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3:00 PM
@pixel Such as? You could try sending your story to the newspaper. PR spin might get them off their ass.
oh I was thinking burning down every exchange on the backbone
so it costs them billions to repair it
@pixel Yeah, think of something legal and reasonable. Something that doesn't get you thrown into jail or an asylum.
but we could try the newspaper thing too, not sure how relevant said story is the wider audience though
@pixel Big corporations bullying the little guy are always popular.
To be fair, setting fire to every exchange on the backbone probably would get you a story in the newspaper.
Not a good one, mind you.
3:02 PM
but the reason I'm actually annoyed, is now instead of getting to work from home while skiving playing WoW, I have to go into work due to having no internet access to work from home
I have set up a new VPN so I can play WoW from work but it's not the same
@pixel And no one but BT can resolve your problem?
technically its not even "BT"
as "BT openreach" are a separate company
but yes, only BT can fix it
and if I lived in a city, I'd just leech off somebody elses wifi until it was fixed
but since I live in the middle of a field, I have no such option
@pixel If they cut if off without your authorization, then yeah, that sounds an awful lot like anti-competition practices.
See how long it would take to re-provision if you went through them.
Don't mention that you were looking for another ISP or anything.
Well at like 10pm lastnight my internet connection dropped, my router is sat at home spassing out over a chap auth error, Virgin media have confirmed my account is closed, BT have confirmed they closed it
and I think after the last few hours, everybody at Virgin media knows me by name
I can't get this auto refresh script to do whatever needs to happen for me to appear active
@pixel And probably not in a good way. Hence why you try not to scream or be unreasonable.
3:10 PM
I didn't scream that much, I'm at work
@pixel How many times did you get hung up on?
three times
@pixel And how many times did you call?
I called BT 4 times and spoke to 9 people
and I called Virgin Media 5 times and spoke to 13
Getting hung up on a third of your calls sounds like you were being crazy. Wishing they would all die is not something you should have done.
Or clarification. You can wish all you like, but don't tell them that.
3:12 PM
Getting hung up on 75% of calls is bad
25% of calls is normal for the UK
@pixel ...For you, maybe.
I didn't even swear at any of the poor support monkeys until after the first time I was hung up on
@pixel So what caused the first hang up? And swearing to Tier 1 is not a good idea in any case.
First hang up was caused by me stating Virgin Media employees were negligent and undertrained, that keeping me on hold for 27 minutes is not good customer service, and that I wanted to speak to a manager
which resulted in 3 more minutes on hold followed by a dead line
Since the BL2 wiki is creative commons licensed is it cool to get a screenshot of a table of theirs and post it w/ attribution?
3:16 PM
@pixel That sounds less like a hang up then just a dropped call.
Feels weird to just copy their table but manually making tables with text is a pain in the ass
@fbueckert dropped call sounds like somebody hanging up to me
either way, it was a hang up on account of my next communication with VM starting off with 'we have no record of you calling a few minutes ago...'
@pixel And it probably wasn't recorded yet. You're still sounding unreasonable. It's easy to ignore someone when they demand something unreasonable, start swearing, or scream. Yes, you want to get what you want, but losing your temper doesn't help your case.
@fbueckert "It probably wasn't recorded yet"?
Obviously it was waiting for the wind up hamsters to finish committing that database record
@pixel Manual software the support rep has to log his interaction in.
3:20 PM
I think you're missing the point, there was 10 minutes navigating the IVR + 5-10 more in a queue between the two calls
And I know you well enough to know that going, "User was distraught" isn't going to cut it.
@pixel 15-20 minutes is pushing the bounds, yes. But it's still not completely unreasonable.
If I phoned them up again right now, there would still be no record of that call, guaranteed.
@pixel Then that rep didn't do their job properly.
this whole issue is caused by people not doing their jobs properly
But you're missing the point; you're not helping yourself by swearing at them.
And you've probably shot yourself in the foot by screaming and wishing they would die.
3:23 PM
I helped myself a lot actually
I said it to them instead of somebody important
I have previously worked for BT openreach previously btw, so I know once a third party reseller says the line has been decommissioned the only way to recover from that is a new installation
I suppose that is a mitigating circumstance that explains why I didn't spend the rest of the day on the phone arguing
and a new installation is 10-14 days
and my new fibreoptic connection is installed in 12 days
and I can't get this autorefresh script to update my last active counter
@pixel You've just given yourself a reputation as somebody nobody will want to deal with. Granted, you don't want to use them anyways, but you just got yourself stuck in no Internet land due to that.
no - I got stuck in no internet land due to BT decommissioning my existing line for a new service, Virgin Media receiving a cease from BT and not questioning it, and nobody contacting me until after it had already been turned off
everything after that point is pretty much aimlessly communicating to pass time
@pixel If you hadn't acted like a crazy person, you might have gotten an actual resolution, rather than getting hung up on.
So, while the initial problem wasn't your fault, you didn't help. You exacerbated the problem.
No - the line had been decomissioned, the only way forward was to place a new order
@pixel How do you know the line got decommissioned? Someone had to tell you that.
3:29 PM
yes, and by the time they had told me that it was too late to reverse it
I was perfectly nice and reasonable at that point in the conversing
in fact, the worst they got from me during that period of time was me being sleepy
it was 9am afterall
Q: Do Sirens get any bonus out of Explosive weapons?

Ben BrockaSirens get bonus Elemental Effect chance but Explosive weapons appear to ignore "chance" and always deal explosive damage. None of the Siren's skills appear to (directly) effect explosives. Is there any benefit for Sirens when using Explosive weapons? In Borderlands 1 Sirens' "elemental effect c...

Q: My character has trouble running, he can only walk

Michael GoldshteynFor some reason every time I try to run by using the shift key (and 'W') for example, my character just stops moving. I can't get him to run while walking by pressing the Shift key after the W key is pressed. If I press the Shift key first and then the W key, the character just jerks as if attemp...

Man, I'm sick of all the answers to questions that are basically "go look elsewhere on the internet"
My favourite one is "I thought questions that could be answered by Google weren't allowed here"
"lack of research" or w/e
@pixel Link? That sounds like something I'd facedesk over.
@Sterno - Such a list will, sooner or later, show up on the Borderlands wiki. — SaintWacko 43 mins ago
3:37 PM
@fbueckert not sure I have an immediate link for that one
I laugh at it though because 100% of the answers I've posted on this site have been as a result of using google
My current favourite one is this one
Q: Black Mesa achievements

Kerrek SBWhat are the achievements in the new Half-Life 2 mod Black Mesa?

All of my highly voted answers are non-googled.
@pixel From what I know of Powerlord, he would have hated you.
galacticninja giving birth over a question
he even posted something on meta about it
@fbueckert He would have ragequit! Oh, wait...
@fbueckert people who hate me/dislike me/generally have a problem with me do not bother me really
3:39 PM
@pixel As I understand it, he ragequit over the fact that we allowed Googlable answers here. He quit before I got here.
the whole thing Koviko hinted at regarding avoiding bringing up a topic due to it maybe offending me bothered me
ironic i know
but people disliking me is no problem at all
if they dislike me, I clearly know where I stand
that black mesa question is hiarious though
galacticninja goes on about how I copied it from black mesa's wiki
missing the fact my answer predates the black mesa wiki having that answer on it by 2 1/2 hours
@Sterno If that's literally all it is (without a link to real content) flag it...
@pixel I noticed that, lol
that question will still end up being closed though
Ideally all questions on Arqade should be answered by a simple google search... because they're answered on Arqade
@BenBrocka Yeah, recursion!
3:42 PM
well most of the time I answer stuff that doesn't have an explicit answer elsewhere but does have the answer scattered across a bunch of forums
ok well I can't find a way for this auto refresh plugin to update my activity counter
@pixel forum answers are horrible
I love when a stack Exchange post has obviated the use of a Forum thread which happens to answer the question
@BenBrocka I don't copy and paste, I parse and find more solid sources
@BenBrocka How about wiki answers?
Lists are obviously more suitable in a wiki format
@YiJiang Depends; some stuff is really better for a wiki, some is better for an answer
I'm not sure what value copy pasting a wiki post, even if that came after the answer, has
3:44 PM
I'm meh on questions with reasonably small lists for answers though
Not all wikis are hard to find...the new Borderlands 2 wiki almost never shows up in organic searches
@BenBrocka Hmmm, does Wikia really have terrible SEO?
I am going to go home
have a good weekend
bl2wiki.com actually isn't wikia
@pixel bye
Oh? Hmmm. Anyway
I look at a lot of the DragonVale questions, and it seems like every one of them is answered with a copy paste of the relevant wiki page
yeah, but reading a full 5 page wiki article when all you want to know is "What dragon should hump what other dragon to get this dragon?" isn't really ideal
3:47 PM
I don't think there's any point in that. It seems just like what the other content farms do, by pulling down the info from other sites then rehosting them with better SEO to get Google traffic
It's posting them in a more consumable and specific form
Not much really
And the wiki can be updated, whereas here you get a bunch of answers
SE doesn't work with lists, even small, finite ones
I just put "breed paper dragon" into Google. Arqade came up on number 10, 1 below the wiki. Not sure why there are so many hits
Oh hello Grace Note
@John Only one spot open, apparently.
3:57 PM
@fbueckert Derp, just noticed that.
Hey @MarkTrapp
@John We've been over that already. :P
@fbueckert Well I've been out of town, so I missed it :P
@John And hence why I responded to it. :P
Q: What hidden features have you found in iOS 6?

Steve MoserThis is the required hidden gems questions for iOS 6. Here are the rules: One feature per answer Also include how you use the feature or why it is useful Must be an under-documented feature. No "flag pole" features like VIP's in Mail.

Really? Another one?
4:05 PM
@John It's required now! REQUIRED
@MarkTrapp :(
I'm going to preface all my future questions with "This is the required <insert topic here> question for me."
A: What hidden features have you found in iOS 6?

KalamaneThe Settings icon no longer has RAZOR BLADE EDGES!

What a hidden gem that'll really change my iOS 6-using habits
The hidden feature is that anyone uses it at all.
4:07 PM
@MarkTrapp Wow. What a feature.
@fbueckert so brave
@MarkTrapp Finally somebody understands your razor blad, er, music.
@MarkTrapp Have I mentioned I don't like Apple? At all?
@badp The settings app icon has 23.4% more whub
I submitted a three line flag against that question anyway, knowing that the alternative is alienating the whole of Ask Different with a meta question
4:11 PM
@MarkTrapp I did wonder why their gears doubled as circular saws
@BenBrocka because settings are for tinkerers and saws kill you on touch!
as anybody who's ever played a platformer will be able to confirm.
@YiJiang @Yi Jiang missed the console part in the answer. I have deleted it since.
A: Where is Mike Mamaril?

desaivvFor the Tribute To A Vault Hunter (15 points / Bronze) achievement when you reach the town of Sanctuary, you can find Mike Mamaril hanging around some of the town’s major landmarks. Partial list of locations he can be found at: Inside the Crimson Raider’s HQ Zed’s Clinic The News Stand Claptra...

I do not know how much more to improve it. Can someone take a look?
@BenBrocka If I were a betting man, it's because at lower DPIs (pre-retina display Apple devices), it looks correct whereas the correct shape would look too blurry
Who's ddossing imgur
4:28 PM
@badp you are?
I'm not
it's me sorry I'll stop
now it's a (d-1)dos, which is surely better.
goes back to hammering imgur with F5
oooooh ooooh oooh
> All of this will also be available not just on the PC and Mac, but also for Linux users as well starting in the middle of next month and rolling out from there. We will have more details as we get closer to launch.
Q: What element types are good against which enemies?

Ben BrockaAs a Siren and Elemental Gun user I'd like to know exactly when to use each type of elemental effect. What are the elements in Borderlands 2? What damage bonuses does each have? When should I use each element? What Damage Over Time effects are there and what special effects do they have? Does ...

@MarkTrapp Extremely doubtful IMO
It looked silly on iPad 2 and I think iPad 2 gets iOS 6 too
4:35 PM
You're extremely doubtful IMO
Your face is extremely doubtful IMO
Way to copy my burn who are you Samsung
This year's Ig Noble Literature Prize goes to: The US Government General Accountability Office for issuing a report about reports about reports that recommends the preparation of a report about the report about reports about reports.
If you'll excuse me my iPhone 5 is here
4:42 PM
Hello Bridge
Is a question like "What exactly is Hamachi and how does it help so many gamers to connect on a virtual LAN" too broad or out of scope for Arqade?
@MarkTrapp You're probably just going to open chat in Safari just to count how many additional lines of chat fit on screen anyway
@desaivv It sounds like an ad for Hamachi
It's 6.
"How can Hamachi help my doctor screen for preventative diseases?"
@desaivv And Hamachi is not restricted to just gamers; adding that bit in sounds like it's trying to lend legitimacy to the question being on Arqade.
4:46 PM
@badp I want to try and understand the process. I was going through technical questions like how pixel shaders work, why 30 FPS is considered ok etc that are on the site
@desaivv How about "What is Hamachi and why does it matter?" I dunno.
Let the answers do the sale speech for you if that's what you're looking for
and was trying to understand how a software like Hamachi works. I do not know what the generic name is for what this software does
can you give me a generic name
@desaivv "How does Hamachi work?" is certainly off topic :)
@desaivv If you want to understand it, SuperUser is the place to go, in my opinion.
4:48 PM
@desaivv foo
ok will try it on SU
@desaivv Hamachi is a Virtual LAN tool. Same with Tunngle, and Evolve, apparently.
@fbueckert That doesn't answer the question I didn't ask
@badp Derp. Wrong reply.
4:49 PM
Thanks a lot guys for the help
5:07 PM
Q: Differences in experience gain in mutliplayer in comparison to my friend

edorianI'm leveling up a lot quicker, I'd say around 25%, than my friend when we play together. I'm playing Engi he is playing Embermage. We both don't have any +exp skills, items or spells and only quest together within experience range. Any clue what might cause this? Mainly asking because it's a...

@badp correction: I just checked, and it's 3.
5:32 PM
Wow. The Bridge just blew up on me.
Guess I hit the wrong button.
Q: What are the differences in Ragnarok PvP on Private Servers and Retail Servers?

Gio BorjeI've heard that it's better on private servers from some friends but this conflicts with me as a WoW player. In WoW, it's common knowledge that PvP on retail is better than on private server. What are the differences between PvP on private and retail servers?

Should we leave this open? Advocating private servers doesn't seem like something we should be doing.
5:47 PM
@MarkTrapp yeah, BFK has been hyping how close they are for a while.
I have a question, but before I post on meta, I wanted to check in
What do we do about all the Minecraft questions (there is more than a few) that have become outdated?
Update them. Or close our eyes and pretend we're not there. Depends if you're feeling ambitious or not.
@Ender related:
Q: Can we stop closing questions that have become obsolete as "Too Localized"?

murgatroid99After some recent discussion in chat, it came up that we have been closing questions as "Too Localized" because they no longer apply to the game they are about, even though they were good questions when they were asked. Some examples: Will monsters spawn on top of trees? How short can a minecar...

6:03 PM
Wow. Anyone with 10K should go check Meta.SO; some user is trying to stir up trouble because he got a nasty email from another user.
@Ender it's also useful to do a quick meta search, such as: meta.gaming.stackexchange.com/…
@fbueckert link?
there's a lot of discussion around what we do with outdated info on meta already, although I don't think there's a really clear/good forward consensus
Q: How can I contact blizzard support without login to my account

Jim ThioI tried to login to diablo 3 it says wrong password. I reset my password. But when I enter the password I remember, it says that I can't use the same password with existing password. Then I change password to a different password anyway. I tried to login again and the authenticator keeps givin...

@murgatroid99 Can't; don't have 10K rep. I found it before it got deleted.
@Lazers Well, that explains why we haven't heard from him in awhile.
6:05 PM
@fbueckert oh
@murgatroid99 I can give you a username, though.
@Wipqozn, (thinly veiled reason to post a turtle picture‌​)
Is it bad that I've been hammering the downvote key much than I usually do?
6:14 PM
it just means your soul is slowly draining out of your body, to leave a lifeless husk of a person where you used to be.
so... I guess if you feel that's bad, don't fret! when your soul is completely gone you'll cease to care.
it's only the transition that hurts.
@agent86 Eh. I'm already soulless due to the amount of effort I invest in helping others. I guess my caring quotient is hitting all-time lows.
@fbueckert as a wise man once said, "I knoweth that feel, brother"
@agent86 tHANKS, I TRY.
@fbueckert No.
Not enough people down vote.
@fbueckert There's a downvote key? And here I've been using my mouse all this time
@BenBrocka It doubles as a mouse click.
A: Does Steam work on Windows 8?

LouisWhile Steam itself is working, I cannot to get L.A. Noire to run on Windows 8 RTM. Someone made their own patch to get it working with the new OS and shared it, but I'm not comfortable running it against my machine.

I'm not sure this answer has anything to do with actually answering the question.
@GnomeSlice Kerbal Space Program released .17; you now have more planets to land/crash on.
6:34 PM
Q: Is the Tech Pool still present in Borderlands 2?

Ben BrockaOne of the hardest to grasp aspects of Borderlands 1 was the Tech pool. It was a pool of points that elemental "procs" cost. Confusingly this gameplay feature was never directly referred to in the game and it made understanding elemental weapons very complicated (and hard to explain). A key point...

6:58 PM
@BenBrocka I am so tempted to link to Eraserhead in my answer
@OrigamiRobot the baby?
Obviously, but I would very likely scar people for life.
The Goliath is a freaking awesome idea
I've been killing them slower just to see their heads pop off, but now that I know they level up I'll try and get them to god tier
@BenBrocka That sounds difficult to kill.
Sounds fun to kill
7:06 PM
Q: Official keyboard shortcuts

balpha Screenshot About This is the official keyboard shortcuts script for the Stack Exchange sites, as announced on Meta Stack Overflow. It is still in active development, and will eventually move from being a user script to being a full-blown (optional) feature when it is ready for that. Do...

@badp oh, I remember that script
I was just being a smartass though
Q: How do Goliath enemies work?

Mufasa There is an Achievement for "Goliath, Meet David - Allowed a Goliath to level up four times before killing him" but I don't know how Goliaths work to figure out how to do this. When I've come across them before, they seem to attack me until I behead them, then some weird shrunken head atop of...

Packing up to leave Canada!
Get to sleep in my own bed tonight :D
@James mais porquoi?
7:24 PM
I just wish I hadn't done this bit of Saints' Row 3 already... on OnLive... at 60 FPS
8:08 PM
@James You're in Canada?
Q: Are Loot Midget locations fixed or do they spawn randomly?

ChrisHateZI was doing a mission in Frostburn Canyon and when i opened one green box a Loot Midget jumped out of it and started attacking me. So i was wondering are locations and boxes in which Loot Midgets spawn fixed or can they randomly spawn from any box on any map?

8:36 PM
@fbueckert Eeee, I'll have to download that on Tuesday.
@GnomeSlice Hopefully that gives you the impetus to land properly on Mun. :P
@fbueckert I still have no idea how to orbit it.
A: How many steps are there actually on the path to High Hrothgar

OllieI counted a total of 13 steps, I lost count a few times so that's just approx.

@GnomeSlice You have the right idea. Just get some bigger engines into your last stage so you can retroburn better.
@fbueckert I cannae
@GnomeSlice If I can do it, so can you.
8:38 PM
@fbueckert No
@GnomeSlice Seems legit.
tf2 update inbound
@Wipqozn Oh, maybe he meant 'sets of steps'.
@GnomeSlice I think he's just joking.
That is to say it's not an answer.
@Wipqozn It's an answer. A blatantly WRONG answer, but an answer nontheless.
8:39 PM
@fbueckert No.
An intentionally wrong answer is not an answer.
@Wipqozn Yes it is...
An answer is something which is intended to answer the question. An intentionally wrong answer is not intended to answer the question, and therefore it isn't an answer.
@Wipqozn Problem is, we can't judge intent.
He could actually mean it as an answer.
@fbueckert A 1-rep unregistered user, posting an answer which is obviously wrong? His intent was to make a joke.
his wording also makes it obvious:
> I lost count a few times so that's just approx.
He's just trying to be funny. He's not really trying to answer the question.
@Wipqozn For the record, I agree it's supposed to be a joke.
8:42 PM
@Wipqozn I've done that before.
@GnomeSlice Then what you did wasn't an answer.
Those things are fine as comments, but they have no place as answers.
It depends on how much we adhere to the letter of the rule, rather than the intent.
And here lies pedantry.
@fbueckert The problem is that the "not an answer flag" has a terrible description, which is just wrong. Why the SE Team hasn't bothered fixing it is beyond me.
@Wipqozn I'm pretty sure that it's description is what it's intended to mean.
wait a second...
holy crap they fixed it
> This was posted as an answer, but it does not attempt to answer the question. It should possibly be an edit, a comment, another question, or deleted altogether.
Q: Should the not-an-answer flag description be clarified?

EsailijaChecking the moderator tools this morning I see 60 not-an-answer flags out of which only a several I could agree with. The rest were just bad answers, wrong answers or lazy answers. The way I understand from experience, is that an answer is not-an-answer if the contents of the post cannot be int...

Oh man, I haven't played this in weeks.
@Ullallulloo The previous description wasn't what it was intended to mean at all. It was just an oversight they only just now got around to fixing.
Also, @pixel, the above meta should be relevant to you. I know you were a little annoyed with the Not An Answer flags, since the description wasn't accurate.
@GnomeSlice Too big. WAY too big.
8:47 PM
@fbueckert Nope, that's the one I got almost into orbitbefore.
I just fucked up my retroburn.
@GnomeSlice Mine's probably smaller than half of that.
Aaand it just fell to pieces
@GnomeSlice More is not always better. I keep telling you that.
@fbueckert I can't do anything with less.
I'm so happy. The terrible description on NOt An Answer has bothered me for so long.
8:50 PM
It is hard to tell intent though.
@Ullallulloo It can be, but this is a case where the user was obviously just trying to make a joke.
@Wipqozn Probably. It's usually not wise to bet against someone just being stupid though.
And now this rocket fails at the same point every time.
What the fuck
I'm going to go play something I can actually do.
I think this change was meant to protect wrong answers from flagging:
A: Should the not-an-answer flag description be clarified?

Jeff Atwood Does not answer the question. To me (and apparently to many others, even metaers) that says a very different thing that the flag should be used for. Technically incorrect answers do not answer the question but they are still answers, though low quality. Low quality vague suggestions don't real...

It seems that it's meant to avoid arguing over whether wrong answers "answer the question" by just saying whether it attempted to or not.
I don't get it, this rocket worked before.
Maybe I loaded the wrong one.
I deleted all of the other versions anyway.
Ouu, Dungeon Defenders shows two rows of heroes in the hero select window now. Small, but nice update.
9:06 PM
Aaaaaand DRM prevents yet another computer of mine from running Blitzkrieg 2.
I bought the game, and the DRM has only let me run it on one computer ever.
And that computer was terrible.
It was nigh unplayable.
Shows you for buying it
@BenBrocka It was such a good game when it worked, though...
I avoid companies that have any worse DRM than Steam
@John This is where I would break the law.
@BenBrocka I bought this in my pre-Steam days.
@Ullallulloo I already looked (albeit not extensively). The patch I found didn't work either.
9:11 PM
@John What OS is this?
Hmm, maybe if I let the pirates do all the work, instead of replacing exe's piecemeal...
@Ullallulloo Ubuntu.
Though I've tried Vista as well.
It only ever worked on XP
I don't have 7 or 8, so I can't try those
Man, my hunter actually kicks bags of asses now.
Why would Saints Row put minutes long music when completing a mission
most people just tap the hell out of Enter to get back to the game asap
@Ullallulloo That's part of it, yes. The main idea behind the flag is an answer is something which attemps to answer the question. The previous flag didn't capture that, and actually covered incorrect answers as well.
@badp Because their music guy provided them with minutes-long music for a feature that people tap the hell out of enter to get away from?
9:24 PM
@Wipqozn Though I wonder if "That's the wrong question to ask." constitutes a valid attempt to answer or not ...
Assuming the reasoning is sourced, justified or funny, at least.
@MartinSojka I'm not sure what you mean by "that's the wrong question o ask".
@John Ah, from the before-times. How unfortunate
@Wipqozn "I'm in Europe and playing my FPS of choice on the US servers with friends there. How can I lower my ping below 5ms?"
@MartinSojka Invest billions of dollars in a new personal inter-continental LAN.
9:29 PM
This question would be just wrong - it shows the asker doesn't even understand basic principles like the speed of light.
Does it take light longer than 5ms to get from Europe to NA?
I haven't done the math.
@StrixVaria Yes.
Hm. That might be difficult then.
I googled "how far from europe to north america in meters" because google is smart and I thought it could handle that. The top result makes me rethink that sentiment.
9:31 PM
1ms is 300km or 190 miles.
@StrixVaria Your first result is 'Moose'? That's...not even related to the question.
@StrixVaria "distance between london and new york" works much better
@StrixVaria Was this google.ca?
and it's 5567.11 km
so that's about 20 ms
9:34 PM
@badp Not even accounting for any other overhead.
Which makes me even more impressed with the latencies I get on European servers.
@StrixVaria Given that typically crossing the ocean's 120ms roughly, there's ample room for improvement
apparently the most latency is in the last mile
to be fair not even Wolphram alpha figures that one out as phrased
Question: Does anyone here live in or around New York?
@Wipqozn @LessPop_MoreFizz does.
I could drive to Staten Island from here in about 20 minutes, but not many people consider that as part of New York.
@StrixVaria I see
9:42 PM
@Wipqozn "You and I, we're not enemies or friends..."
The reason I'm asking is that I'm planning on picking up a TElescope, but one of the models I'm looking at is a Zhumell whose only retail store seems to be in the US. They ship free within the US, but to ship to Canada it would result in ~$180 in shipping fees ($120 from them + $50 from fedex due to crossing the border). Just curious if anyone here lived near the boarder and would be willing to receive and then ship off the scope to me via a cheaper method, that way I can save myself some money.
and new york is fairly close to the border, so it's an ideal location. Maine would be perfect, but I don't think anyone here lives in Maine.
Heck, if it was in Maine I could probably drive there.
@GraceNote Neptunia V is called Victory, and being released next year.
@fbueckert Ah, next year. Gotcha
(And yeah, the V has always been for VICTORY)
@GraceNote Stupid roman number synonym.
Q: Is there any way to respec?

StrixVariaI have just loaded up Torchlight 2 and started to look at the skill tree for my character. The very first thought I had was, "Oh crap, there are 3 trees. I wonder if I pick one I don't like, would I be able to change my mind later?" So, is there any way to respec in Torchlight 2?

9:53 PM
I haven't even moved in Torchlight 2 yet and I asked 2 questions.

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