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12:45 AM
@IvoFlipse I'd have lots more use for YouTube links if people ever asked questions about WoW that weren't levelling or meta-game stuff. (i.e., if they asked about raid strats).
1:15 AM
Q: Are there any alternative controllers for BlackOps on PS3

giulioI have been continually frustrated by the way controls work on the standard PS3 controller. There is aim assist, but in general the controller "makes you miss". The L3/R3 sticks are woefully inadequate as you basically over compensate whilst lining up your target. I have tried to fool around with...

1:38 AM
FYI, we are experimenting with community driven house ads on gaming.se tonight
keep an eye on meta.gaming
and direct all complaints to @GraceNote please :)
Good advice in any case
Q: Sidebar Ads - 1H 2011

Geoff DalgasAd Requirements In order to work, the answers you post to this question must conform to the following rules. Answer Template [![Tagline to show on mouseover][1]][2] [1]: http://image-url [2]: http://clickthrough-url Please do not add anything else to the body of the post. If you want ...

2:03 AM
Q: Why AI doesn't vary his strategy?

BuddaSometime I play custom game versus AI (in order to tune some opening, to wake-up, etc). Almost often A play Terran... When AI play Zerg against Terran he ALWAYS play 1 base roach strategy... after I reach some good level, I can beat him with any opening... I am trying to force myself to play ...

can somebody vote up
I need this to hit 6 to test sidebar ads
@GeoffDalgas +1 for ya
thanks - need one more
2:19 AM
thank you guys - hit 6
now to wait for caching to pull in the ad
1 hour later…
3:36 AM
Q: How to migrate a question to a SE site not on the "belongs on" list

TandemAdamIs there a way to vote a question "belongs on" a StackExchange site, that is not one of the sites provided in the close > off topic menu?

Wishlisting: Flag on user pages for spam accounts.
3:54 AM
Q: Die2Nite Accounts

WolfSageDoes anyone know a way to get more than 3 accounts on Die2Nite? I've tried using Proxies but when I do they're incompatible with flash almost always, so I'm having a hard time figuring out how to bypass the game's automated rejection of new accounts past the third.

4:15 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Wouldn't it make more sense to pin Jeff's message rather than LessPop_MoreFizz's?
@Powerlord Jeff split the statement across 3 messages.
1 Pin > 3.
1 hour later…
5:33 AM
Q: When Stack Exchange Data is updated

StecyaI've read FAQ and it says: How frequently is Stack Exchange Data Explorer updated? Data is updated monthly. But its already March and I can't see February's data. So when exactly is data updated?

Q: BFBC2 Crashes on random screens.

user7621So far, I haven't been able to play BFBC2 yet. Sometimes, it crashes(and throws me back to the desktop) at the very first loading screen before the main menu. If it doesn't crash there, it will crash(and throw me back to the desktop) on the multiplayer loading screen, or it will freeze at the sin...

6:20 AM
I'm going to be bold and assume that Geoff meant Gaming, not Stack Overflow there.
6:49 AM
@ArdaXi you are correct - copy / paste error
7:48 AM
@LessPopMoreFizz Sadly I don't play wow anymore, else I'm sure I'd have questions
7:58 AM
Q: Do different anvil materials have different capabilities?

echobackCan my iron anvil make every possible object from any metal bar, or do I need a steel anvil for some things? I thought I had seen a post mentioning an anvil made from steel to work the more difficult ores, but I may have been misreading it.

@IvoFlipse Oh, we get WoW questions. It's a specific category that we don't get. (Though I know why, and it's mostly down to there already being very established resources for raid strat type stuff.)
Q: Community Promotion Ads - 1H 2011

Geoff DalgasWhat in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is Going On Here? TL;DR -- put images and links in the answers. If they get voted up enough, they will appear on the main site as community promotion ads. But whyyyyyyy? This is a method for the community to control what gets promoted to visitors on the s...

if that is not clear let me know
8:23 AM
oeh, even our game nights would get linked, that's awesome
I'd ask my raid questions here anyway @LessPopMoreFizz, just to attract attention :P
@IvoFlipse Now to figure out what to put there.
I remember having to watch dozens of videos for Black Temple, trying to figure out what's important and what not
well for Game nights, it would have to feature the game + time + location/server
Wait, are the ads hotlinked?
[![StackGaming Twitter][1]][2]

[1]: http://i.imgur.com/iGGMu.png
[2]: http://twitter.com/#!/stackgaming
I know, but when they're deployed.
8:27 AM
if you click on them, you're taking somewhere yes
What I mean is, when the ad image is deployed, is it hotlinked or is it hosted by SE?
Because if it's hotlinked, you can update the Game On image on the fly to always display the info for the next game night.
In that case I think it's hotlinked
they probably scrape the page or something
I also think we can make ads for some of our favourite free games, like Nethack and DF.
I'm trying to test on SO, but I'm only getting Careers ads.
I think they're all hosted on adzerk, actually.
8:50 AM
You could always ask off course, what to do when we want to update it
Oh hey, I've just found the very first question that was completely deprecated by updates.
Q: What are the "payoff" times for EvE learning skills?

sjohnston"Learning skills" are the skills that increase a character stat, thus reducing the time it takes to train other skills that require that stat. This creates a trade-off. I can learn skill X now, taking the "normal" amount of time to train it, or I can train the learning skill now, and then train...

Learning skills were removed about a month ago.
9:06 AM
@ArdaXi The one in the Gaming side bar at the moment is, but the ones shown on SO are mirrored via a local cache (on rads.stackoverflow.com). I imagine even in that case the cache expires every now and then, but I don't know for sure.
Plus SO kind of necessitates it due to traffic levels and what not, so that might be skipped for Gaming anyway.
The community promotion idea is nice. A gentle introduction into the idea that we're going to get ads.
@ArdaXi Closed
9:27 AM
@badp spam spam spam spam
Oak! \o/
Just so you know, you made it, @Oak. You've been selected. giggles
11 hours ago, by Grace Note
tzenes has to be the lead heroine. Then Arda, for being the person who was on top during the private Beta. Tim Stone gets a slot just because the concept of his character is too good. The next two I figured I'd draw as Oak and badp, who are 3rd and 5th in the ranks. Then I think a 6th should be rounded out from somewhere.
@badp As have you.
Which remind me, I have to finish cyber-stalking @GraceNote.
9:51 AM
@badp I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about
@Oak @GraceNote put you in her fake dating sim she brainstorms when she's bored.
11 hours ago, by Grace Note
@Powerlord A theoretical visual novel/dating sim on Gaming Stack Exchange. Purely for mental exercise and amusement.
@ArdaXi Well, we're background roles really, the real heroine is another one.
@badp I thought that was mine. That's what the whole creeping me out thing was about, no?
@ArdaXi umm, am I supposed to be flattered or freaked out?
@Oak Freaked out at first, then slowly leaning towards flattered.
9:56 AM
@Oak I think "both" is the healthiest answer
I mean, at least you're a tree, not a weremermaid.
Also AAAAAaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaA. I have a demo in a few minutes and my code is stuck
Who's a weremermaid?
@Oak Restart Steam! That game's fun. hides
@Oak The one complaining.
@badp That's AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!
@Oak According to @badp, I am. I think he's just trying to hide his own lack of legs, though.
I have perfectly functioning legs. They're just stiffier than usual. You'd be too if you were turned into diamond.
@badp Turned into? I thought it just floated above your head.
There goes the idea of mods just being sims, given commands using flags and chat.
9:59 AM
It's a semirare case from exposure to mothership lazers.
In the case of @badp we might want to tone the 'Free Will' option down a bit.
Damnit, it's starting. And it's still stuck. Oh well...
Best of luck!
Oh, hey, I have an idea.
@badp Why don't you try out this new swimming pool I built for you?
a pool? in space?
10:02 AM
On the ship, yeah.
... your pool?
Just try it.
I'm not swimming in your pee, forget it!
It's water.
Besides, your assumptions about density may very well be incorrect
10:03 AM
pushes @badp in
removes ladders
teleports away
You... but..
I am a diamond there too.
By the way, reference.
10:43 AM
dum de dum.
Q: Rainbow Six - Vegas 2 "Failed to initialize.." at multiplayer

ShikiI just bought the game in the bundle on Steam. After a few minutes from the successful installation I've realized it was a mistake. I just can't play multiplayer. The game throws "Failed to initialize.." at every attempt. My ports are open (at least what I've found on Google to forward); no fi...

11:00 AM
Is the community drive ad thingy only for Gaming?
Q: Inform users of certain tags on the existence of a new SE-2.0 site and offer to automatically post the question there instead

Tobias KienzlerTake for example latex both at SO and SU. Now that there's http://tex.stackexchange.com, (new) users asking a LaTeX question should at least be informed that there is a new SE size dedicated to TeX and thus increases their chance of an answer. This should happen before the question is actually po...

11:59 AM
@YiJiang Currently, yes.
So what's on topic for that?
This is a method for the community to control what gets promoted to visitors on the site. For example, on a gaming site, you might promote the following things:

* your ventrilo server
* the site's twitter account
* indie games that are awesome, but people might not know about
* game servers or gaming nights
* cool events or conferences
* anything else your community would genuinely be interested in
Basically, we choose what's okay and what's not.
So, for point 3, I suggest NH and DF.
eh... nethack really isn't that unknown.
Go ahead, though, and make your day.
I'm sure a quality ad would be upvoted well.
I'm not a designer.
12:04 PM
Q: Games with to worlds

superPiotrekHello, Do you know games that have got to worlds in gameplay ? Like Soul Reaver .

Q: Open Source Advertising - Sidebar - 1H 2011

Rebecca ChernoffIt's time once again to support your favorite open source project through our Free Vote-Based Advertising for Open Source Projects. We are clearing the leader boards to start the first half of 2011 anew. Here is your chance to create a Free Vote-Based Advertisement for an Open Source Project. Cr...

Do you think it would be a good idea to repost the SEScripts ad here?
@badp Yeah, so?
@ArdaXi Not all ads are amazing visually
@badp One you get to the bottom of the list (the ones that are hardly upvoted) yes.
12:06 PM
That one is kinda of an eyesore, at +17
so yeah, the cause is more important than the image.
And even that is better than anything I could make.
We can always edit a better image in at a later point.
Currently I lack the tools to really do things matching my own quality standards :P
If you want something that adds text onto a previously designed background image that pulls dates from a Google Calendar and shows the nearest one, I'm your man. If you want to have that background image designed, ask someone else.
12:27 PM
Why is this still open, anyway?
Q: Are there any MMOs with a pay-once subscription model?

sjohnstonI believe Guild Wars pioneered this model, where you purchase the game and then receive unlimited play for free. I know Guild Wars 2 will have this same pricing system. Are there any other MMOs, existing or forthcoming, that are "pay-once, play-forever".

Ping @badp
Pong @ArdaXi
Good mod. throws cookie
@ArdaXi Plz do not feed teh mod
@YiJiang It's okay. The cookie has diamond glazing.
Well, something like diamond anyway. Another form of pure carbon.
(In other words, I burnt it)
12:49 PM
I see. Here, @badp catch! :throws pencil at him
eyes glow
closes pencil as not a real food
Come on now, good @badp, sharpen my pencil for me
what? you have sharpen votes yourself!
ah, well, please put the pencil in my flag list and I'll see what we can do
1:04 PM
Q: can't get to arcade games without internet connection

AndyA long time ago, i bought a few games from xbox live from arcade (Toy soldiers and greed corporation). since we moved we haven't got internet back yet but i can still play them unlocked. The youngest also enjoys these games so we decided to get them on his xbox. we went to a friends place, hooke...

Q: Veronica won't walk around with me anymore

user7628After I get out of the Hidden Valley bunker after trying to convince the elder, and after I have killed the four BoS people waiting for me and Veronica there, Veronica just stands where she was when we were done killing the four BoS people... I have tried telling her to wait and then to follow, d...

bah, this question wasn't that horrible :P
I like the Google search suggestion particularly
@badp Might be nice if you'd actually elaborate a bit for those of us without the dead question eyes superpower
@YiJiang The actual question is completely in the title. The body had the comic itself.
@badp Well, given that we can't see any part of the question itself (including the title)...
@YiJiang Really? You can see the title.
I just checked anonymously.
1:14 PM
Actually, hang on... the URL redirection still works...
Oh, wow... ehrm... blushes
1:40 PM
Q: daiblo 2 digital download patch level

Tim AlexanderAm trying to play diablo 2 with my flat mate over lan but it looks as if my cd has seen some better days (and some sand paper). Suffice to say i cannot play. Am trying to stay with v1.00 as apparently later patches make the single player too hard to play through multiple times. Does anyone kno...

2:22 PM
Q: I can't remember the name of this ~1998 PS1 platformer starring a pink haired character.

HalThere is a game I used to play, and I can't remember its name! I actually played it on a demo disc for the Playstation. All I can remember about it is that it was a platform game and that the character had pink hair. I can remember playing it with my little cousin when he was 10 years old, so it...

3:00 PM
@ArdaXi Did we close this game-rec yet?
Q: Help identifying this old CDi game

CraigHi Guys, this is a bit of a long shot but I remember back in the day playing a game on the CDi. The main thing I can remember is that you wake up at the start of the game and find out you have a bomb planted in your head and you have to disarm it before it goes off (posibilly making the entire ga...

@Powerlord Yes, but I didn't retag it because it would've bumped it.
Wow, one of my coworkers will do anything to get out of doing work.
In this case, a testing doc said to use an old server, so he waited until the person who sent him said doc left, then emailed her (and CCed me) noting that it said to use the old server... should he use the new server instead?
(The app is still on the old server, but massively out of date)
I hope you worked well on your anonymity
3:16 PM
And that coworker is... badp!
Wait, I don't even live on the same continent as @badp.
@badp True, but then you wouldn't know she was leaving.
Although then I'd have had no way to know for sure when @Arda left.
Aaaah! Ads!
@Brant Well, they're better than Area51's anyway.
3:19 PM
I just hate having things advertised to me.
@Brant Ads? the real kind?
@CRoss Not yet.
Mostly though.
Q: Community Promotion Ads - 1H 2011

Geoff DalgasWhat in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is Going On Here? TL;DR -- put images and links in the answers. If they get voted up enough, they will appear on the main site as community promotion ads. But whyyyyyyy? This is a method for the community to control what gets promoted to visitors on the s...

oh, that doesn't count
nothing "selling"
Do they appear on Gaming Meta, too?
It's a gaming only experiment so far, but we aren't overflowing the question with ads.
3:20 PM
Oh wait, that's right.
I saw the first one and thought it was an ad for Twitter, and not an ad for the Gaming.SE twitter account
@Brant Yeah, same here.
My thought process was "Aaah! Ads! For twitter! And they're using a tobacco metaphor! Burn it with fire!" yet for some reason skipping over "Why does Twitter, Inc. need to advertise?"
Actually... what are the rules on the usage of screenshots, etc?
@Powerlord What for?
@badp For ads.
3:22 PM
Eh, you need to have the rights to use them :)
@Brant smoke 'em if you got 'em :-)
@Powerlord Presumably use anything you have permission to use.
...and use 'em with the content license
in SE Game On!, 18 mins ago, by C. Ross
maybe some screenshots of the game ...
but I guess we can't really do that.
Yes, Game On! is an excellent thing to have ads of
3:23 PM
meh, fair use ...
And if they are an external link, then we can just update the image as we go.
I will downvote any advertisement that doesn't have a creeper hidden in it somewhere.
@Powerlord No, because they get rehosted on SO's ad platform
@Powerlord no, they copy them in when they go live
... what he said
Bleah, then.
Bleah, I say.
3:25 PM
You can still delete one and make another
You can always link to a meta topic.
or just make a general ad.
Well, like C.Ross said, it'd be nice to have an indicator of which game.
This also means we need to come up with our own graphics. :|
Unless we reuse the mothership graphic!
...which you have no real rights to :P
although I don't think you'd get in trouble for that
ok, who's the local artist? is it you @balpha
3:31 PM
Anyone wants to read Adjustment Team, the short story which inspired the movie The Adjustment Bureau? I've got a copy of it here: dl.dropbox.com/u/1722364/Adjustment/adjustment.html
It's not very "short"
@badp Is closing obsoleted questions something we're always going to do?
although I guess any story that can be read in a single evening can be called that
@badp 8000 words is pretty okay
@Brant dunno, it's a way to mark the question as "irrelevant" without bumping it on the homepage
any other ideas?
btw I'm not going to go out of my way to search for completely obsolete stuff, if you see some flag it
3:34 PM
@CRoss me not being a gaming kind of person, I'd probably be the wrong guy :)
@YiJiang It's funny how Phillip K. Dick stories translate so well to the silver screen
That Di... er, Phillip Dick? I finished reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep just last night.
@sjohnston Some do, some don't.
@sjohnston Indeed, so many of his stories were made into films. Quality-wise, not so much
Although I did love Linklater's A Scanner Darkly
3:39 PM
There's a lot of hit and misses, shame really.
I like Blade Runner, Minority Report, Scanner Darkly
@badp I have a longer answer I'm typing up that gives more detail and explains what happened to all the skills people learned.
@Brant You mean an answer about transitioning to irrelevance of that learning system thingadongdong?
I can reopen it no problem, I don't feel too strongly about it.
3:41 PM
Cool, thanks.
woah woah, the BBC is producing a television version of The Man In The High Castle?
The answer is bacon.
woo rep whoring
A: What are the "payoff" times for EvE learning skills?

BrantLearning skills were entirely removed from the game in mid-December 2010. Any points invested in learning skills were reimbursed. Players can instantly apply these points to any other skill they like. Skill books are no longer available on the market, and any skill books sitting around in contai...

3:45 PM
haha, it's a meta-tumblr.
I wonder what will happen if I put in "metafilter"
@LessPopMoreFizz where did you find that?
3:59 PM
@Brant It's been floating around the twittertubes all morning
4:28 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz :(
See you in half an hour, @Less :/
laughs evily
Stupid deleted messages, hiding from my sight.
So, I hear there's an Evil Genius Facebook game that has nothing to do with the actual Evil Genius game.
I mean, I did find it offensive, so the flag is justified.
Then again, we are talking about Rebellion Games (iirc) who tried claiming that version 1.0 of Evil Genius on Steam was the same as version 1.1.
4:32 PM
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein we take loving care of our recharging lazers, as LessPop watches in silence.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's not very silent.
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein we take loving care of our recharging lazers, as LessPop discovers means to circumvent the mute.
@Less I know it's infuriating, but circumventing suspensions is rarely a good plan.
Wait, why'd he get suspended?
@Powerlord The removed comment, I would guess
4:34 PM
On another subject...
@badp: How'd you let JeffAtwood snub you by telling people to talk to GraceNote when they have problems?
@Powerlord He insulted me.
@ArdaXi Tsk tsk tsk
@ArdaXi I insult you all the time, and I've only been suspended once... when I wasn't insulting you.
@Powerlord I take the brunt of flags, so that Grace can focus on promotion and calling the big shots
@badp That seems... wrong somehow.
4:37 PM
@Powerlord Nobody told me what to do, I just do it.
In case anyone wonders what I was talking about with snubbing, this:
@Powerlord He insulted me while giving me justification to flag.
14 hours ago, by Jeff Atwood
and direct all complaints to @GraceNote please :)
@ArdaXi Still, we now have a very distinct image when talking about tsundere war-scarred weremermaids :P
@badp No we don't. I made the link disappear.
Repost it. I DARE YOU
4:39 PM
@badp I assume we have to make the images we post in the ads thread? If I find an advert for a site, I can't just steal it and post it up?
@Mana Depends on the license.
@ArdaXi The link was there for a good half hour, so 95% of those who would've seen it saw it anyway.
@badp True, but you can't refer to it.
@ArdaXi "murder mermaid" is enough.
Can't we all just get bacon... er... along?
4:41 PM
@Powerlord I came here to get along and get bacon. And they're all out of bacon.
@ArdaXi Don't make me chew your bubblegum!
@Powerlord Eww.
@ArdaXi er... sorry... I meant kick your ass.
@Powerlord Eww! Oh. Ow!
Knowing my luck, someone will report that, even though it's a meta-quote of a movie.
Anything interesting and new in the world of gaming today?
Not even for some delicious chocolate?
4:52 PM
Dunno, but my cat just woke up.
Speaking of bacon, I need to get lunch at some point.
Speaking of bacon and chocolate, mmm.
er yeah, I said chocolate this time instead of bacon.
No, chocolate-covered bacon.
Great, now I'm hungry.
I tried chocolate bacon once, but it was cold and it was thick, chewy bacon. I think it would be much improved by warmth and crispiness.
Also, they had a trough of bacon at the breakfast buffet of the conference I went to over the weeekend, and I ate something like 20 or 30 slices.
4:58 PM
yay, my computer's been handled!
I may resume TF2 action shortly...
So... hot bacon with hot fudge?
Few words go together better than 'bacon' + 'trough'
@badp Congratulations! Can't wait to backstab you again! ;)
@Powerlord Fudge and chocolate are different beasts. I prefer chocolate in this case.
Whoops, time to go.
5:37 PM
Q: How to turn on an infrared vision in Crysis 2 Demo?

DIMEDROLLI often see other players kill me with infrared vision turned on(they see other players in blue, red colors). How can I turn it on too?

Is @Less ever coming back?
5:58 PM
Oh God.
I don't like this.
I don't like this one bit.
I sent my laptop to have the keyboard replaced.
I just opened it up.
The laptop came with a report what they've done
with two items:
- Keyboard replaced
- System configuration restored
@badp ...oh...oh god...oh god no...NO!
turns it on
who did that?
reads "© Microsoft Corporation"
Well, turns out playing TF2 will have to wait some time.
Right after I fill in their repair feedback form
who did you send it to?
6:04 PM
@RonanForman HP
why did they do that?
it may be me, but I thought Crysis 2 wasn't released yet :S
They needed to replace the keyboard so they nuked your Ubuntu install?
how did they even get in? don't you have a password?
@Brant Ubuntu and WIndows 7 and all programs
@RonanForman I know, I should've password protected the BIOS
they just booted from a recovery CD
I guess it's standard procedure
6:11 PM
Well, I guess I get to reinstall everything!
^ I'm probably going to make a T-Shirt out of that. It's all I got. :P
@badp @ChrisF sends his sympathies
Isn't there usually a form you have to sign that gives them consent to nuke your drive if they have to?
@Brant Regardless they didn't have to
but "making backups" is part of the warranty
6:14 PM
@badp they do it so they can say "it's working when we sent it back"
@RonanForman Yeah, I figured, because the preformatted text mentions that they ran "all tests"
Now for the irony of it
I had to gave up my computer for 4 work days
Restoring everything will get me probably 5 work days
i have a test for a repaired keyboard
and all I've got now
is a new keyboard
which, was I using a real computer, would've involved just plugging something out and plugging something new in
Fuck you laptops.
6:17 PM
At the risk of sounding like a total douchebag, I humbly suggest a MacBook next time.
@Brant no.
I'm done with laptops.
Fair enough
They're an all-or-nothing deal, if anything breaks you must give it up entirely.
@Brant do corners effect keyboard efficiency or something?
I may get a cheap netbook for mobility
but my main computer is not going to be a laptop anymore.
6:19 PM
@RonanForman What do you mean?
@Brant well that's the only difference with the keyboards i could think of
Also, if I put myself in the repair shop's shoes, restoring the system sounds kind of reasonable
What makes me think that any other repair shop wouldn't have done it?
Including the Apple ones.
@RonanForman Oh. Well, I suggested it because Apple's hardware and repair people are really good.
Sure, had I had a chance to do this out of a big corp's warranty channel, I would've been able to tell them not to and be listened.
Dragon Age II came out today apparently.
6:21 PM
Anyway I better resume ranting after I start reinstalling Windows 7.
@Brant you mean employed by the people who make the software
I guess. The build quality of their laptops is quite good overall too, even if you don't even use/care about OS X.
@Brant one of the reasons they cost so much more
Yeah, they do.
Macbooks may be made of unicorn skin, they still come in one piece
Windows 7, I choose you!
6:28 PM
Q: Can't get Arcade's quest

Hillenber89I cant seem to get arcade gannon's quest can I still get it if I'm a member of the brotherhood of steel?

@badp Don't you mean "Windows 7chu, I choose you!"?
Oh God, I forgot that I'll have to redownload all my drivers.
A cleanly installed Windows 7 doesn't recognize my wifi card, or video card, or anything.
w00t, broke 1k rep and hit the cap for the first time.



@MatthewRead Woot!
Oh, phew, Win7 did pick up my Wifi.
6:48 PM
@badp LIES!
yay IE8
@RonanForman LIES! It's really bacon day!
@Powerlord oh that's what you always say
@RonanForman Correct... because every day is bacon day!
6:55 PM
@Powerlord why do you like bacon so much?
@RonanForman I don't really, I just said it a few times, and someone described it as my "bacon obsession" so, in here, I treat it like it is my obsession.

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