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1:18 AM
Q: I want to Jailbreak my switch , but i'm afraid of affecting my brother's switch in the process

ArtoriosA quick question about getting banned I'm seriously thinking about Jailbreaking my switch to use homebrew and the like to play old games that aren't available on the switch. The only thing that is keeping me from doing it is the fear that me getting my switch banned might end up leading to my br...

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2:37 AM
Satisfactory Update 4 is out of Experimental (and thus should be stable) and there's lighting now. i totally forgot how little there is. will be interesting to see how a factor looks from the outside when it's lit up inside
2:56 AM
Q: why doesnt my mob grinder work

BlandCandy This is my 10th failed mob grinder i havent got one to work i've followed multiple tutorials all leading to nothing. Caves in the area have been lit up and this was built near land but above the ocean. The close land has also torches and mobs don't spawn there. My friend built one on land no...

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4:15 AM
@Memor-X It's not clear. I think theyre just using that page as the vehicle to deliver the news updates
I haven't actually launched it in forever to see if it's getting the updates though
Randomly made some music tonight jmp.sh/jpGwidS
2 hours later…
5:56 AM
Q: Cannot beat Hyopthermia

Alexander von WernherrI cannot beat Hypothermia when I begin a new rimworld. Every(!) game I start, even in the dessert, my colonists immediately suffer from Hypothermia. Group hugging around campfires doesn't work, the hypothermia goes up and up and up. Temperature at this spot is 28°C. So, what's the trick beating h...

6:24 AM
Q: If I take the "food addiction" flaw, does the type of food I eat matter?

Roddy of the Frozen PeasIn "The Outer Worlds" (PC via Steam), I took the "Food Addiction" flaw for my character in exchange for an extra perk. Now I periodically get a negative debuff which requires me to eat a food item to alleviate. I've been eating either Raptidon Meat (because it weighs 1 lb) or food with buffs that...

7:04 AM
@ToxicFrog What I loved about the first game was the feeling of finding yourself alone, stranded on an alien planet, and having to discover everything yourself. From what I've heard, Below Zero is set around a permanent base with other humans, and you're constantly talking over the radio to your character's... sister, I think?
Even if the gameplay is similar, I think that would heavily impact the feeling of the game
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10:23 AM
Q: How to become a krunker police officer?

Stakeout TakeoutIn the game krunker.io , i was wondering how can you enroll to become a kpd officer and what are the requirements?

10:42 AM
@Wrigglenite since you are a mod here. Are we sure that the site listed in this question is legal? Should reference be removed? Not familiar with the current policies
I'll have a look in a bit
Q: Tag everybody with antoher tag [Minecraft]

CookieStormI´m working on a Minecraft map... My plan is to teleport everbody (at the "event") to a different location. So the problem is that I cannot do: "/minecraft:tp @a[team=event] ~ ~ ~" because it would tp everybody to the same location. So is there a way to tp for example "event.member1" to 10 10 10,...

10:58 AM
@SPArcheon the link isn't necessary for the question, so it could be removed anyway. I'm also slightly suspicious that this might be spam, because it's the only question by this user
11:25 AM
@MadScientist Agreed on both counts.
The site isn't legal, considering it links to mario games, based on the homepage.
I removed hot network, will remove link as well.
Then again...
Wouldn't this count as helping someone play pirated games?
aka "I found this game on a piracy website. What is it? I want to play it on this piracy website."
I don't think it's possible to have the question stand without a link to the site
It can. Users don't need to provide a source for ITG, just a reasonsing why they think it's gaming related.
I rephrased to:
> This image is from a website that allows you play classic games in a browser
More I think on it, more I think it should just be closed as supporting piracy, though.
11:46 AM
@Wipqozn yeah, probably
I still stand by the opinion that we should only support the current or most recent officially supported versions of a game or game-adjacent product. That removes piracy, prerelease content, people who are on outdated versions of a game or mod and other edge cases, while still allowing us to support mods
12:06 PM
Q: How do you beat megadragonbowser?

AlexanderThis is the ultimate boss of Mario+Rabbids kingdom battle. He replenishes his health when we do 1600 damage to him total then I see lava bucklers and there making all the heroes dead.What do I do?

@Wrigglenite there is no permanent base except what you build. You do talk to your sister in orbit though.
I thought the setting was that humans were setting up bases on the planet
Even if you don't interact with them directly
12:44 PM
You're part of a scientific expedition to the planet a year after the first game, so there are other humans in orbit and, presumably, elsewhere on the planet
But you personally are (apart from the radio link) completely isolated, and it's definitely not "set around a permanent base with other humans" unless the design has changed drastically since I looked at it last year
1:43 PM
reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/mqo512/… Update on the Activision Warzone lawsuit I mentioned yesterday: apparently it's way more complicated, and Activision is only defending their own right to use the term Warzone after the indie developer sued Activision for financial compensation over using the word "Warzone"
If the stuff from the original post is true (Activision markets their game as "Warzone", and it has completely taken over searches, twitch channels, etc for the original game) I think the indie dev may have a case there
Not a great look to lie about why you're collecting funding though
@Ronan I think that might even be against the ToS of GoFundMe
2:17 PM
Q: Why is my Sim mean to his wife and kids?

DevilsbestfriendisLunarYesterday I was playing Sims 3 pets and my Sim came home from work. His wife asked him how his day was and he yelled at her. His mood meter went up. His son asked him if he would play catch. My sim declined and then started playing video games on the T.V. When his daughter joined him, he stopped ...

2:43 PM
Q: Do Abyssal Mask work with Immobilizing coming from items

Ivanka TodorovaI was playing Garen on ARAM and bought a Stridebreaker. Stridebreaker slows enemies, if I also had Abyssal mask would that procc its effect or is it limited to Immobilizing with champion abilities: Immobilizing enemy champions increases the damage they take by 10% for 4 seconds.

3:14 PM
Q: Which button redirects me to the key chests in Pixel Gun 3D?

loan_2314I got some keys and I know that they passed 10+ after playing a deathmatch in Pixel Gun 3D. Since the game has a bunch of locations, I cannot find the key chests. (I remember the lockers as a recommendation.) I checked Armory multiple times (Not all armory items are in armory) and not finding th...

Q: How do you find planetary facilities?

ObservingI need planetary (or manufacturing) Facilities for certain components to upgrade techs such as the translators from the nexus and other such items. Does anyone know how and where to find these? The planetary charts don't take me to them.

Q: Who’s the richest in Sims 3 pets?

DevilsbestfriendisLunarIn Sims 3 pets, I’d like to try one of the Sims who are pre-made. But who’s the richest? I’d like to know so I can have a rich family. I don’t know if it’s the Kingsleys or not. Is it the King

3:59 PM
Q: why CS GO Lags on i5 4th gen and 16gb ram?

KarmaCodingI am having i5 4th gen and 16gb ram and 500 mb nvidia gforce 8400 gs card. After trying to lower the graphics settings and reaching to the lowest setting my cs go lags in a game play. I have set paging setting to system managed and approx 20 GB space is available in windows drive. I have multicor...

4:16 PM
Q: Why are answers deleted because the question was made long gone?

AlexanderI was saying the right answers and not duplicating and I got upvotes.But my answers are deleted because the question was asked long ago why is that?

4:34 PM
Q: In Minecraft is there a way you can spawn a creeper without the egg?

DevilsbestfriendisLunarWhen I’m loading Minecraft, I selected the world and all that. When it’s loading how it gives tips and things like that. It says Creepers spawn from a coding bug. Does that mean I could spawn a creeper without the egg?

4:57 PM
Why are people so bad at minecraft tags lately?
Q: Only arrows with names fly straight

Cyrus VermetteDoes anyone know how to make only named arrows fly without an arc in Minecraft? I have the command: execute as @e[type=arrow] run data merge @s {NoGravity:1b} working great, but I'm trying to make only certain arrows shoot this way. I have tried naming my arrows "bullets" and then trying somethin...

@SaintWacko Because [minecraft] is no longer a tag
@Wrigglenite Ahh, that'll do it
I missed that change
That did happen an entire year ago or something and it does feel like the last 2 days have been particularly bad for some reason
@Unionhawk Oh. Okay, yeah that seems like less of an explanation lol
5:04 PM
I mean it's definitely part of it but idk
We've had two people in the last two days (that I've seen ) that have just gone "This tag isn't right but I'm going to use it anyway"
Oh but to be fair the legacy console one the other day does appear to genuinely be a legacy console question
presumably they tried to use -xbox-360 and got synonymed
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6:16 PM
After yesterday and today, I might be calling in sick tomorrow. And if I do, it'll be because I'm hung over.
6:53 PM
Q: How do I install StarCraft 1.8 on Wine with 64bit Linux?

vodofenI'm trying to install the free StarCraft 1.8 on Linux using Wine. When I try to run the installer I receive a message ".../StarCraft-Setup.exe" not supported on this system, do I need to install 32bit version of Wine for it to run?

Q: Can your guitar mess you up?

DevilsbestfriendisLunarIn guitar hero three I use grim reapers guitar. Is there a possibility that the better your guitar the better you play and won’t miss as many as I could have? I’m not really sure whether

7:21 PM
Q: 3 hidden achievements in Euclidea iOS

user107952On the Itunes store, there is a geometry construction puzzle game named Euclidea. There are 20 Gamecenter achievements in that game, 3 of which are hidden. I would be forever grateful if someone tells me what the hidden achievements are, or at least directs me to a source that tells what the hidd...

7:44 PM
Q: Oregon trail - Is there a optimized path or is there random elements?

Fredy31I never played Oregon Trail before, but I'm wondering: Is oregon trail defined, like does doing the same action at the same point always result in the same result, or does the results of every action are randomized? Can you get through a playthrough of Oregon trail by doing the same actions every...

Well that was the most frustrating thing ever
I timed out on a hunt that I swear they were "almost dead" for the last 10 minutes of because they kept running away
Also they didn't get captured when I put them in a pitfall trap despite my cat saying they were ready for capture, and I couldn't use mega potions and I have no idea why
8:45 PM
Q: So questions about emulating are usually frowned upon and off-topic, but not Jailbreaking/Homebrewing?

Fredy31So I answered the question here about Homebrewing How can I jailbreak my switch without affecting my brother's switch in the process? But a thing is weird to me... usually when we get a question about emulation, it is closed pretty quick since this is considered off-topic. But Homebrewing/Jailbre...

9:25 PM
@Ronan When Monsters fall asleep naturally, they also heal. It's possible it healed outside of cap range. Although I don't think that's normally possible.
@MBraedley OH my.
It could be that there's a misleading line from the cat about capturing
@Wipqozn it's been a day
I can't seem to reply on mobile for some reason. I only get the option to flag others posts or delete my own.
9:56 PM
@MBraedley That happens to me sometimes too
10:39 PM
Q: What items make a good class for terraria? (All classes: Melee, Mage, Ranged,Sumoner)

user270435Please list all items that would make this class A beast. I was wondering what to use since i have all items.

Q: How did i break the fabric of time/

MillardFirst of all, Ive already finished the game before, so theirs no worry of spoilers. So, I revisited the Ash twin project, took the core out, realized that I didn't have enough time to do anything with it, so I put it back and waited for the sun to explode. When it did, the core warped me to the...

10:51 PM
Started my new game in Satisfactory, my drop point was close to where my initial copper mine was so i didn't need to use the scanner to know where the iron nodes where
oh right a satisfactory update dropped today didn't it
I have too many games
but funny enough as i was building up my new HUB, lifting it up so i don't have to build bridges over it for the tractors, i learned that the Land Whales are like trampolines as one was close by and i thought about jumping onto it's back and when i landed i went back up lol
not advisable if you're on low health ofcause given you spring up a fair bit
@ToxicFrog yep. was about 2GB download from Steam but luckily the internet was behaving and only took about 20-30 minutes for me (i generally expect that from 1GB)
i forgot how expensive some of the stuff in the AWSOME Store was and the problem is kinda worse now that the lighting is added in there, though i think they tweaked the cost creep for tickets
On reflection I'm probably not going to go back to satisfactory until 1.0 drops
it's not like I have a shortage of other things to play @.@
11:50 PM
Q: checksum bad error loading rom with hack Snes9x

Have a nice dayI have been using the snes9x emulator to run Super Metroid for some years now. Today, I discovered hacks and have been experimenting with Hyper Metroid, for example. I have downloaded Lunar IPS to apply the hacks to the roms. While I got Hyper Metroid to work, I am having trouble getting the infa...


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