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5:00 PM
@Fluttershy Unsporting Conduct on XBL should be renamed Noobs Pwnd
I'm 14% Aggressive, 57% Unsporting, and 14% Quit Early. That last one I am certainly guilty of. I'd rather quit a game than break my controller.
Also, those percentages don't add up.
@fredley I do not believe that this information is shown on your SO profile
5:01 PM
@Fluttershy so rather than break your controller, you burst into tears and QQ your way off the server?
@Fluttershy lol, I'm happy this isn't a thing on Steam
that's certainly unsporting!
@fredley What do I need to EXPLODE
@kalina I don't burst into tears. I just ragequit.
@Fluttershy I never thought you were the rage quitting type
5:02 PM
I always burst in to tears, but I make sure I'm logged out first.
Never let them hear you cry.
TIL: applying the right amount of the correct type of pressure to Fluttershy at the precise moment in time where he's tipping over will result in explosions.
Maybe because shitty stereotypes are shitty. Especially in PvP when a game is very obviously one-sided then you really only have two choices to have fun: 1. Vote for a scramble 2. Leave
@kalina I used to have a wired controller that had the cord wrapped tightly around it. It was broken from repeated throwing. With the cord around it, it acted like a bouncy ball. I could get angry and throw it, and it'd come back to my face!
@Fluttershy rofl
Some people don't seem to have any qualms playing one-sided games. I do
5:03 PM
I don't rage when playing games
people in WoW used to rage lots because of random wipes
I used to laugh at them
laughing at people who're raging make them rage more
it's a vicious circle!
@kalina I never raged in WoW, thankfully. I was getting paid for my services (in-game, not real money), so I was pretty patient. >_>
@fredley @Unionhawk @jeffreylin_ Anyone need extra Uranium? I'm never going to use mine.
@kalina heh, at the first sight of "u mad" I just mute (and deny heals)
@badp rofl
"u mad" is typically caused by messages such as "Guys, we're overextending, fall back"
I really don't get it, it's just the shittiest meme ever
5:05 PM
@badp I preemptively mute anyone not on my friends list.
slightly shittier than ">implying"
I pre-emptively mute everybody I haven't previously had a voice conversation with in the past
@OrigamiRobot (at least in TF2 muting also blocks text chat)
and then if you end up with people still asking for you to talk
@OrigamiRobot If it's IC²'s Uranium, that's a good way to clear some space for your secret underground base. :)
5:06 PM
I play gabba via voice comms until everybody leaves
@MartinSojka Hah, I'll stick with mining thanks :P
It is mining. The exciting kind thereof.
@MartinSojka The rage-exiting kind?
@kalina Sadly, I imagine you have extra problems using voice with randoms.
LOL UR A GRL R U HAWT?!?!?!??!
@OrigamiRobot There's only one TF2 server where I've heard women on voice chat. One of them has a ban stick and no qualms to use it
sadly this TF2 server is getting increasingly empty :(
5:10 PM
@OrigamiRobot yay, fun random conversations
my favourite one is the one where people would rather believe you're a 10 year old boy than a girl
because it's just too hard to consider that girls can beat you at games
honestly it depends on your voice
@OrigamiRobot No
@badp one of the first people I met on TF2 was a woman
@badp We tend to do "mining expeditions" by giving all but one player a stack of torches, half a stack of TNT, a lighter, leather armour and a few stone pick axes. The one with better equip gathers materials periodically. Much fun for everyone involved.
TF2, at least when I played, had the least amount of bullshit compared to just about any other voice chat game I've tried
5:13 PM
@MartinSojka what does the one player do?
@BenBrocka you honestly don't need voice to have bullshit
There's still "plz uninstall", ">implying", "u mad", "u fag", "pls suicide"
@badp Gathers exposed resources after the area was lit up and "secured". Also, builds stair cases and places ladders and whatnot.
Some of those luckily are just not used in TF2
@fredley I feel like it should be rarer.
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, it's quite common
Thus, mining. It doesn't even have that big of an explosion radius last I tried, something like 20 blocks or so in stone.
5:22 PM
can you imagine a world where people who are abusive on the internet died by the method of their abuse?
ie: people telling others to die, died
@kalina So you'd die in a fire?
yes, but I'd do it under a hightech sprinkler system
besides, double standards
5 hours ago, by kalina
sudo @OrigamiRobot die in a fire
@kalina I can easily imagine a word missing somewhat less than 1% of its population. It would be exactly the same.
@fredley got there first, but I used a quote so I win.
5:23 PM
@OrigamiRobot There are no winners on the internet, only losers
So, I'm doing science today. Just figured I'd let everyone know. =3
@Fluttershy Please tell me where so I can move to the opposite side of the planet, just in case.
@MartinSojka You don't have to worry! I'm the test subject. I seem to have had an allergic reaction to one of the medicines I'm using for my cold. I'm now trying to narrow down exactly which medication by taking them in controlled groups! I'm fairly sure it's the Equate brand NyQuil. So today is Allegra, DayQuil, and tonight, actual Vicks brand NyQuil.
@Fluttershy Please tell me you've got one of those kits where you grow crystals on a rock. Those were so badass.
@origamirobot they so were
@fluttershy that is not a bad plan, actually.
5:27 PM
@OrigamiRobot I don't. I always wanted one of those, but never got one. =(
@AshleyNunn That's what I thought too!
@Fluttershy What?!?!? OK, that's it. Sending you one ASAP.
@OrigamiRobot Those were the shit
I need to trim my beard, but I hate the mess that beard-trimming causes. Dilemma!
@Sterno Rubberband your beard together, trim, all the hairs are now in one big clump!
5:31 PM
Obviously the best one.
If your beard isn't long enough to rubberband, shame on you.
@StrixVaria :(
Woo 72 consecutive hours without an angry post on meta! I think that's a record.
@StrixVaria I'll fix this.
@OrigamiRobot My housemate has actually been growing crystals for the Cambridge Science Fair all weekend
Real science
Real crystals
@StrixVaria There was the whole fredley gets banned debacle
"Well, okay, our game is broken in lots of ways. Sorry about that. No refunds! Here, play the 10 year old version instead. It works."
@Sterno Buy a shit game, get a good game for free!
@fredley You didn't get banned or make a meta post.
I was going to buy SimCity Deluxe for the iPad, until research showed that it's got a water pump bug that keeps water from getting to your people, and it hasn't been fixed in 3 years
5:34 PM
@StrixVaria Didn't have time to make a meta. If I had it would have featured more pictures of Richard D James though
hooray for selling broken games!
@fredley You got banned?
@OrigamiRobot I posted the Windowlicker album cover
@OrigamiRobot No, he got suspended. There is a difference.
Oh, I guess it's not just SimCity 4. You can also get Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3, or some others
5:36 PM
@Sterno What I learned this article is the sad, sad news that PopCap is owned by EA.
@StrixVaria Whichever.
@OrigamiRobot What is the Bridge without pedantry?
@StrixVaria It's hardly news
@StrixVaria The* Bridge
@badp IT'S NEWS TO ME :(
5:38 PM
@Sterno So that makes 2 free games for SimCity 5 pre-orderers?
@SaintWacko I cannot parse this.
@StrixVaria No idea what you're talking about
@Sterno Oh boy! I can get Medal of Honor: Warfighter for free if I buy SimCity!? That's totally worth it.
@Fluttershy I love the disparity between their game offerings
On one end of the scale, ME3
5:40 PM
Bejeweled 3...
On the other, Plants vs Zombies
@OrigamiRobot Careful posting stuff like that
A game that is regularly a couple bucks on Steam
I'm pretty sure Plants vs Zombies is actually free on iPad right now
@fredley I like to live on the edge.
5:42 PM
can virtual servers do battle? I kind of want to set up a bunch of AWS micro instances and make them fight.
you don't need AWS for that, those games are as old as the internet
Q: cant get the f***ing ring of hircine off

soulreaperi have the cursed ring of hircine and now im enemies with falkreath and i cant get it off i killed sinding but don't know how to get in the jail now im stuck with the ring and have 100% weakness to fire and i cant ever fight PYROMANCERS OR FIRE WIZARDS WITH OUT DYING 9999999999 TIMES AND DECIDE T...

I'm not sure what to do with that
@SaintWacko Downvote, for starters.
@StrixVaria Should it be closed? Flagged?
@SaintWacko I voted to close as NARQ. I really can't make sense of the question as it stands.
And it's probably also a duplicate of a ring of hircine question somewhere... Maybe.
5:45 PM
close please, terrible — Kevin 28 secs ago
@JasonBerkan I would say yes if I could make sense of the other question. =P
Plus, I don't know how fond I am of letting that one be the marker for a duplicate question.
@Fluttershy I'm just going from the title - he can't get the ring off.
@Fluttershy No - it would have to be substantially edited.
It works!
That is awesome and terrifying
5:48 PM
@fredley That is awesome
@StrixVaria But yeah, that
I'm sorry, I can't tell what word you mean by "f***ing". Could you elaborate? — Sterno 2 mins ago
@SaintWacko You're telling me.
It's an awesome idea, but I'm not fond of eval()ing unknown javascript
5:49 PM
@SaintWacko goes off to post troll Javascript sort examples on SO
@JasonBerkan Exactly
Figure out what triggers that script, and post malicious code that matches it
@JasonBerkan It seems to have some checking for bad code
> You have fully used your vote allowance for today
@fredley Wow, that was fast
@fredley is king of using things up.
@JasonBerkan "The site will only fetch accepted answers, and it only uses answers that were posted before the xkcd was released (meaning that if someone posted malicious code now, it wouldn't matter)."
5:51 PM
@Ullallulloo Ah, nice
Okay, then
You'll have to edit them into accepted answers.
@Ullallulloo Hehe
I wonder if it checks date of last edit
I miss @gnomeslice.
Oh, no wonder I hadn't heard about this stacksort
The day that xkcd was posted, my rss reader wasn't letting me see alt text for some reason
Goddamit I've triggered the vote allowance notice three times now
5:53 PM
@SaintWacko I skipped that xkcd because I couldn't understand it.
@Ullallulloo I liked it
@Sterno Clearly he means Fraking.
it was a pretty good one
@fredley nice
6:07 PM
@Fluttershy I lost mine, and now I'm constantly running out of crude oil in Skyrim.
OK, who else never had a badass crystal growing kit when they were kids?
Q: Do I need to download cloud to use it?

user215934***I am computer illiterate. How do I get started with cloud. All I need it for is to store my data from my PC before it crashes. I went to the download page and clicked on it and it went to to another Microsoft window that had several links like zip links and i know nothing about it. To me ...

@OrigamiRobot I got one to get out of doing some other stupid thing for the science fair
I like science but goddamn "make a potato battery!" day was stupid
@OrigamiRobot I loved mine, it was so great.
@fredley I know. It is an integral part of childhood.
@fredley That was back when it was easy to get Isinglass, vast amounts of Copper Sulphate and even mercury to play with
6:10 PM
That, chemistry sets, microscopes, and dinosaur dig kits.
@OrigamiRobot I might have had one, but I never used it. :(
@OrigamiRobot and elctronics kits
@Ullallulloo Then you are terrible and don't get one from me.
@fredley Hey, I'm gearing up to take a stab at some Minecraft SMP for the first time. How do I get access to the FTB server?
@gnovice Ask me!
6:11 PM
@gnovice Ask @fredley
@gnovice Read up, get the FTB client, and tell me your IGN
Hmm, the AnswerSwarm contest doesn't seem to have any significant effect on our traffic compared to earlier contests.
@origamirobot I never did. But I had a rock tumbler which thought was cool... I wonder if my mom still has it.
@fredley Cool, I'm on it.
@MadScientist That's because Starcraft 2
@gnovice name?
I'll need to whitelist you
@gnovice Hurry, I need to go in 5 mins and I might not get on for another day or so
6:14 PM
@fredley I use "gnovicegames" for my Minecraft account (someone took "gnovice" already grrrr...)
@MadScientist is that because it's an expansion?
@gnovice Cool, I've added you. If you have problems with TwilightForest just download the version needed and manually edit the modpack in the launcher
Can I get a review on reopening this question:
Q: Why didn't I earn the level 70 Kerrigan Power achievement?

ahsteeleLike Blem indicates in his comment when Kerrigan reached level 70 I did not get Kerrigan Power achievement. I was connected to the internet at the time of the level up and have not used any cheat codes. Do I need to replay the campaign to earn the achievement? Is there a reason the achievement w...

feel it's significantly different from the one it is supposedly a dupe of
As evidenced by the number of people landing there since it was asked as well as it's for the entire campaign not a specific mission.
@fredley I haven't had to do that.
@fredley Thanks! I should be on in the next couple days.
6:21 PM
@ahsteele Well, are you looking for a reason, are wanting to find a way to get it now that you've past the trigger event?
Q: Why do I run noticeably slower than others?

92jackoI often play zombie escape servers where I've noticed that the majority of other players run faster than what I do, that much so that its easy to get left behind. I run with my knife out, and don't usually have any lag (fast internet, low ping, fast PC). Does anyone else have this problem? Is t...

Q: Tomb Raider Anniversary Achievements/Trophies

Alexander NiceAfter completing the game I found some achievements requiring to complete PerĂ¹, Greece and the other worlds without dying. Can I unlock them replaying all the levels or do I have to start a new game/save file?

Q: Strategies to earn StarCraft 2 experience bonuses?

ahsteeleI know that earning experience points from StarCraft 2 matches awards a variety of things. What I am unsure of is beyond the first match of the day and speed bonuses what other bonuses exist. Winning quickly and playing once a day are easily implemented strategies, but what other experience poin...

@Coronus yes. :)
Does everyone remember Magic Rocks?
@Coronus it's obviously an issue a lot of people are having based on the number of views and the duped q/a is too general you don't get to level 70 in one play session unless losing your internet connection at any point locks the achievement
@Coronus and the cheat codes definitely do not apply so I just find the accepted answer and specificity of the other question to not apply for this to be a dupe
@ahsteele It's not only your connection that's a factor here. Being a new game caused some instability and, for a time, broke the achievement servers. The same thing happened with D3 and blacksmith levels. It was triggered by the actual change between levels, not the condition of being a level X blacksmith.
6:42 PM
@OrigamiRobot I remember doing that.
@Coronus so your answer seems reasonable and is definitely not the same as provided by the "dupe" any way to get this reopened
@ahsteele It's opened! :)
@fredley Do you think a question on how to convert between the electrical systems is too broad?
@Coronus I saw that! Thinking that your answer is probably the truth but going to hold off marking it for a day or so. :)
@Ullallulloo You remember doing magic rocks?
6:51 PM
Whether or not a question is a dupe has almost nothing to do with the answers.
I hate that I have to qualify that with almost. Stupid new duping rules.
argh, there seem to be no translation of the manzai birds of Rhythm Heaven's on the Internet for some reason
@OrigamiRobot No, the cart assembler runs on coal, and the carts themselves run on whatever engine you give them (coal or solar)
One meeting done, onto the next.
@Unionhawk The cart manager runs on Blutricity.
6:54 PM
Trying to set up my fiancee's parents' new computer yesterday (ugh, btw), and there wasn't a single good guide on the entire Internet about how to turn on Windows Defender.
Stupid Windows 8.
@OrigamiRobot since when does it take power?
@StrixVaria uh
It's on by default
I think if they had fully embraced metro it would have been neat. But the fact that they only half-embraced metro makes it terrible.
@badp Not if your computer comes with Norton pre-installed.
@Unionhawk That's what the video I saw said.
You uninstall Norton and then nothing is running.
6:55 PM
@StrixVaria Did the computer complain that nothing was running?
@badp It kind of subtly whined. I had to seek out its complaint, and then from there I was able to enable Windows Defender.
@StrixVaria then it's no different than Windows 7.
also, Windows defender Enter still works
@badp Except in Windows 7 I could install MSE and it would actually install.
@StrixVaria and in Windows 8 it's already installed
Running Windows Defender as a program just gave me the prompt. "Windows Defender is off. Check out the Action Center." And the Action Center just said, "Yep, it's off." with no option to turn it on.
6:56 PM
@OrigamiRobot The cargo manager doesn't take power, the RP2 manager does...
@badp Yes, I realized that. It took me a half hour to figure out how to turn it on, though.
...uh, okay
Running the program didn't let me turn it on.
Going to the security center didn't let me turn it on.
It's stupid.
So what'd you end up doing?
The little flag icon in the tray had an alert "Hey, you have no antivirus."
Clicking that automatically turned on Windows Defender.
6:57 PM
Norton is one of those things you have to get the full insinstaller for right?
@OrigamiRobot This.
@StrixVaria "click here to turn it on"?
Q: In Fifa 14 PC I cannot switch to different players during the game

Dima Thefencingdude LukhtaiSo I recently got Fifa 13 for PC and tried out one of the games, what I found is that during the game I only play as 1 player and cannot switch to anybody else, I found this weird because I remember playing this at my friends house on his PS3 and you could press square or something and the game w...

@badp Minus that message.
Maybe it was there and I was just being extra frustrated.
6:58 PM
@StrixVaria I just searched "Windows Defender" from the start menu
It also took me 15 minutes to figure out how to get to the Control Panel without having a normal Start menu.
Looks like Norton wasn't fully cleared, Defender noticed the remaining bits and didn't offer the protection
@StrixVaria uhhhh Windows Control Enter
(as in "press the Windows key, type control, press Enter")
Anyway I still don't personally have Windows 8 so I guess I'll just try to remember all these tips for when I'm forced to upgrade.
As a first experience with it, though, I wasn't impressed.
Oh I missed the part where this was Win8
Either fully integrate everything into metro or don't have me switch back and forth between 2 completely unrelated UIs to do things.

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