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2:00 AM
such a backlog on steam too. I keep meaning to play some more binding of isaac and dungeons of dredmor. someday.
@AshleyNunn "We forgive you, you're Canadian." :P
@Johann Says the person playing DF adventure mode
@AshleyNunn Fair enough. I learned today that @OrigamiRob and @FAE say "Cicada" incorrectly. So... Everyone says stuff differently, I suppose.
@Fluttershy ಠ_ಠ
@YiJiang'sEvilClone ?
is it the stop making sense hour
2:00 AM
@Johann It's always stop making sense hour
star for you
@Johann Dwarf Fortress is generally considered to be one of the most complicated games. Adventure Mode with the lack of dev love it received is no exception there.
@FEichinger what?! its pretty easy to learn
@Fluttershy how do they say it?
2:03 AM
@Johann If you call DF easy to learn, what do you consider complicated?
@FEichinger Yeah, that is likely the cause
@FEichinger I tried it once. It didn't go well.
@AshleyNunn si-CAH-duh, or somthing like that. Instead of si-CAY-duh.
@FEichinger starcraft
Q: Is Lily Rank useful for anything other than enabling skills?

Ben BrockaLily Ranks had a direct effect on the story and Events in Neptunia Mk2; however in V lily Ranks are explicitly used to enable Coupling Skills and other special effects, and they're also much harder to rank up (once per combination of characters instead of once per character, or N2 instead of N). ...

Q: How do I drop my fury weapon?

NiteCyperI've seen weapons with weird names like "furyfists" and "furyknife". I think that they're the unique weapons each character class wields when they activate their fury. How do you get them outside of fury? In Dead Island, there are four character classes, much like Borderlands. And much like Bord...

Q: Why did my character data get corrupted?

NiteCyperOne time that I log into Dead Island, hit PLAY at the title menu to look at my character data, and look at characters data, one of my character data is corrupted. Instead of the facial icon for the character, it's like an anonymous, gray silhouette, and instead of the time-stamp info of the last ...

Q: Can I control the 'reinforcements needed' list? How else can I get reinforcements where I need them?

aditya menonI was leading Charlie squad. We just took Dahaka Amp station.The rest of the platoon was defending Mao Tech Plant, or otherwise fighting enemy factions around that area. 2 enemy platoons arrived at Dahaka, in a couple of galaxies and a few sunderers, plus tanks and MAXes. We had no time to repai...

@Fluttershy So strange
2:04 AM
AHHHH @Lazers attack
@spugsley The best attack.
@Fluttershy if someone's question is about a glitch it never gets answered
who is mana
@Johann I can't even find a myfacewhen for my face when.
Hm. I need something to listen to that is relatively mellow but still has some interesting melodicness to it. Help? (I am working on the stupid poster art assignment I have for Vis Rhet and it is sapping my will to live
@AshleyNunn ratatat
@YiJiang'sEvilClone oooh, yes. that works well
@Johann Hey dude.
@Mana hello
Also, I hate Adobe Fireworks.
2:09 AM
adobe fireworks is a bad name for a band
@spugsley :)
@kalina Stop reading TVTropes.
@Fluttershy shes on escape pod im guessing
@AshleyNunn You're using Fireworks for a poster?
Shouldn't it be Photoshop or Illustrator?
MS paint is much better @AshleyNunn
2:10 AM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I have to - the whole term revolved around using this STUPID PROGRAM
And I hate it
it is too complicated in all the wrong ways
Awww. Fireworks isn't too bad.
I am just not a computer artist. At all.
Huh, is it patch Tuesday again?
I am a bloody English student.
@AshleyNunn I feel your pain
2:11 AM
@Johann what?
@AshleyNunn Give me a ping if you need help
@spugsley I just don't like that they don't warn you
@AshleyNunn Oh come on, we're in an age where people using Instagram are being called "amateur photographers". You can be an artist, too!
2:12 AM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Will do :)
Fireworks is usually used for website mockups
bored out of my mind
and is mana still on
Though most designers use Photoshop for that
figuratively speaking
@FEichinger Yeah, no. Not this girl.
2:12 AM
@Johann I'm here. What's up?
can you check out the new flash games chat room
it needs peeps
Unless the prof wants like Homestuck style art (at least the first bits, which are all I have read)
We're also up for critiques if you need that
@AshleyNunn You got an assignment to read Homestruck?
@Johann Sweetie, you can't force people to use a chat. It will either happen naturally or not at all
@Johann please stop with the flash game chat stuff.
2:13 AM
Oh no, I misread that line
i was told to advertise
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Well, yeah
but unrelated to this
@YiJiang'sEvilClone ew
AAAAnd awkward
We had to look at different webcomics at one point, talking about the rhetoric of webcomcs
it was the only good part of a very dry class
@AshleyNunn that's pretty awesome
2:15 AM
@AshleyNunn oh. even more awkward I was thinking of something else
@murgatroid99 It was weird analyzing them with like aristotle and plato's theories on rhetoric
but it was also awesome
@AshleyNunn Huh, which ones did you look up?
@AshleyNunn Oh, I can see how that would be weird
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I used Homestuck, GWS, xkcd, and unshelved
they had a good range of different stuff going on
I wish I had kept that paper
@murgatroid99 It was bizzare, talking all smart about Homestuck and stuff like tthat
but it was kinda neat
2:17 AM
I felt super smart
@AshleyNunn It is a complex story
homestuck makes no sense
its like a silent film
@murgatroid99 Oh, precisely, which made some people in my class really fascinating to listen to - they had read a lot more of it, and could talk at length
all I know is something trolls, lava, and buckets
I did pull some good out of GWS, which was my crowning achievement, and I managed to avoid too many sexual references! (Except her grammar comic, because come on it is perfect)
2:19 AM
what is GWS
and what about theoatmeal
and questionablecontent
@Johann www.girlswithslingshots.com
@Johann So is DCSS
I love the oatmeal
@AshleyNunn I read that :P
2:20 AM
@Johann too easy, when it comes to rhetoric! That practically writes itself
Do you also read All New Issues?
@spugsley look at the source code
@SaintWacko No, please enlighten me :D
@Johann Good, but not for rhetoric purposes, it overlapped too much with what I was saying about GWS
both generally being lifestyle type comics
@AshleyNunn It's written by someone related to Danielle
Takes place in the same universe
Also, I love the grammar one :D
@SaintWacko wait, wait, wait, what
link meeeeeeeee
@SaintWacko Seriously my favourite
@Fluttershy Hold on, what?
@Fluttershy Erika Moen? Yay!
@AshleyNunn I gotta remember that.
2:22 AM
what about buttersafe
and chainsawsuit
and harkavagrant
I....I.....I love you all.
2:23 AM
@spugsley I nkow, right?
@spugsley Me too! But I don't have $75 to back it with. =(
Wibbly wobbly sexy wexy is my new motto
I wish so hard I had the money to back it
i lveo u gus to
at any level
2:23 AM
@Mana wonk
@Fluttershy I kinda want to throw money at my screen, just because it deserves money.
@Mana mena pls
@Ullallulloo reddit?
@Johann Yes
2:24 AM
The number of times I have used GirlF*ck to explain lesbian sex....oh, I can't even count anymore.
brawlinthefamily is good
@Johann Using spaces between the words in titles is a good idea
.....also, I silenced chat with that
I feel awkward
@AshleyNunn You don't need to. She's a sane voice. Those are rare.
@FEichinger not gonna lie, I am going to put it right out there, and admit I am stupidly excited for her sex toy review comic because she is such a sane voice
2:27 AM
I'm surprised by the number of people who were excited by that Kickstarter. I'm starting to like this site more, I think. =P
@AshleyNunn Truth.
@Fluttershy Yeah, in a way I am, and otherways, not surprised, we are a very....colourful group :D
Which is why I love hanging out here
I think it might be time to play some Diablo
looks sideways at teh Critical Media lab page for her school Do I even wanna know what sort of course Necromedia is?
2:31 AM
@AshleyNunn O-o
@spugsley That is so the face I made
@spugsley 2?
@AshleyNunn Someone misspelled Macromedia?
@Fluttershy you know the answer to that
@spugsley You should get an Xbox, Xbox Live, and terraria.
2:32 AM
@Fluttershy have one, have one, and no
internet died for 3 minutes
oh, actually, I have that too
but I'm not gonna play it
@spugsley You do? D= You should add me on Live!
Oh, apparently it is this "Building first of all on the theories of psychologist and philosopher Ernest Becker, this course will introduce students to a new field of study that I have called “necromedia theory," which aims to provide a universal, psychosocial analysis of contemporary technoculture. Besides Ernest Becker, the "necromedia theorists" studied in this course include Bernard Stiegler, John Durham Peters, Cary Wolfe, Giorgia Agamben, Katherine Hayles, and Martin Heidegger, among others
2:33 AM
@Fluttershy I'm never on it
@spugsley Butts.
I only used Xbox for Fable
Not that I have any idea what that means
@AshleyNunn Huh
@AshleyNunn psychology is so interesting
or sociology
2:34 AM
The buzzword density is through the roof, but it does sound rather interesting
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Yeah. It sounds neat, with the game stuff, but waaaay over my level (makes sense, its a grad course)
@spugsley And Oblivion.
@spugsley A decent choice.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Welcome to anything Critical Media at UWaterloo - we love our buzzwords, and this particular prof moreso than most
@Ullallulloo Truth!
2:34 AM
@OrigamiRobot oh yes, I did play that on console
@OrigamiRobot But then no mods. D:
why oblivion
isnt it kind of old
Oh my god I know how to do nothing in this stupid program
@Johann it's also kind of amazing
@OrigamiRobot Ew...
2:36 AM
@Fluttershy ew you
@Johann What's that supposed to mean?
am am successfully confused
guysssssssss I am so cranky from my sunburnnnn
@spugsley Vinegar bath!
@Fluttershy not a chance
I don't want vinegar in my lady bits
k thanks
2:37 AM
@spugsley You don't fill the entire bath with vinegar. Just a couple cap-fulls.
@Fluttershy lol that sounds much preferable to bathing in an entire bath full of vinegar
@spugsley or oatmeal.
I do like oatmeal
@spugsley In your lady bits?
2:38 AM
@AshleyNunn Isn't that more for chicken pox, though?
@FEichinger haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I deserved that. Good one
@Fluttershy It works for any irritated skin
@spugsley asking for it
2:39 AM
@spugsley Yeh, I'm kinda sorry, but then I'm also not. :P
Oatmeal... bath? For irritated skin and chicken pox?
@FEichinger I wouldn't want you to be. I would have done the same to you bahahaha
sorry just testing something
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Helps with the itch and uncomfort
2:39 AM
@spugsley Oh, that's comforting.
Although vinegar is a lot less messy


Where you can play with chat features (except flagging) and ch...
so many jokes here
@FEichinger that's a thing!?
@spugsley Yes?
2:40 AM
@AshleyNunn but a lot more stinky
Q: How does the zombies campaign work in Black ops 2?

GmoneyrocksSo I'm just getting into the zombies in Black Ops2 and wondering if there is a campaign mode? Is there a set of levels within Tranzit and Die Rise? Is there an end game or ending to the levels? Boss fights? What levels do I play to get the storyline?

Q: What's the best food?

NiteCyperThe Sims 2 has an involved cuisine system wherein ingredients (up to a max of 4) can be combined and cooked in different ways. Ingredients differ in how well they affect the Hunger motive, Bladder, Energy, and Fun. Some combinations even have special (albethem temporary) effects such as aphrodisi...

no its fake
@Lazers Bacon
@spugsley Truth
2:40 AM
@Lazers sigh
@YiJiang'sEvilClone back?
I would kill
if someone could make a loop from this video
2:41 AM
From 0:00 - 0:30
@Retrosaur You killing isn't a very good incentive.
it's incredibly catch
Fine, I'd buckle my pants
2:42 AM
@Retrosaur what IS this
and what is battleblock theater
@Unionhawk Would depend on the target, I'd think.
so many posts of it
It's the "surprise" ending to Battleblock Theater
they always post a random song
out of nowhere
@Johann What?
@YiJiang'sEvilClone what what
2:42 AM
It's a co-op game by the same guys who made Castle Crashers
@Johann What did you ping me for?
@Retrosaur accurate description
@YiJiang'sEvilClone whoops didnt mean to post
@SaintWacko ?
2:44 AM
there is so much stuff in visual studio no one ever uses
I probably use about a third of the content on it
@SaintWacko Sweet!
@AshleyNunn one of my photos reached 20 favorites on Flickr today. I was so happy :3
@spugsley Thats awesomesauce!
@spugsley link?
2:46 AM
@spugsley Congratulations!
this one :) which is one of my favorites too
Looks nice, I like the contrast
thanks :)
@spugsley . .

of the skin color compared to the background and the tombstone
2:47 AM
@spugsley I discovered a couple years ago that I have something on StumbleUpon with 40k views and over a thousand likes o.0
@SaintWacko omg wow O-o what is it?
@Johann ?
Collection of creepy stories
@SaintWacko wow, that's awesome
2:48 AM
I put it on there... Must have been five years ago by now
On pastebin, I mean
Just a couple years ago I discovered that someone had found it and put it on StumbleUpon, and that people liked it :D
@SaintWacko what a nice feeling! :)
Of course, I didn't write any of these stories
I saved them from a thread in /b/
@SaintWacko oh...still cool though! :)
@spugsley Yeah :)
@SaintWacko of course /b/ :)
2:50 AM
@Johann Yep
Told you it's not all bad
@AshleyNunn WHOA just kidding I just saw that @OrigamiRobot feet picture has 23 O-o
I am famous.
@OrigamiRobot It's your feet!
@OrigamiRobot your feet are!
seriously @OrigamiRobot that is my most popular picture. Lol
2:52 AM
@OrigamiRobot your feet are more popular than my legs
@spugsley I love that one so
2:53 AM
@Johann so people seem to think
is it
@Johann it wasn't intended but looking back, it definitely fits
I am awesome.
@OrigamiRobot thanks, I fixed it
2:54 AM
@OrigamiRobot !
nothing comes even near that close. I think the next highest I have is 13
other than those 2
@Johann neat!
dropped camera though :(
Holy crap Battleblock Theater looks awesome!
2:58 AM
@Johann sad but very cool outcome
@Johann It looks awesome despite the disaster
oh well

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