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11:06 AM
@kalina What did I miss?
@fredley check the star list
around here
9 hours ago, by Fluttershy
@GnomeSlice Stop. And. Think.
I had to go up 20-30 lines to get context
@kalina Well that was a fun read
Did it fulfill your day quota of drama?
I didn't take part in it
11:17 AM
Context? from the star list?
That is cheating
@badp you aren't my real dad
God bless
stop trying to lecture me
@badp pfff, you would be so lucky to have a daughter like me.
That is not a lecture. That is an ACCUSATION.
just think of all those hours of getting beaten at first person shooters while growing up that you missed out on
11:19 AM
@badp Dun dun dun
@kalina It's easier to just not think about what I missed out from the impossible not turning out to be true
@badp you have no imagination
@kalina I actually have two imaginations, a background one that's imagined the scenario and told the main imagination that the scenario is not worth exploring
@badp this is obviously not true, what with you being a man and men not being able to multi task
@kalina You're assuming the "background immagination" is like a task that I actively do and not just something running on the background
11:21 AM
@badp you obviously don't understand "multi-tasking"
everything is a task
@kalina bleh, I am absolutely certain that if I can't do multi tasking I can do multi threading.
This has been verified in the most certain of ways
@badp I am inclined to believe multi-threading, otherwise you'd be stuck in a heartbeat->breathe loop and never get anything done
but you still can't do two things at once
That's... a less socially and not any less true way of looking at it, and you can relate to it too for bonus points.
scifi.SE - the stack exchange site where questions about sweaters are on topic
@kalina But it's science fiction sweaters
11:28 AM
Q: What is the deal with Daniel Jackson's sweater?

kalinaDuring Season 6 of Stargate SG1 after Daniel Jackson has died and ascended, he appears multiple times in a variety of episodes. In the vast majority of these appearances he is wearing a cream/beige sweater. This is the sweater I am talking about: Prior to this point in the series I don't rem...

@YiJiang'sEvilClone with like lights and circuits and the classic vacuum-skin-tight super-thin women's armor
the less-is-more approach to female armour is stupid
@kalina Well there you go, a science fiction sweater. I betcha you can't find something like that on present day Earth.
I mean, that sweater must be spun out of cloned sheep wool or something
(I don't get the punchline honestly, I'm just stopping at the sixth panel.)
@badp I'm glad you clarified this, I didn't want to just openly admit I don't get it but now we can not get it together
11:35 AM
@kalina I was turning to the reddit gods to getting the punchline, and the reddit gods turned out empty
I'm so bored
I should do some work instead of looking for stuff to answer
On the topic of webcomics, today's Unsounded was pretty interesting
bit into this sandwich and the filling fell out the other side
ok this just isn't funny
11:55 AM
All the best sandwitches are messy
@kalina it obviously can't be funny without a pathetically fake facial expression on your face, a quick zoom out, a grey out and a red cross covering the scene
Some people may also overlay "THANKS OBAMA" for greater comedic value, but I'm not one of them.
It's so obviously Obama's fault there, I can't even comment.
12:10 PM
@badp lol...
No question about it. Obama obviously manipulated the crystalline structure of the glass so that it'll shatter on the slightest touch
Either that, or aliens. Aliens everywhere.
I like how the guy just stands there
@RonanForman I'm interested in playing with you guys, but I pretty much exclusivly run vanilla Minecraft, when your up and around send me a msg so we can discuss what I need to do and if you dont mind answer a few questions
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Honestly I think the problem is he managed to push a pull door.
not sure though
@badp watch the top, the door immidiatly comes completly off track.
12:14 PM
it still doesn't explain why the door doesn't fall flat and crash on landing then
I'm also interested in the foot on the right hand lower side. Did he knock someone over?
automatic correction systems?
I think its more along the lines of how when ur a young child, you really dont know the consequences of over half the rules you follow
this would be a worst case scenario of that ideal I think.
@badp The sort of automated sheets for MCQ questions in tests
They always tell you to ONLY USE A 2B PENCIL
12:17 PM
entirely off topic, I'm currently cross training my Crew in FTL using a most accomidating automated drone ship that cant break my sheilds. YAY
So obviously the question to ask is, what if you use some other pencil?
@Ender That's more on topic than most stuff on the bridge.
@StrixVaria good point
conversations about games?
12:18 PM
hey, while Ive got ya'll here
I'm not here
do I need a crystal aboard my Kessler for the acheivement of having all members of the species on the ship at the same time
Q: Is there a site that shows all zombie parkour runner achievements

Zero souledIs there a site that has every zombie parkour runner achievements in Game Center?? or at least a vid showing all of them.

Q: What are the differences between the difficulty levels in Bioshock 2?

galacticninjaWhat are the differences between the difficulty levels? Do the quantity of enemies increase in the harder difficulties? Are there any enemy AI behavior changes?

Q: Do I need crystals too?

EnderOne of the Kessler acheivements mentions having a member of every species on your ship at the same time. Does this include the secret species, Crystal?, or are they exempt?

@Lazers holy moly I asked that 30 seconds ago.
12:23 PM
@Ender Right, but the top question is 24 minutes old
@Lazers can be hours late. The feed system is a bit of a black box
@Yi then somebody needs to dock his pay, if I'm hours late I get a counseling statement and an Article 15. Thats not fair.
@ender I assume you mean Kestral, not kessler
@Kalin Yea. Someone has been playing too much Infamous.
@Kalina Thanks, I'll accept when the minimum timer ticks off.
not sure why anybody would downvote that question either, but oh well
@kalina Because the question can be answered by reading the in-game text of the achievement. It is the epitome of "no research effort"
12:39 PM
@OrigamiRobot Exactly. I was just about to leave a comment to that effect, but you've saved me the trouble.
The description gives you an exact number, it doesn't use the word all.
I havent read the acheivement in forever. Had I done so, I'da known. shrugs it is what it is
@Ender Hence the "lack of research."
I'm not arguing with that reason at all.
Thats what downvotes are for
Ah, okay. Sounded like you were.
In any case, I should play some X-COM.
Or some FTL...
shouldn't you two drink coffee before you start chatting? :p
12:43 PM
FTL! join the club.
mmm I might play FTL while at work
I'm farther than I've ever been! Very excited.
I'm quite bored of it now though
I still havent beat this game. I still only have two ships, with only the default layout of each. I find this game hard as ****
@DaveMcClelland didn't we find 4 eridium totems? I think we might have enough to spawn the boss then: orcz.com/Borderlands_2:_Dexiduous_Eridium_Totem_Furnace
12:44 PM
@Ender I bought it back at launch, but haven't played it in a while.
@Ender I got to the final boss, on the final form, and then died...I was sad :(
@Wipqozn god that sounds fustrating. Alas, the nature of Rogue-like's.
@Ender it's meant to be hard
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I once had a teacher insist I use a number 2 pencil not a mechanical one. WHAT IF IT MATTERS OH GOD
@kalina yea but my best friend gets all the lucky rolls, he played for a week and had the game beat on easy, and normal, AND had like 5 ships unlocked with 2 layouts for some of them.
@Kalina he started to make me think I sucked at the game, until I read more information about it here, and realized he was just super lucky.
@Ender I've only beat the game with Kestrel Layout B
12:46 PM
I think I actually spent longer playing FTL than I did XCOM
I don't think I've completed XCOM yet
I just liked naming all of my little people after people from arqade and then getting them killed
I've only beaten it on easy, when I got a ridiculously good set of weapons
I wanna try xcom so bad. It looks cool as heck. The friend I just mentioned owns it for Xbox
The latter two achievements for the Kestrel are much easier than the first.
Except he pcs'ed back to the states, so I cant play it on his xbox lol
GnomeSlice died a lot
12:47 PM
@origamiRobot isnt the third acheivement the one to repair back from 1hp? I find that kinda hard
I would use the sniper shared sight trait and then charge in with gnomeslice
and pick them off with my sniper
@Ender It's actually really easy. You just need to go against a really weak enemy, and then fly away once you hit 1 HP.
@Ender Nah, just get within one jump of a store, let a ship hit you until you're at one, and jump away to the store.
@wipqozn wow. Yea, if you put it that way it doesn't seem as hard.
@Ender attack an enemy until its nearly dead, drop your shields, afk a bit, moment you're at 1hp shields up to full and attack or run
12:48 PM
Maybe I DO suck at the game. lol
I beat the 2nd stage of the flagship taking only 1 hit
Human, Mantis, Engi, Rock, Zoltan... what am I forgetting?
Ahh! thanks.
Unfortunately, that 1 hit took me from 2 hull to 1 hull...
No way I could beat the whole third stage with 1 hull
12:49 PM
I love slugs!
Does completing any of the non-ship-related acheivements reward you with anything?
Not that I know of.
The Slug Cruiser A is an amazing ship. It's perfect for taking out crew members, which results in you getting a lot more scrap.
@Wipqozn my favorite way to win a battle.
Ill take your lives. O yes, I'll take your ship too.
@OrigamiRobot I disabled weapons and killed the people in all the weapons rooms except one on the first phase
12:53 PM
Really really excited on this run. Have 5 crew members, 2 manti, 1 engi, 2 humans. Cross training time now for maxed piloting and sheilds on all crew members. Plenty of hull and scrap. Ooo boy. This might be the run!
@kalina I did what I could, but I only had two crew members left and the third stage is boarders.
@Ender Cross training seems very hard for anything other than guns.
@Origami its actually super easy for everything BUT guns. Find a ship that cant breach your sheilds.
@OrigamiRobot nah, upgrade your shields early and just shield tank stuff while swapping people around as they finish level 2
What @kalina said.
My guns always get to level 2 long before anything else.
12:55 PM
should at least fully train a pilot and engine room person up by the end of the second sector
Hell, my guns get to level 2 before anything else gets to level 1
@OrigamiRobot you spend too much time being violent
more violets I say, less violence
@kalina I say, you do look rather purple today
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I am purple tree person
@YiJiang'sEvilClone She is a former grape juice stain.
12:57 PM
@OrigamiRobot dot dot dot
@kalina Aaaaaangry Beavers
oh I see, is this one of those days where I end up dominating the stars list until the afternoon comes around?
too predictable
@kalina speak of the devil...
I am not the devil
although it would be rather cool
1:01 PM
@badp I don't get it
I don't know know if that's enough violet
Needs more cowbell.
nothing ever needs more cowbell
one more hour and I will start doing some work
@OrigamiRobot Only 2, what happened?
You push my artistic prowess to the limit
1:08 PM
@CruelCow I started the sector with half my hull and all the repair points were captured before I could get to them.
@badp. Definitly an improvement. Still tho, somethings missing. Needs more cowbell
Ouch, that's unfortunate. But why did that lead to losing all your crew?
@CruelCow he became suicidal and vented the atmosphere out of his ship
@CruelCow I only had 4 going in.
Weird, I always find so many that I hit the limit. You're fighting the slavers right?
1:10 PM
@kalina I didn't knew FTL featured dorfs
@Ender Fine.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone dorfs?
@badp. Wow. Even the cowbell has cowbell. Impressive.
@kalina Dwarf Fortress. Dorfs
never played dwarf fortress
1:12 PM
@CruelCow Most of the time I get a full crew, I just for unlucky this time.
wow and after killing the automated drone I was cross-training against, i got ANOTHER crew member
O yea. This is the run.
Every time I felt like that in a roguelike, I died in a horrible and stupid way little ways later
@badp this
every time you think you're winning, it means you're about to die
any moment now you'll come up against a ship that will destroy your oxygen systems on the first attack and then firebomb you
1:14 PM
@kalina All you need to know is that if you manage to get the dorfs in DF sad enough, like say by killing their relatives, they can go on suicidal rampages. Which often kills some other dorf. And the whole thing can snowball until your entire fortress turns in on itself.
One of the best ways for a fortress to go, in my opinion
@YiJiang'sEvilClone harsh
@fbueckert He asked how to get a specific hidden achievement
The question appears to be deleted now
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Probably deleted because he didn't get an answer. So he asks something similar.
1:17 PM
@kalina Did you mean... Fun
@badp the terms aren't mutually exclusive
unlike 'badp' and 'awesome', which are two words you can never see together
@badp Not a 10k'er
do I put in the effort to rep cap today, or not
1:19 PM
1 min ago, by kalina
unlike 'badp' and 'awesome', which are two words you can never see together
@badp yes, I said it
@badp I think you're awesome, badp.
those mutually exclusive words used together!
@Wipqozn I think I just saw @kalina's head explode
1:21 PM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I felt that too.
does anybody want Firefall beta invites? I have 7.
are we allowed to raise questions about it on arqade?
Q: What happens to items in pipes when a chunk is unloaded?

fredleyI have a quarry, which keeps its chunks loaded, outputting into buildcraft pipes. If I were to disconnect from the server, what would happen to the items in the pipes in the chunks that were unloaded? What about new items heading through pipes into unloaded chunks?

@badp New FPS MMO, right?
@YiJiang'sEvilClone actually runs on normal hardware unlike Planetside
planetside was never very optimised anyway
don't know why people expected planetside 2 to be better
1:26 PM
How is this still outvoting by my answer?
@MBraedley obviously the other answer is the bestest
@kalina I'm assuming that's sarcasm, because it's completely false
@MBraedley I wouldn't use the word 'bestest' in a serious sentence
speaking of Meth
when is Breaking Bad back on?
50% of stars belong to me
doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "all your base" but I guess it'll do
1:32 PM
@Wipqozn have you left your house yet? My twitter feed this morning was almost entirely hfxtraffic.
My IRL name is Lombardi. And by pure coincidence, my newest crew member is named Lombard.
I am down voting the next question I see that says "Downvoter(s) please leave a comment."
And I'm not going to comment.
@Fluttershy People who star this message, please comment.
@badp I hate you.
1:37 PM
@Ender Thanks <3
How can I disappoint you today?
@badp asteroid field + enemy ship with 3 different weapons AND an anti-ship drone.
I lasted about 40 seconds. Maybe.
I had 7 crew members over 200 scrap, upgraded doors and sheilds and a drone control system with an antiship drone of my own.
@Ender Don't be afraid to run away, coward.
@Origami I died before my ftl charged
I had an FTL prebooster. I was rollin in it
@BenBrocka Yeah, I saw that. I'm pretty sure we had found 4 of them. Sadly, I won't be around to play for a few days, since I've got friends visiting from tonight until Tuesday :/
The "best" part is that likely the system grabbed network data, including my message, to get entropy for its random number god which then decided to throw that your way
1:39 PM
@badp -.- lol
However, it also included everybody else's message
So we're ALL to blame!
even if you didn't bring this up to begin with we would've still affected the outcome!!
(I'm assuming Windows has something like /dev/random vs /dev/urandom, which might be a stretch)
whats the modifcation that gives sheilds a health bar?
Q: Is there a site that shows all zombie parkour runner achievements

Zero souledIs there a site that has every zombie parkour runner achievements in Game Center?? or at least a vid showing all of them.

Didn't this guy recently ask the same thing, and then beg for it to be deleted?
1:42 PM
@Ender Zoltan Shields. Don't think you can find them in shops though
@CruelCow nope, they're unique to zoltan ships
@fredley aww you're still not at 20k -.-
@kalina :(
@fredley all I am going to say is I am not responsible for what is about to happen.
1:58 PM
I hope this will work
user image
@kalina Yaaaaay!
user image
@fredley not enough bronze and silver badges
@badp bronze and silver are for the un-golden
@fredley 13 still aren't 20
@YiJiang'sEvilClone So... I just noticed what your gravatar actually is...
1:59 PM
@badp he has way more bronze and silver badges than I do
@badp Yeah yeah whatever
@Fluttershy yes it is

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