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6:00 PM
@Gordon why not?
wait did I mess that up...
nvm I meant to say b !-> a
@Gordon, I am sure - the bug will be with my letter -> digits or some stupid thing like that
where are you using digits?
Would HAF DCI EBG be a valid answer for reassembly? I see no problems, but I could be missing something...
instead of typing 'A' I type 0
6:04 PM
@henkie: welcome! :D
let me check
looks good to me!
ooh, it's making a white border
nice job @Henkie
(I'm only half-assing this one, I'm doing Actual Work elsewhere so don't trust anything I say)
but how did you find it @Henkie
6:06 PM
post assembled to CW @Deusovi
should i just post the XORed image?
We need to get 3 5 chr sequeces out of it right?
got all three
or is it obvious?
6:08 PM
it's obvious
hold on, gotta invert
ok just post the obviousness :)
How do you all interpret these images?
you have to try to think like f'' :p
db doesn't think.
Starting with E in the corners, I quickly found that E in bottom right was impossble. Trying the others, and with the A and I constraints, C/B/D/G next to E, there are not many possiblities.
6:09 PM
@Henkie getting put on the Wall Of Fame already (look right for the stars)
we will soon be treated with a Henkie puzzle no doubt :D
And i probably won't be able to solve it :P
oops left COLLISIONS at the top of the post. I'll wait (I hate conflicts)
gray letters are gonna be Backtracking
This puzzle has a ridiculous amount of depth to it, damn
got Backtracking
all of these are previous puzzles!
6:16 PM
and the numbers are the letters in the solutions
was about to say - what's that Goal In Sight?
@f'': i love how you featured all these previous high-quality puzzles
i've added the puzzles i recognize to the spreadsheet
anyone recognize any others?
A&D only is "you are in a coma"
Is the 2nd one...
Q: Game of Life: Move the Sun

kamenfBased on Game of Life: Kill the Sun Conditions are the same: Below is an initial state for Conway's Game of Life with a single pulsar. Living cells are white. The area marked with red is your base. You are free to modify any of the red cells, but only those, and only in the initial generatio...

no, that's not it
6:24 PM
hmm thought colours may be off
but yes penultimate one is
Q: This is important. I need you to listen…

AlconjaLook, you don't know me. We've never met. But, like I said, I need you to listen... I had the most disturbing dream the other night... Woke up in a cold sweat and couldn't get back to sleep. It wasn't a nightmare as such, just ... eerie, I guess? I don't even remember the details, but it left me...

yeah, got that
look at the spreadsheet
i've compiled the ones i know
oh :)
anyone from hyper-modern art?
I tried to include as many different puzzle creators as I could, so BmyGuest and Alconja are the only ones represented twice
hypermodern art is the butterflies
6:39 PM
any ideas for Mind Games?
not yet
damn, I made a mistake on block cipher
the block on the right should be nether brick
oh alright!
that makes sense
i was just wondering about that
I have no idea how are you solving it but I'm loving it.
A what not a what??
oh some gaming slang?
6:47 PM
Block Cipher is from Minecraft
< is clueless
(that popular lego-like survival game)
This whole puzzle is completely mystifying to me
never seen it
seen it in app store
huh, really? it was HUGE not too long ago
6:48 PM
I'm 36
It's incredibly popular with 12 yr olds it seems
dont hang with 12 year olds :)
If you take the numbers of the bricks in Block Cipher and convert them to letters you get "KEYISIDS"
I played it back in alpha and thought it was kinda fun (not a 12 yr old)
my nephew is 5
6:49 PM
yeah, disappointingly - it's a really good game but the 12-year-olds give it a bad reputation
so that just tells us what we already knew, Leppy
I just got bored of it fairly fast, since I wasn't big into building and enjoyed spelunking more
interesting that mind games has 10 circles, 10 pastebin-esque strings but only one door
yellow is red + green
yeah only 3 greens though
dunno how to match up the strings with the circles though
6:50 PM
they already line up in a way :p
yeah but the letters don't
and there are 10 :)
Multiple Parts looks like cryptic clues, but I can't make heads or tails of them
long words
they're not cryptic clues - I can't write those at all
6:52 PM
aw :c
also I didn't separate the words for those letter counts
@f'': are the keys going to be words? or can you not answer that?
the keys will look like random strings of letters
oh, great
you will be able to verify them when you reach the final room
6:54 PM
alright, at least we'll have some way to confirm
It has been a pretty slow day in terms of new puzzles it seems
f'' just gave us at least a dozen
well yeah, besides his million part one
well len("youretheexecutionernow") = 22
6:57 PM
@question_asker hint added. :)
sneaky sneaky manshu....
nah, that wasn't intentional
@GordonAllocman :D
6:58 PM
not wonrenoitucexeehteruoy?
cant make out 2 of them though'
I never thought that I'd have to add a hint.
aha! figured out Manshu's trick
So far I have Spanish, albanian, welsh, but cant make out the other 2
frisian, esperanto
7:00 PM
are those languages?
esperanto is a constructed language
FYI @Deusovi I don't understand the Block Cipher entry at all
very well then :D
did you know that "air" means water in Malay?
7:03 PM
along the bottom of the pic?
no, the ones behind the signs
yeah dont breathe the air in Kuala Lumpur
oh well I got no idea
on what?
Desmond and the writing on the fence is what?
haven't gotten that yet
that's the other exit presumably
7:05 PM
oh OK
I am gonna add the 'title of the room' besides those links in that answer.
Those links are really confusing without the titles
go for it manshu!
if you do the same block ID → ASCII thing on the bottom blocks you get "Red5T0nE"
I posted the filled in crossword (sorry for rushed mspaint job)
("redstone" is a fictional material in Minecraft used to make circuitry)
So reversal is either 'ruoeeie' or 'nrntcox' depending on whether f'''s string 'wonrenoitucexeehteruoy' is 1 or 0 based respectively
7:08 PM
f'' said that that wasn't it
with DES encryption you get i.stack.imgur.com/nCXwy.png
DES encryption?
oh yeah I was thinking of doing that @manshu
what, with key Red5T0nE? nice
also "fifteen" is definitely gonna use the bottom right things
lJ9FwMMulXk= is in base-64, and can be decrypted with DES using Red5T0nE
7:11 PM
yep right shape :)
anyone mind helping me copy down the shapes?
on it... you keep plugging away
i'm doing it on the spreadsheet again
oh ok
that way multiple people can do it at the same time
7:14 PM
god dammit manshu
@question_asker what happened? :D
@manshu you posted your hint while I was busy :P
@question_asker I gave you the hint when you were free. :p
in this room
take the first letters of each word and you get "FATED"
7:16 PM
@f'' TA-DA
how are you fitting them?
hm? the shapes?
based on room locations
@GordonAllocman f'' got the answer.
7:17 PM
oh not the Fifteen arrows :)
fitting what then?
@manshu Is that the whole answer?
dont worry :p
OK I'm lost - I assumed the languages just shared an initial with the elements
@q_a: hidden in the image are language names
7:18 PM
but the answer says something about "zooming in"
@GordonAllocman Yup.
we need to get Mind Games before we can keep going
I dunno which room is where... I was ignoring that due to all the colours :)
@GordonAllocman Can you change the image so the the crossword and languages both show up
I don't see anything when zooming in
(on the original image)
7:19 PM
i used a paint bucket tool, not zooming in
it's not size that hides them
I can when I get home probably, harder to do with mspaint, or if someone wants to do it for me I can accept the edit
they're hidden in the black
in a grayish but not black color
I added an explanation though, not sure how to get the final answer if there is one though
7:20 PM
@Gordon: First letters spell FATED
yeah I see artifacting but no letters
@question_asker use the bucket in the black space
Someone also pointed out the intersections spell oreo
Well I mean it's a little late for that now
just oeo
7:21 PM
mmmm Oreo
there are four intersections
i knew it before posting.
oh nevermind
7:22 PM
it's the fated oreo
still not seeing how I was supposed to know to paint-bucket the crossword
mind if I steal that image @Deusovi ?
go for it
In mind games many of the "five bullet gun chambers" (for lack of a better term) are at different rotations to each other.
yeah, i noticed that too
7:24 PM
they are all, but the rotations aren't important
@GordonAllocman One last thing remaining. Add the word in the answer
I oriented them randomly because it looked better than having them all the same
OK yeah I'm not the only person not seeing anything zoomed in
(ideally, all five small circles would be evenly spaced around the big circle, but it's hard to do that in Paint)
Sorry, that was just how I saw it
7:26 PM
paint is a b...
len('toomuchspaghettiturns') = 21
but dunno if that can be used
that's also not intentional :/
thought as much
@manshu alright I didn't know which so I added both
I'm guessing it's FATED, since that's our in-joke here
@GordonAllocman Allow me to edit the answer to give it a good look. :p
7:28 PM
@manshu go for it
Noun: oreo m ‎(plural oreos)
  1. breeze
  2. fresh air
Verb: oreo
  1. First-person singular (yo) present indicative form of orear....
@question_asker I, seriouly, never thought about that joke while making this puzzle
@f'' but reversal is using 'wonrenoitucexeehteruoy', yes: 'ruoeeie' or perhaps 'nrntcox'
@JonathanAllan no
i think i've figured out Fifteen Puzzles
7:28 PM
@Jon: f'' already said that that wasn't it
oh thought he was replying to something else ^^
ooh, what i have for Fifteen looks promising
I'm not too bothered about the image @manshu - the puzzle works without what's hidden in the image
@question_asker But it would have been too broad without those hidden things.
7:33 PM
not really
It would definitely have taken a while longer to solve
not too broad
a bit unfair IMO
but not broad
I now realize I probably looked ridiculous staring at my screen from an inch away trying to make out the languages
tbh the intended method of solving is unfair
but I mean, assuming a reasonable subset of all human languages (that is, a set that involves languages with words that could be machine translated), there are only so many that begin with the same letters as those words and whose translated-words actually fit into the puzzle
got 15!
7:37 PM
I think it was reasonable due to the visual tag that we largely glossed over at first
or at least I glossed over
I saw the visual tag
@f'', i love your puzzles so much
user image
but in no way was it ever hinted that "visual" means "you have to inspect this with some other tool in a way that doesn't make sense in the context of the puzzle"
@Deusovi oh my fucking god
7:38 PM
i'm screaming
plot twist: You have solved only 1% of f'''s puzzle
a plastic bag :p
we won :)
It was only fate that a plastic bag would end up in a very good puzzle sooner or later
but we least expected it
Oh, wow...My first fate puzzle
7:42 PM
that is the final room, but it's not solved yet (although the actual answer is probably a letdown compared to that)
yes, i'm aware that it's not solved
still need to use the keys
i just thought it was funny :P
hmmm...my puzzle is more plastic bag.
no it's a good puzzle
Still Yay
I'm just jealous that I wasn't around for more of it
7:47 PM
@question_asker I guess that's a good thing. You are upto something.
meanwhile I was just sitting here looking at this chat. Found out nothing.
making sure I keep getting a paycheck, mostly
q_a, what's more important though: basic survival? or puzzles?
now that you put it that way...
i guessed that before it loaded
7:49 PM
but seriously y'all my heart sinks when I see that you guys have started working on a puzzle I am working on
What's your choice @Deusovi
hey, i have my priorities in order
puzzles obviously :P
jesus h god @manshu
May 13 at 15:13, by Khale_Kitha
manshu has no brain - just a database.
7:51 PM
That was under his folder "Things Deusovi has said"
wish I had a database, or a brain...
I just have a stack of floppy disks
@GordonAllocman No it was in the "goosebumps" folder.
7:52 PM
yeah and no disk drive :(
@manshu but from there are you going to go to page 53 or back to page 24?!?!
I thought goosebumps were regular linear stories and not cyoa
@GordonAllocman Sorry, I don't have info about it. I deleted the db browsing history. :(
i kinda want to make a big puzzle hunt with f'', Alconja, and BmyGuest
@question_asker maybe I only have the weird ones
7:54 PM
if they're all up for it, that would be really fun
Don't truncate the database!
I already used all my ideas on this one :P
@JonathanAllan I need some space. (and sleep too)
@Deusovi but if you guys all make the puzzles, who will solve them? (besides Jonathan)
"I'm not at all sure what the [trivia] tag means in this context. Does it mean a person with detailed knowledgeable in the New Testament should have access to the solution? If so, the puzzle seems kinda boring." I don't understand this
7:55 PM
That puzzle was awful
@GordonAllocman lolololol
yeah, but we all kinda expected it to be
the jesus one?
because yeah
not great
but I don't understand that comment.
7:56 PM
Actually I wouldn't even consider it a puzzle
yeah, not really
because clearly we value trivia in the form of "knows all the different mathematical formulae"
that's basically puzzling.se's most prized quality in a participant
@q_a: not really? I can't think of any questions that are just "apply mathematical formula here" that have been highly upvoted
except maybe one or two of Gamow's, but that's a different issue
7:57 PM
most of them at least require SOME thought
i agree that we have way too many math problems that aren't puzzles
I think he was trying to say that having specific knowledge needs to be used cleverly in the puzzle. He may simply have been referring to the exact puzzle, not the general idea of having knowledge
yo guys
7:58 PM
I'm looking for dots and boxes game for three players but can't find it
is there a fundamental problem with 3 players that makes it unplayable and so it's not there?
what is "dots and boxes" game?
or is it just coz nobody wanted to play with 3 players
@Hakase Play it on the paper
but that's for 2
huh guess we could lol
@manshu I'm just asking because maybe there is something with the game logic that breaks the game if you try it
not really
7:59 PM
we haven't yet, I'm looking for an online version

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