl...

@SwiftPushkar. Vishnu purana
@SwiftPushkar check my answer above... it contains quotations from Puranas...
@Tezz I was just typing that question. You were fast.
@SS haha...
@SwiftPushkar I think there isn't specific question in site which emphasizes in Ashtamurti tatwam... so I may post question-answer post on this matter in the future...
@Tezz @SS ok thanks guys , I was planning to ask this question about shiva , but its already mentioned here .. I will try to search some other ...:)
@Tezz - coincidence again :)
4:54 PM
@SwiftPushkar coincidence about which thing...?
@Tezz - You - so I may post question-answer post on this matter in the future... & Me - I was planning to ask this question about shiva , :)
Can anyone make a feature-Request on SE sites? OR only mods ?
@SwiftPushkar haha... you may post as well...
@SwiftPushkar Feature request on what?
anyone can make it
Community moderators are also normal users on meta. SE only community managers have diamond on meta.SE. @SwiftPushkar
@Tezz - ok :)
@SS - WOW , you know everything .. OK .. I will ask .. Wait .. I don't know this request is already made by somebody or not but lets see.. I have not asked on meta since long also :)
कल्किर्विष्णुयशा नाम् शम्भले ग्रामके दविज : |
सर्वलोकहितार्थाय भुयच्श्रयोत्पत्स्यते प्रभु || 164||
@SwiftPushkar where is name 'Buddha' in the above verse... ?..
kalkiH viShNU-yashA nAma shaMbhalaM grAmake dvijaH |
sarva-loka-hitArthAya bhUyaH cha utpatsyate prabhuH ||1-4-164
dashamo bhAvya-saMpanno yAj~navalkya puraHsaraH |
After the tenth incarnation –ekAdasho, dashame atIte – viShNu is going to appear as kalki in the house of a brAhmaNa by name vishnu-yasha in a remote village called shambhala for the well-being of mankind... before that, he sends sage yAj~navalka and other sages to engage themselves in the refutation of kshaNika-vAda- bhAvya-saMpannA-s, or as a matter of fact, any other kinds of materialism – pAShaNDa, vitaNDa- vAdA-s – because
5:12 PM
@Tezz - haha .. will try to figure it out .. may be have to read adjacent verses
@Tezz I think we have to look before verses too.
162 or 163
@SS they contain no information about Buddha... you can see from above link...
@Tezz - yes , but the hindi translation is adding the line in bracket and the user also requested the same verse so may be its not given in your link , but the other one if stating that .. may be because the verse is talking abt. future avataras so..
Hit the rep cap \o/
@SwiftPushkar Oh ok... are you using Gita press version?..
5:17 PM
@Tezz - yes , you can see a screenshot below my answer
@KeshavSrinivasan @Tezz @TheDestroyer How many times did you hit the rep cap?
pAShaNDa, vitaNDa- vAdA-s – because they always harp on atheistic theories
Parasara said – In this manner , exclaiming to them , “Know” (Budhyadvam) and they replying “It is known”( Budhyati) , these Daityas were induced by the arch deceiver to deviate from their religious deities (and become Buddhas), **by his repeated arguments **and variously urged persuasion’s. When they abandoned their own faith , they persuaded others to do the same and the heresy spread and any deserted the practices enjoined by the Vedas and the Laws.
@Tezz - yes I used hindi version because OP wants original sanskrit verses too :)
@SS I do not know... I only cared 1st time where I earned the award haha...
@SwiftPushkar that thing written in bracket has no relation with Harivamsha verses... translation is just keeping with authority Buddha being avatar from other Puranas...
@Tezz - yeah seems to be such .. but what can we do .. OP wants that verse .. so even if its not talking about buddha its his request and his concern .. not ours .. :) but again will check for another mentioning in same chapter :)
5:36 PM
@SwiftPushkar What did you remove
Any cricket fan in the room?
@SS - i got what is that you were saying .. you have gained max 200 rep allowed for a day .. i was busy in writing comments so ..asked
@SwiftPushkar Yes. It is called as rep cap too. Only thirty five more reputation allowed for today.
@SS - hmm - I wasn't aware that its called rep cap .. so got confused :)
I too don't know why it is called cap. rep is for reputation.
capacity may be
5:43 PM
You are a genius
@SS - haha , are u joking :) me & genius .......NO way
@SS I'm not sure, I think the badge is only awarded the first time: hinduism.stackexchange.com/help/badges/41/mortarboard
@KeshavSrinivasan Yes. But the number of days can be seen in epic badge.
@SwiftPushkar I am not joking.
@SS A cap means an upper limit on something. It originates from the practice of covering a pipe with a cap.
@SS Oh ok, it shows 6 for me.
@KeshavSrinivasan Oh! thanks. I thought cap is also short for something. You will be the first one to earn the epic badge.
5:55 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan - haha
@SS Haha, at this rate I may get the epic badge as a gift for my 50th birthday.
@KeshavSrinivasan Haha.
@SS Although as the site grows there would be more users voting, so I may hit the reputation caps more often in future.
@KeshavSrinivasan - you reached to 1.4m people uptill now , that's grt.
@SwiftPushkar Yeah, it's really amazing that that many people have read my stuff.
5:59 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan Yes. Voting contribution has increased now a days. Questions per day has also increased. So I am positive that you will earn that badge soon.
@KeshavSrinivasan - hmm , you are answering since first day , so a lot of people know you from start :)
@SwiftPushkar And yet even though so many people are reading my posts, I still have a hard time convincing friends and family to join the site.
I have never imagined 10 questions per day on our site. So, hoping for good results is not bring greedy.
@SwiftPushkar Like one of my friends said "Why would I post questions on the site if I can just call you whenever I have a question about Hinduism?"
@SS - 9.7 9.8 its a good sign , but still we can also ask for graduation on the basis of number of visitors and other excellent points , and can argue that because its a religious site , we should allow to graduate sooner and want some exemption :) @KeshavSrinivasan
6:03 PM
There are more than 100 posts of @KeshavSrinivasan that I have not read.
@KeshavSrinivasan is an encyclopedia.
@KeshavSrinivasan - haha , but we can't .. it will be less costly for us to call you than to ping you :)
@KeshavSrinivasan. Really? That's fumny
@SS - i read all his posts , for first 4-5 months , and I like the way he answers also ( especially stories)
sorry to ping u than to call u :) @KeshavSrinivasan ... I think my brain is signaling me to go to swapna state :)
@SwiftPushkar Oh! That's great. I like his signature lines. "The term Shaivates is overused these days", "The SriVaishnava sect( Of which I am a member)", As I discuss in this answer, etc.,
@SS OK, then start reading them :-)
6:12 PM
@SS - haha , yes :)
@SwiftPushkar Haha
@SS Yeah, I like to provide lots of background information so that readers who are less familiar with the subject will still be able to understand the question.
On the day I joined! I thought @KeshavSrinivasan has such huge reputation because he was awarded an initial rep of 10,000 or something for starting this proposal. :D.
Jul 16 '16 at 17:31, by SwiftPushkar
Hi may I join the discussion :)
My first chat tmessage @Tezz & @TheDestroyer were talking and i was checking the site when i saw chat option and decided to join :)
joined on may 12 last year
My first chat message was with user surya about Nitya shrimp garuda and Vainateya Garuda.
@SS - ohh , but I wonder why surya didn't gives any answer , not seen his answer , i think since my joining or from long
6:21 PM
I am chat user since May 04 2016
That day is celebrated as star wars day.
Apologies..... That was Nitya suri Garuda
@SS - you will be surprised , i haven'e seen single star-wars movie yet :)
@SwiftPushkar Don't know about it.
@SwiftPushkar Haha...Why will I surprise? We are sailing on the same boat.
@SS - No you are a grt. fan of movies and are active on Movies & SE also .. so i thought that and after all its assumed that almost all the people have seen star-wars movie , at least single one , on that site , which i am also a member
@SwiftPushkar Wow cool! When did you join? Start posting then.
@SS - i am its member before u , i think , we use chat a little - Member for 8 months see my profile and questions
@SS - but u certainly earned much more rep. than me in less time :)
6:36 PM
@SwiftPushkar Oh! I don't know you posted questions on movies also. User walt was active when you posted questions.
@SS - yeah but , I do not use the site much , mostly after 3-4 months :)
ki hacen't seen many popular english movies like Starwars, Avengers, transformers etc.,
Which movies have you seen lately?
@SS - not a single in past 1 year , BTW i am grt fan os animated movies though and know most of them
What? You are giving tough competition to KrishnShwetha. You should get inspired from Ankit sharma. :P
childrens classic , fairy tales , and mythological movies
6:42 PM
I too am a fan of animated films and children movies.
@SS - haha , i am inspired by puranas , vedas , upanishadas MB & ramayana since last year :) & hinduism SE
My favorite movies are Zootopia, Up and wall e
@SS - know up & wall e (little robot )
yes. Russell from Up was my Profile pic some days ago
BTW BYE GOOD NIGHT ALL , TC , Sleep well ....
6:49 PM
Good night.....
7:41 PM
@SS Those are your favorite movies or your favorite animated movies?

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