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And berserker ring!
Has anyone here played Outer Wilds? I have a question I can't figure out how to ask without spoilers in the title.
@Stevoisiak I've played it. I've only started the DLC, though, so I don't know much about that part
@fredley It's been a while since I've been here in chat. Did something happen in August?
Is there a way to do spoiler tags in chat?
no, I don't think so
3:09 AM
Q: How do I make a block able to be broken by fists?

ShadowI am trying to create a minecraft map at first I tried using an armor stand but then I learned there wasn't a way to summon a killable armor stand so I tried a block. I am using a cracked stone brick for a secret spot with a chest in it and I want the block to be broken in one single punch (I wil...

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8:39 AM
@Stevoisiak Just make the title extremely vague and meaningless. Then someone that knows the game can try and improve it.
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10:34 AM
@Stevoisiak No. It's just that The Bridge isn't as active or as liberal with stars as it used to be, many years ago.
Are GTA 3, Vice city and San andreas worth money and time? I'm thinking to buy them when Definitive Edition is launched next month.
11:09 AM
@Vikas I've never been a fan of the GTA series, but they're all very popular and well Recieved games. I'd suggest checking out reviews to see if the games interest you.
@Wipqozn reviews on wikipedia are good. But even Halo series have great reviews but that's not my type game
I really loved GTA5
@Vikas That's why I suggested reading reviews, and not just looking at the scores.
Scores are pretty useless. The content of the review is the same most helpful part.
Gameplay videos can also help.
11:23 AM
Q: What to do with an overwritten question with an open bounty?

pinckermanI'm referring to this question, which previously was asking "How can I execute at a chest with a specific pattern of certain items?" Several edits have occured, also because OP was complaining about the downvotes. This part is the most confusing to me: Ignore any other replies or comments. I had...

Oh god! I just now discovered something new in my JBL earphones.
Anyone here knows which of yellow and purple is the speaker in this kind of earphones?
I always thought that grey mesh is the speaker (highlighted by yellow) and inserting it in my ear from that direction only, pointing directly that way.

But right now I adjusted them in my air and sound level increased 30-40%, when I pointed it from that tiny dot (highlighted by pink arrow) side.
Does it mean that small dot is the real speaker and that grey mesh NOT speaker?
If it's true, I'm dumbest guy here
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9:03 PM
@Wipqozn For corporate environments, Dell is good, yes, because you want standardization and good support. The problem is with their consumer and especially enthusiast hardware: slow, expensive, filled with bloatware and A LOT of proprietary parts that lock you out of upgrade paths and are hard to replace
Like, Dell even makes their own versions of AMD and Nvidia GPUs, and they're slower than the competition.

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