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11:00 AM
@MartinSojka wow, just... wow
@pixel and hey then you can't eat any sweet stuff anymore like cake and cookies
... if you'll become vegan
Well, it's one of the "Things the average person is better off not knowing about modern agriculture."
A lot of the "modern" breeds aren't viable without human intervention. The good-natured people tend to think that letting cows and the like simply live off the land and care for themselves would "free" them, somehow. In reality, they would die out - painfully.
... which might be for the best in the long term anyway, but then we should be human enough to offer them a quick and painless death.
and eat them
yeah sounds great
"I just got bored and deleted the NAS you re can create one for us?"
That's optional.
11:05 AM
who has my vodka
@Thanatos I don't eat that much sugary stuff, I'm sweet enough
@RilgonArcsinh What's the problem? If it's a "deletable" NAS share, you can certainly re-create one (empty) for them, can't you?
@pixel I'm sorry I ain't know
@RilgonArcsinh "I just got bored and deleted your domain account..." is a suitable response
@MartinSojka Well yes, but what sort of twelve-year-old "[gets] bored and delete[s] [their] NAS"?
(the guy's username for our ticketing portal is "illidan" ffs)
11:08 AM
(Clearly I was not prepared for his stupidity or something)
Just repsond: "Did you take backups? No? You were not prepared"
@RilgonArcsinh Me? Just to see if I can. Of course, I then tend to fix it and restore from backup like it never happened.
Experimentation is an important part of the scientific process. :)
@MartinSojka Except when what you delete is a complimentary share that explicitly says deleting it will forfeit your right to it :P
(We give everyone a small share to coax them into making backups and convince them to buy a larger share)
@RilgonArcsinh That's where (paid for) support comes in. When I do something stupid - and it happens - I'll pay for it.
11:12 AM
(I don't think it works very well but it's like maybe 5-7% of our total NAS, so...)
@MartinSojka I like you significantly better than a good 90% of my clients. Can I keep you?
@RilgonArcsinh if he's not entitled to get it back, just respond with a link to the T&Cs and tell him that he was not prepared
@RilgonArcsinh I'm happy with my three private servers ATM, thanks. :)
@MartinSojka Haha, damn. :P
Was worth a shot, anyways.
Holy question necromancy in meta, batman.
Q: Is there any way to make scrolling sensible in OSX?

QAdleyI'm playing Minecraft on a mac, and I'm using a Logitech Revolution MX. When scrolling in the game, it flicks through my items very quickly, rather than one item-per-click scrolling than I get in Windows. Is there any way to get sensible scrolling through items?

@Lazers Wow, that's slow, even for @Lazers
11:17 AM
That explains why I didn't see it.
(I have os-x as an ignored tag)
Whoa. Almost 9 months, and my ArmA II question still has no answers. Awesome. :D
Well, I guess people don't play this game for the story so much ...
@MartinSojka ArmA II? Isn't that the back-end for DayZ? :P
Yeah. I was hoping the added popularity of the game due to DayZ might bring someone here who knows the answer, but it seems not to be the case. :)
I wonder if I should start a bounty ...
It would get some attention, at least
Assuming you're okay with losing it
@RilgonArcsinh lol, thing is the edit made is invalid
editing a link that doesn't work into a hyperlink that doesn't work
11:25 AM
@pixel So it's ineffective necromancy!
He should get a refund on those black opals, then.
@RilgonArcsinh sounds too much like having an opinion
There we go, bounty started. It's not like I care about XP^H^Hreputation points anyway. :D
experience points, everybody else is mistake, there is no reputation around here
incidentally, you aren't handling ^H as backspace
@MartinSojka [insert smarmy Elo as rep joke here]
And you're still explaining jokes. :)
11:38 AM
@MarkTrapp (cc @lesspop) yes, yes I closed it from the not-mobile-optimized flag handling interface with my sister's mobile while only having internet access for a couple hours per couple days, but you don't probably give a damn. The only way un make no mistakes is doing nothing at all, which would be exceedingly easy for me right now. I'm glad my efforts are appreciated ;)
also. It was a question with no verbs at the present tense. When will that happen, what will that do - that is not what we want in the general case and if the question can after all be answered then it is likely it is best rewritten to the present tense
half-assedly yours, badp ~
@badp I can't work out if you're upset or not
ps. No, the interface doesn't display comments by default
yep, definitely upset in some form or another
almost(!) like you're taking it personally
@pixel I'm not happy I'm forced to be this absent from the community, although this is about un change
@badp if you're forced to be absent then you're forced to be absent, if you're forced at all then it isn't your fault
11:45 AM
Wait ... what kind of weird keyboard layout do you use to mistype "to" as "un"? And yes, I did check Dvorak too.
I still respectfully disagree with the general line of thought that moderators are expected to act perfectly or not at all. We're still carbon-based living beings.
@MartinSojka: mobile phone spelling correction
@martin t9
it's in English mode but I guess some italian slipped over.
Q: Can mobs drop special items?

marco-fisetI suddenly found an enchanted bow with Power I in my inventory. I did not craft it myself since I don't have an enchantment table. I'm playing on a private server with 2-3 friends and none of them made one either. And I'm pretty sure I did not find it in a chest somewhere. I just randomly found i...

@badp I don't think anyone was particularly angry about it, just confused. :)
(And FWIW, being mobile sounds like a perfectly good excuse to me, so carry on as far as I'm concerned)
11:51 AM
I'm sorry to disappoint :(
You didn't, so quit that. :P
Hell, when I went to Japan for two weeks earlier, I just didn't go online. :) I could - it's still Japan, after all - but I wanted my vacations. :D I suggest everyone does the same now and then, just drop "off the 'net" for a few weeks to relax.
@badp and if you don't do anything at all people will complain about that too, so it's a lose-lose situation :P
@Wipqozn The only winning move is not to play.
@badp you shouldn't be worried about disappointing, it's all @Wipqozn's fault anyway
11:56 AM
@Fluttershy: Rainbow Dash is best pony.
@Wipqozn Negative.
@Fluttershy I'm a tortoise. I think I know my pony rankings.
@Wipqozn We would've blamed you for his inactivity, actually.
@RilgonArcsinh Well, I did steal drive him out to the middle of the desert and leave him for dead.
@Wipqozn Rainbow Dash is entirely too obnoxious to be best pony.
11:58 AM
@Fluttershy No, that's Pinkie Pie.
Rainbow Dash is 20% cooler than other ponies It's a known fact.
Also, I hope Season 3 starts soon.
I'm assuming it resumes sometime in the fall.
What's up with all the bronies all of a sudden?
I need to watch season 2.
@njallam Because it's a good show, and judging all people that watch it on a niche sub/counter-culture is silly and judgmental?
@RilgonArcsinh Hey, I watch it too.
Pretty sure I've posted in here before.
12:00 PM
@Wipqozn My main argument for my dislike of Rainbow Dash: The Mysterious Mare-Do Well.
WAit a sec, pony.stackexchange.com ?
@njallam Ah, okay, fair enough. Used to leading questions like that being "ugh fucking bronies etc."-based. :)
I just think the show is funny, I don't even really get the counter-culture stuff, but live and let live, and all that.
@njallam This isn't anything. MLP has been fairly popular on here for awhile.
@Wipqozn Ah, OK
Since sometime before april.
12:02 PM
I, for one, blame my girlfriend for getting me to watch it.
@RilgonArcsinh pfft, typical man. Always blaming the woman for everything!
@Wipqozn What was the guy thinking!
@njallam Gnomeslice is a good guy, he just gets a little out of control sometimes.
I was just using that as a reference point.
Boss: "Ah so you spend all day on some my little pony forum?" Me: "huh?" Boss: points at monitors Me: "Oh no, that's stackexchange"
brb I need to go explain why I was in a chat room at work
I think ponies have been popular on the bridge for roughly a month before that.
12:05 PM
@Wipqozn "Sweetie, find good quality HD rips of My Little Pony." "uh, okay." /watches one to vet the quality "hey, this is pretty good" /watches the rest of the season
@RilgonArcsinh Pretty much this.
My friend forced me to watch a Marathon of the first season. I was hooked with the first episode.
Granted I still need to watch season 2, but.
It's a good show. Certainly a lot better than most of the crap on television today.
I don't own a TV, so I wouldn't know. :P
therefore it must follow that all mlp fans are clearly filthy pirates stealing americans of their jobs.
12:08 PM
score one for me
except I'm not american so feel free to carry on!!
now I just need to actually raise some crystal reports related questions on stackexchange
@badp Exactly.
There's nothing I love more than stealing me some American jobs.
12:08 PM
would such a question best be placed on stack overflow?
@badp Americans. Good joke. :)
perhaps, pixel, I'm not sure.
@Wipqozn You wouldn't download a car, would you?!?!
@Wipqozn Still listening to that!
@RilgonArcsinh no, but would you steal a policeman's hat?
12:09 PM
@pixel Absolutely, especially if it was raining.
@RilgonArcsinh I- what?
@Wipqozn Have you not seen those commercials?
@RilgonArcsinh No sir.
I don't watch many commercials. DVRs are quite useful.
@Wipqozn This.
12:10 PM
tv why you show yet another simpson halloween special T_T
I love the nearly simultaneous triple-reply.
Downloading films - is stealing!
12:12 PM
@badp Like hell, I could use a pay raise.
@pixel I'm more old-fashioned than that. Steal a woman, preferably Irish like in the old days, produce babies. ;)
@RilgonArcsinh oh, okay. Now I recognize it.
you would steal a woman but would you download one?
@badp Internet Porn.
@badp One of these days, with AI and cloning being more common, affordable and qualitatively better, this question will be asked for real.
12:15 PM
@MartinSojka Futurama.
@MartinSojka you know, there are laws against that
@pixel Damn you and your modern 11th century thinking! :D
there's a law for that!(tm)
@badp Clever girl.
Q: Are two buttons enough for a handheld console?

Zak833I'm curious that most console controllers released these days - and all handheld consoles - contain four main buttons rather than two. Obviously increases in processing power, graphics engines etc, have allowed for more complex games, but is there an argument to be made that two buttons are reall...

12:17 PM
Stealing women will become legal once it is legal to brutally beat any man that attempts to steal you
@pixel Second part is already legal in most of the world (first part only in a small part of it, thankfully).
Nice question title
Q: Flying with your bike

danielgrayI am going away on a cycling holiday to the Alps and need to take my bike on the plane with me. Has anyone had experience taking bikes on planes and how did you protect your bike? Can anyone recommend anything which will solve this problem?

however I especially like that product-rec tag
@pixel Duplicitous title is duplicitous.
Downloading isn't stealing
Anyway, I need some input
Crystal Reports question where the answer is likely to be 'the parent application is doing some weird shit'
where does it belong
super user or stackoverflow?
12:20 PM
@Lazers This is a "Why do developers do it this way?" question.
In case somebody doesn't know what I was referring to with "stealing women, preferably from Ireland": 60% of Icelandic Women are of Scots descent.
stack overflow of the two definitely
@badp ta
No, you moron, moving /var to another location is not going to simply be fixed by 'moving it back'
someone please pass me something strongly alcoholic
@fbueckert Not really, but it is a game dev. question. So it's off-topic here, but it's a bad question anyways. It's just way too broad, vague, and subjective.
12:29 PM
simply statically recompile everything!!
@badp The worst part was that I suggested purchasing a NAS share and moving all his critical data off to it then doing a reload, and his reply was "BUT AREN'T WE ON RAID?!"
If I had a dollar for every time I've uttered "RAID is not a backup solution", I would not need to be gainfully employed.
hasn't the industry moved off raid yet anyway?
@RilgonArcsinh ... so why isn't /var on its own partition, besides somebody just taking the default installation options and running with it without thinking?
wow its absolutely throwing it down here
so much rain
I hope it stops within the next 3 hours
@MartinSojka Well generally we run everything with defaults with LVM, but shrug. People are welcome to ask for custom partitions if they want.
The guy was using some SCP utility and dragged-and-dropped /var into another folder and screwed the pooch, basically
12:35 PM
I generally use /, /usr (ro besides for updates), /var (noexec, nosuid), /tmp (tmpfs, noexec, nosuid), /home bound to /var/home and /var/tmp bound to /tmp
It's not fool-proof, but then, what is?
I remember when a friend of mine purchased a debian virtual server and first things first hot-swapped it with arch linux <_<
he then sent a support ticket to boast
Oh we don't care if people change OSes; 80% of our server fleet has IPMIs, and we outright have a KB article on how to do so
We just have a clause that basically says "normally we're unmanaged with some best-effort-if-we-have-time tech support, but if you install your own OS, fuck you, network/power/hardware only"
12:37 PM
good man.
(granted if I had my way I'd make every instance of "unmanaged" on our website be 72pt impact just to drive the fact home because no one seems to get it)
(no I really do not care that "ALL WEBSITE DOWN, LOSE MILLION OF DOLLAR EVER HOUR" just because you fucked up your iptables config, sorry)
That said, my attitude is based on the customer's - people who willingly admit to fucking up and ask for some quick remote hands and eyes usually get it no questions asked
but if you try to blame us for your screwup, you're getting nailed to the policy wall
Sorry, I'll stop ranting about work :]
@MartinSojka is my post still downvoted?
Where do you think you are? Did you read the policy board? This place is for ANGRY RANTING ONLY.
12:42 PM
@njallam Unless you changed it to not break Microsoft's policies on system administration, yes.
@badp Well damn, am I in the right place.
@MartinSojka Well the way the solution works, I don't believe I can
Would symlinking it work?
Kinda. Important parts: 1. Don't change %ProgramFiles% or any of its contents, 2. Don't make it ignore updating the software. Let me try something, moment.
@MartinSojka You do have a genuine point and I agree with you. I'm just not sure how to change the solution.
I suppose a symlink of javaw.exe renamed to minecraft.exe in userspace wouldn't work, would it?
12:53 PM
@RilgonArcsinh Well I hope it does
Might be worth a try. (I would, but I'm at work)
@RilgonArcsinh I would but I would probably break it
Ok, I tested it out. Copying minecraft.exe to %AppData%\.minecraft, then doing the symlink as follows allows you to run this game, it seems:
mklink %AppData%\minecraftjava.exe %ProgramFiles%\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe
%AppData%\minecraftjava.exe -jar %AppData%\.minecraft\minecraft.exe
@MartinSojka Thanks, seeing as I have no clue about this can you please edit it into the answer?
Ok, moment.
1:01 PM
If you didn't play Minecraft, this wouldn't be a problem
@pixel Yes but neither would I get upvotes
I think I've only put a days worth of effort into answering a question once or twice
None of them ended well
@njallam Does Steam use the default Windows file open dialog for "Add a Non-Steam Game"?
@MartinSojka No,
I'll screenie it for you
Aw, bugger.
1:10 PM
You can do a custom path after you have made it by clicking properties
@MartinSojka CORRECTION: it does
Every time I review someones C-code I should say "I SEE what you did there!"
@Wipqozn facepalm
@njallam I'm a comedic genius now.
I'm widely considered the funniest person on The Bridge, if not the entire internet.
@Wipqozn Whatever you say
@Wipqozn who told you this?
1:17 PM
@pixel His imaginary friends I'd suspect
@MartinSojka How's it going?
Good morning, Bridge
@fbueckert good early afternoon
@njallam Done. Also, the dialogue allows you to input %AppData% in the location bar (top of the window) , so you don't have to remember it. You might want to change Point 6 of the guide to reflect that.
Anyway, "change needs to be peer reviewed to appear." ;)
@MartinSojka I did
Three more days until Legends of Pegasus.
1:32 PM
@fbueckert "Legend of Flying Ponies" ;)
@QAdley Apparently that option is now under general rather than appearance, if this is right I'll edit my answer.
@MartinSojka As long as the ponies can fly in space and are loaded with enough weaponry to make the sun go nova, I'm good with that.
@fbueckert I'd back that if it were a kickstarter.
@RilgonArcsinh Oh, geez. I'm imagining the Power Rangers in Space opening, with MLP. "Ponies....in space!"
@fbueckert sounds like some new neurological condition
1:38 PM
@pixel Nah; I'm crazy, but it's no stinking neurological condition.
EVERYBODY is crazy.
I'm perfectly sane.
Nope, everybody has to be crazy
seriously though, if a meta post doesn't get responded to, what is the next course of action?
Q: Strategy to prevent that Fire Babies are destroying barricades

MulmothIn the final level, I try to lead all enemies to a specific point using barricades - that works very well, except for Fire Babies. These babies are destroying my barricades. What is a good strategy to prevent them doing this? Beside killing them as early as possible, obviously.

Q: Will other perks level up when not active?

hammythepigI recently got medic up to level 5, which entitles me to spawn with body armour, making it my number one choice at the beginning of the game. However, the medi-gun isn't exactly the strongest weapon, so to get around this I save up for a crossbow or eventually even a grenade launcher in the late...

@pixel add a bounty!
1:50 PM
@RonanForman Nope, it's not (did you mean font smoothing?) I turned it off from the command line, didn't help :-(
@Sterno it's on meta
@pixel Complain in chat
@QAdley All I know is from that page, and a comment on my answer.
@QAdley apparently everything I do is classified as complaining in chat. True story
1:51 PM
@pixel More realistically, do what you want and tell people they had 3 days to respond if they actually cared :)
Taking action will provoke response!
@Sterno understood, prepare for nuking on a scale you haven't seen before
1900 questions in 1900 seconds
Is this about the thing?
wait - no
there is no
at least there won't be soon
@pixel There's only 40+ questions tagged with . If you manage to dig up another 1850, you are to be applauded.
One thing kind of confusing about that meta question is that it's not really a question. You might have had better success phrasing a short question, then proposing a solution as an answer.
Right now it (I think) seems to basically be written as "Should we do X?"
1:54 PM
@Sterno then it has +9 in favour of doing it
@pixel Yeah, that's how I'd read it
@James No, it does not. I stop the animations when the window looses focus.
@pixel Have you been using my auto-burninator?
@QAdley no I created an artificial intelligence in order to allow me to be online and active 24 hours a day
@pixel Same thing?!
1:58 PM
how dare you compare your script to a copy of everything that makes me me.
No, you're right, its just a script
I am actually lagging too much today to rapidly burn up loads of tags
@pixel Try not to go TOO crazy on tag burnination; front page and all that.
@fbueckert I will just use my usual method of measurement
@pixel Stop when you cover the front page?
oh god, it's begun /panic
2:02 PM
stop when it gets mentioned in chat, after completing everything I currently have open, and completely dependant on whether or not my ADD kicks in immediately after I have been told to stop
(in which case I continue until the echo'ing noise in my mind becomes comprehendable again and I realise I should have stopped)
and then claim "OH I've already stopped! Stop worrying..."
Does panicked flailing count as it being mentioned? >_>
@RilgonArcsinh shoves you in @pixel's direction
Continue your flailing, good sir.
sets fire to @RilgonArcsinh and pushes back towards @fbueckert
@pixel I'd suggest that if you rely on the community to determine reasonableness of tag burning, you've probably already done a bit too much by the time it gets mentioned.
throws @RilgonArcsinh into the pool
@fbueckert while everybody else panics and looses sleep over it, it fixes itself
2:07 PM
@pixel If you're loosing sleep because of Arqade, I'd respectfully recommend taking a step back and re-evaluating your priorities a bit.
I don't loose sleep over arqade
As a matter of fact I was saying I really don't care how mangled the front page that fixes it self gets, without saying the words "I don't care"
damn you for requiring an explanation
How, exactly, do you loose sleep? Setting off sleeping gas bombs?
(enough pedantery for me, I'll shut up)
I rarely sleep
...and in a message where I snark about extra characters, I omit one. Good going, me.
oh that's what you were saying
lose and loose is always one that gets me
2:10 PM
I should've caught that. >< Bah.
at least I have never said you're* here, in response to a 'ur', 'your', etc
@pixel I lose all respect for anyone who thinks 'ur' is a valid word.
at no point was I implying that I am one of those people
@fbueckert Excepting for the ancient city therenamed, yes?
@pixel And at no point was I implying that you are one of those people.
2:13 PM
@fbueckert good, I am glad that you were not making such an implication, but I am upset that you started a sentence with 'and'.
@RilgonArcsinh Alright, FINE. If they're mentioning the city of Ur, I'll let it pass. But only if it's capitalized properly. :P
@pixel And now I'm going to do this just to upset you. :P
@fbueckert Works for me. :P
@fbueckert Understood. I am disappoint.
@pixel Touché. Well done.
Also, I get pinged each time, but the notification counter in the corner doesn't go up.
really? It does on mine
I will get a screenshot of a screen full of notifications next time it happens
2:15 PM
@fbueckert Clearly it's @Wipqozn's fault.
Good guy Wipqozn. Edits a competing answer for formatting so it's easier to read.
@pixel Edits don't increase the notification counter.
I agree, it must be @Wipqozn's fault
@fbueckert blame @Wipqozn
@pixel Yeah, that Wipqozn guy's a douche.
@pixel Eh. Nah. Today, I don't feel like it.
2:17 PM
oh, ok
@Wipqozn And the competing answer got accepted, too. The tortoise just can't win.
@pixel Well, "and" is great for alliterations. And rhythm. And making written text sound more like speech. And ... adding a little pause. And pissing off English majors with no sense for poetry.
@fbueckert I know! My life is so terrible.
Although I think that user needs the 15-rep more than I do.
@Wipqozn That, I can agree with. New users with more rep is a good thing.
Speaking of, gameaddict came back for a little bit, but then left again without being banned. What's up with that!?
@MartinSojka I could also start every sentence with but - something that I specifically edit out of every post I find on here. Sentences starting with but. Reading some of the blog posts made by stack exchange people makes me cry.
2:21 PM
@pixel American grammar != British grammar.
@fbueckert American grammar != Correct grammar*
@fbueckert Americans speak which language?
fixed that for you
@Wipqozn Ok, touché.
And I thought I was pedantic.
2:23 PM
I can argue, however, that British grammar also != correct grammar.
For proper usage, just look to Canada.
Q: Target Priority for Turrets?

Strife7xObviously, turrets prioritize minions unless a friendly champ takes damage from an enemy champ within the turret's range, and if there are no minions the turret will target the first enemy champ to come within range. My question is this - if there are multiple enemy champs within range as the las...

To use it or not is a specific literary trick. Take two chars talking - and make one start most of his or her sentences with "And...", "But ..." and "Uh ...", and people will find it easier to identify one from the other - and assign labels to them too, mostly dealing with intelligence and education levels.
@Lazers This is almost guaranteed a dupe, no?
@fbueckert Don't... think so. I'll search, though.
@Wipqozn A British woman said to a friend of mine, "You know we invented the language, right?" after he corrected her grammar. His response was, "Yeah, but we perfected it."
2:25 PM
@fbueckert Nothing as far back as early 2011 is a dupe of it.
An American claimed to have perfected the English language?
@RilgonArcsinh Huh. I could've sworn it was.
Holy crap I have never seen such a long-winded and thorough answer that is so utterly biased in one direction. I couldn't downvote this hard enough.
@StrixVaria Yeah. He's always been very in favor of Dota.
@Fluttershy @StrixVaria Large parts of it are just outright wrong, too (like the bit about sudden deaths to spells "just not happening" in League)
2:34 PM
If I had time I would edit the crap out of that post, but I don't.
Sidenote: If we have a user that asks a question about a game that is probably a hardware issue, and then asks a question about a different game with the same symptoms, is one a duplicate? Or what do we do?
@Fluttershy buuurrrrrn
@fbueckert I dunno, it's hard to call them exact dupes, but they do seem exceedingly similar. (I'm willing to put my money on GPU overheating or RAM problems)
@RilgonArcsinh Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. The questions aren't dupes, per say, but the problem is the exact same. I don't think he believes us, though, when we tell him something is overheating.
2:48 PM
Sorry, the bridge is currently closed due to overexposure of lasers.
Please try your chat message at a later time.

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