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12:01 AM
@Kaizerwolf Yeah, they can be a bit heavy-handed. I guess the only thing you can do here is just don't accept an answer that's not actually usable to you
i dunno, i dont think i've ever hidden my general disdain for said mod, but i tend to keep it to myself. can't help but feel like they've got it out for my content sometimes though, truthfully
12:17 AM
If "No, you can't in vanilla" is accurate, it's probably the best relevant answer you're going to get. The existence of other information in the answer doesn't change that.
of course, i'm not going to dispute that
but i fail to see how taking out relevant information, which would specify how i can't use mods, should be taken out of the question. bethesda titles have that all the time on this site
I don't know for sure because I'm not the one who made the edits, but I think if you just said "without mods", and didn't make a reference to the specific platform, it wouldn't have been changed
Not using mods isn't specific to the PS4. Answers to that question would still help people playing on the Xbox One, and the Switch, and people who don't want to use mods on the PC. I do agree that removing the entire last sentence along with the tag was probably overzealous, and it would be better to modify it to say something generic like "I can't use mods, so I want to know how to do this without mods."
On the other hand, even if the question did say that, an answer that says "You can't do this in vanilla. Here are some mods that let you do it" is still more broadly useful than an answer that just says "You can't do this in vanilla.", so it's not really beneficial to restrict the question like that.
I might be wrong about this, but I think part of the reason that people make this distinction with games like Skyrim is that some people had a tendency to jump right to "Here's how to fix it with the dev console" instead of even trying to find in-game solutions.
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4:05 AM
Nice. an update
@Kaizerwolf imo it doesn't really need the tag but there's nothing wrong with mentioning in the Q body that you can't make use of mods. Looks like your answer mentions this as well though, can't do it without em unfortunately
site is dead
4:30 AM
@GnomeSlice are all their news post updates to the prologue? because i've been holding out until the full release
but it sorta looks like the prologue is getting the treatment of the main game as opposed to being a demo which is what i assumed it was
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6:02 AM
hmmmm, exploit on youtube that can generate likes without views, dislikes go into negative and wont actually show a number until you get +1. sounds like "Discrepancy between likes and dislikes on the watch page and YouTube Analytics" if the analystics also show the negative dislike count
7:00 AM
Q: Applying custom cape to badlion/lunar/laby mod

RyugaGodI had bought minecraft recently and I had used a cape and edited it, and I want to apply it to my skin. This is the cape that I want to upload. I am fine with using any kind of launcher, the official mc launcher/badlion/lunar, but I want to apply it on my 1.8.9 as I play bedwars usually. Any help...

Q: Is there a way to determine when I will ahve my 3rd attack with Guinsoo's?

ZaibisI was wondering if there is any indication, when I will be on my 3rd attack with guinsoo's rageblade to apply my on-hit effects twice(like a buff stack or a visual indicator). So far the only option I saw was counting my attacks myself. But that seemed somewhat odd to me, as either it seems to re...

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9:31 AM
Q: Can someone tell me the command for potions?

Mário RaulI am making an RPG server and so i'm also making shops where you use points to get items, everything is working but the potions, i tried to look up how to give potions with command block but every answer tells me to use numbers (id for the potion) wich does not work, how do i give a potion with t...

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11:12 AM
Q: What are ultimate challenges in Mario+rabbids kingdom battle?

AlexanderThis is about 4 ultimate challenges that you don’t see until you beat megadragonbowser. What are ultimate challenges?

12:03 PM
Q: Keep minecraft book opened after click event

D3T0NAI am creating a tabletop rpg map and i pretend to use books as displays of the player´s current status, but as soon as the player activates a click event on the book the book closes (the book is displayed as example: + - status/status + - so the player can manually increase and decrease values) b...

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1:20 PM
Q: What do I do if my Xbox 360 is glitching my games and doing weird things?

DevilsbestfriendisLunarI was fighting Logan’s soldiers in Fable 3 and suddenly my Xbox made a screeching noise and my T.V. had clear lines running threw it in a zig zag pattern. What does that mean? I still haven’t been able to become king in Fable 3 because of my Xbox 360. When I tried playing Minecraft, I put in the ...

2:05 PM
So apparently the CW is making a live action powerpuff girls, and I already hate it
CW is such garbage
along with most cable
I wonder why so many people are cutting the cable cord
This looks so carbon cutout CW and not even remotely powerpuff
Who is even asking for a live action powerpuff
The show was awesome, and it's animation was part of that.
> The show will still include the characters in their "official" Powerpuff uniforms, but The CW says we should only expect to see the costumes in flashbacks to their teenage years. The show will primarily focus on the characters as, "disillusioned twenty-somethings who resent having lost their childhood to crime fighting."
also holy shit why did I scroll down to the comments. Will I never learn?
IGN commenters are apparently right up there with youtube.
The only possible response to all that is
i saw some production photos on reddit and was all "WHY"
@Wipqozn you could've just said "disillusioned twenty-somethings" and i would instantly know it's a CW show
@Yuuki Yes. I hate it.
@Wipqozn if they have fingers, then they're not powerpuffs
Yeah but it could run for 40 years like Supernatural and then they'll be disillusioned senior citizens instead
2:15 PM
I still can't believe how long Supernatural lasted
first 5 seasons were good, but even during those 5 seasons they were runninhg out of ideas. Dean and Sam split up and then rejoin multiple times in just those 5 seasons.
Went hugely downhill starting with 6. I bailed after 7.
i never got into it
I tuned in for the final few episodes, and it was really bad.
Although better than I expected.
They defeated God by having him beat them up. Top notch stuff.
it didn't help that by the time i heard of it, it was very christian-centric. like there was a bit where one angel kills all the pagan gods because they're "usurpers" or something?
That was season 5
2:19 PM
That was still solid, because the actor who played Lucifer was really good
It might be Christian-centric in its mythology but it's definitely not pro-Christian
I mean, they do literally fight God
Yeah in Supernatural all the Angels are huge jerks
who is a total dick
@Sterno and also his sister
right, forgot that one
2:20 PM
who for some reason does a complete 180 on "fuck reality" when they needed someone to fight God
God has a sister?
So hearing it's Christian-centric because an angel kills pagan gods I think probably misses the mark
@Wipqozn that's really more like the Greek pantheon than Christianity
@MadScientist All religions exist in supernatural
all the gods exist and they're jerks
2:22 PM
They even kill Death at one point
Twice, actually
i mean, if "all religions suck but at least christianity is more powerful or 'real' than the others", i'm not sure if that's better
wait no 3 times
The third time didn't even make sense
'I feel like you're trying hard to make it into a Christianity thing but I'll tap out of this conversation.
Sounds like they're heavily borrowing from other myths
2:25 PM
maybe i am, i'm just saying that was my initial turn-off to it.
and, i dunno, i guess i'm trying to justify my reaction?
twitter.com/niergame/status/1381925380622192642?s=21 oh thank fuck now I'll finally be able to play the fucking game
Square Enix is bringing the Nier Automata Game Pass patch to Steam
You know, the patch that will fix crashes and bugs that have been in the game FOR 4 YEARS NOW
so i tried playing fallout 4 earlier this week
my god, i forgot how long the loading times were
and it's even on my ssd!
i don't even want to imagine how long i'd have to stare at a loading screen if it was installed my hdd
2:41 PM
@Yuuki I'm not sure if FO4 had the same issues as FONV, but I remember there being a mod that fixed the FONV loading times by locking the framerate during loading screens
huh, apparently there's a fo4 mod for that
@Wipqozn i heard they were giving it the "Riverdale treatment"
from what i hear of Riverdale, already dreading that the Rowdyruff Boys will be brought back only to be drama/love interests
also heard that Mojo Jojo will be in it and possibility that Him will be in it too. though i wouldn't expect them to be nearly as interesting as they could be
i mean, they were there for drama in the original cartoon. and if the girls were older than like 6, i'm sure they would've been cast as love interests too. they already kinda smacked of "i like this girl but i'm in kindergarten so i'll express it by pulling on her hair"
3:07 PM
@Wipqozn Now Lucifer, that's a fun show
3:45 PM
@SaintWacko yep, really fun show. second half of season 5 will release on the 28th of May
support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/… Discord is blocking all users from joining and accessing NSFW servers on iOS devices
4:07 PM
gofundme.com/f/activision-is-suing-warzone Activision is suing a small indie company because the indie company released their game titled "Warzone" first.
4:23 PM
@Nzall Ugh, what a shitty thing to do
Q: what is the Best way to expand your exosuit inventory in no mans sky

Carson HowellI play on Ps4 and I have found a drop pod but that takes a while. Is there any other way to expand inventory that is a little less time consuming?

5:21 PM
Q: How do I kill a powerful player without PVP?

OKprogrammerA little bit of backstory: I’ve been playing on a vanilla SMP with some people I know, and my brother has become power ridden, due to achieving the best maxed out gear. He will kill anyone he finds, for no apparent reason, and enjoys destroying and stealing their bases to make his own. Unfortunat...

5:44 PM
Has anyone played Subnautica Below Zero here?
Q: How do you get rocket boots in Candy Box 2

Carson HowellI've looked about everywhere and can't find them. I want to use them to pass over the gates to the castle. Does anyone know where they are? I cant find any questions for them

6:28 PM
@MadScientist Is it still in early access?
@PrivatePansy release date is tomorrow
So I was wondering how it compares to the original game, which I liked quite a bit
Q: Are there any Infinite Combos in Monster Train?

hammythepigIn a similar game, Slay the Spire, I know of quite a few infinite combos, however with significantly less "draw" cards in Monster Train, I was wondering if there are any ways to get an infinite combo going? Most cards draw cards next turn, such as Sting, so I don't think they can be used, but may...

6:48 PM
@MadScientist I still need to to play that at some point
Too many games, too little time
I heard bad things about Below Zero's setting
@Wipqozn Same here. It's one of those games I'm sure I'd love
7:05 PM
Q: Origin Play Off Line Not Really an Option

Ms.teddybear1Whenever I select to play the Sims offline on Origin I get an Oops! error. I prefer to play the sims "alone" and offline, but whether they want to admit it or not, Origin forces you to have them connected in order to play the Sims. I only play the Sims and have absolutely no interest in other Ori...

Q: Why does Roblox pester me about being a robot?

DevilsbestfriendisLunarIt was my first time making a profile. I went and put in my username and password. Then I tapped I’m not a robot. It made me do the “test” and I passed, but every time I go to login, it I have to do the “test” to prove I’m not a robot. What exactly does this mean and why do I have to do it over a...

7:28 PM
Q: What's the name of this game in the photo?

vodofenThis is from https://playclassic.games it appears on a video on home page. Tthey didn't put the name of the game there.

Q: Is there any reason to use the Switch Axe's axe mode in MH: Rise?

UnionhawkIs there any other reason to use the Switch Axe's axe mode? Normally, the Switch Axe's axe mode would be used to refill your switch meter, which you need to have up to use sword mode. However, this time around, you can just instantly refill your switch meter using a wirebug skill. Is there some o...

8:02 PM
What sort of bad things? Because OG Subnautica is one of my all-time faves
@Wipqozn It's a great game, though a little rough around the edges
I just got a really convincing LinkedIn look-alike phishing email.
And the only reason I haven't played SBZ yet is that I didn't want to burn out on it before it was finished
I did spoil myself a bit too much, which is one part I'd like to do better with the sequel. There are some progression steps you can very easily get stuck on, I heavily tripped over these
8:28 PM
Q: What is princess peach protection super effect and what does it do?

AlexanderWhat does the protection super effect do? I am wondering if this lowers peach health when enemies hit someone not peach because of protection because I see Valkyries use it and there health for both valkyries lower.

1 hour later…
9:29 PM
Q: In Minecraft how do you make a trident?

DevilsbestfriendisLunarI play Minecraft on Survival all the time, I just never found out how to craft a trident. I’ve been dying to know how. Nobody will tell me. I really want to know so then I can craft one, and tell others how to. I’m just really badly wanting to know. Can you tell me? FYI: The tag I put at the bott...

9:53 PM
Q: Does the metal Mario outfit do anything special in super Mario odyssey?

AlexanderI am wondering if the metal Mario outfit does anything thing special like get a power moon or unlock a special area.


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