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12:30 AM
We had several questions asking about some area which is (or seems to be) underrepresented on this site:
Q: Discrimination against PDE questions?

grayQuantJust going through the questions tagged partial-differential-equations, I saw that many of them are unanswered and have zero upvotes. Is there a good reason why these types of questions are kind of ignored by the community? Examples: Poincaré constant for a ball (circle) Linearization of PDE:...

Q: Is Math.SE lacking in the area of Stochastic Processes?

An old man in the sea.At the moment I'm reading some texts on Markov Chains, to learn the subject, and I'm getting the feeling that Math.SE community is not interested/very knowledgeable in this area, when compared to other more theoretical areas. Why is that? Is there a way to solve this? I do not intend to disrespe...

This was also discussed previously, although I guess mostly in comments, like here:
About group theory, one thing we need more of at MSE is infinite group theorists (particularly geometric group theorists). We have active experts here in finite and computational group theory, but past elementary levels there is almost no overlap with infinite group theory, so a lot of good questions go untouched. If I wasn't a belligerent finitist, I'd learn some, and cash in the reps. — Alexander Gruber ♦ Jun 19 '14 at 20:49
It has been my observation that MSE has relatively many experts on number theory and algebra, and relatively few on PDEs and differential geometry. I'm not sure if this is representative of the demographics within mathematics as a whole, or something particular to this site. — user7530 Jun 19 '14 at 22:02
Should we create a separate tag for questions discussed topics like this? (I.e., specific areas of mathematics and the question whether there are sufficiently many experts, enough activity on MSE, whether this particular area is underrepresented on this site.) However, I cannot think of a good name for such tag. (And I am not entirely sure it is needed.)
Could it be useful to post on meta a more question asking which areas of mathematics are underrepresented here? (I am somewhat tempted to do so. Although at the moment I do not have much time for MSE-related activities.)
Similar questions were asked on meta.MO:
Q: What areas/aspects of mathematics are underrepresented on MO?

Gil KalaiThe question: What areas/aspects of mathematics are underrepresented on MO?

Q: arXiv vs MathOverflow - popularity of disciplines

Piotr MigdalInspired by the comparison of programming languages by GitHub and Stack Overflow activity (e.g. this one for 2015) I decided to look at the popularity of mathematical disciplines by using data from both arXiv and MathOverflow (see also my motivation for getting a dump of arXiv metadata). Here it ...

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2:03 AM
I suggested modern-analysis as a synonym of analysis, but after some discussion (now deleted) found that this was controversial because analysis is largely deprecated. I encourage others to downvote the synonym suggestion unless there emerges a clearer consensus for it. — Eric Wofsey Dec 3 at 16:29
"Suggestions will be automatically approved when they reach a score of 4, and automatically deleted when they reach a score of -2."
So it only needs one more downvote.

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