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1:35 AM
Q: Do Nintendo Switch cartridge games get the same updates as digital versions?

user605331If I buy a Nintendo Switch game on a cartridge and updates are released (like Witcher 3 for example), will I still get them or am I stuck with whatever version came on the cartridge?

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6:10 AM
Q: How to unwedge the end when the portal didn't spawn after killing the dragon?

JoshuaOur* server world has glitched out. The ender dragon is dead, but the end portal, the far portal, and the egg didn't spawn and the dragon's (full) HP bar still shows. How can I unwedge the end. There's been a lot of construction already (before the dragon was ever killed) and I would rather not r...

8 hours later…
1:59 PM
Q: Please, people! Send this question to your friends who play Scrap Mechanic!

CATboardBETAIt's been a little over 7 months since I asked this question: How can I compact my Scrap Mechanic logic down?. It has over 500 views, 17 upvotes and 1 downvote. How come it still has exactly zero interactions? Surely at least someone knows someone who would know the answer. So please! If you happ...

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3:43 PM
Q: What techniques are available to dig a perimeter in the nether without glitches/cheating?

FedericoI don't want to use any glitches or cheats, so world eaters are out (duping is a glitch). As of 1.17, what methods/strategies/systems are available to dig a perimeter in the nether? I ask because in the overworld one starts digging from the top, goes down layer by layer, and then gets to bedrock....

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5:52 PM
so would a dune sequel be dune 2 or 2ne?
6:31 PM
@Yuuki When are we? the late 2000s?
Could be. With the pandemic my sense of time went out the window
6:42 PM
super long sigh of relief gave my two weeks notice today
@Yuuki Nice!
man, i didn't know my body could fit that much anxiety in it
It's weird how nerve-wracking it is
i don't know if it would've felt better or worse if i actually hated my current/previous job
but it felt like i was walking a tightrope trying to hit "i'm leaving" but also "i really liked working here, i just got a good opportunity somewhere else"
7:03 PM
I lost my job because I hated the environment there
But irony is that I joined them because they promised that they will give better environment than my previous job (which I quit by choice)
Now I realized both were same. No difference. Each had their own problems :D
"i'm leaving" but also "i really liked working here" this happened with me when I resignned from my first ever job
i mean, maybe i'll get more perspective at my new job. but i've had two jobs (well, more like one internship and one job) before this as well.
I think it would be great. You perhaps have much more experience than me, but I can say new job teaches new things.
Also in India notice period is 2 to 3 months!
7:29 PM
@Yuuki So you took the offer you were talking about?
@Yuuki The line I usually walk is 'well, sometimes you need to change, to see something new, nothing against you'
and burning a bridge is never a good answer. It might feel good on the spot, but in a professionnal setting, you never know what curveball life throws at you
like for me, where my agency that i've been in for 4 years is fusing with an agency that fired me 5 years ago
(it was not a 'hateful' fireing, I always doubted that the boss wanted me to see other works environments since that was my first job and I was there for almost 5 years)
and well, I did kind of fuckup on a big client, but that big client was one hell of a bitch
but it was a BIG one.
1 hour later…
8:43 PM
@Fredy31 yeah, i did
at the end of the day, it was a well-paying placement at a pretty big company. i've been working at small businesses with small teams for pretty much all of my career so far (even the time i took an internship at a govt agency, it was with a fairly small team) so i think the new experience will be educating and good on my resume if nothing else

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