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12:00 AM
I'm looking for a cheap fun RPG that will take advantage of my new touchscreen monitor. Win 10. One with a good story and doesn't need quick reflexes. Any suggestions?
divinity 2?
it's kinda CRPG-ish, if that's what you're into
Looks fun but too expensive
Upper limit about $20
touch screen monitor?
@Jolenealaska Banner Saga
Q: Who does the Monitor think the Master Chief is?

questionerI was watching this video, which briefly covers the first Halo (Halo Combat Evolved). At 14:00 there is a confrontation before the monitor becomes an enemy in the game. Who did the Monitor I assume incorrectly think that the Master Chief was, perhaps a forerunner? In the scene the Monitor was fai...

Not on sale right now though
~$30 USD
@Jolenealaska King of Dragon Pass
12:08 AM
@GnomeSlice now we're talking!
That looks fun
It's very good
Much deeper than it looks from the screens
tells great stories
I'm buying it now :)
KODP is amazing
Protip: always have a follower of Eurmal the Trickster on your circle
I've heard Six Ages is very good as well
I haven't played a game in ages. I think my last one was Torment.
12:14 AM
(Don't always follow their advice, though.)
12:27 AM
@Jolenealaska I might also recommend Expeditions: Conquistador
if you dont mind it being a few years old
but yeah KODP is good. I don't know if it even has an 'end'
if it does i havent found it yet
@Jolenealaska @GnomeSlice Its a good recommendation
@GnomeSlice I've heard this as well.
Steam is being a pain
12:51 AM
It won't let me log on to play the game I just bought.
@Jolenealaska Oh no
You may have to get a code sent via email if you haven't logged in in a while
Yeah. I got the code and used it and then it asked for it again. I tried the same one again but it didn't work.
if it asks you again it will be a new one
So now I'm waiting for another email.
That seems really annoying
it's usually instant, there should be a thing to click and make it send it again immediately
1:10 AM
I forgot I had a game already
And so it begins! I'll pop in later and let you know how it's going.
Q: At what point should side-quests (memories/reflections of strength) be undertaken?

BenSo, as in all SoulsBourne games, there is not definitive "point" that anything should be undertaken. You can play through the entire game without even levelling and dying, so it's more about skill than progression. The only addendum to this is key events and items that develop the story. E.g. In ...

Q: Spawn Pokemon only in Pixelmon

Rafael Carneiro de MoraesI have an Pixelmon server up and running. I know that spawn-monsters = false disable Pokemon from spawning, but enabling it spawns monsters like Creepers and Skeletons too. Is there an command that I'm missing? I didn't change the pixelmon.hocon file from Pixelmon. This is my server.properties #M...

Q: Is there a way to make a solid entity (without setting runtime identifier to shulker) in bedrock edition? (Addons)

JmooroofThe only way to make a solid entity is to set the runtime identity to "shulker". The problem is that it will also teleport like a Shulker. It would help me make machines. If the answer is "no" then I will suggest on minecraft feedback to be able to create tile entities.

@Jolenealaska Enjoy :)
I can tell already that this is right up my alley. Have you ever heard of Betrayal at Krondor?
OH WOW You can play it online now!
Came out in 1993
Best game ever
I came out in 1992
@Jolenealaska :o
I have never enjoyed a game as much
It's all about the story!
1:29 AM
There are few games that have really left an impression on me with their storytelling
SOMA and Outer Wilds are the two that mainly come to mind
For me personally
I recommend checking out Krondor. It was revolutionary.
Betrayal at Krondor is incredible and one of these days I'm going to actually finish it
The actual story is relatively unremarkable fantasy but the way that story is presented is excellent
1:54 AM
That sounds like something I'd want to check out
2:12 AM
Q: Do Reflections/Gauntlets of Strength contribute to Dragonrot, and can I increase my stats when I fight them?

BenIn the free update, they added "Reflections of Strength" for boss fights, which gives the advice that it "does not affect reality" in terms of items, etc. To me, this seems like Sekiro is meditating upon previous battles. I have gained my first Reflection against Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa, and my fir...

2:35 AM
The floppy version was available for free for a long time, but I think these days the only place to get it is the CD version on GOG
2:48 AM
The online thing is legit. I played the first few minutes of it.
It brought me right back to the 90s :)
3:28 AM
Q: What is that diamond/cone formation in the Satisfactory promo?

Memor-XOne of the promo images found on the Steam Page shows an almost diamond/cone shape formation in the middle of a mess of conveyer belts with a structure ontop of it i haven't explored the entire world yet but of what i have seen i have never came across anything like it yet. So i am wondering wha...

Q: How to go into third person minecraft

QuackersI've already tried everything youtube and google says to do but it doesnt do anything, FYI i play on tlauncher but on other people it works, is my laptop the problem or is it a bug? ( I play on JAVA )

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7:43 AM
Q: Weird problem with my keyboard

BrolekI am able to press 6 keys at once using my keyboard but for some reason, I cant press 1 or Z while using shift + W, if I use let's say shift and s I am able to press either 1 or z (but not them both). ALSO for some reason, if I use the shift on the right side of the keyboard I am able to press sh...

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9:06 AM
@Yuuki It's pretty good I'm enjoying it so far, but it's designed to be played slowly, so it might get boring before I finish the story. And there are a few bits of jank.
Apparently it's available for iphone which is probably better for the occasional gameplay
9:24 AM
Q: You see the buttons on the picture, the save and quit, settings and so on, i dont have them

Michael Donos[![enter image description here][1]][1] [1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/xDjOGstrong text.png

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10:40 AM
Just a question about On Topic for the site.
I was talking with another users in another room and this weird question came to mind.
Would asking "Has any gaming company ever been fined for an actual gatcha game rigged rates scandal?" be on topic here?
I doubt it, right?
I was wondering if someone ever managed to proof a scam that basically happens server side in a black box.
I don't know if it's on topic, but I googled it and it looks like it has happened
@Ronan care to share what you found? I only found this one - link - which describes a case where players noticed that the drops weren't totally random but taken from a specific set of available combinations
I didn't look particularly hard though
But it is not really what I had in mind. I am looking for a case where a company was found guilt of manipulating the rates to exploit whales (aka - the more you pull, the less lucky you get)
@Ronan will check this one, thanks
11:06 AM
Q: I need help with Skyrim. (ps3 console). Why I can't continue?

JihiroWhen open Skyrim I can only click at " new game" or downloadable content. Option" continue" or load disappeared.Option load hadn't disappeared at all. I can only see load option being grey and I can't click on it. I don't have any installed mods. Now I'm up to level 50 and I don't wanna loose all...

11:32 AM
Q: Can I switch to disc then back to download version

Kalum DanielI own rocket league both disc and download format and I want to sell the disc but I want to make sure it works before I sell it but when I put the disc in it say do you want to switch to the disc version of this game and that the download version will be deleted I just wasn’t to know if that woul...

12:24 PM
Q: How to make Bedrock edition "loot crates"

JmooroofDanRobzProbz made a factions world download on Youtube. It sadly broke, because of the village and pillage update broke the villagers. There is "loot crates" that you click a shulker box with a "loot key." How would I make my own loot key system just with minecraft's addon system? I know how to ...

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1:40 PM
Q: Minecraft LAN not showing up after multiple attempts to fix it

BjornGmrI'm trying to play with my sister. I have tried the same version, same WiFi and Ethernet cable, firewall changes, nothing works. I hope someone has an answer.

Q: How do I detect when a player kills a mob in Minecraft using commands?

YeppiiI'm making a Minecraft challenge video, and I want to make a data pack that has a function that executes a command when a player kills a mob. How could I do this?

2:22 PM
Super Mario Bros in 4:54.948, theorized to be just 9 frames slower than the fastest theoretical human time
previous wr was a 4:55.230
Q: Portal 2 platform cross play

BigBoy45I'm on a PC, my friend is on a PS3, can we play together that way? I have my own steam account and have portal 2 for the PC on steam, she has it on her PS3. Does it still work? She has it on PS3, I have it on my PC. If she links a steam account to her PS3 and I friend her, can we play co-op on po...

Q: How do I find a good job for my Sim in Sims 3 pets?

DevilsbestfriendisLunarI read the newspaper every time it comes on Sims 3 pets and I get jobs that don’t suit my characters. What do I do? My character is really handy, lv. 8, yet I don’t know what to do. I go to places, but not one that’s for his handy skill. I’m worried that my Sim family will be poor because he can’...

@Unionhawk yeah I saw this last week. IT's huge.
I saw that video too, which is really great. It's interesting to see how large the gap grows between the marios as the run goes on.
Barring some new tricks being discovered, it'll never hit 4:53. I think the tas is a middling 4:54.
2:39 PM
It's a 4:54.032 but includes some TAS only tricks
I know when 4:55 was hit a lot of folks assumed it was the last barrier.... since although TAS was 4:54 at the time, the tricks weren't believed to be human possible... but then, you know, speedrunners happened.
the human theory time is a 4:54.798
@Unionhawk Thought i t was higher than that
@Unionhawk okay I was probably confusing TAS with human theory
This run is just 9 frames slower than the theoretical limit with current knowledge
Rapid unemployment in the SMB1 speedrun market as absolute best times reached
Kosmic expected to retrain as a Cooking Mama speedrunner
2:43 PM
They'll probably just move to Lost Levels (SMB2 in JApan).
A new world record was set for that last week too
Actually they'll probably all take a much needed break
Or start going for the tas only tricks
Unless they're like press left and right at the same time things
I think the TAS only tricks in this case are literally TAS only
@Ronan because of this, basically
Saw your d-pad in half
@Ronan you're not allowed to do that unfortunately
unmodified controllers only
I also don't know what the polling rate is on D-pad inputs. Currently they're only doing inputs per frame, but maybe in theory it's possible to do sub-frame accuracy inputs
Q: I am having a problem with my ps5 controller on pc when using it on bluetooth. I have to unpair and pair it again to be able to use it

OlliBBI am having a problem with my ps5 controller on pc when using it on bluetooth. The controller itself works really well on bluetooth, it is just when ever I turn off my pc and later turn it on, my dualsense won't connect when pressing the PS button so i have to unpair it an pair it again. This is ...

2:58 PM
It's just anything you can't do with an unmodified NES, controller, and cartridge
including but not limited to turbo, L+R, savestates, etc
but presumably the TAS also is not allowed to do L+R unless you can get L+R effects by switching between L+R at 60.09881 Hz
I think they're just separate bits, so you can just send them both as 1s
Well right but you can't do that with an unmodified brick controller
so that would be against the rules and not useful for a TAS
Yeah TAS does use it, I guess it depends on what you're making the TAS for though
Like if you were using to show a theoretical human run then you wouldn't
Then it might be via sending L and R alternating every frame
which is very tas only but would be allowed
TASes don't use real controllers though, why wouldn't they be able to press both at once?
3:07 PM
You're apparently right in that there's apparently a separate no L+R TAS lol
I assumed that a TAS would have to at least follow the same rules lol
The no L+R TAS is a 4:54.265 apparently
Is that 2 frames slower than just TAS?
I think it's 14 frames
if my math is right
Oh ~200ms, not ~20 I misread
I think it's 2 frame rules though I forget how long a frame rule is
3:39 PM
21 frames
according to Google
Then my math is either wrong or something else is weird
The last level doesn't have a frame rule, maybe that's it?
Could be
4:13 PM
Q: How can I setblock of a button that is always pushed?

user270318Im trying to make a button that is always pushed for building porpuses can anyone help?

5:05 PM
Q: In Fable 3, can I have several wives in the same city?

DevilsbestfriendisLunarI’ve been playing for a while and I haven’t really tried because I don’t know if it’s possible. Is it possible to have more than one wife? I’m also wondering if anybody has tried to have multiple spouses in one city? Can some one please help me.

5:39 PM
hmm do you ever just knock 3 tasks off the board and feel like planning was a mistake
5:50 PM
@Unionhawk Maybe Mabel's says you should never count your chickens after midnight.
6:21 PM
Q: How Rare is this?

thimothyI've been playing some Stardew Valley and I was fishing since its a lucky day. I got a fishing treasure chest with both a Neptune's Glaive and a Broken Trident in it. I'm just wondering how rare it is to have gotten both of these items in one chest. On the wiki it says they both have a 0.7% chanc...

@Unionhawk Planning is always a mistake
6:46 PM
Q: How do I Host an Online Minetest Server?

RBlong2usI want to host a minetest server on my computer, but I don't know how. I am using version 5.4.0. Can anybody help me out?

7:12 PM
Q: Can I control the lights in my base?

KaizerwolfI'm a big fan of A E S T H E T I C in the survival crafting games that I play, and I like spending time making things look nice. One of the bigger annoyances for me is how BRIGHT my base is, with every room being lit up like the sun at all times. Aside from my base losing its power source, which ...

8:03 PM
Q: PS4 error code ‘’’CE-31117-3’’’

MommaAngCan anyone tell me what to do about this code? Comes up on my daughters ps4 when trying to use wireless controller. Had the WiFi connect issue so since there’s not a good fix for that we hooked up a LAN. Still can’t connect the wireless controller even with usb cable it just flashes. When we chec...

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9:26 PM
Q: Should we answer questions on Nintendo emulation?

OKprogrammerI've been surfing through Arqade looking for some questions I can answer, and came across some questions on how to use Homebrew and how to import free games from the Internet into their Wii or other Nintendo system, in order to emulate or just play the game without paying. This seems like somethi...

Q: How can I reduce Half Life 2 load times?

eee1459Specs: CPU - AMD Ryzen 3 3100 Graphics Card - AMD Radeon RX 550/500 Series RAM - 16GB SSD - 1TB The game takes like 30-60 seconds to load a new section, depending on how many assets needs to be loaded Any way to decrease these load times? 10 seconds would feel like heaven, any help appreciated.

Q: Cs:Go Command to always allow GSI allplayers_*

230DanielI'm writing a program using CS:GO's Game State Integration and I need to receive scoreboard information about the players in my custom game. Their score, for example. The problem is that CS:GO will only make this data available if the client is a spectator. Is there any way at all that I can enab...

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11:01 PM
Q: Disable Factorio GUI info tooltip

ErikEWhat Factorio mod or setting do I need to turn off to prevent this tooltip from displaying? I can't figure out how I turned it on and it's interfering with my game. I have many mods loaded and it takes many minutes to restart every time, so the process of figuring out which mod it might be is lab...

11:19 PM
I dunno if this is the right place for this, but I don't know where certain mods get off modifying questions because, and I quote, "it doesn't really matter", when in fact, it does matter: gaming.stackexchange.com/posts/384624/revisions
question was answered as if I play on PC, which is useless to me.
I usually just sit on my hands with this kind of stuff because i really have better things to do, but it happens time and time again and I'm honestly pretty sick of it
11:31 PM
I mean, to be honest, that answer is perfectly valid on all platforms
The hyper-specific answer is of course "no charlimit" but
the more general answer "not in vanilla, PC has some cool mods" still covers the specific while also covering the general
@Kaizerwolf i think the point being made is that the question will, due to SEO, pull views from people who are on PC and so PC-specific answers will be useful to them
even if it might not be useful to you
Q: Platform Tags are Useless

LessPop_MoreFizzSo, for nearly two years now, we've had a fairly straightforward 'rule' for when to use Platform Tags (i.e. ps3, pc etc.): I think it should only be added when: It's a general question about the platform, OR The game in question has multiple versions, AND the question is specific to one of them...

11:53 PM
fine, fair enough. the answer is valid on any platform, but i wasn't asking for any platform. skyrim questions ask for stuff without mods, i don't see how that's different. i guess i take issue with the attitude from said moderator, it's not the first time and certainly won't be the last
i also don't get the "add the game name to the title", i remember seeing a meta thread about it but it appears to be very... selectively done.

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